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Ly-sa'-ni-as, that destroys, or drives away sorrow.
Lys'-tra, that dissolves, or disperses.

Ma-ce-do'-ni-a, adoration, prostration, according to the He-

brew; but elevated, eminent, according to the Greek. Magʻ-da-la, tower, or greatness. Mag-da-le'ne, tower, otherwise grand, elevated, magnificent. Mal-chus, king, or kingdom. Mam'-mon, riches. Man'-a-en, a comforter, or he that conducts them, or prepara

tion of heat. Mar'-cus, polite, shining. Mark, the same as Marcus. Mars-hill, the place where the celebrated judges of Athens

held their supreme council. Mar'-tha, who becomes bitter. Ma'-ry, exalted, or bitterness of the sea, or myrrh of the sea,

or lady, or mistress of the sea. Mat-ta-thi'-as, the gift of the Lord. Mat-that, gift, or he that gives. Mat'-thew, given, or a reward. Mat-thi'-as. See Mattathias. Mel'chi, my king, or my counsel. Mel-i-ta, affording honey, from whence honey distils, from

honey. Mer-cu'-ri-us, a false god, from the Latin word Mercari, to

buy or sell, because this god presided over merchandise.

In Greek Hermes, which signifies orator, or interpreter. Mi-le-tum, red, or scarlet. Mi-le-tus. Mna'-son, Na' son, a diligent seeker, or betrothing, remem

bering, or an exhorter.
My’-ra, flow, pour out, weep.
My-si'-a, criminal, or abominable.

Nag'-ge, brightness.
Na'in, beauty, pleasantness.
Nar-cis-sus, astonishment, stupidity, surprise.
Na-than'-a-el, the gift of God.
Na'-um, Na'-hum.
Na-za-rene', kept, or flower, a native of Nazareth.
Naz-a-reth, separated, sanctified.
Ne-ap-o-lis, new city.
Ne-re-us, lamp, brightness, or land new tilled.
Ne-ri, my light.

Ni-ca'-nor, a conqueror, or victorious.
Nic-o-de-mus, innocent blood; or, according to the Greek,

the victory of the people.
Nic'-o-las, the same.
Ni-cop'-o-lis, the city of victory, or victorious city.
Ni-ger, black
Nin'-e-vites, the people of Nineveh.
Nym'-phas, spouse, or bridegroom.

O-lym'-pas, heavenly.
O-me'-ga, the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
O-nes'-i-mus, profitable, useful.
On-e-siph'-o-rus, who brings profit.
O-zi'-as, strength from the Lord.

P. Pam-phi'-li-a, a nation made up of every tribe. Pa'-phos, which boils, or which is very hot. Par-me-nas, that abides and is permanent. Par-thi-ans, horsemen. Pass'-o-ver. Pat-a-ra, which is trod underfoot. Pat-mas, mortal. Pat'-ro-bas, paternal, or that pursues the steps of his father. Paul, a worker. His former name was Saul, a sepulchre, a

destroyer. Per-ga, very earthy. Per'-ga-mos, height, elevation. Per'-sis, that cuts or divides. Pe'-ter, a rock, or stone. Phe'-be, shining, pure. Phe-ni'ce, red, or purple. Phi-la-del'-phi-a, the love of a brother, or of fraternity. Phi-le-mon, that kisses, or is affectionate. Phi-le-tus, amiable, or who is beloved. Phi'-lip, warlike, or a lover of horses. Phi-lip'-pi, the same as Philip. Phi-lol'-o-gus, a lover of learning, or of the word. Phin-e-es, a bold countenance, or face, trust, or protection, Phle’-gon, zealous, burning. Phryg'-i-a, dry, barren. Phy-gel-lus, fugitive. Phy-lac'-te-ries. This word comes from the Greek, and sig

nifies things to be especially observed. These phylacteries were certain little boxes, or certain rolls of parchment, wherein were written certain words of the law. These the

