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is the redeemed spirit. Lile unto the Praise and Thanksgiving, grandeur of the eastern clouds when the

sun is rising, so is the redeemed spirit.

In the school of Christ you have been DEAR Brethren and Sisters, Gospel disciplined'; by the fire in Zion you have Fathers and Mothers, in Love, Greet- been tried, until like the gold of Ophir ing :

you are purified; and now, saith the You whose spirits are replete with that Spirit, " Ye shall walk with me in white, perfect love which casteth out fear.

In for ye are worthy. you is found that charity which never From this high estate, let your

blessfaileth, binding up the broken-hearted, ing descend like the dew of Hermon instrengthening the weak and comforting to the hearts of your faithful children, the afflicted. In you is found that pow. Let your mantles rest upon those who er which healeth the sick of sin, casteth follow in your footsteps, and you shall out the spirits of evil and giveth sight to be more than satisfied when the books those who are blinded to their own best

are opened, and your eyes behold the interests.

record of those whom you have led By giving up all, you have received along in the highway of Holiness. And all. For every sacrifice that you have I will sing,made of selfish pleasures, an hundred “Let my name be recorded

In the book the Angels keep, fold of spiritual blessings has filled your Where each act is rewarded,

And the seed I have sown I shall reap. cup to overflowing, and the pathway in So when the Angel reaper cometh

And the harvest time shall be, which you walk is leading you nearer I shall find in my Father's house

There's a mansion reserved for me." and nearer to the fountain of all good,

West Gloucester, Me. nearer and nearer to God.

A few short years here, in which to teach your disciples and followers to do

BEAUTIFUL. as you have done, to live as you have

BEAUTIFUL hands are those that do lived, and then the real home in the

Work that is earnest, brave and true, Heavens of Glory is opened unto you. Moment by moment the long day through. “They are slipping away,--these sweet, swift years, Beautiful feet are those that go

Like a leal on the current cast:
With never a break in their rapid flow,

On kindliest ministries to and fro,
We watch them as one by one they go

Down lowliest way, if God wills it so. Into the beautiful

Beautiful shoulders are those that bear And one by one you go, beloved, into

Ceaseless burdens of homely care, the beautiful future, into the home of

With patient grace and daily care. the redeemed, a home that you have

Beautiful lives are those that blessmade your own by a travel of soul away,

Silent rivers of ha) piness far away from sordid passions. Re- Whose hidden fountain but few may guess. deemed from all that is not of God.

-Selected. Like the lake in midsummer when the air is still, so is the redeemed spirit. Like unto the tree clothed with the blos- deed, nothing else but a lie reduced to prac

All deception in the course of life is, insoms of Spring, and like unto the tree tice, and falsehood passing from words to laden with the ripe fruits of Autumn, so things.-South.


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I CANNOT see, with my small human sight,
Why God should lead this way or that for me;
I only know He hath said, “Child, follow me.

But I can trust.
I know not why my path should be at times
So straightly hedged, so strangely barre: before ;
I only know God could keep wide the door;

But I can only trust.
I find no answer; often, when beset
With questions fierce and subtle on my way,
And often have but strength to faintly pray;

But I can trust.
I often wonder, as with trembling hand
I cast the seed along the furrowed ground,
If ripened fruit four God will there be found;

But I can trust.
I cannot know why suddenly the storm
Should rage so fiercely round me in its wrath;
But this I know--God watches all my path-

And I can trust.
I may not draw aside the mystic veil
That bides the unknown future from my sight!
Nor know if for me waits the dark or light,

But I can trust.
I have no power to look across the tide,
To see while here the land beyond the river;
But this I know, I shall be God's forever;

So I can trust.
London Evening Magazine.

WASTE not thy life on doubts and fears,

But do the work before you,
As though there were no future years

To cast a shadow o'er you.
The past is gone, and let it go,

Now is the time to labor;
Work hard, and if thou canst, bestow

Help on thy needy neighbor.
O’er ills which may thy path beset,

When thou hast lost thy power,
Thou hast no time to fume and fret

While youth is still thy dower.
The sun will shine and clouds will come,

And nature alter never,
Long as this earth remains thy home,

So do thy best endeavor.
Fear not thy fate-fear not to die-

For how canst thou arrange it?
The end was fashioned from on high,

No power on earth can change it.
Work while 'tis day, cast fear away,

Till comes life's peaceful even;
Let conscience guide thine acts alway,
And leave the rest to Heaven.

- Francis S. Smith.

A CAREFUL study of the history of the Bible, whether in reference to the Old or New Testament, becomes more and more interesting, as new light is obtained to aid us in a better understanding of the work.

One writer says that the books of the New Testament were gathered from more than 500 MSS. more than a dozen ancient versions and from quotations in the writings of more than a hundred Christian fathers.

In the introduction to the revised New Testament by J. H. Hall, L.L.D., we obtain the following information. It is supposed that Matthew wrote his book of the gospel in Hebrew, as did Paul his epistle to the Hebrews. The other books of the New Testament were written in Greek.

These early books were written on papyrus,-ancient paper. It was not very durable and for this reason, the originals of the New Testament books have all perished. The transcripts of the originals have also perished.

