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117 On Witchcraft—Story of Moll White Addison

118 Sir Roger's Reflections on the Widow

—Love Scene

119 Rural Manners—Politeness



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254 Letter from a Coquette to a new mar. 291 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison
ried Lady, and Answer—Case of 292). On the Art of bestowing Favours-
Love Steele Letter from Pliny—Letter from a

255 Uses of Ambition—Fame difficult to be r and proud Jezebel Unknown

obtained. Addison 1293 Connexion betwixt Prudence and good

256 Subject—Disadvantages of Ambition — Fortune—Fable of a Drop in the

257 Ambition hurtful to the hopes of Fu- Ocean Addison

turity – 294 On want of Charity in the Wealthy—
(233).L. on the Theatre—on a musical Charity Schools Steele
Scheme Steele |295 Letter on Pin-Money—Reflections on

259 On outward Civilities—Salutation at that Custom Addison

Churc – 1296 Letters on Greek Mottos—The Use of

260 Letters from an old Bachelor—from the Window—soliciting Advice—

- Lovers - Lampoons—Good Manners—Danc-

261/Love and Marria Addison ing Steele

262—The Spectator's Success—Caution in 297 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

Writing—announces his Criticism on (298 Letter on the general Notion Men have --
Milton - of the Fair Sex Steele | |
263 Letters on the relative Duties of Pa- 299 Letter from Sir John Envil, married to
rents and Children—between a Mo- a Woman of Quality Addison
ther and Son Steele (300 IndelicateConversation—Conversation w
264 On living in aparticular Way—Charac- with the Fair Sex—Inconstancy of w
ter of Irus—Letters from Estcourt— Friendship—Criticism teele
from Sir Roger —|301 Letter to Chloe from her Lover, with

265 Female Head-dress—Will Honey- an Account of his Bulgell

* comb's Notions of it Addison || 302 Character of Emilia Dr. Brome

266/Miseries of Prostitution—Arts of Pro- 303 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

* CureSSes Steele | 304 Letter from a silent Lover—Petition of

267 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison Anthony Titlepage—of Bartholomew

258 Letters on pulling the Nose Heywood Lady-love Steele
On Choice in Marriage—from a 305 Project of the new French Political
heedless Gazer—On Hoods—an Ox- Academy Addison
ford Toast—on patching Steele 306 Letter from a Beauty destroyed by the

269 Visit from Sir Roger—his Opinions on Small Pox Hughes

various Matters Addison Consolation offered Steele

@ Reflections on the Characters in the 307 On the Education of Children Budgell
Scornful Lad 308 On the better regulating of Matches—

271 Letters from Tom Trippit, complaining Tradesman married to a Woman of

of a Greek Quotation—soliciting a Quality—On the Historians, &c. Steele

Peep at Sir Roger from a Showman Addison 309 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

272 Letters from Cleanthes on a mischief. 310 Letters from various Lovers—on Tale-

making old Maid—from E. G. on bearers—Petition from the Readers

Kissing—hoods Steele of the Spectator Steele

273 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison | 311 Letter on Fortune-stealers Hughes

274 On Seducers—Procuresses—Letter Remarks on them—on Widows Addison

from one Steele 312. On Sorrow—Power of bearing Calami-

275 Dissection of a Beau's Head Addison ties—Letter on the Prayers of Cler-

(276 Letters on Delicacy in the Censure of men before Sermon Steele

-> Vices—from an affected Lady—a 313 Comparative Advantages of public and

kept Mistress—a Quaker Steele private Education Budgell

277 Remarks and Letters on French 314 Letters from a Lover, and Answer—

Fashions ell from John Trott on his Courtship—

278 Letters from a Shopkeeperon his Wife's Qualification of a Poet—Encoring in

Greek—Private Marriage—Musical the Theatres—Female Education Steele

an Steele 315 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

279 Criticism on Paradise Lost - 316 Letters on Idleness—From a Lover Unknown

280 On the Desire of pleasing—Character 317 On Waste of Time—Journal of a Citi-

of Polycarpus Steele Zeil , Addison

281 Dissection of a Coquette's Heart Addison | 318 Amours of Escalus, an old Beau Steele

282 False Hopes—decorating Churches 319 Letters from Dorinda, complaining of

with Evergreens s the Spectator's Partiality—From a

283 On the Art of growing rich Budgell Man of Fashion Budgell

284 Affectation of Negligence—of Busi- 320 Court of Inquisition on Maids and Ba-

ness—Letter from the Parish Clerk chelors—Letter from an Idler Steele

on Evergreens Steele |321 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

285 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison (322. Letter from Octavia, complaining of the

286 False Delicacy—Defence of the Spec- |- Ingratitude of her Husband Sterle

tator's Censure of Public Vices— - 323 Clarinda's Journal of a week Addison

Complexions nknown | 324 Account of the Mohock Club—Letters

287 On the Civil Constitution of Great Bri- from a Countryman to his Mistress Steele

tain Addison | 325 On Looking-glasses—Passage from

288 Description of Male Jilts Steele - Milton Budgell
Letter from an Author turned Dealer Motteur 3). on Fortune-hunters—Hints to a
289 Reflections on Bills of Mortality—Sto- * Lover—Causes of longing in Women So

ry of a Dervise Addison | 327 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

290 Tragedy of the Distressed Mother— 328 Letter from a husband likely to be

Letter from Sophia in love with a ruined by his Wife's Accomplish-

short face Steele ments -


No. No.

