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We coss and turn about our feav'rish Will,
When all our Ease must come by lying still ;
For all the Happiness Mankind can gain,
Is not in Pleasure, but in Rest from Pain. Dryd. Ind. Emp.

We barbarously call those blessid,
Who are of largest Tenements pofsefsd,
While swelling Coffers break their Owners Reft.

More truly happy those that can,

Govern the little Empire, Man ; Bridle their Passions, and direct their Will Thro' all the glitt'ring Paths of charming Ill; Who in a fix'd unalterable State,

Smile at the doubtful Tide of Fate, And scorn alike her Friendship and her Hate;

Who Poyson less than Falshood fear,

Loth co purchase Life so dear ;
But kindly for their Friend embrace their Death, (Stepn. Her.
And seal their Countries Love with their departing Breath.

No Happiness can be where is no Reft,
Th’unknown, untalk'd-of Man is only blest.
He, as in some safe Cliff, his Cell does keep,
From thence he views the Labours of the Deep:
The Gold-fraught Vessel which mad Tempeits beat,
He sees now vainly make to his Retreat;
And when from far

the centh Wave does appear, Shrinks up in filent Joy that he's not there. Dryd. Tyr. Love.

To be Good is to be Happy: Angels
Are happier than Men because they're better.
Guilt is the Source of Sorrow ; 'tis the Fiend,
Th'avenging Fiend, that follows us behind
With Whips and Stings: The Bless'd know none of this,
But reft in everlasting Peace of Mind,

(Pen. And find the Height of all their Heav'n in Goodness. Row. Fair

HARE. See Hunting.
The Hare in Pastures or in Plains is found,
Emblem of human Life! who runs the Round;
And after all his wandring Ways are done,
His Circle fills, and ends where he begun,
Just as the setting meets the rising Sun

Monsters more fierce offended Heav'n ne'er fenc
From Hell's Abyss for human Punishment;
With Virgin Faces, but with Wombs obscene,
Foul Paunches, and with Ordure still unclean,
With Claws for Hands, and Looks for ever lean.

With hideous Cry,
And clatt'ring Wings the hungry Harpies fly:



Their fated Skin is proof to Wounds,
And from their Plumes che shining Sword rebounds. Dr. Virg.

Within a long Recess there lies a Bay,
An Island shades it from the rolling Sea,
And forms a Port secure for Ships to ride.
Broke by the jutting Land on either Side,
In double Streams the briny Waters glide,
Between two Rows of Rocks : A sylvan Scene
Appears above, and Groves for ever green.
A Grot is form'd beneath with mofly Seats,
To reft the Nereids, and exclude the Heats.
Down through the Crannies of the living Walls,
The chrystal Streams descend in murm'ring falls ;
No Haussers need to bind the Vessels here,
Nor bearded Anchors; for no Storms they fear.

Dryd. Virg.
Here th'op'ning Land invites, with out-stretch'd Arms,
The troubled Seas, free from the loud Alarms
Of the rough windy Pow'ss, to take their Ease,
And on its Bosom lie diffus'd in Peace :
The flowing Waters smooth their furrow'd Face,
And gently roll into the Land's Embrace ;
To secret Creeks the weary Billows creep,
And stretch'd on oozy Beds securely sleep.

Blac: The Land lies open to the raging East. Then bending like a Bow, with Rocks compress'd, Shuts out the Storms: The Winds and Waves complain, And vent their Malice on the Cliffs in vain. The Port lies hid within ; on either Side Two cow'ring Rocks the narrow Mouth divide. Dryd. Virg.

· The Salt of Life, which does to all a Relish give;
Its ftanding Pleasure, and intrinsick Wealth,
The Body's Virtue, and the Soul's good Fortune. Cowl.

Auspicious Health appear'd on Zephyr's Wings;
She seem'd a Cherub moft divinely bright,
More soft chan Air, more gay than Morning Light.
Hail blooming Goddess! thou propitious Pow'r,
Whose Blessings Mortals next to Life implore ;
With so much Lustre your bright Looks endear,
Thar Cottages are Courts when those appear.
Mankind, as you vouchsafe to smile or frown,
Find Ease in Chains, or Anguilh in a Crown.

My heavy Heart, the Prophetess of Woe,
Forbodes fome til at hand.

Dryd. Spax. Fry,

My lab'ring Heart, that swells with Indignation,
Heaves to discharge its Burthen; that once done,
The busy thing shall rest within its Cell,
And neyer beat again.

Row. Fair Pen,
Now Heart,
Qe ribb'd with Iron for this one Attempt ;
Sęc ope thy Sluices, send the vig'rous Blood
Thro' ev'ry active Limb for my Relief:
Then take thy Reft within thy quiet Cell,
For thou shalt drum no more.

Dryd. Don Seba
His mounting Heart
Bounces against my Hands, as if it would
Thrust off his manly Soul.

Dryd. Cleom.
What did ever Heiress yet
By being born to Lordships get ?
When the more Lady she's of Mannors,
She's but expos’d to more Trepanners;
Pays for their Proje&ts and Designs,
And for her own Deftru&tion fines;
And does but tempe them with her Riches,
To use her as the Devil does Witches;
Who takes it for a special Grace,
To be their Cully for a Space,
That when the Time's expir'd, the Drazels
For ever may become his Vaflaís.
So the, bewitch'd by Rooks and Spirits,
Betrays her self and all fh'inherits;
Is bought and sold like stol'n Goods,
By Pimps, and Match-makers, and Bawds;
Until they force her to convey,
And steal the Thiçf himself away.

