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Three New Sixpenny Cloth Books, gilt edges, by Miss Corner and

Mrs. Bruden. 32mo. The titles of the books are,

Mrs. Burden. Mostly in words of one syllable.
THE GREAT DUNCE, and other Tales, by Miss Corner. Ditto. 6d.

ditto ditto. 6d. Each Book is fully illustrated, and bound in cloth gilt, gilt edges, &c. Sell 6d.each.

One Shilling Coloured Picture Toy Books, 8vo super royal,

bound in boards, covers printed in two colours; each book with 16 or more large coloured illustrations, uniform with the large Sixpenny Toy Books

published by Dean and Son. 1 Rivers of Laughter. Comic Cuts | 11 Aunt Oddamadodd's Tales. 1st by Mc. Connell

series 2 Laughter Tales

ditto. | 12 Ditto ditto 2nd series 3 Dame Bantry and her Cat, and the 13 Cinderella and Children in the Little Frog and Mouse

Wood. 4 The Merry Multiplication and | -14 The Laughable. Looking Glass. 1st Amusing Pence Table

series 5 The Pig's Tale, and the Pig's Ramble | 15 Ditto ditto 2nd series 6 The Three Bears and Three Tiny 16 Old Mother Hubbard, and Death of

Cock Robin. Just out 7 The Merry Old Lady, and Little 17 Riddles and Puzzles, and Pleasing Man and Maid

Pastimes. Just out 8 The Doves' Evening Party, and the 18 Little Goody Two Shoes, and Red Lions' Grand Ball

Riding Hood. Just out 9 Robinson Crusoe and Robin Hood 19 A was an Archer, and the Alphabet 10 The Three Little Kittens and King of Nouns. Just out

Donkey's Doings
1s. each, with Large Coloured Pictures, bound in boards, cover in colours.

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Child's Own Coloured Picture Books, Square 16mo imperial,

cuts, and fancy boards, three new ones, making seven in this series, viz.1. Sketches of Little Girls, who were good, bad, and indifferent,

with six coloured pictures, ls. 2. Sketches of Little Boys, who were good, bad, and indifferent,

with six coloured pictures, 1s. And 3. The Pretty A B C, with Illuminated Letters, making in all seven

sorts, viz.4. Every Child's Own Book of Poetry & | 6. Every Child's Own Primer full of

Pictures for Little Folks. Coloured. I Coloured Pictures. 5. Every Child's Own Book of Tales and 7. Every Child's Own Book of Stories of Pictures. Coloured.

| Funny Dogs, with Funny Pictures. 1s. each, each book bound in boards and with Coloured Illustrations.

The Eventful History of the Three Blind Mice, who ran after

the Farmer's Wife. With eight full-page illustrations, Coloured. Bound in boards, 1s., with wrapper printed in colours.

NEARLY READY, NEW EDITION OF THE HAPPY SUNDAY BOOK OF PAINTED PICTURES. Bound in boards, cover in colours. Sell 3s. 6d., full of coloured scripture pictures,

just the book for the nursery.

ALSO, A NEW AND PRETTY PICTURE BOOK, ENTITLED THE DELIGHTFUL PICTURE BOOK FOR HAPPY HOURS. With nearly 200 Engravings, and a verse to each picture. With plain illustrations. Sell ls. 60.; Coloured sell 28. 6d.

A capital every day Picture Book.


By Aunt Tabitha Twoshoes. With
Sixteen Large Plates, and Illustrated Title.
Size 4to fcp., bound in boards, cover printed in colours. Sell 1s. 6d. plain.

2s, 6d. coloured.
Really very laughable and amusing.

NEW COLOURED 3s. 60. PICTURE TALE BOOKS. The Six Grand Parties given by the Dog, the Cat, the Lion, and the Donkeys, the

Butterflies gay, and also the Monkeys. (Just Out.) With 44 large coloured

illustrations. The remainder in this series areFunnily Told Tales. With numerous and humorous comic coloured illustra

tions, by M'Connell, Newman, &c. 3s. 6d., red cloth. Complete and Wonderful History of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren, ineluding his Courtship, Death, and Resurrection. With 40 large coloured illustrations.

Each book bound in red cloth, gilt edges, side, &c. Sell 3s. 6d.

