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278; one of its uses to make clear things doubtful, | Writ, of "ne exeat regnum," ii. 484.
ii. 278.

Wits sharpened by mathematics, i. 199.

Witch, power of, afar off, ii. 131.

Witchcraft not punishable by death, ii. 291.

Wives, i. 16; cruel examples of wives of kings,
i. 27.

Womb, living creatures in the, ii. 101; duration of
creatures in the, ii. 102.

Women, government by, ii. 442.
Wonder, effect of, ii. 96.

Wood, Thomas, his declaration, ii. 366.

Wood, shining in the dark, ii. 451; as to its growing
hard, ii. 462.

Woodville, Lord, sails to Brittany, i. 329; slain in
battle, i. 332.

Wool draweth watery vapour, ii. 20.

Woollen bag, liquor loseth its fatness if strained
through, ii. 7.

Writs, of privilege, ii. 484; de rege inconsulto, ii. 514;
what pass under Lord Chancellor's hand, ii. 484;
as to the return day of, ii. 484.
Writing, i. 212; makes an exact man, i. 55.
Wyrthington, Edward, Sir F. Bacon's commendation
of him to be attorney-general for Ireland, ii. 191.
XENOPHON, a great scholar and general, i. 164; an ex-
ample of military greatness and learning, i. 181; his
mode of feeding Persian children, ii. 53.
Ximenes, Cardinal, saying of his, i. 110.

YAWNING, takes off the power of hearing, ii. 44; ex-
periment touching, ii. 90.

Yelverton, Sir Henry, ii. 498; letter to, on a cause of,
tithes, ii. 522; notes of a speech of lord chancellor
in the case of, ii. 525; his cause, sentence in, ii.
526; to Lord Keeper Bacon, ii. 503.

Words, i. 232; when few best remembered, ii. 478; Year-books, suggestion for the reformation of, ii. 232.
vain, i. 169.

Works of God, show his omnipotency, but not his
image, i. 195.

Works, miscellaneous, ii. 445; Bacon's account of his,
ii. 436.

Works of God and man, meditations on, i. 67.
Worship of angels, i. 195.

Worship and belief, unity of, ii. 412.

Wotton, Sir Henry, his saying of critics, i. 111.
Wounds, experiment touching, ii. 106; on the healing
of, ii. 89.

Yolk of eggs, very nourishing, ii. 15.
Young company, old men love, ii. 129.

Youth, the tongue and joints in, pliant and supple, i.
46; beauty makes a dissolute, i. 49; grains of,
ii. 466.

Youth and age, essay on, i. 48; difference of, iii. 511.

ZELIM's reason for shaving his beard, i. 120.
Zeno and Socrates, their controversies, i. 220.
Zouch, Lord, his attainder, ii. 318.
Zutphen, ii. 423.


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