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O thou Father of mercies, cause thy trumpet to be sounded louder and louder, if consistent with thy will; that the inhabitants of our favoured land may be alarmed and aroused, and in the day of thy mercy, seek repentance and turn unto thee, that so their souls may be saved. Amen.

28th. On reading an ancient law of New Jersey, which was made to prevent impositions on the poor native Indians, by giving and selling rum to them, and thereby to take advantage in obtaining their property without real value, -I thought it was to the credit of the rulers at that time, and worthy of the remembrance of succeeding generations, as long as white people and Indians continue in the land. So that a laudable practice may be continued, of wisely considering what real justice and righteousness do require, in suitable kindnesses to the descendants of the original owners of American lands.

After this I passed through great trials, when the waves seemed as if they would go over my head. Oh! the bitterness of the cups permitted me to drink of; but if it is to bring me acquainted with the sufferings of others, let me not murmur, but patiently wait the Lord's time. His name is precious to me, even when the clouds seem to thicken, and trials to arise from quarters I did not expect. May I be favoured to retreat to that hiding place where there is holy quietude.

2nd month 9th. At our monthly meeting of Haddonfield, I laid before Friends my prospect of a further visit to the eastward, as far as Nova Scotia, if way should be opened for it.

for it. Under an humbling sense of Divine goodness being near, I have seen

the advantage of patient suffering under trials; having passed through a large share of latter time.

13th. I felt a sweet calm at the opening of this day; had afterwards a close conversation with some, on the use of Indian tea, and other foreign articles, with their expensive equipage; which, in some instances, I thought little short of idolatry. Yet from example and custom, these things are so spread, as to be found even in the cottages of the lower ranks, almost throughout our country. If I endeavour to bear my testimony in brotherly love and honesty, I must leave the event.

21st. Visited a sick man who had a wise not kind. ly affectionate. Though her husband was confined to his bed, she told me she had not been in his room for more than a week. I reproved her for such unkindness;—and wish husbands and wives may be warned not to lose their affection for each other, and to guard against provoking language.

3rd month 3rd. What great need there is for those who marry, to seek the Lord's counsel, especially in second marriages! A painful instance now exists, where husband and wife seem to have lost affection for each other. Both have children by former marriages, and are at variance about worldly interest. Oh! this love of money! Help is wanted to compose matters here; but how can help be given, where such rents and divisions are manifested! I have had a feeling sense of the unsettled state of this world, and of many occurrences which embitter the life of man, while in a situation estranged from his Maker. And ah! how do the people seem to increase in wickedness, and in hardness of heart, one towards another! Do not extortion and a worldly spirit run down like

a mighty stream? Do not the proud seem to be honoured? and are not the ungodly put into power?

9th. At our monthly meeting, a certificate of the approbation of my friends was granted, and signed pretty generally, allowing me liberty to proceed on the visit eastward. It was also approved and endorsed by our Quarterly meeting, on the 19th. In the select meeting, I had to mention some close things concerning the use of riches, and the iniquity of setting our hearts too much on lower enjoyments. I also attended our general Spring meeting in Philadelphia. It was affecting to me to observe the noise, the clamour and other unpleasant scenes that abound in that large city; and I thought there was too little appearance of the prevalence of righteousness in a place so lately visited with a sore, pestilential fever. I believe many are the trials of the poor, and I had a tender feeling for the afflicted, the widows and the fatherless.

In the latter end of the 3d, and beginning of the 4th month, I was at Salem, and also paid divers visits to my neighbours, particularly infirm, and weakly people; also some of the negligent respecting public worship, and some who inclined to undue liberties. After this, at our monthly meeting I took leave of my dear friends, and on the 15th of 4th month, parting with my near connexions in tender affection, I went on to Rahway. Thence rode about forty-five miles to Tappan, near the North river, where I had a public meeting on first-day. Only one family of Friends live there. Next day had a meeting at Hooke, and another in the evening at the house of James Cromwell; where I was humbled under a sense of the Lord's goodness.

21st. I rode about thirty miles, up the west side of the North river, through a rough, mountainous country, to a place called Smith's Clove; where I had a meeting next day. It was trying to my weak body to travel such rough roads, but I was enabled calmly to submit to the present dispensation, and put my trust in the Lord. 23d. Had a meeting at New Cornwall in the morning, and another in the evening at Newburg, a town on the North river. The latter was much crowded, but I thought the power of Truth came into dominion. I then had meetings at Newburg Valley, Mulberry and Little Esopus; also visited some families.

29th. Having had eleven meetings on the west side of the river, I crossed it and had a meeting at Crum-Elbow. I had close labour, but it was a solid

Blessed be the Lord, whose power is over all, and who opens a way for his humbled children. Although I do not perceive so lively a sense of the operation of Truth among Friends in these parts, as in some places; yet there is a tender-hearted remnant, some of whom are among the young people. May the Lord enable them and me to be faithful to the discoveries of his pure light. I feel myself given up to his service, come life or death.

5th month 2d. Had a large meeting at Tiddeman Hull's, and one next day at the Creek meeting house. Had also an opportunity with the select members, which was a season of favour. My concern was that those in the foremost ranks might keep their garments unspotted from the world, that so those who look to us for example, may not be stumbled: also that true moderation may be observed, avoiding rich and costly furniture, &c. and to encourage Friends in


their families to be content with what is or may be gotten here in our plentiful country, without wanting articles of superfluity, which are brought from foreign parts at great expense.

These remarks appeared to be united with, and the meeting ended comfortably.

I then attended Nine Partners Quarterly meeting, where I had close labour in the love of Truth. I had tenderly to advise women Friends to guard against over-much niceness and delicacy about their clothing, and having needless cuffs, capes, collars, &c. to coats, cloaks, and other garments. The conclud. ing meeting for worship was a very large gathering, more than their spacious house could contain. Truth was in dominion,—the lofty were abased, and the little ones, comforted. Thence I went about forty miles to a new city near the North river, called Hudson, and was at their first-day meeting; in which ability was afforded to labour for the cause of Truth and righteousness, in a very close manner.

11th. Passing through Albany, I travelled about forty miles to Saratoga, where I attended their Quarterly meeting, in which I had close labour. There appeared to be some hopeful young people; but to my grief, the spirit of the world seemed too prevalent among some of the elder rank. A committee was named to confer with me concerning my journey, and a Friend kindly offered to bear me company, which was concurred with. I had sufficient to bear my own expenses; yet their care and kindness towards me was cause of thankfulness. The Quarterly meeting concluded with a large public meeting, wherein the witness for Truth was reached in many minds. At the close, the select members met again

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