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280. On the Desire of pleasing—Cha-

racter of Polycarpus Steele

281. Dissection of a Coquette's Heart ... Addison

282. False-hopes—decorating Churches

with Evergreens Steele

283. On the Art of growing rich Budgell

284. Affectation of Negligence—of Bu-

siness—Letter from the Parish

Clerk on Evergreens Steele

285. Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

286. False Delicacy—Defence of the

Spectator's Censure of public
Vices—Complexions Unknown

287. On the Civil Constitution of Great

Britain Addison

288. Description of Male Jilts Steele

Letter from an Author turned Dea-
ler Motteux

289. Reflections on Bills of Mortality—

Story of a Dervise Addison

290. Tragedy of the Distressed Mother

—Letter from Sophia in love

with a short Face Steele

291. Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

292- On the Art of bestowing Favours

—Letter of Pliny—Letter from

a poor and proud Jezabel Unknown

293. Connection betwixt Prudence and

good Fortune—Fable of a Drop

in the Ocean Addison

294. On Want of Charity in the Weal-

thy—Charity Schools STEELE

395. Letter on Pin-Money—Reflections

on that Custom Addison

296. Letters on Greek Mottos—the Use
of the Window—soliciting Ad-


vice—Lampoons — Good Man-
ners—Dancing < Steele

297. Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

298. Letter on the general Notion Men

have of the Fair Sex Steele

299. Letter from Sir John Envil, mar-

ried to a Woman of Quality .... Addison

300. Indelicate Conversation—Conversa-

tion with the Fair Sex—Incon-
stancy o.f Friendship — Criti-

301. Letter to Chloe from her Lover,

with an Account of his Dreams ... Uudgell

302. Character of Emilia * Dr. Brome

303. Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

304. Letter from a silent Lover—Petition

of Anthony Titlepage—of Barth.
Lady-love Steele

305. Project of the new French Political

Academy Addison

306. Letter from a Beauty destroyed by

the Small Pox Hughes

Consolation offered Steele

807. On the Education of Children Budgeli,

308. On the better regulating of Matches

—Tradesman married to a Wo-
man of Quality—on the Histo-
rians, &C STEELE

309. Criticism on Paradise Lost Addison

310. Letters from various Lovers—on

Tale-bearers—Petition from the
Readers of the Spectator Steele

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