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Tappointed wine command office forces

550 - PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. Nov. tham, in Essex, worth 2001, per ann. Whitehall, Nov. 18. The king has been A dispensation passed the seals to enable pleased to grant unto William Johnson, James Harwood, M. A. to hold the rec of New-York, in America, Erq; and his tories of Cliffe and Dartford, in Kent. heirs male, the dignity of a baronet of To enable Robert Medley, M. A. to hold Great-Britain. the rectories of Saxby, in Lincolníhire, The king has been pleased to order let. and of Leachington, in Yorkthire.

ters patent to be passed under the great

seal of Ireland, containing a grant of the PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.

dignicy of viscount of the said kingdom HE following general oficers are unto R bert baion Newport, chancellor

of the said kingdom, and to his heirs in Great-Britain. Captain general, the male, by the stile of viscount Jocelyn.Duke. General of horre, Sir John Ligo. Of the dignity of baron of the said kingnier. Lieutenant-generals, Henry Haw dom unto Peter Ludlow, of Ardiola, in ley, Efq; lord Tyrawley, John Camp the county of Neath, Esq; and his heirs bell, Esq; duke of Marlborough, Sir John male, by the nile of baron Ludlow of Mordaunt, Major. generals, James Siu. Ardfalla.--To grant unto Jolin Pownall, art, Elq; earl of Loudon, earl of Pan Esq; the office of clerk of the naval or mure, lord George Sackville, earl of An, navy-office, in the island of Jamaica, in cram. - William Robinson, Elg; licut, the room of Richard Shelley, Esq; deeo!. John Salt, Esq; mayor ;

Tur cealed.--Lieut, col. Jolin Campbell, apner, Esq; capt. Lawrence Reynolds, lieut. pointed one of his majesty's aids de camp, and John Grant, enlign, in licui. gen. Mr. John Grant,

a baron of Skelton's reg

john Hale, Elqi major ihe exchequer, in Scotland, 'in the room of major-general Lascelle's reg.

of Sir John Clarke, deceased. Wynne, gent, lieut. in lord Robert Ber

Whitehall, Nov, 22. The king has tie's rex - John Forster, gent, lieut. in been pleased to appoint the Riglit Hon. maj. gen. Fulliott's reg.---Matthias Mur. Sir George Lyttelton, Bart, to be one of ray, Ela; capt. in lieut. gen. Skelton's the commillioners of the Treasury, chanreg.-William Whitehead, Irę; secretary cellor and under treasurer of his maand register to the order of the Duch. jelly's Exchequer, in the room of the

Whitehall, Oct, 28. The king has ap Right Hon. Henry Le 'ge. - Lord visc. pointed, five captains, four captain-hieu Barrington fecretary at war, in the room tenants, 43 lieutenants, and 3% enigns, of the Right Hon. Henry Fox.-Sir Thoto fill up the vacancies in several regi mas Robinson keeper of the great wardments of foot.

robe, in the rooi of lord Barrington, Whitehall, Nov. 11. The king has been Thomas Dunbar, Esq; lieut. governor of pleased to appoint George Lane Parker Gibraltar, -- Licut. gen. Fowke col. of Erq; to be a capt, in the first reg. of foot the rep. of foot, late Braddock's.- John guards, and to take rank as lieut. col. of Fitzwilliam, Eig; col. of the reg. of foot, foot-Martin Sandys, Esq; capt, in the Late Fowke's. - O'Brian Dilkes, Esq; a second reg. of foot-guards, and to take major-sen. of his majesty's forces. - John rank as lieut, col. of foot.-Ruvigny de Campbell, Erq; aid de-camp to his maCorne, Esq; capt. lieut. in the said seg. jefty, and to take rank as color foot. and to take rank as lieut. col. of ioot. - Robert Duiloin, Efq; colonel of the regiCook Otway, Erq; cornet in Ligonier's ment of foot, late balket's. Daniel horse. - Julin Tullkin, E1q; fort major of Webb, Erq; col. of ihe leg of foot, the fores and blockhouses of West Tilbury larc Dunbar's.-Philip Sherard, Erq; capt. and Giavelend. - Thomas Sherwin, Eig; in the firf reg. of loo: guards, and to take fccretary to the forces in Nurtu-Pitain. rank as lect. Col. of foot; Nevil Taiton, Philip Baker, barrack-matter and surveyor Esq; cape. lieur, and to take rank as lieut. of the barracks in the Savoy.-Wilam col. of foot; Josephi Orway, Esq; and Brown, Erq; major and captain of a Henry Wickham, Tiq; licuts, and to take company of invalids.- John Barlin, Elq; rail as captains of loot; and Farcaptain lieut, of invalids.

