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NINETEEN years have now passed away since | also, got up every way in the best style, and sold the issue of the CHRISTIAN WITNESS, and seven much cheaper than they could be if produced in teen since that of the Christian's Penny Magazine, London. This is a most formidable affair to the and the following are some of the facts.

English Magazines.

Brethren! all this supplies matter for rejoicing Numbers issued, about:

but it also furnishes you with temptation to Christian Witness ........................... 4,133,442 neglect a paramount and an imperative dutyChristian's Penny Magazine.............. 9,820,383 the support of your own denominational Magazines.

Novelty has charms for the thoughtless, and even The mental, moral and spiritual results of such

the thinking are not always proof against ita a mass of Scripture truth and useful information

influence. The claims of these Magazines on you cannot be estimated by the human mind. The

are personal, prior, and paramount. They alone capital created also is equally matter for astonish

contribute to the comfort of your Aged Ministers ment and gratitude. The figures up to 1861–

They alone state, expound, enforce, and when those for 1862 are not yet before us-are the

necessary, defend your principles! They alone following :

publish in extenso the Papers of your Union, and Clear Profits on the Magazines and Interest on the Reports of your Societies, and promote their Stock, about £15,674.

interests by unwearied advocacy. These MagaDistributed to Aged Ministers and in aid of

zines are a stupendous power for good; but the Insurance on the lives of Ministers, about

power might be trebled by trebling their circu£7,660.

lation. They teem with matter of the most

valuable character, supplied by the best and At the close of last year an urgent Appeal was ablest men of our own and of other bodies, of this made for general and vigorous co-operation. It and of other countries. was shown that more than half the original I do trust that the present Appeal will meet subscribers are now dead and gone, and that the with the response to which it is entitled, and ranks require to be constantly replenished.

which the interests of the Denomination demand. The Tract Society, also, in this matter presents In thus speaking I take the lower ground, but the an aspect truly remarkable. Their five Magazines lower involves the higher, the cause of the Lord, enjoy the full benefit of its all-embracing organi and the salvation of man! With a very moderate zation wherever the English language is spoken. measure of zeal on your part, we might easily Their popularity is also exceedingly enhanced have an increase next year of 20,000 on the from their wholly undenominational character.

WITNESS, and 60,000 on the Penny Magazine ! • Next comes the Sunday School Union, with its

Let us speak plainly: were our friends to aid us six Magazines, all excellent and highly adapted as heartily as we serve them-yea, or as heartily to their object. These, too, have all the advantage | as we aid our friends-we should be satisfied. If of being entirely undenominational, as well as of "he that has friends must show himself friendly,” an organization comprising 300,000 teachers, and should not he who is friendly be surrounded with 3,000,000 scholars, whose branches run through friends, when he aspires to serve not himself but every county, parish, city, town, village, and them? All the Denominations are making fresh hamlet in the British Isles, sustained by an ardour efforts to diffuse their own Magazines. Will not and energy all but omnipotent!

the Independents, in this as in everything, aspire Last, not least, must be added no fewer than to occupy a foremost place? Brethren, “ Consider seven Scottish Magazines—all started likewise what I say, and the Lord give you understanding!” since our Magazines begun-all undenominational

J. C.

JONES' £4 4s. SILVER LEVER WATCHES are selling at the Manufactory, 338, STRAND, opposite Somerset House. They are very elegant in appearance, and are warranted not to vary more than half a minute per week. They are jewelled in four holes, and have all the modern improvements. ONE SHILLING above the price of the Watch being sent, in Post-office order, payable to JOHN JONES, one will be sent free to any part of the Kingdom. Read JONES' SKETCH of WATCH-WORK,

sent free for a Twopenny Stamp. In competition with other London makers, the Engineers at Wolverton selected this manufacture, and bought £1,000 worth.




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