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the patriots at Green Lake, in Languira not a patriot to be found on the coast of Brazil. Vale, and the royalists were unable to pur. The patriots are said to have lost in all, sue him. Government has outlawed General 10,000 men. Mina, and put a price upon his bead. It BRITISH AMERICA. has been said that the Spanish Governor had

CANADA. put a commission into the hands of the

It had been reported that there were AmeCaddo Chief, authorising bim to sweep off rican citizens, taken prisoners during the every person that is found between the Rio

last war, still in captivity among the Indians Honda and the Sabine. The Caddo denies

on the borders of Lake Huron. In consethe commission. In that territory, lately quence of this report, application was made unoccupied by a single white man, and re

by the government of the United States garded by Herera and Wilkinson as neutral,

to Governor Sherbrooke of the Canadas, to there are now about 200 families, emigrants make inquiry; be did so, and upon careful from the United States.

search none have been found. EAST FLORIDA.

By an official article in the Quebec Ga. After the departure of M'Gregor from zette, it appears that lumber from the BriAmelia, the chief direction of affairs fell in- tish North American Provinces is put upon to the hands of Colonel Irwin, who, how- the same footing, in respect to duties in ever, was soon succeeded by Ruggles Hub England, as that from foreign countries, bard, sometime sheriff of the city and

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. county of New York. Mr. Hubbard was The President has returned to the seat of elected governor of the two Floridas, Com.

government, from his visit to his estate; modore Aury, Captain General, (this person and the Secretary of Stale, John Q. Adams, came after the departure of M'Gregor with

bas entered upon the duties of his othee. a naval force,) Colonel Irwin, commandant It is understood that a treaty was signed of the land forces ; Henry Yonge, collec- at the foot of the rapids of the Miami of tor, and William Ogleby, marshal. Recent. Lake Erie, on the 29th of Sept. by Governor ly, it is said, that iwo parties have arisen, Cass and General M Arthur, Commissioners one attached to Hubbard, and the otber to

on the part of the United States, and the Aury, and the last accounts state, that Hub- chiefs of the Wiandot. Delaware. Shawanoe, bard bas met his death, as is supposed by Seneca, Ottowa, Chippewa, and Pottowatviolence or poison.

tami tribes of Indians, by wbicb treaty, PORTUGUESE AMERICA. these tribes have ceded to the United States BRAZILS.

all the lands held by them within the limits The patriots are entirely quelled in the of the State of Ohio. The lodians residing Portuguese provinces : at Pernambuco the on the ceded lands, however, are not ex. royalists have celebrated their success with pected to remove from them, but to remain, great pomp and rejoicing; and it is stated subject to the laws of Ohio and the United that in June last, 40,000 soldiers from Rio States. They have reserved to themselves Janeiro fell in with a large body of patriots certain tracts of land which they are to hold near Cape St Augustine, and after a light of free from taxation as long as they occupy two days the royalists obtained a complete them, under a patent from the President of victory. Some of the patriots went over the United States. to the royalists, but were indiscriminately The Court Martial, finally organized for put to death. Some fled to the interior, the trial of Col. Wharton, dismissed the others went toward Pernambuco; but all charges as frivolous, and honourably acquitthat were taken were put to death. There is ted the Colonel.



take place at Charlestown, in that County, The trial of the Dartmouth College ques. on the first Wednesday in October. tion came on at Exeter on the 19th of The famous Malaga Wheat was first September, before the Superior Court. The brought in 1810 to Eseter, N. H. by a man trial occupied several days, and was con. who plucked it in a field in Malaga. He ducted by the respective counsel with great brought only one head, and from various ability. The decision will be pronounced at accidents, only a few quarts were obtained, Grafton in the November Terin.

till 1816, but the present season it is estiThe annual Thanks.iving in New Hamp. mated that there are 100 bushels raised. shire is appointed by Governor Plumer to

This wheat is believed to be superior to take place on the 25th of December, Christ- any in America ; it weighs 67 lbs. to the mas day. This festival is usually kept in bushel, and has not been known to be New-England on the 25th of November. affected by smut. The Agricultural Society of Cheshire