naby, Gent and Cornwallis, Cent. St. James's, Nov, 14. This day the R:. enfinni in the raid rez.-- James Johnkon, Hin. Sir Thomas Robinson biaving reogno Gent, to be a lieut. in lieut. gen. Camped the rea's into the king's bancs, his beli's dragoons.-- William Rcbinson, Erq; majeity was pleased to appoint the Ri. liut, zen, to the reg. of foot, commandHoll. Henry Fox to be one of his maief ed by lieut, gen. Skelton; Jahr. Siit, Eld; ty's principal secretary's of state.- Ciai


Turer, Efq; caprio; dius Amyand, Eig; and Henry Digby, Groge Cock bume, Líq; caprain lieut. Eiq, are appoinit under.fecretaries to Lawience Reynolds, Gent. levt. and the Ri. Hon. Henry Fox, Digg

Juhn Grant, Gent, enlign in the lid r«g.


7. Fairies.


BANKRUPTS ; List of PLAYS, &c.

- Richard Montgomery, Esq; a captain 27. Ifaac Ellis, of Stanley, in York
in the reg. of foot, commanded by col. Thire, chapinan.
Jorden; Benjamin Bromhead, Esq; capt. 25. Sulanna Wilkins and Froward
lieut, and Peter Cartwrighi, Gent. lieut, Cowell, of Tower-street, cheefemongers
in the said rez.- Thomas Hargrave, Erq;

and partners.
capt, in the reg. of foot, commanded by
col. Holmes.- John Hale, Esq; rwajor 10


the reg. of foot, commanded by major
gen. Lascelles. -
Reynolds, Era;

captain in the reg. of dragoon guards,

o&t, 31. Man of Mode, Fortunatus. commanded by lieut. gen. Howard.-

Nov. 1. Much ado about Not. T. Tamb. Dalrymple, Esq; capt, in the reg.

3. Merope,

Duke and wo Duke. of foot, commanded by col. Yorke.-

4. Tamerlane, Engliji

. man in Paris. James Hamilton and James Graham,

5. Rehea sal,

Lerbe. Erqrs. capts. William Walth and Hugh

6. Jane Shore,

Mock Doctor
Lloyd, Gents. lieuts. Murdock,
Douglas, and Peter M‘Laughlin,

8. Fair Quaker of Deal, Chinese Festival. Gents. ensigns to two independant com.

10. Merope,

Anatomif. panies of invalids to be forthwith formed.

11. Romeo and Juliet,

Mick Dohor, -John Wallington, Elg; deputy of Crip

12. Inconftant.

Chinese Fifival. plegate ward, elected treasurer of Bride. 13. Provok'd Wife,

Ditto. well and Bethlem hofpitals, in the room

you like it,

Dino. of alderman Alloy, who refigned.-Ro

15. Much ado about Nothing, Dirto. bert Ord, Erg; chief baron of the ex

17. Orplaan,

Lying Vulet. chequer in Scotland.

18. Earl of Elex, Chinese Feptival. 19. Merope,

Forturatus. Alterations in :be Lift of Parliament.

20. Oroonoko,


21. Stratagem, Miller of Mansfield. EADING, John Dodd, Erq; in the

Genii, room of William Stroude, Efq; de.

22. Relapse, cealed.

24. Suspicious Husband,

Devil to Pay.

Genii. Windsor, Right Hon. Henry Fox, Esq;

25. Mourning Bride,

Ditto. re-elected on promotion.

26. Fair Quaker of Deal,

Ciaplei. Brackley, Sir William Moreton, Knt.