328* Correspondence of Gabriel Bullock Goose and a Watchman—from a

and Mrs. M. Clark Schoolmistress on Dancing Steele

329 Visit with Sir Roger de Coverley to 377 Bill of Mortality of Lovers Addison

Westminster Abbey Addison |378 The Messiah, a Sacred Eclogue Pope

330 Letters on the Education of Youth Steele , || 379 Duty of Communicating Knowledge—

34 Dissertation on Beards Budgell Objections answered—Rosicrucius's

Account of the Sweaters—Letter from Sepulchre

three thrifty Ladies Steele, w] 380 Letters, requesting Advice in a Case of

333 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison Love—On improper Behaviour at

334 On Dancing Steele Church—Coquetish Milk Maid—Vir-

Letter on the same subject Weaver tue of an Orange Girl—St. Bride's

335 Sir Roger de Coverley at the Theatre Addison Charity School Steele

336 On the unaccommodating Disposition 381 Cheerfulness preferable to Mirth Addison

of old men—Impertinence of Shop- 382 On the Frank Acknowledgment of

ping Steele Faults Steele

337 Letter on Education - Budgell ||383 Sir Roger de Coverley's Visit to Spring

338 Letter complaining of a merry Pro- Gardens Addison

logue to a deep o Steele |384 The Bishop of St. Asaph's Preface to

339 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison his Sermons etwood

340 Character of Prince Eugene Steele 385 Essay on Friendshi Budgell

341 Letter in Defence of Merry Epilogues §l 386 On an obsequious Behaviour—Charac-

342 Story of Hortensius and Sylvana S ter of Acasto—Art of being agreeable

343 Transmigration of Souls—Letter from in Company Steele

-s a Monkey 387 Motives to Cheerfulness Addison

t 34}. Mammon's Letter on eating— 388 Poetical Version of Solomon's Song,

So 'On Women taking Snuff Steele Chapter Second

345 Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison 1389 Account of an Atheistical Book—On

346 On true Liberality Steele Atheists in general udg

347 Of the Mohocks—Manifesto of the Em- 390 On the proper Method of repelling Ca-

peror Budgell lumny Steele

348 Letter on Detraction Steele || 391 Heathen Fables on Prayers—Vanity of

349 Consolation and Intrepidity in Death Addison human Wishes ddison

350 Cruelty of a French Captain—Re- 392 Transformation of Fidelia into a Look- Steele


flections on Courage without Hu-

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397. On Compassion—Ann Boleyn's Letter 4;"


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471 On Religious Hope

472 Proposal that the rich Sick should as-
sist the poor—on the Loss of Sight
473 Letters on Affectation of Ignorance—
from a Poetical Lover—Specimen
of the Familiar
474 Letter complaining of Country Man-
ners and Conversation-Dumb Con-

475 On asking Advice in Affairs of Love Addison

476 On Method in Writing and Conversa-

tion—Characters of Tom Puzzle and

Will Dry

477 Letter on Gardening

478 Proposal for a Repository of Fashions Steele

479 Causes of Unhappiness in the married


480 Letters from a country Gentleman to


From a Lawyer's Clerk
481 Opinions on the Dispute between
Count Rechteren and M. Mesnager Addison
482 Letters from Hen-peckt Husbands—
from a Woman married to a Cot-




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tunes to Judgments -
484 Letter and Reflections on Modesty Steele
485 On the power of insignificant Objects
—Character of a Templar in Love—
Equestrian Lady -

486 Letter on Hen-peckt Keepers . -

487 Essay on Dreams Addison

488 On the Price and Success of the Spec-

tator -

Epigram on the same torte
489 Mī. on the Wonders of the -
Deep, with a Hymn Addison
o On Marriage—excessive Fondness Steele
|- Story of Rhynsault and Sapphira -
492 Advantages of Levity over grave Be-
haviour in young Ladies -

493 On giving false Characters of Servants

—Letter from Horace to Claudius

Nero -

494. On Religious Melancholy Addison

495. On the Number, Dispersion, and Re-

ligion of the Jews -

496 Letters on the conduct of gay and
foppish Fathers—on Swinging Steele
497 On bestowing Favours on the deserving
—Anecdote of a Portuguese Minister
of Pope Leo X. —

498 Letter on young Templars turning


499 Will Honeycomb's Account of the -
- Siege of Hersberg, and his Dream . Addison

500 XDefence and Happiness of a married

Life -

501 Patience, an Allegory -
502 On the Taste of a Roman and English

theatrical Audience Steele
503 Ralph Wonder's Account of the Phan-


462 On pleasant Fellows—Pleasant Cha-

racter of Charles II.

463 Weight of Wisdom and Riches, a
Vision A.
464 Mediocrity of Fortune to be preferred
465 Means of strengthening Faith
466 On the Advantages of Dancing
467 On the Love of Praise–Character of




• li

468 Death and Character of Dick Eastcourt Steele

tom at Church -

504 Substitutes for Conversation—Trick of

Biting -

505 On Conjurers and Revealers of Dreams Addison
506 Reflections on Errors in Marriage—

Characters of Erastus, Letitia, Taw-

dry, and Flavilla Budgell
507 On Party Lies ason
508 Description of a Tavern-tyrant—Com-

plaint against a Coxcomb Steele
509 On abuses at the Royal Exchange—

Maxims of Thrift -

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