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#y the commissioners. Cautionary measures recommended by the Congres; to the people; followed by a counter manifesio, threatening retaliation. Singular letter from the Marquis de la Fayette, to the Earl of Carlisle. American expedition for the redużion of the British settlements in the country of the Natches, on the borders of the Missippi. Expedition from New2'ork, under the conduct of Commodore Parker and Colonel Campbell, for the reduction of the province of Georgia. Landing made good, and the rebels defeated. Town of Savannah takan, and the province in general reduced. Major-General Prevos arrives from the southward; takes the zown and fort of Sunbury, and affilmes the principal command. [18

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State of public affairs during the reces of parliament. Addres and petition from the city of London. Militia embodied. Camps formed. Admiral Keppel appointed to the command of the grand feet for the home service. Peculiar situation of that commander. Fleet sails from St. Hellens. Licorne, French frigate, stopt and detained. Blameable condućf of the Captain, in firing unexpectedly into the America man of war. Desperate Q 2 &ngagen:of

engagement between the Arethusa, and the Belle Poule, frigates. French Jchooner, bravely taken by the Alert cutter. Another French frigate falls in with the fleet; and is, with the Licorne and schooner, brought to England. Fleet returns to Portsmouth for a reinforcement. Rewards and bounty of the French King, to the officers and crew of the Belle Poule. Admiral Koppel sails again from Portsmouth. Falls in with the French fleet under the Count d’Orvilliers; and after a chace of five days, brings them at length to action. Account of the engagement on the 27th of Juéy. Wiew of those circumstances which were supposed to have prevented that action from being decisive. French feet escape in the night, and return to Breff. Prudent and temperate conduct observed by the Admiral. Returns to Plymouth to refit. Proceeds again to sea, but cannot meet the French fleet. - [5o

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Debates on the army extraordinaries. Motion for printing the effimates re-
ječied upon a division. Committee on East India affairs. Resolutions
moved for and carried, relative to the violence committed on the late Lord
Pigot in his government. Motion for prosecuting certain members of the
Jate council at Maarass, agreed to. Mr. Fox's motion, for the removal
of the first lord of the admiralty from that department, is, after long
debates, rejećied upon a division. Committee of enquiry, into the conduct.
of the American war. Amendment moved to the motion for the examina-
tion of Earl Cornwallis, by the minister, and carried upon a division in
the committee. Amended motion then put, and rejećted upon a division.
Third motion rejected. Transactions in the committee, discussed in the
House, and rescinded. Committee revived. Earl Cornwallis, and other
witnesses examined, in behalf of Lord and Sir William Howe. Counter
evidence proposed, and agreed to. In the interim, General Burgoyne's
evidence brought soon examined. Counter evidence examined.

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