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VERSES, Occasioned by the Honours

conferred on the Right Honourable the Earl of HALIFAX, 1714. Being that Tear installed Knight of the moft noble Order of the Garter.


HOEBUS and CÆSAR once conspir’d to grace

A noble Knight, of ancient Tuscan Race.
The Monarch, greatly conscious of his Worth,
From Books and his Retirement calld him forth;
Adorn'd the Patriot with the Civic Crown,
The Consul's Fasces, and Patrician Gawn :
The World's whole Wealth he gave him, to bestow,
And teach the Streams of Treasure where to flow:
Té him he bad the fuppliant Nations come,
And on his Counsels fix'd the Fate of Rome.

The God of Wit, who taught him first to fing, And tune high Numbers to the vocal String, With jealous Eyes beheld the bounteous King


Forbear, he cry'd, to rob me of my Share; Our common Fav'rite is our common Care. Honours and Wealth thy grateful Hand may give ; But FHOEBUS only bids the Poet live. The Service of his faithful Heart is ehine ; There let thy JULIAN Star an Emblem fine;. His Mind, and her Imperial Seat, are mine. Then bind his Brow, ye Tbespian Maids, he faid, ? The willing Muses the Command obey'd, And wove the Deathless Lawrel for his Head.

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EPIGRAM, on the PRINCE's appearing at the FIRE in Spring-Garden,

1716. THW

WHY GUARDIAN, bleft Britannia, fcorns to Sleep,

When the sad Subjects of his Father Weep,
Weak Princcs by their Fears increase Distress ;
He faces Danger, and so makes it less.
Tyrants on blazing Towns may smile with Joy,
He knows to Save, is greater than Destroy.

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EPILOGUE, to 'The Cruel Gift. A

Tragedy. By Mrs. CENT LIVRE. Spoken by Mrs. Oldfield at the Theas tre Royal in Drury Lane, 1919.

ELL'was a narrow Seape my Lover made

That cup and Mellager I was fose afraid
Was that a Prefent for a new made Widov,
All in her dismal Dumps, like doleful DIDOį
When one peep'd in--and hop'd for fomeshing goode
There was a oh! Gød! a nasty Heart and Blood.
If the old Man had they'd bimself a Father,
His Bowl Mould have inclos'd a Cordial rather,
Something to chear me up amidt my Trance,
L'Eau de Barbade

or comfortable Nants!
He thought he paid it off with being smart,
And to be witry, cry'd, he'd send the Heart.
I could have told his Gravity, moreover,
Were I our Sex's Secrets to discover,
Tis what we never look for in a .Lover.
Let but the Bridegroom prudently provide
All other Matters fisting for a Bride,


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So he make good the Jewels and the Jointure,
To miss the Heart, does seldom disappoint her.
Faith, for the Fashion Hearts of late are made in,
They are the vileft Bambles we can trade in.
Where are the tough brave BRITONS to be found
With Hearts of Oak, so much of Old renown'd?
How many worthy Gentlemen of late
Swore to be true to Motber-Cburcb and State;
When their falfe Hearts were secretly maintaining
Yon trim King PEPIN, at Avignon reigning?
Shame on the canting Crew of Soul-Insurers,
That Tyburn-Tribe of speecb-making Non-jurors ;
Who in new-fangled Terms, old Truths explaining,
Teach honest English-men, dama'd Double Meaning.

Oh! would you loft Integrity reftore
And boaft that Faitb your plain Fore-Fathers bore;

What furer Pattern can you hope to find,
Than that dear-PLEDGE your MONARCH left behind !
See how his Looks his boneft Heart explain,
And speak the Bleflings of his future Reign!
In his each feature, Truth, and-Candour trace,
And read Plain-Dealing written in his face.

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HEN at our house the servants brawl,

And raise an uproar in the Hall;
When Jobn the butler, and our Mary,
About the plate and linnen vary :
Till the smart dialogue grows rich,
In sneaking dog! and ugly bitch !
Down comes my Lady like the Devil,
And makes 'em filent all and civil.
Thus Canon clears the cloudy air
And scatters tempests brewing there :
Thus Bullies sometimes keep the peace,
And one scold makes another cease.

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