Jews wore upon their foreheads, upon their wrists, and the hem of their

garments, which custom is founded upon what is read in Exod. xiii. 9, 16; and in NUMB. xv. 38, 39. The Pharisees affected to have their phylacteries broader than the other Jews wore, as a badge of distinction, and through ostentation, which is that our Saviour reprehends

them for.
Pi-late, who is armed with a dart.
Pi-sid-i-a, pitch, or pitchy.
Pon'-ti-us, marine, or belonging to the sea.
Pon'-tus, the sea.
Pris'-ca, a Latin word, signifying ancient.
Pris-cil'-la, from the same.
Proch'-o-rus, he that presides over the choirs.
Pub'-li-us, common.
Pu'-dens, shamefaced.
Pu-te-o-li, a city in Campania.

Quar'-tus, the fourth.

Ra'-gau, a friend, a neighbour.
Rem-phan, the name of an idol, which some think to be

Rhe'-gi-um, Re-je-um, rupture, or fracture.
Rhe'-sa, will, or course.
Rho-da, arose.
Rhodes, arose.
Ro'-man, strong, powerful.
Rome, strength, power.
Ru'-fus, red.

Sa'-doc, just, or justified.
Sal-a-mis, shaken, tossed, beaten..
Sa'-lim. See Shalim.
Sal-mo'-ne, a city.
Sa-lo'-me, Salmon.
Sa'-mos, full of gravel.
Sam-o-thra'-ci-a, an island so called because it was peopled

by Samians and Thracians, Sap-phi’-ra, that relates or tells; or that writes or composes

books; or handsome. Sar’-dis, prince of joy, or song of joy, or that which remains.

Sa-rep-ta, a goldsmith's shop, where metals used to be melted

and tried, Sa'-ron, Haron. Sa'-ruch, branch, layer; or turning. Sa'-tan, contrary, adversary, a party in a process, an enemy,

an accuser. Sce'-va, disposed, prepared. Scyth'-i-an, Syth'-i-an ; tanner, or leather-dresser. Se-leu'-ci-a, shaken or beaten by the waves, or that runs as a

river. Sem'-e-i, hearing, or obeying. Ser'-gi-us. Paulus. Si'-las, three, or the third. Sill-o-am, sent, or who sends; or dart, branch, or whatever is sent. Sil'-o-e, the same. Sil-va'-nus, who loves the woods, or forests, from the Latin

word Silva, a wood. Si'-mon, that hears, or obeys. Sop-a-ter, who defends the father, or the health of the father. So-sip'-a-ter. See Sopater. Sos'-the-nes, saviour, strong, and powerful. Spain, in Greek, rare, or precious. Sta’-chys, Sta-kis, spike. Steph'-a-nas, a crown, or crowned. Ste'-phen, the same. Su-san'-nah, a lily, or a rose, or joy. Syn'-ti-che, Sin'-te-ke, that speaks, or discourses. Sy-ro-phe-ni'-ci-an, Sy-ro-fe-nish-e-an, red, or purple, drawn to.

Tar'-sus, winged, feathered.
Ter’-ti-us, Ter'-she-us, the third.
Ter'-tul-lus, a liar, an impostor.
Thad-de'-us, that praises and confesses.
The-oph'-i-lus, a friend, or a lover of God.
Thes-sa-lo-ni'-ca, victory against the Thessalians.
Theu..das, a false teacher.
Thom'-as, Tom-as, a twin.
Thy-a-ti'-ra, a sweet savour of labour, or sacrifice of contrition.
Ti-mon, honourable.
Ti-mo'-the-us, Tim'-o-thy, (Eng.) honour of God, or valued of

Ti-tus, honourable.
Tro'-as, penetrated.

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Troph'-i-mus, well educated, or brought up.
Try-phe'-na, delicious, delicate.
Try-phoʻ-sa, thrice, shining.
Tych-i-cus, casual happening.
Ty-ran'-nus, a prince, or that reigns.

Zac che'-us, Zak-ke'-us, pure, clean, just, or justified.
Zeb'-e-dee, abundant, portion.
Ze-lo'tes, zealous, or full of zeal.
Ze'-nas, living
Zo-rob'-ab.el, Zerubbabel.

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