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No. 405, SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1712.

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Οι 3 πανημέριοι μολπη βεδν ιλάσκοντό,
Καλών αείδοντες παιήονα κεροι Αχαιών,
Μέλποντις Εκάεργον. και 5 φρένα τέρπετ’ ακέων.


Saturday, June 14.



Am very sorry to önd, by the Opera Bills for and Polite Forms of Speech, which are natural to this Day, that we are likely to tole the great- our Tongue, when it is not heightened by that Soelf Performer in Dramatick Mufick that is lemnity of Phrase, which may be drawn from the SaThis Day is Publin'd,' pate among the Courts of the Eastern Monarchs,

now living, or that perhaps ever appeared up. cred Writings. It has been said by some of the on a Stage. i need not acquaint my Reader, that I Ancients, that if the Gods were to talk with Men, am 1peaking of Signior Nicolini. The Town is they would certainly speak in Plato's Stile; but I highly obliged to that Excellent Artist, for having think we may fay, with Juftice, that when Mormewn us the Italian Mufick in its Perfeâion, as tals converse with their Creator, they cannot do it well as for that generous Approbation he lately in ro proper a Sole as is that of the Holy Scrip. gave to an Opera of our own Country, in which tures. the Composer endeavoared to do Jultice to the Bean. ry of the Words, by following that Noble Eram- If any one would judge of the Beauties of Poetry ple, which has been set him by the greatelt For that are to be met with in the Divine Writings, and reign Masters in that Art.

examine how kindly the Hebrew Minners of Speech

mis and incorporate with the English Langoagc ; after I could heartily with there was the same Appli- having perused the Book of Palms, let him read a cation and Endeavours io cultivate and improve literal Íranslation or Horace or Pindar. He will our Church-Mufick, as have been lately befowed find in these two last such an absurdity and Confoon that of the Stage. Our Composers have one lion of Stile with such a Comparative Poverty of very grear Incitement to it: they are sure to meet Imagination, as will make him very sensible of what with Escellent Words, . and, at the same time, a I have been here advancing. wurderful Variety of them. There is no Paflion that is not fitlely expressed in those parts of the Since we have therefore such a Treasury of Inspired Writing, which are proper for Divine Sorry's Words, so beautiful in ieintelves, and to proper for and Anthems.

the Airs of Mutick, I cannot but wonder that Per.

fons of Distinction should give to little Attention There is a certain Coldness and Indifference in and Encouragement to that kind of Mutick, which ine Phrases cof our European Languages, when they would have its foundations in Realoo, and which are compared with the Oriental Forms of Speech; would improve our Virtue in proportion as it railed and it happens very luckily, that the Hebrew idisins our Delight. The Pallions that are excited by ordirun into the Englife Tongue with a particular Grace nary Compofirions, generally low from such filly a:d Beaury. Our Language has received innuine- and absurd ():cations, that a Man is alhamed to rerabic Elegancies and improvements, from that In- Acât upon theiu scrioully; but the Fear, the Love, fuiion of Hebraifons, which are derived to it out the Sorrow, the Indignation that are awakened in of inc Poetical Patrages in Holy Writ. They give the Mind by llyinns and Anthenys, make the Heart a force and Energy to our Expressions, warm and better, and proceed from tuch Caules as are alloanimate our Language, and convey our Thoughts gether scafionable and praise-worthy. Pleasure and in more ardent and intense Phrases, than any hac Duy go hand in hand, and the greatet our Satis: are to be met with in our own Tongoc. There is faction is, the greater is our Religion. tonicthing fo pathetick in this kind of Dlaion, that it oficu lers the Mind in a Flame, and makes our Mufick sinong those who were filed the chosen Hearts born within us. How cold and dead docs a Purple was a Religious Art. The Songs of Sion, Prayer appear, that is coirposed in the most Elegant which we have reason to beliere were in high ries


The third Vol. of the Iliad of Homer, with Notes were nothing else bac Phalins and Pieces of Poetry

by Madam Dacier, done trom the French by Mr. Drome of St. that adored or celebrated the Supreme Being. The

John's Colledge in Cambridge, sad by him compared with the greater Conqueror in this Holy Nation, after the