New book, by the author of “Tales of Delight,” with beautiful illustrations

printed in oil colours, the letter-press descriptions printed in coloured inks. Enjoyment for all Young Readers. By Miss E. Stafford. Bound

in cloth gilt edges ; uniform with Tales of Delight. By. Miss E. Stafford. 12 oil colour illustrations,

border in gold, and A Basket of Fruit and Flowers. By Miss E. Grove. 12 oil colour illustrations, borders in gold.

Each book bound in cloth, gilt edges. Sell ls. 6d. More beautiful or appropriate presents could not be placed in children's hands.

NEW ANIMAL PICTURE BOOK. Alphabet and Anecdotes of Animals. By James Bishop, Author

of a “ Visit to the Zoological Gardens,” &c., illustrated with 26 beautiful illustrations by Dubergier.

Bound in handsome cover, in gold and colours, size 4to fcap.

With plain illustrations, Sell ls. Coloured, ls. 6d.

Bound in boards, cover in gold and emboss, frontispiece, &c.

Four new sorts, viz :-
The Baby's Pic Nic

The Widow and Orphans
Story of a Foundling

Tales about the Five Senses
Sell 6d, each.
Good Moral Stories in each book,


ILLUSTRATED BY BIRKET FOSTER. Messrs. DEAN and Son have, at a great expense, succeeded in buying of the executors of the late David Bogue, the magnificent embellish. ments of Birket Foster's to Longfellow's " Hyperion” and “ Kavanagh." Encouraged by the large sale they had for the same last Christmas, they have determined upon a reprint, and beg to offer at the following reduced prices these works by one of America's greatest authors.


Printed on toned paper, size, crown 8vo.

8. d. ,

. d. 304 pp., cloth, plain edges, at .............: reduced to 14 O Published at 210 The same, bound for presentation or the drawing-room table, gilt edges, sides and back ..................15 0

210 Or magnificently bound, bevelled boards ..............16 0 , 220 In Morocco ............



Note. It is not generally known, but Hyperion is really a description of

Longfellow's own adventures in Germany. .


Printed on toned paper, size, crown 8vo.

8. d. - 8, d. · 136 pp., cloth, plain edges............ .... reduced to 8 0 Published at 10 6 The same, beautifully bound for presentation or drawing

room table, cloth gilt, gilt edges.................. 9 0 Or magnificently bound, bevelled boards ..............10 0

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10 6 In Morocco

.........18 0 , 210

in America, Longfellow's Prose Works are even more admired than his

...iu Poetry.

NEW WORK BY MRS. UPCHER COUSENS. Durndale; or, Woman's Duties and Woman's Worth. A tale of great interest founded on fact, very suitable for a prize or gift-book.

“ These are Woman's Duties
She learns to govern, having learned to serve,
And serves she does, and comes, and goes,
And waits on parent, brother, guest, and friend,
With ready hand and cheerful heart. No road
Too rough, no hour too late, no work too coarse -
Herself forgot, for others she must live.
Become a wife, her labours multiply ;
Sickly herself, the sick she must console,
And watch her feeble babe by day,
And wake (oft weep) by night.
No limit have her toils, no end her cares,
Not twenty men could them support, nor should

They; but they should acknowledge Woman's Worth." Illustrated with Title and Frontispiece, size, fcp. 8vo, bound in cloth, lettered side and back. Sell 6s.

New work by the Old Sailor.
The Four P's, (Piety, Prudence, Patienee, and Perseverance); or the

Fortunes of Frank on his Road to Wealth. A Tale of the Sea, for Boys, by
M. H. Barker, Esq., author of “Jem Bunt," “ Tough Yarns,” &c., with
frontispiece, and illustrated with five wood engravings, bound in cloth, lettered.
Sell 28. 6d. A capital book for boys.

Illustrated by H. Corbould. Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, with a Life of the Author, by

the Rev. H. Stebbing, A.M., and 22 steel engravings, by H. Corbould, steel

plate portrait of Daniel Defoe, and illustrated title. Bound in cloth, gilt lettered side and back, the steel plates printed in a new style.

Sell 3s. 6d.
, and the 22 plates coloured. “ 68.
Or gilt edges, 6d. extra.

New 32mo. Imperial Prize Rewards. 6d. each, in handsome

Embossed Cover, and Picture Frontispiece and Titles. 1. The Shipwrecked Prodigel & Traveller | 4. Bravery under Peril. 2. The Will and the Way.