MASSACHUSETTS. County, New-Hampshire, Roswell Hunt, The English and American commissioners, Esq. President, has offered premiums to who are to decide, and the agents of the two the amount of $300. The exhibition is to governments who are to conduct the con


troversy relative to the islands in Passama- son in the garden of Col. Joshua Little, of quoddy bay, under the 4th article of the 'Newbury, which measured thirty-three inchtreaty of Ghent, reassembled in Boston in the es in circumference, and weighed 12 pounds beginning of September. At their last meeting, without the top. in June, the Commissioners, having examined A kind of corn, the seed of which was evidence in the case, beard an argument brought from Canada, has been raised in from the agent of each government, in which Roxbury, this season, at the rate of 82 1-2 were developed the grounds on which each bushels to the acre, and weighing 65 lbs. per nation considered itself entitled to all the bushel. It was planted in the 1st of May, and islands in Passamaquoddy bay, and to the barvested the 15th September. The cob is island of Grand Menan, in the bay of Fundy. small. During the adjournment, replications have On Sunday, Oct. 5th, a shock of an earth. been prepared by the agents, respectively, quake was felt at Salem ; it came from the and heard by the Commissioners, who are north west, and lasted about 10 minutes. The now sitting with closed doors, and the result same was felt at Cambridgeport, and at Woof their deliberations will be made known burn many walls were thrown down. through the Government.

There have recently set forth, in one body, from the District of Maine, for the State of commissioners on the part of Massachusetts,

Messrs. Robbins, Mitchell and Tillinghast Indiana, one hundred and twenty persons, and Messrs. Brown, Burril, and Bridgham, for men, women, and children, accompanied by Rhode Island, appointed to settle the boundthe minister of the town; their object is to purchase and settle a township.

ary of the State, have had a meeting at Provi. The Provident Institution for Savings, in ber, for the purpose of making surveys.

dence and adjourned to the 24th of NovemBoston, continues in successful operation. From the 23d of July to the 15th of October,

CONNECTICUT. were deposited $ 19,709 by one hundred and The legislature of Connecticut commencsixty-two individuals: in the same period ed its sessions, as usual, in October. By the were drawn out $ 1359 44 by 13 persons.

report of the committee on the subject of At the late exhibition of the Massachusetts taxation it appears that the grand list for Agricultural Society, at Brighton, a prize of 1815, was $5,792,911. It is proposed to lay a $ 40 was awarded to Erastus Ware of Salem, tax of ten cents on a dollar, on this list, which for a crop of carrots of an acre, which pro

will amount to $579,891, which is supposed duced 752 bushels ; to Thomas Melville, Esq.

to be required for the annual expenses of the of Boston, $40 for a crop of turnips, raised several towns in the State, according to the on his farm in Pittsfield, being 720 bushels proposed system of taxation. on one acre; to the Hon. James Richardson,

VERMONT. also $ 40 for the greatest crop of potatoes,

Governor Galusha has heen re-elected, in being 402 bushels on one acre; this last acre, Vermont, by a majority of 6,110 votes, and in 1815, was a mere swamp. To Mr. Jacob the democratic ticket for counsellors, has Rice, of Shrewsbury, was awarded a prize of succeeded by a majority of more than 6,000. $ 40 for his crop of spring wheat, being A new religious sect has lately appeared, threshed, and amounting to a little more than migrating from this State to the westward. 36 bushels per acre. At the same fair, Gor. They call themselves the true followers of ham Parsons, Esq. of Brooklyn, received a Christ

. Their pretended prophet came from premium of $75 for the best imported cow; Canada a few months since, and is a man of she was of the Holderness breed, of a fine "austere habits,” and a great fanatic. His form ; the breed is much esteemed,and before followers are not yet numerous, but it is not known in this country. A medal of the thought he will increase them. He rejects sirvalue of thirty dollars was also awarded to names, and abolishes marriage, and allows Capt. Charles Tracy, of the ship Galen, for his followers to cohabit promiscuously. his care in bringing out a cow and a call, be- The men eat their food in an erect posture, longing to Stephen Williams, Esq. of North- and the women when they pray, prostrate borough. Specimens of cotton cloth were themselves on the ground with their faces exbibited from the factory at Waltham, in downward. They frequently do penance for which there are now 60 looms in operation, sins, and seem to make uncleanliness a virtue. moved by water, and in which 151,947 yards They allege that their propbet has not changed of cloth were wove in 20 weeks, from the his clothes for seven years. There was with 14th of April to the 30th August. But the the party, above described, a deluded womost extraordinary exhibition was that of a man, who it is said always sustained a fair pair of women's shoes, wove from the skin character, and who left a husband in afof a goat, which was killed between 12 and Auent circumstances and a family of children 1 o'clock at night, and whose hide was per- to follow this prophet. It is probably the obfectly tanned and made into shors, which ject of the leader of this sect to draw as many were exhibited at half past 2 P. M. of the after him as possible, and to form in some of same day. A pair oxen was exhibited, the western States, a new settlement similar bred in Springfield, that was sold for 1000 to the one made by Jemima Wilkinson, in dollars.

