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the increase of more serious duties, render me still less able to accomplish the original design I had formed.

Yet, if the public should express any wish to see these Inquiries concluded, I shall be proud to feel myself under the obligation of attempting, at least, to obey it.



Taste is, in general, considered as that Faculty of the Human Mind, by which we perceive and enjoy whatever is BeauTIFUL or SUBLIMe in the works of Nature or Art.

The perception of these qualities is attended with an Emotion of Pleasure, very distinguishable from every other pleasure of our Nature, and which is accordingly distinguished by the name of the EMOTION of Taste. The distinction of the objects of Taste into the Sublime and the Beautiful, has produced a similar division of this Emotion, into the EMOTION of SUBLIMITy, and the EMOTION of BEAUTY.

The Qualities that produce these Emotions, are to be found in almost


class of the objects of human knowledge, and the Emotions themselves afford one of the most extensive sources of human delight. They occur to us, amid every variety of EXTERNAL Scenery, and among many

diversities of disposition and affection in the Mind of Man. The most pleasing Arts of human invention are altogether directed to their pursuit : And even the necessary Arts are exalted into dignity, by the Genius that can unite Beauty with use.

From the earliest period of Society, to its last stage of improvement, they afford an innocent and elegant amusement to private life, at the same time that they increase the Splendour of National Character; and in the

progress of Nations, as well as of Individuals, while they attract attention froin the pleasures they bestow, they serve to exalt the human Mind, from corporeal to intellectual pursuits.

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