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from the prospect of a'
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P'acc,—the desire of
knowledge and eirfloa
observe the strenuous
fork; alone and uasn
has been done towards
question, and still con
its behalf, in the hope,
of success. ^^

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MtSATlONS of a FATHER with HIS CHIL*. *N. In Two Pocket Volumes, with many E.vjfriNGS. Price Us. Gd. bound in cloth; or in fancy gflfjfing, with gilt edges, price 7s. Gd.

X^nrcrsations were first written with a riew to the (-ratification anil irn

B>f the Author's children. They are now published with the sincere

sMsWj^Ihe perusal of them ninv afford to others also somewhat of pleasure

~ ii;-. The principles hero inculcated are those of the Religion of the

—-^ ~gbn little work is intended to promote cheerful and fervent piety, a con

^i^pdieut. mid grateful frame of muni, feelings .if affection and kindness

Smi ■ ~^rT friends, and of active benevolence towards all. The habit, too, of

•&HSS«truction and delight from contemplating the varied scenes of nature.

.^ndiiiarv occurrences of life, it is hoped may, at the same time, be instilled

"^—sailed ; 'whilst the maxim, the spirit of which the Author trusts will be ■reathc through the whole, is, Bk Oood And Be Hapi'v


3^ of EMINENT CHRISTIANS. Volume the First. '' Shop "wilson; Archr'shopushhh; Dr. Hammond; ('atkpwHN Evelyn. By the Rev. R. B. HONE, MA. With irtraits on Steel, by Englkheart. Price 4s. Gd. bound cloth. t&ottr^Bvatlis of good men are comraon.y su full of peace, aim tne sorrows wnich icm, BO mercifully softened and blessed by a sacred influence, that feweasing or successful ways of rvcuminen.liii^ the fear anil love of God have mi], than the publication of religious biographr. With the di-igu ol pro, • so good a cause, by the blessing of Clod, this little volume has licen 1 ritid it is hoped that, in carrying it into execution, a fresh interest may have

von to the lives ,,f these eminent persona, by tin' pollution ut toinirr

aud tho addition of new matter gleaned from their own writings, as well as * miry volumes of contemporary biogruphy aud history



VDINGS in BIOGRAPHY. A Selection of the Lives of Eminent Men of all Nations. Price As. 6(7. bound in cloth, uniformly with Readings in Poetry.

— ,e design of this wont is to give an iiccouutof the lives of the leaders in the

~" J important revolutions which history records, from tho age of Sesostris to

I of Napoleon. Cure has been taken to select those personagrs, concerning

n information is most required uj the historical student. All the lives have

i compiled from original sources; those of the Oriental Sovereigns especially,

taki-u from oriental writers; and in the life of Saint Louis, some curious par.

.lars of the Egyptian Crusade will be found, derived from coteniporary Arabic


IV. ADINGS in SCIENCE; being EXPLANATIONS of some of the most interesting APPEARANCES and PRINCIPLES in NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, expressed in simple Language, and illustrated by familiar Examples. Price 5s. bound in cloth.

Tola volume differs materially from previous publications naving the same ijject, namely, that of rendering the path of science easy and inviting to begincrs. The chief differences will be found, in the order of the subjects, in the manner in which they are treated, in the examples by which principles are illusniled, and in certain reflections and remarks, not generally introduced into -cieutific writings.


READINGS in POETRY. A Selection from tne Work* of the best English Poets, from Spenser to the present times; and Specimens of several American Poets of deserved reputation. With Literary Notices of the various Writers, and brief Notes, explaining remote allusions a:,i obsolete words. Price 4s. Gd. cloth lettered. Can- has been taken to select such , .««« «s best ,1:... •

style of the reflective Authors, and .-,,-,, al ,)„. , apacityof youthful students. It is sear..

I.ulous attention has bee" paid ton \lnclM.


A MANUAL of INSTRUCTION in VOCAL MUSIC, chiefly with a View to PSALMODY. With an Historical Introduction. By JOHN TURNER, Esq. Price 4s.

With an especial view, first and principally, to render the kind of smsimi i required for the improvement of the musical portion of tho Church Serrier: am; in the second place, with regard to more extended benefits, this Utile swwV wa> begun. The author offers it, not as nn experiment now for the first tine to he trsKs but as the result of long experience; and in the fullest confidence ••).. rules and details suggested are carefully attended toand paticnllv red Deed tnpaar tice. the end proposed will be entirely accomplished. Though it itcawsrh asaaxm for the use of children collected in large number,, it may. with equal aila—aaf» be adopted in smaller assemblages, and ki the domestic circle • •""* n\ «jm> t*. rendered serviceable to adults.— Introduction.

VIII. MUSIC INSTRUCTION CARDS, preset***! Manual of Vocal Music. Card N«vlCard No. II., The Diatonic Ma Jo* (with Examples and Explanations). Fti per Dozen Cards.


Nal Sacked Songs, suitable fir i
Handel, Haydn, Jackson inf
&c, and to various National ant
for one, two, and three Vaires. «
for the Piano-Forte or Organ, ftaa

Iu an essay prefixed to this wflaiai lai —■— —
have been traced by way of inl
the public. The custom uf »i
and lias taken hold, for
men, is in itself blamel.
the forms of words under
claims on approbation,
musing, and those desipr
excite ridicule and OMrtoi
which become the Meant

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Jmvn and Connor. •f Norwich, ah*, Spitaitieidi

-Jton, Kent.

I vl' St. Matthew's Chapel,

imp of Limerick.
John's College, Cambridge.

tor of Little Custerton.
ter of St. George's, CambenrcIJ.
nes's, Westminster

.'hi XIII.

I I.ESTONE. D.D., Lord Bishop of Llandaff.

HI), M.A., Minister of the llulv Trinity, Uuventt v

v JERBMIE, M.A..Christian Advocate, Cambridge

M. M.A.. Minister of St. George's. Old Brentford."

HONE, M A . filiate of Portsmouth.

UAVL'RFIEM). B.D., Rector of Uoddinglon.

Taut XIV.

Rev. E. GREY. Ll.l)., Lord Bishop of Hereford

iv ^ , tenA. niC^!Mo€W "f '"'' I'"vi'1'" Co"i-!.'e. Lampeter
LVAI.LIER, I!.I) . Vicar of St. Andrew the Great, CambriiW

,S,';.', ,S 1VI:S' M *■' H"l"r "r "rad-len. Northamptonshire?'
LUfcRf BEItESIOlU), M.A.. Rector of St Andrew,, Ilolboru.
Part XV
t Rev. E. MAI.TBY. D.i).. Lord Bishop of Chichester
ROBERT ANDBRSON, M.A. Minister of Trinitv Chape], Brighton
ANDREW IRVINE, B.I) . Vicar of St. Marjrarct's. Leicester
JAMES SIIERGOI.I) BOONE, M.A., Minister of St. John's Chane..
melon. l *

It. N. 11. SANDILANDS, A.M., Minister of Curzon Clia[ie.. May Fair

Either .'/ f/i« VOLUMES, at 6s 6,/., or of the P.

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