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and, Lord abide with us, for it is to. could be put into the hands of many wards evening. Dr. Sailer, (who by pious Christians at a low price his truly evangelical instructions and Thereby they would be comforted in writings has proved a great blessing their afflictions, strengthened in their

to the Roman Catholics in Germany) trials, and more preserved from the • thus expresses himself in his last temptations of the world. Many exbook :

Christianity is so firmly cellent souls do not find in the public founded on its owir lasis, that after it religious instruction that for which bas outlived the times of persecution, they hunger; are also often in the after it has remained unstaken in the confessional only judged for their outage of superstition, it will also outlive ward deeds, without being led to an this age of infidelity and contempo' acknowledgment of their inward corTherefore we cannot sufficiently re- ruption, and to faith in the blood of joice, that we are privilege:1 to serve Jesus their Redeemer : if these could such a Master, who is infinitely su- read the Holy Scriptures of the New perior to all his erremies, who has the Testament in the quiet time of holivictory in his hands, ever since the days, their faith in the simple docworld has stood, who finally shall put trines from the mouth of Jesus Christ all enemies under his feet, at whose would, by the mercy of their Saviour, name every knce shall bow and every be thereby enlivened ; and the Lord's tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is gifts in the Holy Spirit he quickened Lord. Nor shall we be able suffi- in them. They would hear the voice ciently to know and to appreciate all of the Father in their inward part, the excellencies of the kingdom which leads them to their Saviour, of of Christ, and the exalted dig- which Christ saith: “They shall be nity of his person : never shall we all taught of God; and whosoever be able fully to comprehend the hath learned of the Father, and re. favour and happiness vouchsafed to ceiveth it, cometh unto me.' them who shall be partakers of the “ From these considerations las kingdom of God through faith in arisen, in the minds of some clergyClirist. Would not even our blessed men, a wish to set on foot a cheap Lord and Saviour himself rejoice to German edition of the New Testa. see the fraternal union which sub- ment, for the use of many pious Chrissists between us, the interest which tians, the Repository thereof to be at we mlitually take in each other, and Ratisbon, in the Ecclesiastical Semthe sincerity of our wish to see all our inary, as a central place in Germany. brethren become partakers of the " I hereby give this intelligence to same blessings ? Yes, Lord ! let thy some known confessors of Christ, with kingdom come, and be extended fur. a request that they will consider the ther and further, May our blessed matter before the Lord, recommend Lord and Saviour daily more become it to him in prayer ; and if he is that which he is made of God unto pleascd to afford them any opportunius, Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanc- ty to contribute in any way toward it, tification, and Redemption; yea may that they will not neglect it. Chrishe become our all in all, and we fruits tian poverty and love have accomfil branches in him the living vine. plished greater things in the world Maylight and life and love be multithan the power and riches of the plied in us, and may the peace of God, world could do. which passeth all understanding, keep O Lord! Redeemer of our souls ! our hearts and minds in the love of Shepherd of the small despised fock! God and his dear Son Jesus Christ.” do with this work as may please thee.

Thy kingdom proceeds an incessant Extract from an Adtertisement of the pace in a still small way, and those

Roman Catholic Bible Society at Rat- who oppose it can do nothing against isbon, to the Christians of that Per- it, but become thy footstool, and consuasion throughout Germany.

tribute to the rest of thy feet in the ** To those who value the Doctrine of peace of thy people. If it please thee, Fesus.

let thy holy history, the history of thy “Dear Brethren

and Sisters in Christ! childhood, of thy ministry, of thy snf“ It is desirable, that the Holy fering, and of the victory of the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament. Spirit in the apostles and firstlings of

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the Christian Church, come into the them with a pecuniary aid, in order hands of thy little ones for their com. that the whole Bible, or at least a fort and confirmation.”

part of it, may be gratuitously or

cheaply distributed to the many indiExtract of a Letter from a respectable gent persons who are at present des.

Lutheran Minister in Esthonia. titute of this treasure. “ As you made some inquiries re

« In the neai while I shall endeav. specting the state of the Bible in the our to form a Bible Society in our Russian Empire, permit me now to

parts; and should it plea the return you the following answer :

British and Foreigs Bible Society to

lend us their generous aid in procurAmong the poorer classes of our. countrymen the Holy Scriptures are

ing a fund for such an institution, I

hare not a moment's doubt, that maso scarce, that perhaps out of 100 families hardly five will be found in ny gentlemen in our parts would possession of a Bible or New Testa- thereby be excited to take an active mcat.

part in such a benevolent design." “ The scarcer Bibles are, the more

Ch. 06. diligently they are read by the peo. ple when they can obtain them. Extract of a Letter from 7. Marsh. “ Throughout the whole province


man to the Rev. Dr. Greent, Philadel. of Esthonia there a great want of

phia, dated Serampore, November Bibles, chiefly among the Swedish 4th, 1806. and Esthonian peasants.