the State of New York. An English tarnip has been raised this sea- A beet was raised the last season in the




garden of Messrs. W. & A. Chapman, in Mid- three distinct growths, or crops of apples ; dlebury, Vt. which weighed, including the the first ripe and fit for use: the second half top, 24 1-2 lbs.; without the top, 16 lbs. 14 groun; the third smaller, and about the size

of nutmegs, the whole interspersed with a va.

riety of blossoms, iu full bloom ; thus indicaGovernor Clinton has issued a proclama. ting the approach of a fourth crop.—The Tree tion, that the 13th of November be kept as a has never been grafted. day of prayer and thanksgiving.

The canal continues to be worked, with A meeting of Merchants bas recently been great success. Contracts have been made for held in Baltimore, for the purpose of taking the construction of the canal as far as Mon- measures for establishing a Company to imtezuma, and at a rate uniformly lower than port goods from all parts of Europe, in order the estimate of the commissioners. The dif- to secure io that city the trade to which its ference in the distance already let out, be- situation is considered us entitling it. Resotween the estimate and the contracts, is about lutions were adopted to carry the project in$500,000.

to effect, and a committee of twenty-five apCessions of land have been very readily pointed to make the arrangements necessary made on almost the whole of the route al. for that purpose. It is suggested that the ready contracted for, and in some instances capital of the company is to be three millions the cessions have been accompanied with the of dollars. offer of donations in money when requisite.

The election in Maryland has given a fedIn very few instances have there yet been eral majority of aboul 10, in the House of claims for damage.

Delegates. The utility of this great work is almost

VIRGINIA. universally allowed, and will receive some A memorial is before the legislature of this illustration from the fact, that between the State, in behalf of a communication, by first day of May, and the first day of August, means of a canal and a short portage, between a single carrying house in Ogdensburgh trans- the navigable waters of James' river, and ported to Montreal, forty thousand barrels of those that flow to the Ohio; and leave is four.

asked to incorporate a company for imJames Dill, Esq. has been appointed clerk proving the navigation of the James' river of the district Court, vice Mr. Finn, deceased. above the limits of the James'river company;

A Fire Engine on a new principle has been for opening and constructing a turnpike road recently invented by two gentlemen in this from the highest point of navigation on the vicinity, and has been inspected with much waters of James' river, to the nearest point approbation by several scientific gentlemen. on the waters of the great Kenawha suscep

- The principal benefit of the improvement tible of navigation; and for improving the consists in the cheapness of the construction, navigation of the latter river and its waters, which is such as to bring it within the means to their confluence with the Ohio. That the of every village in the country, and indeed of commonwealth may liberally vest her funds every wealthy private individual. The fol- in the stock of such company; and that the lowing also are among the advantages of the government of the United States may be innew construction :

vited to patronize tbe work, by becoming 1. They work without friction ; of course stockholders to such amount as will secure a smaller number of men is necessary to confidence and effect to the enterprize. work them.

It is stated that at the institution of Mr. 2. All the essential parts of the Engine Braidwood for the instruction of the deaf and can be made by common mechanics ; con- dumb, at Manchester, Virginia, a young mas, sequently, they can easily be repaired in the who had been for several years a burden to country.

his parents and a disregarded member of so3. They will throw water as high, and in ciety, has been enabled to read, to write, and every respect as well, as on the common

to speak intelligibly. construction.

The Theatre is rebuilding at Richmond, 4. They can be taken to pieces; every and will be opened, it is expected, by next part examined; and put together again in a July or August. Mr. Gilfert, son-in-law of few minutes.

the late Mr. Holman, and a celebrated maThe above invention has been patented. sician, both composer and performer, has ta

ken it on a lease for seven years. The election for Governor, which in this It is said that Mr. Everard Hall, formerly State, is held once in three years, is just over: of North-Carolina, but now residing on LittleMr. Findlay is elected.