In the 4th. century, vellum parchment was made from the skins of animals, which was a more durable material. The most ancient MS. known is from the middle of the 4th, century, and those which are before the 10th. century are exceedingly few.

Some 60,000 copies of the New Testament were in eirculation at the close of the 2nd. century and the 1,600 MSS. of the New Testament or parts of it now in existence are copies of those in use at that time.

One of the forms of writing at that date was in large capital letters, standing distinct from each other. These form the oldest MSS. of the New Testament, and are thought to be the most correct. The MSS. have no punctuation marks and the liability to error is very common. There are a large number of MSS. in this form dating from the 4th. to the 10th. centuries. These are more or less complete. One closes at the ninth chapter of Hebrews; another contains fragments of all the books of the New Testament, except second Thessalonians and second John. Another contains only the gospels and the book of Acts. The most important one contains all the books

of the New Testament and is supposed to consult different commentators on the situahave been written in the 4th. century. tion of the terrestrial Paradise. Some place

Another class of these old books was writo it in the third heaven, others in the fourth, ten more like our ordinary hand writing some within the orbit of the moon, others in These are supposed to have been written the moon itself, some in the middle regions about the 10th century, and some attempt was of the air, or beyond the earth's attraction, made at punctuation. The majority of these some on the earth, others under the earth, books are of but little value,

and others within the earth. Some have fixA great many translations of the Bible ed it at the north pole, others at the south have been made since the days of the apos- pole, etc., etc. tles. The one now in use by the Protestarts Joshua, vi., 4. “Seven trumpets of rams' is called the King James Version. It was or. horns.” The instruments used on this occadered by King James the First of England in sion were evidently of the same kind with 1603 and was published in 1611. It was to those used on the Jubilee and were probably be a version of the Bishop's Bible and as lit- made of horn or silver, and the text should tle altered as the original would permit. be translated; and seven priests shall bear

The Douay 0. T. version was made in 1609 before the ark the seven Jubilee trumpets. and is used by the Roman Catholic Church. 2 Samuel, xxiii., 20. “Two lion-like men

From Clark's Commentary, Vol. I. of Moab.” Some think that two real lions The different nations of the earth which are meant; some that they were two savage have received the old and new Testaments, gigantic men ; others that two fortresses are have not only had them carefully translated meant. into their respective languages, but have also 1 Kings, xii., 2. “I will chastise you with agreed in the propriety of illustrating them scorpions. The scorpion was a military enby comments.

gineer among the Romans for shooting arEx. xii , 19. “Seven days shall there be no rows, which being poisoned, were likened to leaven found in your houses.”

the scorpir n's sting. To meet the letter of this precept in the Job, iv., 10. “ The roaring of the lion, and fullest manner possible, the Jews, on the eve the voice of the fierce lion, and the teeth of of this festival, institute the most rigorous the young lions are broken." By the roarsearch through every part of their houses, ing lion, fierce lion, old lion, stout lion and not only removing all leavened bread, but lion's whelps, tyrannous rulers of all kinds sweeping every part clean, that no crumb of are intended. The design of Eliphaz in usbread shall be left that had any leaven in it. ing these figures is to show that even those So strict were they in the observance of the who are possessed of the greatest authority letter of this law, that if even a mouse was and power, the kings, rulers and princes of seen to run across the Hoor with a crumb of the earth, when they become wicked and opbread in its mouth, they considered the whole pressive to their subjects, are cast down, house as polluted, and began their purifica broken to pieces and destroyed by the Lord. tion afresh. Leaven was an emblem of sin' Canterbury, N. H. because it proceeded from corrup:ion.

Ex. xii., 30. “And there was a great cry in “It was my invariable custom. in my Egypt. ” No people in the universe were youth,” says the celebrated Persian writer, more remarkable for their mournings than to rise from my sleep to watch, pray and the Egyptians especially in matters of relig- read the Koran. One night, as I was thus ion, they whipped, beat, tore themselves, and engaged, my father, a man of practiced virthowled in all the excess of grief. When a

ue, awoke.

• Behold,” said I to him, “thy relative died, the people left the house, ran other children are lost in irreligious slumber, into the streets and howled in the most lam. while I alone am awake to praise God.” entable and frantic manner.

“Son of my soul,” said he, “it is better to Gen. ii., 10. Paradise. It would astonish sleep than to awake to remark the faults of an ordinary reader who would be obliged to thy brethren.”





Let no one feel discouraged,

The way is free for all,
[See Dec. Manifesto, 1883.]

And truth alone must save you,

Obey your gospel call.

Cheer up, ye sorrowing facesWe have met to perform our last duty to

I'm happy and secure, one who has but lately closed her eyes to the

My love to you increases things of time and the trials of this earthly

And will forevermore; sphere. She acted well her part while in the

For Christ thro' Mother blesses body, and was true and faithful unto the end;

The true and honest heart, and we read that such shall be saved.

