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lating blow which came near to break down the

very roof-tree of his noble mansion, I need not here speak—they are well known. The law construed him a partner, and honor bound him to payment. One hundred and twenty thousand pounds sterling, namely, more than half a million of dollars, seemed to him a lighter weight to bear, than the disgrace of insolvency. Three years after he had entered on this course of lofty daring, it was my good fortune to spend with my family some days an invited guest at Abbotsford; and setting aside all reverence of genius, on no one of its proud monuments could I look with such veneration, as on its noble master, then approaching to his sixtieth birth-day, with some few infirmities of body, but none of mind or spirit, gallantly bearing up under this load of debt, and paying it off year by year with the fabled profusion of some eastern sage, whose magic wand gave him access to hidden treasures. It was a high and ennobling picture, yet not without its strain of melancholy. To see one whose years demanded, and whose toils so well deserved repose, whom genius had crowned with unenvied laurels, whom nations contended to reverence and kings to honor ; to see such an one tasking his strength in an herculean labor, that through his imprudence no poor man should suffer, and no rich man complain; and no man, whether rich or poor, touch with a blot the fair escutcheon of his fame : this was a sight as full of moral worth as it was of intellectual greatness, and could hardly be viewed then, as it can hardly be contemplated now, without tears. There was in it that proud disdain of wealth, that lofty integrity of purpose, and that jealous sense of honor, which showed from what inner fount he had drawn those living traits of nobleness which so charm us in his novels.

Remuneration from the sale of his works in this country he had received none, and I felt humbled as an American, from the knowledge of it, as I ventured to suggest to him the manner in which his future copyright might be guarded

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