Island, in Princess-Ann county, has discoverThe celebrated picture of “Christ healing ed a process by which salt of a superior the sick in the Temple," painted by West, and quality can be made from ordinary sea wapresented by him to the Pennsylvania Hos- ter, and afforded cheaper than it can be im. pital, has arrived in Philadelphia. It came in ported. Five hundred bushels can be made the ship Electra, and was insured at 3,000 in one day at a trifling expense, and sold at guineas.

the factory on the sea shore for 25 cents a There is now upon the land of Judge Rush, bushel, which upon the smallest calculation near Bustleton, an Apple Tree, that bas on it (according to the inveotor) will yield one





hundred and fifty per cent. per ann. upon the presentatives a resolution to inquire into the capital employed.

expediency of repealing an act of the legisSOUTH CAROLINA.

lature of the territory of New Orleans, grantThe city of Charleston has soffered severe. ing to Robert R. Livingston and Robert Ful. ly from the yeliow fever this season. The ton the privilege of using Steam-Boats for a Board of Health has published a list of the limited time. The committee, appointed to deaths in that city from the 1st of October, report on this subject, strongly advocated 1816, to October 1st, 1817, by which it ap- the continuance of the law, and the grant to pears that the whole number amounted to Livingston and Fulton was preserved. 1249. Of this number 232 died of the yel

The Board of Health, at New Orleans, low fever ; 85 of small-pox, and 157 con- report 80 deaths in that city and suburbs, for sumption. The number of whites 607- one week, viz: from the 18th to the 25th of blacks 640.

September, inclusive. Of these, 48 were The rice crops are said to be very abun- men, 8 women, 4, children, and 17 colourdant, especially in the vicinity of George

ed people. town, this season.

The deaths at New Orleans, from the 25th A considerable portion of tide-land was

of August to the 3d of September inclusive, this year plaated with cotton, which has pro- were, on an average, 10 a day. duced well.

From the commencement of the year 1817

until the first of October, were interred in General Gaines has required of the go tholics and 248 protestants.

the burying ground of New Orleans, 679 cavernor of Georgia, a detachment of the militia of that state, to consist of one battalion of riflemen, and one battalion of light or

The first election took place, in this new mounted infantry, to aid the troops under his state, in the first week of September. David command in an expected contest with the Holmes is elected governor, and George Seminole Indians.

Poindexter, representative to congress. James M. Wayne, Esq. the new mayor of Savannah, has issued a proclamation dated A museum of Natural and Antiquarian the 11tb of September, requiring all vessels History, is opened in the town of Lexington coming from Charleston, (s. C.) and from in Kentucky. It is designed by the propriany port or place in the West-Indies, (Ber. etor to display the natural history of Western muda and New-Providence excepted,) to America-to illuminate the dark origin of come to in Cockspur Roads, in Savannah ri- the arts, manners, and customs of the Abover, for examination by the health officer of rigines. The name of the proprietor is John the port. And all persons coming from D. Clifford. eitber of the above named places are for- The directors of the Bank of the U. Stales bidden to enter the city of Savannah, until bave determined to establish a Branch Bank after 15 days from the time of their leaving at Louisville, in the state of Kentucky. Charleston or any port in the West-Indies. A Louisville paper states that there are Thus the new mayor thinks the yellow fever pine Steam Boats building on the waters of is a contagious disease, though the health the Ohio and the Mississippi, which will officer does not.

complete the number of twenty on those ALABAMA TERRITORY. This fertile territory is settling very rapidly. Mobile is its principal sea-port, and It was said, September 16th that one half Blakely is its capital, standing at the head of the crop of wine then growing on the ship navigation. A large colony of French farm of David Golay, was sold at public emigrants have located themselves on the auction for the benefit of his heirs, at 73 Tombigbee.

cents per gallon, to be delivered as coming It is stated that corn, planted, in the vicio- from the press, the purchasers to furnish the ity of Fort Claiborne, in February was ripe casks. The whole of the crop, the product by the 16th of July, and that a second crop of about three acres and a balf, is estimated was planted. Peach-trees were in blossom at 11 or 12 hundred gallons. Two men and on the 4th of March.

a few children, besides attending that vine

yard, raised a considerable quantity of cora Mr. Jones introduced in the House of Re. and other articles.






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LEGANT EXTRACTS. A Co- We have compared this edition of the ral, and Entertaining Passages from the tion, from which it was copied, and consider most eminent Poets. Vol. ). Book 1. 2.

the execution of it in every respect equal to Devotional and Moral. New-York, Kirk the exemplar ; --it is with satisfaction we can & Mercein, 18mo. pp. 284.

add that it is charged at a much lower price, VOL. 11. NO. I.


