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J. Richards, Printer, Philadelphia.



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Introduction, page 1-George Churchman's testimony concerning

him, 2-Haddonfield do. 4-Birth and parentage, 5-Placed out

apprentice, 7-Sickness in 1752, 9—His marriage and settlement,

12-Exercises and trials, 13-Removal to Mount Holly, 14-to Had-

donfield, 16-Settlement on his farm at Newton, 17-Labours on the

subject of slavery, and scruples about using West India goods, 18—

Scruples about war and military demands, 20-Considerations on

the use of dyed garments, 22-Obtained a white hat, 24-Scruples

about the use of East India tea, 25—Do. about partaking of animal

food, 28-Reflections on the use of spirituous liquors, 33-His absti-

nence and testimony thereon, 34-Thoughts on the custom of sha-

ving, and conclusion to wear his beard, 36-Trials in consequence,

38-Scruples about purchasing and using foreign goods, on which

duties are paid, 40-Reflections on superfluities, pride, &c. 42-Visit

to the families of Woodbury meeting, 44-Journey to Long Island,

45-to Rhode Island, 47-Travels in New England, 56-Reflections

on the injustice done to the Indians in obtaining lands, 58—Letter

from A. Folsom, 61-Return home, 64-Visit to New York State,

69-Vermont, 73-Indian settlement near St. Lawrence, 78-Mon-

treal, 80-Voyage to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 83—Maine, 89—Visit

to the Shakers, 94-Connecticut, New York, and home, 103-Visit

to families of Newton meeting, 112—Exercises on the use of super-

fluities, silks, &c. 116-Journey to New York state, 117-Yearly

Meeting, 119-Exercises there on divers subjects, 120-Visit to the

Indian settlements, remarks, &c. 125-Return through Muncy,

Bucks county, &c. 133-Exercises, 137-Journey to Carolina, 139-

Remarks on the treatment of slaves, 142-Visit to the legislature of

Carolina, 144-to South Carolina, 153—Georgia, 155-Tennessee, 158

Nicholites, 166, 173—Virginia, 167—Remarks on schools, 178—Op-
pression of the Indians and negroes, 181—Visit to Redstone, &c. 183
-Indian wrongs, 184-Maryland, 187-Pennsylvania, 189-Eas-
tern Shore, 192-Nicholites, 193-Return home, 197-Concern to
cross the sea, 199, 201-Superfluous names, 204-Second visit to
Maryland and Virginia opened, 204-Conversation with a gay per-
son, 207-Return through Lancaster and Chester counties, 209, and
Abington Quarter, 210--Remarks, 211-Return home, death and
burial, 211, 12.



In the year 1804, George Churchman transcribed and abridged the notes, memorandums and diary, kept by Joshua Evans; from which transcript the following account is taken. He called the work, An abstracted Journal of the life, early baptisms and religious exercises of Joshua Evans, late of Gloucester county, West Jersey, dec'd;-together with a brief account of his extensive travels and labours in the service of gospel ministry, through the American continent; or, from Canada and Nova Scotia, southwestward as far as Tennessee and Georgia.

George Churchman, in a brief preface which he wrote, speaks of the satisfaction he had in perusing the original minutes and diary or journal of Joshua Evans; and adds, "On looking over and going thro' his said minutes and diary, and from the personal knowledge and acquaintance I had with him, being nearly his co-equal in age, it did appear from time to time, amongst whatsoever kind of people his lot was cast, whether of high or low degree in the world's account, that he exhibited a commendable and very uncommon degree of mortification, patience and self-denial; which were manifest to all, not only in the remarkable simplicity of his dress and demeanour, but in the sparing and simple diet he partook of to sustain nature."


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