And such of heaven's glory passed through the trials and sufferings of

Will surely have a part. life, keeping in view the bright side of her

My thanks and love, I give youfaith and conviction, and indeed, it may be

You are most dear to me, said of her, that her long life and character

I claim you all, dear children, is without spot or blemish. She has been a faithful burden-bearer a

My joy with you shall be

To endless ages growing, great portion of her life, having experienced

Increasing evermore, the ups and downs of society life, and through

When you with me shall sing sweet songs all, led her course quietly and in a peaceable

With saints who've gone before. Her kindness was not limited and partial, but extended to all without reserve.

Adieu! adieu, dear kindred,

Take faith and be ye strong; The poor and needy were remembered espe

Faint not, nor be ye wearycially. She proved herself a true disciple of our blessed Parents in Heaven. We have

But help each other on; reason to believe she had overcome the world

For peace and quiet dealing in the same sense that Jesus declared that he

With condescension sweet, had overcome the world. And his promise

Will make your earth-life pleasant, to such was,-“ To him that overcometh will

Your happiness replete.
I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as

Watervliet, N. Y.
I also overcame, and am set down with my
Father in his throne.”

She came among Believers in the morning

No man has any right to manage his affairs of her days, in company with her sisters, four in such a way that his sudden death would in number. They were young and in good

bring burdens and losses on other people. circumstances as to means for worldly enjoy. There may be rare cases where a man really ments, all of which were cheerfully sacrificed

cannot help entanglements, or where, from infor the one great and holy object-the re

experience, or lack of judgment, he has demption of their souls. She was the eldest

brought his affairs into such a state that the inof a family of five sisters, and has putlived terest of others depends upon his life ; but he nearly all of them, being over four score and should make all possible haste to extricate himten years.

self from such a position. Honor and honesty We read, * Blessed are the dead that die demand that he should so conduct his business in the Lord.” And also, “ To him that over that his death should cause no one to be cometh, will I give to eat of the hidden Manna, and will give him a white stone, and in wronged. And as to dying, although all men a

everywhere believe that every other man will the stone a New Name written, which no man

surely die, yet they unite in thinking that they knoweth saving him that receiveth it." themselves are exceptions to this rule; or, at Dear Friends—I have not left you,

least, they act as if they thought so: this is My spirit still is near,

radically wrong. It is every man's duty, in

every transaction in life, to be influenced by To comfort and to bless you,

the fact that at any day or at any hour he All who the truth revere.

may die. -Selected.




land system.

The Pall Mall GAZETTE prints a of vegetarianism, as above suggested, to letter from an unnamed person whom it check population and emigration? Recalls an American Shaker to an English ligious celibacy is Nature's balance vegetarian. The Gazette thinks it may wheel to the population faculty in hube interesting to some readers and amus- manity. Try it. ing to the rest, and for the same double purpose it is reproduced below:

SCIENCE AND SPIRIT. I am deeply interested in the spread of vegetarian ideas in England, believing as I do, that England will never Science scans all that is seen below cease to learn and practice the horrible From fragrant flowers to stars that glow; art of war until she hears the Divine From the sparkling rill on the mountain's side,

To the ocean deep, with its swelling tide. command, “ Thou shalt not kill,” and re

From the ether blue to the sun that shines, ligiously obeys it. Of course, a new

Brave science says that all are mine; land system would logically follow, for I trace the veins of the rolling planet, the war system originated the present and read her age in the solid granite ;

Meat-eaters, sword in I explore the paths to her wondrous depths, hand, took possession of the land by And expose her fossils that for ages slept.

I analyze earth, sea and air, force. Possession is nine points in law,

Anil solve deep mysteries everywhere; and they made the law to secure to them

I unfold creation's wondrous plan, selves title to the remaining tenth part. And read her secret laws to man; I am religiously converted and conscien- I take my stand on the hill of fame, tiously convicted that riotous eating of And fearless sound my wondrous name. food from the butcher is a

direct cause

I, says the Spirit, hail from above,

I bring to mortals light and love; of war, land monopoly, intemperance,

I melt the heart so hard by sin, and their concomitant evils.

I let celestial life come in;
You speak of forming a colony of I reach the conscience, wake the soul,
vegetarians in England. Do it by all I make the wounded spirit whole;
My opinion is that such a col- I lead the soul to the Christ divine,

I make that soul the sun outshine, ony would soon become a Shaker fami

I whisper to the inner man; ly, holding their land in common, labor

I show to him redemption's plan, ing in common, all being teetotalers and I set an Order here below, non-resistants. Also they would refrain And all who will to that may go; from increasing the population until, to Confess their sins and be forgiven, all who do exist, life was a blessing

And find the virgin path to heaven; All truths have a family relation ; they You ne'er can tell the source of life ;

Oh science with all your pride and strife, go together. A Southern planter who You may stand and boast on the hill of fame. owned many slaves, prohibited his But on souls redeemed I will write my name. daughter from introducing the use of South Union, Ky. brown bread into his family, saying, “I have observed that vegetarians all be

“A POUND of care will not pay a pound of come abolitionists, and brown bread is

debt." the first step to vegetarianism.” Why

A BRIGHT spirit veils wrinkles and gives pot found Shaker societies, on the basis the buoyancy of youth.-M. W.


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