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THREE Prizes, in each of the two TT was a Jew--an Hebrew of the Hebrews,

I divisions, are offered for the largest who first wrote the words, the love of Christ constraineth us. I do not know

number of correct answers. The Prizes whether he meant Christ's love for us, or our

to be awarded in December 1873. love for Christ, nor does it much matter

The following are the conditions : which of the two it was, for either forms a

1. In the first, or Junior division, the questions for grand motive-power for the spread of the which will be printed first in order; competitors not to Gospel. If Christ's love for us will not move be above thirteen years of age. the heart to doing and suffering, and self

2. In the second, or Senior division, competitors not sacrificing effort, I do not know what will.

to be above eighteen years of age; and in both divisions It sent out Martyn, and Brainerd, and the answers must be honestly the work of the individuals Williams, and Carey, and Marshman; it has

competing. sent out men, with hearts full of love, to the

3. All answers to be addressed, not later than the 18th frozen north, to the sun-scorched plains of

of each month, to the Rev. JOAN KAY, Greenbank India, to the primeval forests and rolling Cottage, Coatbridge. prairies of the far west. And as they worked

As a matter of convenience and economy the answers and toiled, the one thought ever present to

may be written on post cards. Be careful in all cases to their mind was, 'O this Love! this surpassing, give the name and address of the competitor. unspeakable love of Christ!' Instead of imagining that they had made any fitting return for it, the offering of their lives upon the altar of Missions seemed ever a small

JUNIOR DIVISION. thing compared with the offering which was 31. Which psalm is a prayer for God's made on Calvary eighteen hundred years ago. blessing on the church, in order that the

The 'Love of Christ' produces in the heart whole world may be convorted ? deep love for those whose nature the Son of 32. Name two converts from heathenism, God took on him. They who give themselves from whom Jesus was descended ? to the high and holy work of Missions know 33. What heathen city received God's how great are the blessings of which the

message in a manner which Jesus tells us superstitions and ignorance of heathenism are

would condemn many who had enjoyed robbing souls that must live for ever. The

greater priveleges ? heathen are in darkness, and Christ is Light: in error, and He is the Wisdom of God; utterly corrupt and defiled, and Christ is the

SENIOR DIVISION. mighty Sanctifier. Before their spiritual 31. Where do we find the first promise that vision ten thousand thousand hands are out persons of every nation shall come to Christ? stretched for aid, and their ears are filled with 32. Where are we first told that the whole the cry 'of countless myriads who are sin earth shall be filled with God's glory? smitten and dying. “Five hundred millions 32. Where is the duty of sending the gospel of souls,' exclaimed a missionary, are to the heathen enforced by four quostions ? represented as being unenlightened ! I cannot, if I would, give up the idea of being a missionary, while I reflect upon this vast | ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS IN SEPT. 'DAYSPRING.' number of my fellow-sinners who aro perishing for lack of knowledge. Five hundred

JUNIOR DIVISION. millions ! intrudes itself upon my mind wher (25) Gen. xxi. 4; (26) Ex. xii. 26, 27; (27) ever I go, and however I am employed. Deu. xxxi. 12. When I go to bed, it is the last thing that recurs to my memory; if I awake in the night,

SENIOR DIVISION. it is to meditate on it alone; and in the (25) Neh. viii. 8; (26) Deu. xxix. 11; Josh. morning, it is generally the first thing that viii. 35; Neh. viii. 2; 2 Chron. xx. 13; (27) occupies my thoughts.'

Heb. x. 25.

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2 Joy in our living

3 O dwell within us,
Saviour and King,

Strengthen our faith,
Quells the misgiving

King who didst win us
Memory would bring.

Over from death;
We with the multitude crown'd Thee with thorn! Fashion us here for Thy kingdom above,
King of salvation, for us it was worn.

Built of heart-palaces, founded in love.




From Enlarged and Revised Edition of Hymns and Tunes for Sabbath Forenoon Services.'

Harmonised by James Merrylees.—Paisley: J. & R. PARLANE.

London: HOULSTON AND SONS, Paternoster Buildings.

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READING THE PICTURES. days. But there were Dutch tiles round ONE day a very little boy got hold of a the chimney of the room where they usually

U large book, and carrying it to his sat. From these tiles young Philip's mother Aunt, he said, Shew me the pictures, Aunt taught him both Old and New Testament Mary. As she was occupied with some history, and thus before he could read, thing else at the time, his Āunt only turned the Word of God was graven on his infant over the leaves that the child might amuse heart. himself with the book. But little Bobby was not at all satisfied with this mode of

HOME LESSONS FOR THE LORD'S DAY. shewing him the pictures, and looking up imploringly he said, Read them to me,

SIN REIGNING. Aunt Mary, read them to me.' Little THE fall brought mankind into an estate Bobby had been accustomed to have a 1 of sin and misery. Mamma, why is story told him from each picture, and this Adam's first sin called the fall?'. he called reading them. So Aunt was The first sin is called the fall, because obliged to lay aside her work to read the by it man, who was created in the likeness pictures to her little pet.