REVEREND AND DEAR SIR, “There is in general neither a You will be pleased to hear that public nor private institution for the the Lord has not forsaken us; but still express purpose of relieving this continues to own our humble and weak want by a gratuitous or cheap distri. efforts to promote his cause in this bution of Bibles, except a few small land. Within about twenty months legacies, which have been left to some past we have baptized nearly fifty of churches for supplying the schools those who fiice bowed down to dumb with Bibles.

idols, the greater part of whom, by “Many, who are destitute of the their walk and conversation, afford us Bible, express a great desire after a degree of pleasure peculiar, perthis treasure, which desire is increas. haps, to persons in our circumstances. ed, when they find it in the possession We have, also, the happiness of of others.

seeing not a few of them our helpers “I have not a moment's doubt, in the work of the Lord. Had you that here a Society of respectable been present this evening you would Clergymen and other pious Chris. have felt pleasure of no common kind, tians might be formed for the express while joining with us in giving the purpose of spreading the Bible more parting benediction to six native bretha generally:

ren, going out to carry the news of life “ I feel the less hesitation in saying to their perishing fellow countrythat such a Society might be estab. Lished, because ainong thc 50 or 60 It will be acceptable to the friends clergymen in this country, as also of God and man, with you, to hear among the private gentlemen in Lap- that their generous exertions to for. podia, several are known to me as ward the translations of the Sacred men who feel the most lively interest Scriptures into the Indian languages, in enlightening the mind, and mel. are not in vain. The Lord is greatly iorating the state and condition of enlarging us in this work, and that in their fellow-creatures, by faith in such a manner as leaves no doubt Christ.

whether it be his hand or not. The “ Permit me now, reverend and New Testament, in five languages, is dcar Sir, to accompany this informa. now in the press ; the Bengalee, the tion with a humble petition to the Hindoosthanee, the Mahratta, the British and Foreign Bible Society Orissa, and the Sangskrit languages ; kindly to remember the 50 country and translations in five others are go. parishes in Esthonia, which contain ing forward successfully. Among at least 15,000 families, and to assist these the goodness of God respecting


the Chinese, demands particular ac.oracles' being one day, not only whol, knowledgments (when we consider the ly translated into that extraordinary number of souls interested) in giving language, but of this translation being us so able and judicious a translator so fully revised, and compared with in the person of Mr. Lossar, and in other writings, in the language, aş enabling some of the younger branch shall remove every doubt of its tidelity es of the family to make so rapid a and accuracy. With the most cor. progress in the Chinese language and dial regards to our honoured Christian characters, as well as in the originals brethren with you, I remain, reverend of the Scriptures, that the most pleas, and dear Sir, very sincerely yours. ing prospect is afforded of the sacred

As. Mag

List of. Dew Publications. The Fifth Volume of the Life of tion. 8vo. pp. 394. Philadelphia, George Washington, commander in

Matthew Carey. chief of the American forces during Vol. III. Part II. of The New Cyclo. the war which established the inde- pedia, or Dictionary of Arts and Scienpendence of his country, and first ces. By Abraham Rees, D.D.F.R.S. president of the United States. By editor of the last edition of Mr. ChamJohn Marshall. 8vo. with maps, &c. bers' Dictionary, with the assistance Philadelphia, Wayne.

of eminent professional gentlemen. The peaceful Reflections and glori. First American edition, revised, corous Prospects of the departing Saint. rected, enlarged, and adapted to this A discourse delivered in the meeting country, by several literary and scien, house of the First Baptist Church in tific characters. 4to. Price $3,50 Boston, March 10th 1807, at the in- for the half volume. After the public terment of the Rev. Samuel Stillman, cation of the 5th volume the price will D.D. late pastor of said Church. By be 65. Philadelphia, S. F. Bradford. Thomas Baldwin, D. D. pastor of the Lemuel Blake, No. 1, Cornhill, agent Second Baptist Church in Boston: in Boston. pp. 31. Boston, Manning & Loring. Vol. II. of The Works of the Right

A Lettter on the subject of Episco. Honourable Edmund Burke. Boston, pacy, from Samuel Osgood, Esq. to a J. West, and Oliver Cromwell Green. young gentleman of New York. 31

leaf. Carlisle, printer. 8vo. cents. New York, Collins & Perkins, Memoirs of the Life of Marmontel,

