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545 both Gdes. . The French regulars kept sent a party to bury our dead this after. their ground and order for some time noon, it being a running scattered en. with great resolution and good conduct, gagement; we can neitler find all our but the warm and constant fire from our dead, nor give an exact account. As fast artillery and troops, put them into disor as these troops joined us, they formed der : Their fire became more scattered with the reft in the main battle of the and unequal, and the enemy's fire on day i ro that the killed and wounded in our left grew very faint. They moved both engagements, officers excepled, must then to the riglie of our encainpment, Itand upon one return. and attacked colonel Ruggles, colonel About eighit o'clock last night, a party Williams, and colonel Titcomb's regi of 120 of the New Hampshire regiment, ments, where they maintained a very and go of the New York regiment, who warm fire for near an hour, fill keeping were detached to our allutance, under up their fire in the other parts of our the command of captain M Ginnes, frumy line, tho' not very strong. The three re the camp at the Carrying-place, to reingiments on the right supported the attack force us, were attacked by a party of very resolutely, and kept a constant and Indians and Canadians, at ftrong fire upon the enemy. This attack where colonel Williams was attacked in failing, and the artillery Nill playing the morning : Their engagement began along the line, we found their fire very between four and five o'clock. This weak, with confiderable intervals : This party, who our people tay were between was about four o'clock, when our men 3 and 400, had tied from the engagement and the Indians jumped over the breast here, and gone to scalp our people killed work, pursued the enemy, laughtered in the morning. Our brave men fought numbers, and took several prisoners, a. them for near two hours, and made a mongst whom was the baron de Dielkau, confiderable Naughter amongst them. Of the French general of all the regular this brave party two were killed, and forces lately arrived from Europe, who eleven wounded, and five missing. Capwas brought to my tent about six o'clock, tain M'Ginnes, who behaved with the just as a wound I had received was dresu utmost calmness and resolution, was red. The whole engagement and pursuit brought on a horse here, and, I rear, his ended about reven o'clock.

wounds will prove mortal. Enlign FalI do not know whether I can get the sam, of the New Hampshire regiment, returns of the nain and wounded on our wounded thro' the shoulder. fide to transmit herewith ; but more of I have this morning called a council of that by and by.

war, a copy of the minutes of which The greatest loss we have sustained was send you herewitb. in the party commanded by colonel Wil. Monsieur le baron de Dieskau, the liams in the morning, who was attacked, French general, is badly wounded in the and the men gave way, before colonel leg, and thro' both his hips, and the Whiting, who brought up the rear, could surgeon very much fears his life. He is come to his asiilance. The enemy, who an elderly gentleman, an experienced ofwere more numerous, endeavoured to fur. ficer, and a man of high conlideration in round them ; upon which the officers France. From his papers, I find he found they had no way to save the troopi brought under his comin and to Canada, but by recreating ; which they did as fast in the men of war lately arrived at as they could. In this engagement we Quebec, 3171 regular troops, who were suffered our greatest loss ; Colonel Wil. partly in garrison at Crown-Point, and Jiams, major Athley, captain Ingersal, encamped at Ticouderoro and other ada and captain Puter, of the same regi. vantageous pasies, between this and ment; captain Farrell, brother-in-law Crown-Point. He tells me lie bad with to the general, who commanded a party him yesterday morning 209 prenadiers, of Indians, captain Stoddart, captain 800 Canadians, and 700 Indians of diffe. M'Ginnes, captain Stevens, all Indian rent nations,

His aid de carplays, officers, and the Indians fay, near fouy (They being separately askerl) their whole of their people, who fought like lions, force was about 2000.