Ye Realms yet unreveald to human Sighr,
Ye Gods who rule the Regions of the Night,
Ye gliding Gholts, permit me to relate
The mystick Wonders of your filent State.

Dryd. Virg.
Where Lucifer the mighty Captive reigns,
Proud 'midit his Woes, and Tyrant in his Chains. Cowl.

Him'ih'Almighty Pow'r
Hurl'd headlong flarning from th'ethereal Sky,
With hideous Ruin and Combustion down
To bottomless Perdition, there to dwell
In adamantine Chains and penal Fire.

Down, Jike Lightning with him ftruck, he came ;
And roar'd at his first Plunge into the Flame:




Don St


Myriads of Spirits fell wounded round him there;
With dropping Lights thick shone the finged Air.
Hell heard th’unsufferable Noise : Hell

Heav'n ruining from Heav'n, and would have fled,
Affrighted; but ftrict Fate had cast too deep
Her dark Foundations.
Nine Days they fell ; confounded Chaos roar'd,
And felt ten-fold Confusion in their Fall
Through his wild Anarchy; so huge a Rout
Incumber'd him with Ruin: Hell at last
Yawning receivd them whole, and on them clos'd;
Hell, their fit Habitation, fraught with Fire
Unquenchable, the House of Woe and Pain.

Nine times the Space that meafares Day and Night
To mortal Men, he with his horrid Crew
Lay vanquish'd, rouling in the fiery Gulph;
Confounded, tho' immortal : But his Doom
Reserv'd him to more Wrath ; for now the Thought
Both of loft Happiness and lafting Pain
Torments him : Round he throws his baleful Eyes,
That witness'd huge Affliction and Dismay,
Mix'd wich odurace Pride and stedfast Hate :
At once, as far as Angels kenn, he views
The dismal Situation, waste and wild;
A Dungeon horrible, on all Sides round,
As one great Furnace, flam'd; yet from these Flames
No Light, but rather Darkness visible,
Serv'd only to discover Sights of Woe,
Regions of Sorrows, doleful Shades, where Peace
And Rest can never dwell, Hope never comes,
That comes to all ; but Torture without End
Still urges, and a fiery Deluge fed
With ever burning Sulphur unconsum'd.
There the Companions of his Fall, o'erwhelm'd
With Floods and Whirlwinds of tempestuous Fire,
He soon difcern'd, lie weltering about him;
His Head up lift above the Wave, his Eyes
That sparkling blaz’d, his other parts besides
Prone on the Flood, extended long and large,
Lay floating many a Rood; in Bulk as huge
As whom the Fables name of monstrous Size,
Briarens, or Typhon, whom the Den
By antient Tarsus held:
So stretch'd out huge in Length the Arch-Fiend lay,
Chain'd on the burning Lake.
Forthwith upright he rears from off the Pool
His mighty Stature: On each Hand the Flames

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Driv'n backward, hope their pointed Spires, and rowl'd
In Billows, leave i'th' Midst a horrid Vale:
Then with expanded Wings he steers his Flight
Aloft, incumbent on the dusky Air,
That felt unusual Weight; till on dry Land
He lights, if it be Land that ever burn'd
With solid, as the Lake with liquid Fire.

He walk'd
Over the burning Marle; the torrid Climo
Smore on him fore besides, vaulted with Fire
Yet this he so indur'd, till on the Beach
Of that inflamed Sea he stood, and callid
His Legions, Angel Forms, who lay intranca,
Thick as autumnal Leaves that ftrow the Brooks
In Vallombrosa, where th'Etrurian Shades
High over-arch'd imbow'r :
They heard and were abalh'd, and up they sprung,
Hov'ring on Wing under the Cope of Hell,
'Twixt upper, nether, and surrounding Fires.

Part on the Plain, or in the Air sublime,
Upon the Wing, or in swift Race contend,
As at th'Olympian Games or Pythian Fields';
Pare curb their fiery Steeds, or fhun the Goal
With rapid Wheels; or fronted Brigades form:
As when to warn proud Cities, War appears
Wag'd in the troubl’d Sky, and Armies rush
To Battel in the Clouds ; before each Van'
Prick forth the airy Knights, and couch their Spears,
Till thickett Legions close ; with Feats of Arms
From either Side of Heav'n the Welkin burns.
Oihers with vast Typhiean Rage more fell,
Rend up both Rocks and Hills, and ride the Air
In Whirlwind : Hell scarce holds the wild Uproar.

Others inore mild ;
Retreated in a filent Valley, fing,
With Notes angelical to many a Harp,
Their own heroick Deeds and hapless Fall
By Doom of Battel ; and complain that Fate
Free Virtue should enthrall to Force or Chance.
Their Song was partial, but the Harmony :
Suspended Hell, and cook with Ravishment
The thronging Audience. In Discourse more sweet,
(For Eloquence the Soul, Song charms The Sense)
Others apare får on a Hill retir'd;
In Thoughits more elevate, and reason'd high
Of Providence, Fore-knowledge, Will and Fate;
Fix'd Fate, Free-will, Fore-knowledge absolute,

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