Anaccount of the Life and Writings written by himself. 2 vols. 12mo. 82 of James Beattie, LL.D. late Profes. bound. New-York, Brisban & Bran. sor of Moral Philosophy and Logick nan. February, 1807. in the Marischal College and Universi. An Abridgement of the History of ty of Aberdeen, including many of his New-England, for the use of young original letters. By Sir William

persons. Now introduced into the Forbes, of Pitsligo, Bart. one of the principal schools in this town. By executors of Dr. Beattie. 8vo. pp. Hannah Adams. Second edition. Bos. 559. $2,50 in boards. New York, ton. Etheridge & Bliss. 12mo. Pp. Brisban & Brannan. March, 1807. 188.

Vol. I. of Lectures on the Elements The Wanderer of Switzerland, and of Chemistry, delivered in the Uni- other poems, by James Montgomery. versity of Edinburgh ; by the late 1 vol. 18mo. pp. 177. 75 cents, extra Joseph Black, M. D. Professor of boards. Boston: Greenough, Steb. Chemistry in that University, physi- bins, & Hunt, and James F. Fletch. cian to his Majesty for Scotland, Member of the Royal Society of A Poem on the restoration of learning Edinburgh, of the Royal Academy in the East; which obtained Mr. of Sciences at Paris, and the Imper- Buchanan's prize. By Charles Grant, ial Academy of Sciences at St. Peters- Esq. M. A fellow of Magdalen col. burgh. Published from his manu- lege. 8vo. Salem. Cushing & Appleton. scripts by John Robinson, LL. D. The Village Sermons, by George Professor of Natural Philosophy in Burder, in three volumes, containing the university of Edinburgh. First 65 sermons. Price 82,25. Boston. American, from the last London edi. E. Lincoln,


Letters to a young Lady, in which Thomas Dobson, of Philadelphia, the duties and character of women are proposes to publish an elegant edition considered, chiefly with a reference to of the New Testament, with those prevailing opinions. By Mrs. West, very full marginal references, known author of Letters to a Young Man. by the name of Canne's Notes. To 1 vol. 8vo. $2,50 bound. Albany, be printed on a superfine royal paper, Parker & Bliss.

with an elegant new type ; and will The Miseries of Human Life; or, be comprised in one large quarto vol. the Groans of Samuel Sensitive and of about 700 pages; price to subscri. Timothy Testy, with a few supple. bers 85. If this undertaking meet with mentary sighs from Mrs. Testy. In suitable encouragement, proposals will twelve dialogues. First American, be issued for printing the Old Testa. from the 3d London edition. 12mo, ment in the same manner. pp. 220. Boston, Greenough, Steb. William Andrews of this town, bins & Hunt, & Belcher & Armstrong. Proposes to publish, by subscription,

Essays in a Series of Letters to a the works of William Paley, D. D. Friend, on the following subjects : arch-deacon of Carlisle ; with a Por. 1. On a man's writing memoirs of trait of the author. Containing 1. The himself. 2. On decision of charac, Principles of Moral and Political ter. 3. On the application of the ep. Philosophy. II. a view of the eviden. ithet romantic. 4. On some of the ces of Christianity. III. Natural The. causes, by which evangelical religion ology, or the Evidences of the exis. has been rendered less acceptable to tence and attributes of the Deity, col. persons of cultivated taste. By john lected from the appearances of na. Foster. Two vols. in one. 12mo. ture. IV. A Charge delivered to the Hartford, Lincoln and Gleason. clergy of the Diocese of Carlisle. V.

The Columbian Orator, containing A Sermon preached before the Unia variety of original and selected Pie. versity of Cambridge. VI. A Sermon ces; together with Rules, calculated preached at the Assizes at Durham,

improve youth and others in the VII. Three Sermons on various occa. ornamental and useful art of elo. sions. VIII. Reasons for Content, quence. By Caleb Bingham, A.M. ment. IX. Young Christian instructed. author of the American Preceptor, X. Horæ Paulinæ; or the truth of Young Lady's Accidence, &c. 7th the Scripture History of St. Paul edition. 12mo. Boston, Manning & evinced by a comparison of the Epis. Loring, for the Author Feb. 1807. tles, which bear his name, with the


The Wonders of Creation, natural Acts of the Apostles, and with one and artificial, containing an account another. XI. The Clergyman's Com. of the most remarkable mountains, ri- panion.--This work will be printed in vers, lakcs, caves, cataracts, minera! 4 octavo volumes, of 500 pages each, springs, Indian mounds, and antiqui. on a supertine wove paper, and new ties in the world. In 2 vols, 12mo. Bos. type. The price to subscribers will ton, John M. Dunham.

be 82 per vol. in boards; $2,25 bound. Robert Frazier's Journal from St. J. M. Dunham, of Boston, propos. Louis in Louisiana, to the Pacific es to publish Sermons by Hugh Blair, Ocean, in one vol. 8vo.

