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home to his aunt to let her see the white X LITTLE girl sat one day at the parlour snow. But alas! it did not long remain window, watching, for the first time

white, and all that was left was a wet cap. in her life, a heavy snowfall. She was

Hugh soon got accustomed to the snow, greatly delighted to see everything so

and when the hard frost set in, he was beautifully white. But as the day ad.

much astonished at the water becoming so vanced, the snowy carpet got soiled and

firm that he could run and skate upon it. trodden, and the child's mother found her

There was one passage, however, of little one crying bitterly because the beau

God's Word, which Hugh now understood tiful snow was all dirty and spoiled. The

much better than he had ever done before. mother hushed her child to sleep, and in

Perhaps most of our Dayspring' readers an hour or two she woke up and went will know it: Though your sins be as again to the window. She was quite

scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; happy now when she looked out, for the

though they be red like crimson, they shall ground was once more pure and white. A

be as wool.' fresh fall of snow had come while she was asleep and had covered all the grimy

BIBLE QUESTIONS-AWARD OF PRIZES. blackness. So it is when we get soiled M y dear young friends, --Before giving and blackened by the world's ways, we can I the result of your Bible competition, only be made white and clean by the out I may say a word or two in reference to pouring of God's Holy Spirit, who alone the progress made by the Dayspring.' can wash us in the blood of Jesus Christ, When our little magazine was started and make us whiter than the snow.

twelve months ago, the Editor and PubThose who live in sunny lands, where lishers believed that among the host of flowers bloom all the year, can have no idea periodicals for the young, room might still of the appearance of the earth when covered be found for another. That this belief was with its white mantle.

correct is proved by the fact that the In the summer of last year, a little boy monthly circulation has increased by nine came from a southern country to get his thousand during the year. Quietly, but education in his native land, from which surely, we have been gaining upon the he had been taken away by his parents public, and feel that the success of the past while only a tender babe. He had there year is an encouragement to continue our fore no recollection of our winter scenes. work of influencing the young for good. His parents had often told him about the The competition for prizes in connection biting cold which froze the waters and with the Bible Questions has been exmade them like solid crystal, and about cellently sustained. We have had during the beautiful snow which fell like feathers the year a class composed of one hundred from the wintry clouds. So when the and ten boys and girls, and a most cold autumn winds stripped the trees interesting paper might be written for the of their leaves, and the piercing north | Dayspring upon the answers which have wind nipped his delicate fingers, he been sent in month after month. One thought, surely the snow will come now, | alteration which has been made will, I I am wearying so much to see it.' The hope, more than double the number of first time, however, that he saw it, was on competitors. The worthy Christian lady the tops of the distant hills, and he did who has had this department of the wonder when he saw them clothed in • Dayspring' under her charge, agrees white.

with me that a Junior and Senior class At last, one day when he was coming will be an advantage. In the first, or home from school, the snow began to fall, Junior class, the questions will be of a and he was so delighted, that he took off simpler kind, and all may be competitors his bonnet, filled it, and came running | under 13 years of age. Into the Senior

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division competitors under 18 years of age sang, he sang too, but softly; and though are admitted, and the questions in this he did not know almost anything about the division will be more difficult than those | psalms, I am sure Jesus liked to hear his in the other. I need scarcely say how | little voice. At prayer, he stood up and much I have been delighted with the shut his eyes like all the grown people; and earnestness and ability manifested by all during the sermon, he looked mostly at the the competitors, and how great must be minister. I don't think he knew much the benefit which I believe they have that was said from the pulpit; but his nurse reaped from searching the Scriptures.' told him three words of the text over again,

The following are the names and the and he did not forget them. The text was number of marks of the first three, together in Hebrews, chapter seventh, verse twentywith the names and marks of the six who fifth: Wherefore He (Jesus) is able also stand next to them :

to save them to the uttermost that como I. George B. Sherwood, Free Church Manse,

unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to Sheuchan, Stranraer, 53%

make intercession for them.' II. John S. Paterson, 9 South Apsley Place,

When the service was over, Matthew Glasgow, 52%.

walked home with nurse, happy at heart, III. George W. Cowper, Free Church

but making no fun. He felt that it was Institution, Castle-Douglas, 509.

God's day. No sooner had he got to the

house than he walked up to Willie and (4) Isa Johnston and Helen Rodger, equal, 494 ; (5) Samuel Hewitson, 484; (6) Adain

gave back the Testament, with a little bow, White, 48; (7) Jessie Buchanan and Tertius

and thankful smile. Mamma called him to Buchanan, equal, 47%; (8) Thomas Milne and

her, and asked, Well, Matthew, what did Helen Waddel, equal, 463; (9) Jane Anna you see at church?' Wilson, 46.

A great crowd, mamma, and a man in a

box.' FIRST TIME AT CHURCH; "And did you sing, Matthew ?' OR, ABLE TO SAVE.

O yes, mamma; Hallelujah, Amen.'

