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Appointment of Sir John Moore.—Route of his army. He ar-
rives at Salamanca :-Is in great peril :--Deceived in his expec-
tations of assistance :-Resolves to retreat.- Protest of Mr. Frere.
-Interview of Sir John Moore with the Spanish Generals.—Mor-
la.-Resolutions of Moore.—Letter transmitted by Charmilly.-
Sir John Moore communicates with Romana.-Retrospect of the
operations of the Spanish armies.–Folly of the Supreme Junta.-
The French approach Madrid :_Surrender of that city.–Napo-
leon's proclamation.—Sir John Moore advances.-Halt of the army
at Toro.-Romana retreats.—Engagement of Lord Paget.-Re-
treat of Moore.—Perilous situation of his army. He reaches As-
torga.—Sufferings and insubordination of the troops. The retreat
continued.-Battle of Corruna.--Death of Sir John Moore.-Em-
barkation of the army. Observations on the campaign.


Second Siege of Zaragoza.- Preparations for defence. Palafox
refuses to surrender. Progress of the siege.-

The command of

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Landing of Sir Arthur Wellesley at Lisbon.—He is appointed to
the supreme command in Portugal.-New era in the war.- -Bridge of
Amarante carried by the French.—Plan of Sir Arthur Wellesley.
-He crosses the Douro.—The French driven from Oporto.-
Movements of Soult.-Soult escapes by the mountain-paths.-Ob-


Successes in Gallicia.-Capture of Vigo.—Romana enters Aus-
turias.-Movements of the French armies.—Ney and Soult aban-
don Gallicia.—Occurrences in Catalonia.—Movements of Reding.
-Battle of Valls.—Death of Reding.—He is succeeded by Blake.
-Early successes of Blake.—He is defeated at Belchite.—Advance
of Suchet.- Origin of the Guerillas.-Guerilla warfare and leaders.


Distribution of the hostile armies.—Description of the country be-
tween the Douro and the Tagus.— The British advance to Placentia
and Majadas.—Repulse of Cuesta by Victor.—Cuesta falls back on
the British army :-Its danger.—The French determine to attack.
- Relative positions of the armies.-Battle of Talavera.—The
French under Soult retire to Placentia.—Sir Arthur Wellesley ad-
vances to attack Soult.--Cuesta follows.-The British cross the

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Recapitulation.-Speech of Napoleon to the Senate.- Prepara-
tions of France.-Gloomy prospects of the allies.-Hopes of Lord
Wellington_His policy–Moves his head-quarters to Vizeu.-
Soult enters Andalusia-Forces the mountain passes and enters
Seville.-Cadiz saved by the Duke del Albuquerque.- Deposition
of the Supreme Junta, and appointment of a Council of Regency.-
The French in Andalusia annoyed by Guerillas.--Description of
the Isla de Leon and of Cadiz :-Their defences.—Matagorda a-
bandoned.—Dissensions in Cadiz.—Albuquerque retires in disgust.

- Preparations of Sir Thomas Graham for the defence of Cadiz.-

Atrocious proclamation of Soult, and consequent decree of the

Spanish government.-Character of Joseph Buonaparte.—Opera-

tions of Suchet.--State of Aragon and Navarre.-Suchet advances

against Valencia :-Retreats.—Blake appointed governor of Ca.

diz.--Affairs in Catalonia.—Siege and fall of Hostalrich.--Fall of

Lerida and Mequinenza.—Siege and capture of Astorga.-Move-

ments of Romana.


State of public feeling in England.—The French armies rein-
forced.Movements Lord Wellington.-Massena prepares to
invade Portugal.—Strength and character of the hostile armies.-

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Position of Lord Wellington in Lower Beiria.Siege of Ciudad
Rodrigo: Its gallant defence, and surrender.-Massena enters
Portugal. His proclamation.-Almeida invested by the French.-
Combat on the Coa-Proclamation of Lord Wellington.--Move-
ment of the British army.-Siege and surrender of Almeida
Massena violates the terms of capitulation.-Boasting of the
French bulletins.-Fears in England. Firmness of Lord Wel-
lington. Massena advances into Portugal.

Description of the
country north of the Mondego.-The British halt at Busaco,
and prepare for battle.-Distribution of the armies.-Battle of
Busaco.-Consequences of the victory of the British.-Massena
turns the British position.—The British retire on Lisbon, and
enter the lines of Torres Vedras.-Massena goes into position.-
Description and observations.-Retrospect of the campaign.-Co-
imbra taken.-Massena retires on Santarem._Is followed by Lord
Wellington.-State of Lisbon.--Observations.

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