Opinion of John Woodward, Esquire, Auxiliary Bible Society of the County of the City of New York, in the case of of Columbia. By Thomas Waruer, A. the St. Michaels and cargo, of Baltimore, M. New-York, Printed by J. Seymour. vs. the King of Hollind, (now styled the

Modern Book-keeping by Double EnKing of the Netherla ds,)-involving a

try, adapted to Commission Business, as view of the legal effect of recent events

it is conducted in the United States of upon the continent of Europe, especially America, designed for mercantile young as they relate to the rights and losses of neutral merchants, as connected with the E. Conrad, 8vo.

men. By Charles Gerisher. New-York, change of Dynasties on that continent.

The Blind Farmer and his Children. This is an ingenious and learned argument By Mrs. Hofland, Author of The Son of on a point of great interest to the mercan. tile portion of this community, and does

a Genius, &c. New-York, W. B. Gilley, great credit to Mr. Woodward's talents and 18mo. pp. 144. research We are sorry that the perform- This is an agreeable and affecting little ance, which is generally written in a fair story. It is the last of several written by style, should be marred by several verbal in. Mrs Hotland, with a very obvious and excel. accuracies.

lent design,--to inculcate moral truth and in. The Law of Baron and Femme; of duce good actions, by virtuous examples and Parent and Child; of Guardian and elevated motives. The anthor declares her.

sell to have been induced to the invention Ward ; of Maiter and Sirvant; and of the Powers of Courts of Chancery. With and Miss Edge worth, and many other en.

of this tale. hy the approbation which Mr. an Essay on the terms, H«ir, Heirs, and lightened persons have bestowed on her Heirs of the Body. By Tapping Reeve. former works Inspired by such praise, it is New-Haven, Oliver Steele, 8vo. pp. 500. to be wished that she had more perfectly The Reputation of Judge Reeve as a Lec.

imitated the pure style and well defined turer on the Common Law, is so widely thoughts of one who is a model in this kind spread and so justly appreciated, that we

of writing; 10 be the subject, however, of need say nothing more of the above trea. this praise, and to deserve it, is sufficient to tises. than that they compose the substance prepossess the reader in favour of Mrs Hofof his didactic course, on the domestic rela.

and, and of a book wbich professes to imtions. We had the satisfaction, some years

prove the hearts and refine the taste of the since, to hear these lectures delivered, and young. The bistory of the Blind Farmer's though our judgment may, perhaps. be in. family resembles in its spirit the sweetness fiuenced by grateful recollections, and though and tenderness of Simple' Susan. It exhibits this volume cannot carry with it the charm the same virtues, industry, patience, and be. with which Judge Reeve's amiable manners

nevolence, it commends the interest of the and venerable appearance could invest every poor, to the protection of the rich and pow. sibject of which he treated, we may seil erful, and instructs that dependent class, that venture to recommend it to the gentlemen of they may hope for the aid of the affluent, if the profession as a highly valuable compend, they practise ibe virtues which are equally containing copions references to adjudged the duty of all.—and shows that the desire cases, with nice distinctions of the principles of mental improvement. the enlargement of decided in each.

knowledge and the habit of self-cultivation, The Bridal of Vaumond ; a Metrical rich can feel, shed comfort on the lowest

wbich give the highest pleasures that the Romance. New-York, James Eastburn

state the poor can suffer. & Co. 18mo. pp. 186.

E. R This is an original poem from the pen of a young gentleman of New York. and on that New-York. Comprising a Description

Blunt's Stranger's Guide to the City of ground has a claim to our attention. Our limits do not, however, allow us at this time, of Public Buildings, Dwelling-Houses, into enter upon a criticism of the performance, cluding Population, Streets, Markets, either in regard to its object or execution Public Amusements, the Bay, Harbour, We shall refrain therefore from the expres. Docks, Ships, Forts and Fortifications :sion of the opinion we have formed of the With an Account of the Literary, Philowork. till we have an opportunity to discuss sophical, Medical, Law, Religious, and its merits.

Benevolent Institutions, Commercial Ese A Brief Outline of the History of the tablishments, Manufactures, &c. To Bible, and of the signal providence of which is prefixed, an Historical Sketch, God, in all ages, for preserving and diffi.. General Description, Plan and Extint of sing the knowledge and blessings of its the City. With an Appendix, containing truth and salvation in the world : toge. the Time of Sailing, and Departure of ther with some remarks on Bible Socie- Steam-Boats, Stages, &c. with the Fares: ties; in a Sermon, preached in the city Rates and Regulations of Hackneyof Iludson, Sept. 10, 1817, before the Coaches, Carters, Porters, Chimnes

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