Greek. Iuftrated with Cuti... Noce, Tbc eth and sib Vol. wiit a manner of the old Grecian Lyricks, did not only cumpleat Tible to be five Vois. are in the Prch, and will be Pub

life d in July acxe by Bernard Linrost at the Croft Key: betweca the compare the Words of his Divine Odes, but gene.

tw. Ter ple Gates in Fletcet: Ol whose my be and the foc Mif sally let them to Mutick himself: After which,

cellany latey Published. his Works, tho' they were consecrated to the Ta

This Day is Published, bernacle, became the National Entertainment, as The whole Works of that excellent Practical Phywell as the Devotion of his people.

facian Di, Thomas Sy dee ham, wherein fyr Only the History of acuce D.scales are creat d'uf after the most accurate Method; but all the

tafelt way of curing mot Oroncs D leals. The sth Edicio, by . The fic& Original of the Drama was a Religious J. Pechry of the Colledge of Physiciaso, prese The Works of Worship consisting only of a Chorus, which was no- Ermulleri abridg'd, or a complest sytem ut Phyuck, being De

fcription of all Difesies incident to Men, Women and Childreu, with thing else but an Hymn to a Deity. As Luxury and Vo

che Method of Cure, To which is died a fhort accouit of the Anje luptuoufness prevailed crer innocence and Religion,

mal Puna ons, wib ao ex4 Claffes of Medicines price 6s. Printed this form of Worship degenerated into Tragedies; tor R. Wellingto a cho Duphio and Crown ia st. Paul's Courch

yard. in which however the Chorus so far remeinbered

Wherea: John Prince, John Sadler, and William its first Office, as to brand every thing that was vi

Judrell. Mercers, at the black Lywod, io Kingskruet Covent Garden, cious, and recommend every thing that was lauda

have sefoved to leave the Mercera Trade, These are to give No ble, to intercede with Heaven for the Innocent, and tice, That a th: luid Shop are to be fold at very low Prices, all

Srts of the newest Fatos Gold and Silver Suits, and Artistics, to implore its Vengeance on the Criminal.

Fluwered and plain Velves. Silk Brocades, were are plain Suteins,

Darnarks, Waceed T. Farendines and M bairs, Shrgreens, sarfHomer and Hefiod iotimate 10 us how this Art nex, Perfias, Silk Night Gowns, Thread Sacons, Pupi As, Norwicd

Crapet, Bulk and uthe Druggets, Hair and Wurited Camblers, Hair fbould be applied, when they represent the Muses as

Shage and ihlens. surrounding Jupiter, and warbling their Hymns a

Just Publith'd, The Second Edition of bout his lhrone. I might shew, from inna.nicrabie

Creation. A Philosophical Poem. Demuntirating the Pallages in Ancient Writers, not only that Vocal Exiflence and Providence of a Gwu. In Seven Booki. By Sir Richard and lo.frumental Mulick were made ole of in their Blackmaie, Kn. M.D. ad Fellow of the College of Physiciaae in

Looton. Prised tut $. Buckley, a the Dolphin in Litde Braids Rdigious Worlaip, but that their most favourite

sod. J. Tako, u shak. Spear's Head over agaio Caberiac treet Divertions were bued with Songs and Hymns to

in the Strand. their respective Deities. Had we frequent Enter.

juc Published, tainments of this Nature amony us, they wou'd aot A very neat Pocket Edition, in two Vols, 1200. a little purific and eralt our Passions, give our of the wskt Mr. Thoma Owxy. containing. Alcibiadct, D. Cor.

los, Trwand brte ice, Fri'ndshipia Falhion, Gouldie's rtunio wo Thanghese proper Turan, and cherish chole Divine

Parts, Orphan Caius Marius ad Venice Preserved. With is Putins and Impulles in the Soul, which every one feels that has Lrive Letters. To which is ad led fine Accune Ol the Litt and noi filled them by sensual and immoderate Plea: Visage of the Auchor. Printed for J. Topron a Shakespear'. Head sures.

is the strand; 1803. Jd by W. Taylx acte shpia Pa'er noflr row.

