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Guide for Examining New-World Health Series


HE purpose of this leaflet is to serve as a guide in examining the books

by pointing out their prominent and distinguishing features and enabling the examiner to gain, in as short a space of time as possible, a comprehensive view of this series and to make an estimate of it in comparison with other series. 1 PURPOSE. The purpose is to furnish textbooks and a manual for

schools which will align the school work with what is being done outside of the school to inspire, promote, and direct simple study and practice of right and helpful living in order to secure a maximum of efficiency. The keynote is prevention of disease and

preservation of health. 2 PLAN. The detailed notes following show that each book covers a

definite subject thoroughly and completely, thus fixing the teaching of each book and retaining the child's interest, because of the

new subject matter presented in each book. 3 METHOD. The authors, being natural born and successful teachers,

as well as men of scientific attainments, have handled their subject matter with exceptional skill. The teachability of the books is a

noteworthy feature. 4 STYLE. The style is simple, clear, lucid, interesting. Although

the work is strictly scientific, yet it is concrete and the use of

technical terms is reduced to a minimum. 5 ACCURACY. Before publication, manuscripts and proof were sub

mitted to medical men, laboratory experts, and educators in every state in the Union for their correction, suggestion, and approval.

The books present essential facts with scientific accuracy. 6 CORRELATION. There is close correlation with other science work

done in school. Instruction along the lines of civics and citizenship is supplemented by this series. A foundation is laid also for

subsequent work in agriculture, zoology, and botany. 7 ILLUSTRATIONS. The illustrations are numerous, clear, accurate,

and made with the purpose of illustrating the text. They were

made under the personal supervision and direction of the authors. 8 TIMELINESS. These books are timely, because of the demand on

the part of the public for practical and helpful health instruction in the schools, and on the part of the schools for textbooks along

this line which combine economy of cost and of time. 9 MECHANICAL MAKE-UP. These books are printed in a clear, legi

ble type on a good quality of dull paper with hard surface, and are strongly bound in attractive covers.


PRIMER OF HYGIENE A textbook for use in grade 4 or 5. The purpose is to teach the pupil what he himself can do to keep his body in health ; namely, personal hygiene. It emphasizes the facts that modern science has shown to be vital in health preservation. Emphasis is laid on hygiene of the mouth and alimentary canal, the choice of

wholesome food, and exercise. Specific reference is made to these and other features below. 1 The great laws of health-page 7. 2 Selecting and buying foods — page 15. 3 What causes foods to spoil - page 22. 4 The whats and hows of eating-page 32. 5 Unclean and decaying teeth a cause of germ diseases—page 39. 6 Straightening irregular teeth-page 43. 7 Outdoor sleeping-page 50. 8 The harm of dust and how to avoid it-page 53. 9 Adenoids and enlarged tonsils, with good illustrations-page 59. 10 Violent exercise injurious to the heart-page 65. 11 Changing clothing with the changes of the weather-page 78. 12 How to secure a correct carriage of the body-page 83. 13 Exercise and its benefits-page 86; its dangers—page 88. 14 The need for rest and relaxation--page 94. 15 Seven hygienic habits-page 99. 16 What employers and medical men think of alcohol-pages 107, 108. 17 Eye troubles common among school children-pages 116, 118. 18 The danger from running ears—page 123. 19 Accidents—Chapter xxvi. 20 Simple exercises for use in schoolrooms—Chapter xxvii. 21 Disease germs—Chapter xxviii to end. 22 Topics for development by the teacher-pages 3, 8, 13, etc. 23 Questions which cannot be answered in the words of the text.

PRIMER OF SANITATION A textbook for use in grade 5, 6, or 7. The only grammar grade textbook that is given entirely to an elementary and adequate treatment of disease germs and how to avoid them, emphasizing that aspect of hygiene which involves a civic obligation; namely, public hygiene. Chapters iii and iv of the book should be read by all means. Below are special references. 1 What disease germs are-page 6; where they come from page 7:

how they enter the body-page 9. 2 Three great rules of prevention-pages 9, 10, 16. 3 Care of wounds—page 26.

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