27. Rehearsal,

28. Chances, Tragedy of Tragedies. in the room of Thomas Humberstone, deceased.

COVENT-GARDEN. Heydon, Charles Saunders, Esq; re Oct. 31. Inconfant, Harlequin Skeleton. elected on promotion.

Nov. 1. Zara,

Scapin. Ludgerhall, Henry Dizby, Erq; in the

Lying Valer. room of Sir John Bland, deceased.

4. Tamerlane,

Harlequin Skeleton. Seaford, James Peachey, Ela;

5. Romeo and Juliet,

Scapin. William Haye, E'q; deceased.

6. Henry IV. Harlequin Skeleton. Wareham, Edward Drax, Erq;

7. Double Dealer, Wbai d'ye call it. Henry Drax, Esq; deceased.

8. Way of the World, Devil 10 Pay.

10. London Cuckolds, Harlequin Skeleton. B-KR-TS.

1. Merry Wives of Wins. M.of Mansfield. Nov, 1. OHN ,' ,

12. Hamlet,

Damon and Pbillida. ,

13. Recruiting Officer, Harlequin Skeleton. of Watlington, in Oxfordihire, visual.

14. Venice Preserv'd, Virgin Unmaß d.

Flora, ler.- Joseph Cox, of Bermondsey, callico.printer.

17. Macbeth,

Contrivancesa 4. Samuel Welton, of Coventry, bra.

18. Bezgar's Opera,

Lying Valer. fier. — Daniel Cunningham, of Hatton

19. Theodofius,

Cheats of Scopin. garden, jeweller.

20. Constant Couple, Virgin Uu:majka. 8. john Moon, of "Valton le Dale, in 25. She wou'd and she would not, De P. Lancaibire, dealer in corn. - William Da 22. All for Love, Damon and Pbillida. mont, of Eyc, in Sattolk, dealer. - Henry

Dirto. Sympfon, la'e oi Soon-hill, difuller. - 25. Love for Love,

Contrivances. Samuel Hareldine, of Birmingham, bui

26 Revenge,

Ditre. tun-maker.

27. Constant Couple, by his Maj. Com. 15. Janathan Cooper, of Whetstone, 25. Rerenge,

Harlequin Skeleton cow-jobber.

1 Tbe Foreign Affairs, and a compleat Cara. 18. Hans Rorge's, of St. James's, 1.9"e of Bucks for ike lift and present Muries, Il printer, war-rifoner, -- Iviiles Somali, will be infirice in our next.) of Wiitochopel, barter,


3. Ditto,

15. Funeral,

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24. Ditto,


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BANK INDIA South Sea South SeafSouth Sea 3 and {p: 3p. Cent. S. S. An.3 p.Cent. Ind. Bonds B.Cir. P: Wind at Weather BILLS of Mortality from
STOCK. STOCK. STOCK. Annu.oid Ann. new C. B. An. B. Annu. 175!. Ind. Ann.

præm. 11. s. d.

Deal. London. Od, 21. to Nov, 25.

N. cloudy

Christ. 11 120

91 i 92 1 90

W. N. W. clou, rain

Femal. 6145
& Sunday

N. W. rain


il. ios 4 7 6 N. W. fair

Femal. 990


il. Ios

W. S. W.clou. min. Died under 2 Years old 699
91 92


ul. 8s 1

S. W.
14 7 6

clou, rain Between 2 and

90 90 88

il. 8s 4 7 6 w. by N.


5 and 10 - 49
7 120

93 91 91 90


W. front

10 and 20 - S 91 92 91 913 91

88 il. 95 N. W. wind rain

20 and 30 9 Sunday

N. W. fair

go and 40 194
91 92 91 91

W. fog fro 17

40 and 50 20Z

N. N. W frost

50 and 60 ISZ 18 120 166

93 91

88 ; 91 Par. W. N. W fair

16 13

93 97 91 91 89

N. W. front

70 and 80
14| 120

il. 8s
W. S. W. rain

92 91

88 il. 8s
W. by N.

go and roo16 Sunday

N. W. misling fair


TOT 17

90 91 90
88 il. 75

N, W, rain
122 149

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90 88 il. 73
N. W. iair


Within the Walls 19 120

91 150

91 89 il. $$ S. W.


fair rain
120 l

Without the Walls 485


88 91 91

il. 8s
W. S. W. rain fair

in Mid. and Surry 9:0
92 91

il. 83

W. S. W. rain
121 ISI

City & Sub, Wett. 355

91 91 89 ul. 78

S. W. rain 23 Sunday

S. W. cloudy


91 90 89

S. W.bys. jain

Weekly Oct, 28

151 104
91 92 91


Il. 68
W. S. W. cloudy

26 121
151 104

92 91


il. 8s W. S. W. frust

346 271


92 190 91

il. 65 91 W. S. W.