The Retir’d Gard’n:t, or, Dialogues between

. Gaileman and a Gudse Cuota: Dig the Me hode wet Making Mariek, whenthus applied, raisas noble Hints in o dering i mor ving Fruit and Kitchen Garden, together with the Mind of the Hearer, and alls it with great Coo- etit Narber Sabun and Cultivaung FluwerePlaas, Sarubi, ception, li. lirengthens Devocion, and advances

and Un47-Shrubs. ncceffary for the doming of Gards &c. In Eraire into Rapture, it lengthens out every sê of

which is explain'd, the Art of Making and Bilpong ! Par

terres, Arlours of Greens, Wx-Worki, Arches, Colors, and Woship, and produces more latting and per:nancas othet heca and Camper menis ufusly tgund in the nel Gear Impreibonsintre Mind, than thuse which accordpany

titul Gardens of Cornur Seats, The whok carich'd with Variery any trolient Forin of Words that are uiters in the

of Figure: being a Tiv.deia fin te sieur Louis Liger. Te

which is add d, 3 Description and Plan of Count Tallardo Garden ordinary Mabod of Religious Worship,

# Noorum... The whole Revit'd, with fov rai Alterating and

Addicios, whilread it proper for our English Culture, BY ADTERTISEMENTS.

Grorge .con, and Hory Wife. Prired for facob Toulos

#: Shakclear's Head over again Catherine Screes in the Srand. For the Benefit of the Box-Keepers.

The Works of Mr. Francis Beaumont and Mr.

John Flechet, in 7 Voils. 8vo. adora'd tib'Cuers. Piurarch's Lives At the Defire of several Ladies of Quality. in s Volle, trained by leverd laede. Serieca's Morali trollsted hy

Sir Ruger ! Cdrang: The Satyrs of Decirnus Jonius Juvendia, By. Har Majesty's Company of Comciljanos, &c. translated into Englith Verfs by Mr. Dryders and several ochar I shoe Theatre Royalin rury-Lane, on Tuesday

eminent Hands. The works of Mr. Congreve in 3 Volls.confitting of nio Plays und Peris, Pocent og fetora Occss no written by Mr.

Pr.or. Paradise lo, a Pess, in 12 Books, by Mr. Joan Milcfi. The alled, The J vial Crew: Or, the Marry Bergers. Wien le erat er Christer Heto, writers Sy Mr. Serie. N: B. The three left me terwidments of Singing and prisper to the Play. To profited with a negr Ettever Letter in frail Pocket Vlogs: A# which will he added. A Bats of vee Ad inly called the suger Printed for Jan b Tupfos e Stakespear's head over againk CatherineCoach.. By Her Majefy's Coconui, no Pesfune are to be added

turces in the Strand behind the Scenet. And on Toursday next will be presented Play all the ladiun Emperor, or the Co quit of Mexiqu by the Spa

'Letters and Negociacions of the Count D'Etrades mierda fotche: Benefit of Mr. Bicher fat and Mr. Newmtia.

Araballador from Lewis the Furicebab to the Sutes General of the

United Phovitices of the Low Couturie: From the Year 1663 to T. Che Queen's Theatre in the Hay-Market, this cbc Year 1569. Congding chiefly of Original Letters and Infreni

lons irun he Fresch King and lus Miniffen to the feid Cronc: licza Nicolino Grimaldi will make hit leste of England, in the Ope's

with bit Antwers, Wheese fevchal lccret Tuolations beweer of Api'ecrui, And by rear in of the Hoc Weacbet, bo Water Fail cbe Cobra & England and France during that time.' Tradiated by with Pay all the time. Bizet 3 1. Pic 5 1, Firti Gwlery 11.8d. up Beveral, Hand). la Thres Vue Pripred for D. Brown, J. Ton. pbe Gallert. 6 d. Dostus upon die Suige hak. Gulnes: Tu begin on, A. and ). Churchil, J. Kupton, R. Kaaplocka, G. tahra, R. taly, Seven

Sanges, and J. Pemberton.



LONDON: Printed for Sans, Buckler, at the Delphin in Little-Britaig; and

Sold by 1. Baldwin it Warebicik-Lames, where Advertisemepts are taken in u also by Charles Lilir. Perfurtit, at the Corner of Beauford. Euildings in the Sir





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