"And what was the text?' OUR wee Matthew went to church for The little fellow at once gave for answer, U the first time a few Sabbaths ago. * Able to save.' Though he is only two years and a half old, I wonder if all my dear young readers his nurse wanted to take him with her. | behave themselves in church as well as wee Papa and mamma did not refuse her wish, Matthew. Some that I know, who are more for they like their children to go to the than twice as old, are very restless, and house of God; and they think that to learn speak out at times, or go to sleep during the young' is the way to learn well.' Of sermon. I am sure that in the presence of course, wee Matthew thought it a great / queen Victoria there would be awo and day, and so it surely was. He has not yet silence. If they had come to ask a favour got a Testament of his own, but his bigger from her Majesty, and had set some old brother Willie lent him one that he has. person to do it for them, would they not be Matthew indeed hardly knows a letter of wishing, all the time he was speaking, that the A SC; but as his purse always takes their request might be granted? If it were, a book to church, he thought he should would they not unite in offering the queen have one also.

their hearty thanks ? And if her Majesty * And how did he behave?'

had some instructions to give, would they Very well indeed. He sat quite still not hearken carefully! An old lady beside him was much pleased After this manner, but with much holy because he was so quiet; and she gave him fear, should every one behave in God's now and then a lozenge, which he sucked house. He is King of kings, and Lord of without making any noise. When the rest | lords When we join in singing, our hearts A CHILD'S MESSAGE.

shuuid yu wath vui lips; and sweet are our Who are those the Father gave to Christ? songs in the ear of our Father in heaven We canuot open the book of life to read when thus we praise Him. When the their names; but we can find out who they minister prays, we should be wishing for the are by this, they give themselves with all their good things he asks, and he thanking the hearts to Jesus to be saved. If my young Lord in heart with him. And when the readers have done this, I know they will minister speaks in the sermon, we should love their Saviour dearly, and run to do listen to God's message, that we may learn whatever He bids. And if there should be to do what He bids.

one of them who has not yet given himself "Able to save.' So much of the text wee to Jesus, let me hope he will say this Matthew picked up. Let us hope that as | moment in the words of the hymn: he gets older he will know more about its

‘Here now to Thee I all resign; meaning. Scarcely any of the boys and

My body, soul, and all are Thine.' girls that read these lines but could tell that it is Jesus who is able to save, for He is the Almighty Son of God. They could tell, too, that He gave up His precious life on

A CHILD'S MESSAGE. the cross, in order that the lives of sinners,

A little curly head who look to Him as their friend, might be

Nestling against the father's knee, spared: and that now He sits at the

Two tightly claspéd hands, Father's right hand in glory, and secures

Hands, oh so wee! pardon and favour for every one who bends

But sadly speaks the mourning dress the knee, and says, "My Father in Jesus,

Of a little child left motherless forgive and bless me for the sake of Thy dear Son.'

On Life's rough sea. Will my beloved young readers think a little over some questions I am going to write Finished the simple prayer, now, and answer them? I do not want Yet still she kneeleth there; them to give the answer to me, but just to Uncertain if to rise, whisper them to God and their own hearts.

Open the large sweet eyes, The questions are these :

Wistful hesitationDo you feel you need One to save you

Wavering meditationfrom wrath and from sin ?

Then a bright thought gleaming Has it made you thankful to learn that

O'er her troubled dreamingJesus is able to do it, and wishes you to letHim?

Once again the hands tight clasping, Have you given yourselves to Him that

Eagerly the new hope grasping; He may save you?

Once again her baby prayer Do you pray to Him often to keep you

Trembles on the silent air. from wicked thoughts, and words, and deeds, and to make you for ever His own ? :

If you can with truth say "Yes,' to all Dear Jesus, tell my mother how I want her, these questions, you have reason to be very every day, happy The Lord Jesus will take care of I was not heeding when she talked of going you. He will make you pure in heart; and 1 far away; at last bring you to His Father's house | But say I love her dearly, and I wanted her above. A few hours before He died on to know Calvary, He was heard praying thus: How hard I'm trying to be good, because I • Father, I will that they also, whom Thou love her so.' hast given Me, be with Me where I am ; The message was caught by the angels above, that they may behold My glory, which Thou And the child was at rest with the thought of hast given Me." (John xvii. 24.)

her love.

J. G. X. K.

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NEW-YEAR'S DAY TT was the last Sabbath of December, 1 one. He had given his heart to God when I and the little ones had gathered around he was a little boy, had loved and served their grandpapa, who had come to visit him all his days, and now as he neared the them. The good old man had been warmly end of life's journey, welcomed by the family circle, for his visit was one of the chief pleasures of the new

‘Like a fine setting sun he grew richer in grace.' year season. For weeks the children had Though he did not expect ever to see looked forward with delight to grand the close of another year, the prospect of papa's coming, and many a time they death cast no shade on his happy countetalked of the nice stories he would tell nance, but rather shed upon it some rays them, and the many wonderful things of heaven's own brightness. which his large pockets were likely to His only desire was to spend the short contain. And now that he was really time that remained to him here, in drawamong them, they looked to him to help ing all around him to Jesus. He loved them to spend the Sabbath evening happily, his little grandchildren very tenderly, and and they were not disappointed.

no one wished them a happy new-year No wonder the children loved grand more heartily than did old grandpapa. papa, for he was a very cheerful, kindly With him this common salutation was no old man, who had a loving smile for every | mere form, but his heartfelt desire and

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