28 121

l. 8s
W. cloudy

25 389


Wheaten Peck Loaf
Mark-lane Exchange. Balingstoke. Reading Farnham. Henley. Guildford. 13irmingham.


Wheat 238.to26s.oda 061. los load 071. 19s load 1061, 178 load (071. 158 load o7l. 05s load 4564 1045 rod 08. gl. 125.60.1d.cgl. gs. to rol, 6d. load.
Barley 138 to 158 6d. 138 to 15 qr 155 to 18 qr 145 to 15 qr 155 to 1890 145 to 16 qr (284d to 2s6d

16s, to 175, 60, Oats 125 to 13s 6d. r38 to 14 od 148 to 16 145 to 155 13s to 18 ood128 to 1460 is gd to 28 od 135. od. to 155. od. p.9. 135. 64. to 155. ood. Beans 175 to oos od. I 198 to 23 od 1198 to 23 208 to 21S 218 to 23 ood/ 245 to 26 3$ 2d to 35 40 | 185. 6d. to 198. 118s. cd. to 195. od. d.

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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For DECEMBER, 1755

To be Continued. (Price Six Pence each Monch.) Containine, (Greater Variey, and more on Quantity, rban any Monthly Book of ebe same Price. 1. Mernod to value precious Stones.

Mr. Smart's Epilogue, for the Middlesex II Cure for the Palpitation of the Heart, Hospital ; Verses to Miss L---, of B-; III. Proposal for a Militia.

on the Death of old Hendrick, and his IV. Etfay Writers, a Dream.

Son's Speech, by Mr. Rider ; the Horse, V. Complaint of an unhappy Father.

from Job ; on the Rev. Mr. M---

-n, Vin VI. Libon described.

car of W-R-, Eflex; Epitaph on Mr. VII. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po. Hackett ; on Miss J--y C-ben, of

litical C L U B, &c. continued : Contain-. S-wick; Ode to Health ; Whitehead's ing the SPEECHES of L. Lentulus and Epistle ; on a Lady's tearing the Piature A. Bæculonius on the Motion to Address of Achilles' Shield ; a new Sorg set to his Majesty.

Mulck, and a new Country Dance, &c. VUI Cause of our Quarrel with France. XXIV. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : IX. Improvements of the French Trade. Acts paffed ; new Bridge resolved on; X. Revolutions in Perfia,

Affistance for Portugal; more EarthX1. Lord Harry Powlett's Defence.

quakes ; Phenomenon in Scotland; Grants XII. State of Newgate-Market.

in Ireland ; Advices from America ; ProXUI, Treaty with Rullia.

clamations for a general Faft, &c. &c. XIV. with Heffe-Caffel.

Sessions at the Old-Bailey, Storms, ShipXV. Improvements for the Roads,

wrecks, Inundations, Fires, Executions, XVI, Matrimonial Dream.

Captures, and Elections. XVII. Northern Corals described.

XXV. Promotions; Marriages and Births; XVIII. Account of the British America. Deaths ; Bankrupts. XIX. Virginia described.

XXVI. Alterations in the List of Parliament, XX. Account of the late Earthquakes. XXVII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. XXI, King's Meilage.

XXVIII. A Catalogue of Books. XXII. Lords Address.

XXIX, Prices of Stocks for each Day. XXIII. Portry. Mr. Boyce's Prologue and XXX, Monthly Bill of Mortality. With a fine South-East PROSPECT OF LISBON, as it was before the late Earthquake;

a beautiful Representation of Northern CORALS, and a neac PLAN of NewOATSMARKET, curiously engraved on Copper.

MULTUM IN PARVO. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at the Role in Pater-Nolter-kow; of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any fingle Month to compleat Sets.