D.D F.R.S. late professor of rhetorAn Introductory Address : a scr. ick and belles lettres in the universi. mon; a charge and right hand of fel- ty of Edinburgh. In three volumes lowship ; delivered October 8, 1806, complete from the 25th London edi. at the Ordination of Rev. David T. tion of 5 vols. To which will be preKimball, over the first church and fixed the life of that venerable author. congregation in Ipswich. Newbury- Price $6 neatly bound and lettered. port: M. Blunt. 1806.

Dbituary: MEMOIRS OF REV. DR. JAMES COGS- son of Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Ann WELL.

Cogswell, born in the town of Say. [Extracted from Rev. Dr. Strong's fu- brook, January 6th, 1720. In his neral sermon.]

childhood his parents removed to the Dr. Cogswell died at Hartford, town of Lebanon, where they remain. (Con.) January 2d, 1807. He was the ed to their old age, when he took

them to his own house, and most ten- ed, whereby many were disposed to derly supplied all their wants, util undertake the work of the ministry, he was called by the providence of who have since been burning and God to commit them to the dust. - shining lights' in our churches. This son was early distinguished by a At this time, what was with him love of science, and a conviction of the before à general conviction, of the truth and importance of the Christian truth and importance of Christianity, doctrines, which was the occasion of was changed into an experimental achis being selected by his acquaintance quaintance with its power and comas a proper subject for a learned edu. forts; which confirmed him in the cation.

purpose of devoting his life to the He was admitted a student in Yale service of his Redeemer, in the min. College, in the year 1738, and was istry of the gospel. His natural temgraduated in the year 1742. Soon af- ter was social and cheerful; be had a ter this he became a preacher of the great command of his passions; his gospel, and was ordained pastor of the intellect was quick and clear ; his tirst Church of Christ in Canterbury imagination was lively and pleasant, in the year 1744.

yet chastened with the sobriety and In the year 1771, he was dismissed seriousness of a Christian, and acfrom this pastoral charge, and early in companied with the dignity becoming the following year installed pastor of a minister of the gospel. the church in Scotland, a parish in the His natural disposition, together town of Windham, where he continu- with his religious acquirements, rened until December, 1804. While in dered liim a pleasing companion to all this place he received the degree of who reverence virtue ; a beloved Doctor of Divinity, from Yale College. child of his parents ; a kind husband, Being rendered incapable of public and a parent, whom his children could ministerial service, through the natu- not fail to love and reverence. ral infirmities of age, it became neces. He was a firm believer of the evan. sary for his comfortable support, to gelical doctrines of the gospel, and as re move him to the family of his son, on these he built his own hope of a Doctor Mason Fitch Cogswell, of this blessed immortality, so he inculcated place. This was a comfortable re. on others the necessity of both betreat to the venerable parent, and here lieving and obeying them, that they the Lord hath repaid to him in kind, might inherit eternal life. The faith his filial piety to his own parents in

on which he relied as divine and say. their old age; here he hath been ing, was one that is accompanied by nourished with the most tender affec. fellowship with the Father and his tion, which may God reward, nntil his Son Jesus Christ, and productive of decease, January 20, 1807, and had he good works, survived until this day, which is the His preaching was, generally, anniversary of his birth, he would plain and practical, addressed to the have completed 87 years.

understanding and consciences of his This servant of the Lord hath been hearers. The natural and Christian a man of affliction, having buried benevolence, which shone in his counthree wives and four children, one tenance, were admirably adapted to child only surviving"; and throngh all enforce the doctrines of divine love, these scenes of sorroi', had grace and impress the minds of his hearers given him, to honour the divine sov.

with the words of our Lord, “ Aneir ereignty, and his own Christian and commandment I give unto you, that ministerial profession. He was ye love one another; as I have loved example to the church of Christ in you, that ye also love one another. tribution as well as in jnr.

By this shall all men kuow that ye are While a member of college he was my disciples, if ye have love one te distinguished for sobriety, applicatior, another." and especially for classical science, His private diary, which he kept which he preserved through his for many years, gives abundant eriwhole life.

dence, trat in prosperity he While lie was in his collegiate life, grateful to the Giver of every good there was a great revival of religion en perfekt gift, especially for the gift in the land, in vihich tło cilegchar chail all-suicierit Redeener, and the


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