of God, became like Satan, the enemy of An engraving of Elijah and the Widow God and man. Before they sinned, our of Zarephath, was a special favourite of first parents were the loving children of little Bobby's, and the expression of his God, and delighted in His friendship; but bright black eyes told the delight with after they sinned, were they glad when which he listened to that interesting his they heard the voice of God walking in the tory. He knew that God had sent the garden? You can tell me, Maggie dear?' famine because the king was wicked, and •No, mamma, they were afraid, and tried the people were wicked, and he loved to to hide themselves amongst the trees of the hear of how God took care of the good garden. prophet Elijah, how he put faith into the That shows what a sad change had poor widow's heart, and so made her passed upon them. Falsehood had come willing to share her handful of meal with into their hearts instead of truth, fear inElijah. And he knew too that the barrel stead of love, an evil conscience instead of of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse confidence toward God. Sometimes I have of oil fail, that though the prophet and the seen children afraid to meet their kind papa. widow and her son used what they needed Do you know when they are so, Maggie?' one day, next day there was as much in the •You mean when we have been naughty, barrel and in the cruse as there had been mamma; we don't like to meet papa then, before, and their little store never became because we know he will be angry with us.' less till God sent rain, and the famine "That is why sinners are afraid of God. ceased. Little Bobby knew the story quite | They know that they deserve His anger, well, and yet he liked to hear it over and and like Adam and Eve they vainly try to over again, for these grand old stories are hide from Him. Read the nineteenth like perennial springs, ever old, ever new. answer, Willie, and it will help you to

We hope our young friends will read the understand this one better.' pictures to their little brothers and sisters, All mankind by their fall lost communion and so plant in their infant minds seeds of with God, are under His wrath and curse, truth, which, if watered by the Holy Spirit, and so made liable to all miseries in this life, will spring and grow up, and yield abun to death itself, and to the pains of hell for ever.' dant fruit.

That is a picture of the terrible conseGood Philip Doddridge tells us how he quences which followed Adam's first sin, got his first knowledge of the Word of and when we contrast this sad description of God. There were no nice picture-books all mankind with man's glorious condition for children, such as we have now, in his l when created, we see why the first act of

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disobedience is called the fall. The history him better than they. Do you know, of the first child born into the world shows Katie, what grace means?'. us the sad consequences of the fall.',

• It means something good in the heart, That was Cain. He was very wicked; | mamma.' for he killed his brother Abel. But Abel Grace means more than this; it means was not wicked, he was good, mamma.' God's free love shown to those who deserve

• Abel was a sinner as well as Cain; but His anger. God put His Holy Spirit into the Holy Spirit gave him a new heart and Noah's heart, and made him a preacher of made him believe in the promised Saviour. righteousness; but the world was so wicked That was what made the difference between that none would believe his message, and Cuin and Abel. Had Abel not been a the flood came and took them all away.' sinner, he would not have needed to offer But, mamma, surely the world is not so. a lamb for a burnt offering. Read Heb. bad now as it was then. There are a great xi. 4, Willie.'

many good people in it now. . 6-By faith Abel offered a more excellent The heart of man is the very same now sacrifice than Cain, &c.")

that it was then_"deceitful above all things Abel was the first who entered heaven, and desperately wicked." You will find and he got there because he trusted in the Paul's description of all mankind in Rom. blood of Jesus. In the sixth chapter of ii. 10-18.' Genesis you will find a description of the 666 As it is written, There is none rightworld before the flood, which shows us the eous, no, not one: there is none that awful state of all mankind sixteen hundred understandeth, there is none that seeketh years after Adam's sin. Read verses 5, 6, after God, &c."" 11, 12.

Men are so very wicked, that though i « And God saw that the wickedness of

a saw that the wickedness of the gospel is preached to them continually, man was great in the earth, and that every no one ever comes to Jesus till the Holy imagination of the thoughts of his heart Spirit makes him willing. And the worst was only evil continually. And it repented of all is, that men think themselves very the Lord that He had made man on the good, and have no idea of their own dan. earth, and it grieved Him at His heart. . gerous condition. You have heard of the . . The earth also was corrupt before great historian, Merle D'Aubigne, who God, and the earth was filled with violence. died a short time ago ?' And God looked upon the earth, and, Was he the good man who wrote the behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had story of Luther finding the Latin Bible in corrupted his way upon the earth.”'

the monastery, mamma?' What a sad, sad picture! "All flesh The very same; and I am going to tell had corrupted his way." Man, who was you how he became a true Christian. made after God's own image, had become When he was a boy he knew very little of corrupt, like a dead body,-dead in tres Scripture truth; but while he was a young passes and sins. “How is the gold become man, Robert Haldane, a very pious Scotch dim! how is the most fine gold changed ! gentleman, went to reside for a time in The precious sons of Zion, comparable to Geneva. He found the students in that fine gold, how are they esteemed as earthen city so very ignorant of the Scriptures, pitchers ?” Only think of the whole world that he opened a class for their instruction, with only one good man in it; and why and Merle D'Aubigne became one of his was he different from the rest ? Read pupils. The epistle to the Romans was verse eighth and it will tell you.'

the portion of Scripture which Haldane ""But Noah found grace in the eyes of explained to his class; and when he the Lord.”

came to the passage which you have Noah was no better by nature than the just read, he tried to show them that wicked world around; only grace made this awful account is God's description

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