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Page A day at Portsmouth

A Jewish school ...
A ship on fire

A summer holiday
A tree bearing witness
Boys and Girls' corner-

Hagar in the wilderness ...

The living fountain
British Hymn-Writers-

Alexander Hume
Bishop Heber
Bishop Ken
Dr. Isaac Watts...
George Herbert ...

19 James Montgomery

115 John Keble

128 Milton ...

31 Philip Doddridge Ralph Erskine

80 The Wesleys ...

103 Buy the truth

Cleopatra's Needle ...
Cyprus .
'Father's comin”

Four new missionaries for Africa
George Stephenson ...
Good-bye, dear old year
Harry's voyage ...
Harvest home in India
'How shall I spend my penny?'
How to be beautiful ...

27 Innocence and guilt ...

114 Johnnie Maurice, or ture heroism My jewels ... :

119 Nebuchadnezzar's dream ... New every morning ... *Pleasures for evermore'

131 Prize Scripture Acrostics and Questions, 11,

35, 47, 59, 71, 83, 95, 107, 119, 131, 139
Prizes for Bible Questions, 1877
Robin, or the little preacher ...
Scripture Albums-1877
Song birds ...
Studies for the young-Daniel ...
The cranes of Ibycus
The Dayspring Bible Class-10, 23, 34, 47,

71, 83, 95, 107, 119, 131, 139


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•The Dayspring' Picture Gallery

The banqueting house ...
The fire and the hammer...
The lamp ...
The mirror
The rain and the dew ...
The seed
The sword

The treasure-chamber
The daisy chain ....
The horse :..

The land of the rising sun'
The messenger bird ...
The mirage ...
The palm tree
The priceless diamond
The prison flower ...
The rudder and the rock
The speaking flower ...
The trial trip ...
The widow's Christmas eve
To the Robin Redbreast
What the birds say ...
Witnessing for Jesus
MUSIC-Be brave, boys!

For those at sea
Have courage to say No
Hope on, hope ever ...
I canna lang be here...
Set thy windows open
Thanksgiving for peace
The nicht langsyne ...
The pretty flowers ...
Thorns and roses
Too busy to freeze

Who's on the Lord's side
POETRY—Anniversary hymn ...

Cherry blossoms ...
Lily of the valley
Make me God's child
Somebody's bairn
The books of the Bible
The child Samuel's ministry...
The consolation of Israel ...
The Good Shepherd
Trusting Jesus ...
Unconscious influence
Withered leaves ...




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