C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S... NEW prethods to determine the value

57 8


Proper reflections of the author

577 of precious

555 Treaty between Great-Britain and Rurfa How performed by the solar fpeculum ibid.

ibid. Cure for the palpitation of the heart 556 Stipulations therein Bohea tea, a pernicious exotick ibid. Treaty with Herre-Caffel

579 Proposal for a well disciplined militia 557 Supplies from that court

580 Neceflity of such a militia ibid. And further aid ftipulated

581 The essay writers, a dream 558 Improvements for the roads

582 Complaint of an unhappy father ibid. A maurimonial dream

583 Description of Lisbon

559, 560

Description of northern corals 584 Some particulars of the late calamity Account of the American plantations chere ibid, continued

ibid. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Political Description of Virginia

585 CLUB, &c. continued 561-569 Account of the lace carthquakes 560, SPIICH of L. Lentulus, on addrelling

585, 586 his majesty 561-563 Letter from Mr. Caitres

587 Negotiation with France first to be tried King's message and lords address ibid.

561 POETRY: A new song set to mufick 588 A diviGon in the house would be fatal 562 A new country dance

589 No part of the speech to be found fault Verses to Miss L--, of B

ibid. with

ibid. On the death of old Hendrick ibid, Righis, an indefinite'terin 563 Speech of his son.

ibid. SPLICH of A. Bæculonius, in answer to The Horre, from Job

590 the above 563-569 Oo the Rev. Mr. Mon

ibid. An impropriety in the speech remarked 564 Epitaph on Mr. Hackett

ibid. And proved to be beneath the dignity of On Miss j-y Cbn, of Swick 591 our sovereign ibid. Ode to health

ibid. Noble exhortation of Caesar

ibid. Extra&t from Whitehead's epistle ibid. Spanish declarations not to be depended Prologue and epilogue for the Middlesex 565 Hospital

559 592 And depredations continued ibid, On a lady tcaring the picture of Achilles Only one thing to fear in a French war 566 Thield

592 In which we may greatly diftiess the ene The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 593 my ibid, Acts passed

ibid. And ruin their plantations,

567 Petition for a new bridge resolved on ibid. A maritime war only to be relied on ibid, Affistance for Portugal

594 Dreadful picture of the loss of national More earthquakes

ibid. credit 568 Phenomenon in Scotland

ibid. And proper infcription under it ibid. Grants in Ireland

ibid. French conduct once the treaty of Aix Advices from America

ibid. la-Chapelle

569 Proclamations for a general faft, &c. &c. Cause of the present quarrel with France

593 ibid, Storms, thipwrecks, inundations 5930 'T:zde improved in that kingdom 570

594, 595 Account of the late revolutions in Perfia Fires, Sefiions at the Old-Bailey, execu. ibid. tion

ibid. Fate of Adil Shah

Elections, captures

593 And of his brother Ibrahim ibid. Marriages and births

395 The succefTor's eyes put out ibid. Deaths

ibid. Character of prince Heraclius 572 Ecclefiaftical preferments

596 Crueities of the Alghans

ibid. Promotions civil and military ibid. Proceedings of the court martial on lord Alterations in the list of parliament 597 Harry Powlett continued.

Persons declared bankrupts

ibid. His lord'hip's defence


Plays, &c. acted at both theatres ibid. City liberty afferted


FOREIGN AFFAIRS Mr. Talmann's fate of the care of the A catalogue of books

599 toll of Newgate-market

Prices of rocks and grain ; wind, weaAbftract of the act 22 Car. II. and of ther

600 the Laft lease of that market ibid, Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. Tbe request of Amicis will be considered of. Kuricola's cde evill be in ebe Appendix, and the elgs on a winter's day in Janjury ; in wbicb montb, or obe Appendix to this year, our proJaical, portical, and maidemusical correspondents, will find many of incir picces lately received: 'The piece on the marriage délcame to land.

About the Middle of January will be Publighed,
N APPENDIX to the LONDON MAGAZINE for 1755, with a

Beautiful FRONTISPIECE, a General Title curioully engraved, com-
INDEX16, and several other Things, necetiary to be bound up with the Volume.



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