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structure of the world and of human society, 46–48-remarks on
the whimsical hypothesis of M. Bonnet and Mr. White, 49-the
principle of population, a further proof of the wisdom of God, and
of the capability of mankind for improvement, 50-54-illustrations
of this principle, with remarks, 55-62-considerations on the evils

and advantages of civilized and uncivilized life, 64, 69.
Superstitious practices of the Sandwich islanders, 80-of the Brazilians,

372--and notions of the Scots, 435, 436.
Symmachus (Q. Aurelius) notice of his speeches, recently discovered,

Tales of my Landlord, 430-remarks on the style and popularity of the

author's present and former productions, ib. 431-441-strictures on
his title, 442--fable of his tale, entitled the • Black Dwarf,' 442.-
445—fable and character of • Old Mortality,' with extracts, 446
466-causes of the popularity of this author's novels, 466, 467
strictures on the execution of the “Tales of my Landlord,' 467 470,

Tamaahmah, sovereign of Wahoo, one of the Sandwich Isles, anecdotes

and character of, 75, 76, 78–84.
Taylor (Charles) Summary Account of the London Savings Bank, 89–

character of his tract; 104.
Temple (Sir William) observation of, upon oppositions, 521.
Terence, ancient commentary on, newly discovered, 334.
Thebes (ancient) ruins of, described, 8.-11.
Tombuetoo, collection of oral evidences concerning, 309-318-account

of an attack upon the united caravan from that city to Algiers, &c.

by the Arabs, 319, 320.
Tottenham Savings Bank for children, notice of, 97-and for adults,

Turks, devastations of, among works of ancient art, 3.
Tyranny of Buonaparte's government in France, 240—and of his foreign
policy, 241, 242.

Ultra-Whigs, measures of reform, proposed by, 258.
Unwin (Mrs.) beautiful sonnet to, 119.

Van Braam (M.) humiliating treatment of, by the Chinese, 412, 413.
Voters, numbers of, at elections, greatly increased in particular coun-

ties, 254.
Voyageurs, or servants of the North-West Company, account of, 136-
and of the bondage in which they are kept by the Company, 137.

War (the late) causes, objects, and policy of, considered, 226—231.
Warden (William) Conversations with Buonaparte, 208-proofs of the

author's want of veracity, 209–212-and incorrectnesses, 213—
imposed upon by Count Bertrand, 214-Las Cases's account of Napo-
leon's departure from France and surrendering himself to the British


government, 215, 216– Buonaparte's account of the murder of Cap-
țain Wright, 218-remarks thereon, 220, 221-bis account of the
murder of the Duke d'Enghien, 219-observations on it. 921, 222—
his account of the poisoning of his sick soldiers, 222—and of the
massacre of part of the garrison at Jaffa, 223-observations on it, ib.
224-Warden's publication penned at St. Helena, under the eye of

Napoleon, 487.
Waymouth (Captain) notice of his voyage in search of a North-West

Passage, 156.
Wendover Savings' Bank, notice of, 98.
IV hiteford (Colonel) noble conduct of, 433,435.
Windham (Mr.) observations of, on picturesque gardening, 426—428.
Wisdom of God, proofs of, from the structure of the world and of hu-

man society, 46-48—further evinced by the principle of popula-

tion, 50–62.
Wright (Captain) account of the murder of, by Buonaparte, 218-ob.

servations thereon, 220, 221-treatment of Captain Wright in the
Temple, 497.


London: Printed by C. Roworth, Bell-yard, Temple-bas.

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