5. Power of the Word. 3. The Faithful Pastor.

6. The Diligence,


FOR YOUNG LADIES. Notable Women, and the Story of their Lives and Characteristics,

a book for young ladies. By Ellen C. Clayton, among others, contains : “The Perfect Wife," "The True Maid of Honour,“ “ The Soldier's Friend," “ The Earnest Philanthropist," &c., &c., beautifully illustrated with 14 fullpage wood engravings, in the best manner, by artists of celebrity. Size, crown

8vo. Bound in best cloth, lettered side and back. Sell 38. 6d · This book is one of the handsomest gift books that has yet been issued for young ladies, whilst at the same time it is carefully and truthfully written,

A COMPANION BOOK FOR BOYS, UNIFORM WITH THE ABOVE. Remarkable Men, their Lives and Adventures. By M. S. Cockayne,

amongst others, contains the lives and adventures of the “Hero of Waterloo," “ William Tell,” “The Earnest Patriot," " The Good Monarch,” &c. &c., illustrated in the same beautiful manner as NOTABLE WOMEN, and the same

convenient size, bound in cloth, lettered side and back. Sell 33. 6d.. This book is one of the most capital present books yet published for boys, as it teaches them only that which is good and beautiful in the characters of others, and thus, perhaps, be instrumental in forming their own.

Splendidly embellished by John Gilbert and Kenny Meadows.


THE WONDERFUL ADVENTURES OF . Don Quixote de la Mancha, and his Squire Sancho Panza.

Adapted to youthful capacities by Sir Marvellous Crackjoke. With five fullpage, printed on toned paper, and ten smaller illustrations, printed in the work, by John Gilbert and Kenny Meadows. Size 4to crown, bound in

cloth gilt, gilt edges, side, &c. Sell 3s. 6d. This is one of the handsomest juvenile presents or gift books published this season, the illustrations being indeed worthy of the pencils of these celebrated artists.

· A BEAUTIFUL PRESENT BOOK FOR ALL SEASONS. by Mrs. Upcher Cousens, Authoress of “ Pleasant Sundays," " Sundays

with Mamma,” &c. &c. Spring Buds, Summer Flowers, Autumn Leaves, and

Winter Berries. Beautifully and plentifully illustrated with exquisite illustrations printed in oil.

colours. Square, cloth, gilt edges, sides, &c. 3s. 6d

New Illustrated Poetry Book by Miss E. Grove. . Adventures of a Sunbeam, and other Tales in Verse, by

E. Groye. Illustrated with 48 wood engravings, in the first style of art;
frontispiece by Clayton ; illustrated title-page by Richard Doyle.
Bound in cloth, gilt.

Sell 2s. 6d., or iu o y edges, side, &c. , 3s. 6d. . This is one of the prettiest and cheapest poetry books that has yet been published; it embraces a great portion of Harry's little Book of Poetry, now out of print, and, at the same time, a large amount of original matter. It is very tastefully got up.

Edited by the Rev. Dr. Cụmming, Author of "Voices of the Night," &c. &c. %. Ministering Women; or, the Heroines of Missionary Enterprise.

When pain, when anguish wring the brow,

A ministering angel thou.-Scott. Printed in good clear type, and uniform in size with “NOTABLE WOMEN," “ REMARKABLE Men,” &c., &c. and illustrated with eight full-page engravings by B. Clayton, engraved in the best style. Bound in cloth, lettered. Sell 3s. 6.

. : A new and improved edition of Six Steps to Honor, or Great Truths Illustrated, viz., Obedience,

Truthfulness, Honesty, Kindness, Perseverance, and Piety. In six stories, by the Rey. H. P. Andrews, with seven illustrations, and title-page in gold,

by Richard Doyle, &c. Size 16mo royal, bound in cloth, lettered. Sell 3s, 6d. No youth can peruse the above book without feeling both wiser and better; it can with confidence be recommended.

New work by Miss Anna Maria Sargeant, handsomely bound in cloth. 1 Good and Bad, or Tales for the Evening Twilight. Size 18mo royal,

with 8 full-page designs, 28., or gilt edges, 2s. 6d., uniform with 2 Marion Lee, and other Tales. By Miss Sargeant and Miss J. Strickland. . With 8 full-page illustrations, 2s., or gilt edges, 2s. 68. 3 Florence and Henry, or the Unseen Hand. By a Clergyman of

the Church of England. With 6 full-page illustrations, 28., or gilt edges, 2s.6d.

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