Several of the were all Dain: Old Hendrick, the great prisoners fay abcur 2300. The baron Mohawk Sachem, we fear is killed. We frys, his major general was bilied, and have abundant reason to think we killed his aid. do-earplays, the greaier part of a great number of the enemy; amongst their chief officers allo, he thinks by whom is Moní, St. Piere, who commard the morning and atteinoon aaicos, tricy ed all the Indians. Tlie exact ouabus have left near sccone, but I can get on either side I cannot obtain ; for the i po resular accounts,

Mul oi oi jucNovember, 1755.

Z 2%


576 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. Nov. ple think from 5 to 600. We have

THURSDAY, O&. 30. about 30 prisoners, most of them badly Don Felix de Abreu Bertodano, knight wounded. The Indians fcalped of their of the order of St. James, envoy extradead already near 70, and were employed ordinary from his Catholick majesty, had after the battle last night, and all this a private audience of bis majesty, and afternoon, in bringing in scalps ; and delivered his letters of credence, great numbers of French and Indians yet

SATURDAY, Nov. 1. left unscalped. They carried off num. Ended the drawing of the lottery, bers of their dead, and recreted them. when N° 34,177 as last drawn, was enOur men have suffered so much fatigue titled to socol. (See p. 496.) for three days past, and are confiantly

SUNDAY, 2. standing upon their arms by day, half the A dwelling-house and two warehouses whole upon guard every night, and the were consumed by fire at Colchester. reft lay down armed and accoutred, that

WEDNESDAY, 5. both officers and men are almost wore

Three houses fell down in Plumb-tree. out. The enemy may rally, and we ftreet, St. Giles's, by which a child was judge they have confiderable reinforce killed, and several persons much hurt, ments near at hand ; so that I think it

THURSDAY, 6. necessary we be upon our guard, and be At a court of common council, a rewatchful to maintain the advantages we port from the committee appointed to have gained. For these reasons I do not enquire into the state of Newgate, being think it either prudent or safe to be send read, the court were of opinion, that it ing out parties in search of the dead. would be proper to rebuild that goal: A

I do not hear of any officers killed at committee was likewise appointed to enour camp but colonel Titcomb, and none quire into the rights of the city in the wounded but myself, and major Nichols five great hospitals, and what part of of colonel Titcomb's. I cannot yer get

them has cither been given up, or taken certain returns of our dead and wounded; away. but fiom the best accounts I can obtain,

FRIDAY, ?. we have lost about 130 who are killed,

At a general court of the Free British about 60 wounded, and several milling

Fishery, his royal highness the prince of from the morning and afternoon's en

· Wales was recholen governor, the Right gagement.

Hon. Slingsby Betheil, lord mayor elec, I think we may expect very shortly president, William Northey, El9; was another and more formidable attack, and

chosen vice president, and for the new that the enemy will then come with ar council, Solomon Athley, Esq; Sir Waltillery. The late colonel Wiliams had ter Blackett, Bart. William Beckford, the ground cleared for building a stock George Lowes, * Richard Beckford, Roadid fort. Our men are so harafled, and bert Bootle, John Bennett, * Jacob Bo-, obliged to be so conftantly upon watchful fanquet, Elgrs. Sir James Creed, Knt, duty, that I think it would be boch un Velters Cornwall, Thomas Collert, Aoreasonable, and I fear in vain, to set drew Drummond, * George Doddington, them at work upon the deligned fort. John Edwards, Edward Gedirey, * Tho

I delign to order the New Hampshire mas Gordon, Liqrs. Hon. lieut. general regiment up here to rcitforce us, and I Handalyd. * Henry Boare, John Lidderhope some of the designed reinforcements dale, Erors. * Hon. lieut, gen. Onslow, will be with us in a few da;s. When Sir Benjamin Rawling, Knt. Right Hon. these fresh troops arrive, I thall immedi the earl of Shaftefury, * William Sloane, ately set about building a fort.

• William Setleby, Hon. George TowaMy wound is in my thigh, is very

Mend, John Tucker, Hon. John Vaughan, painful. The ball is lodged, and cannot Elqis. Sir Bouichier Wrey, Bart. Wil. be got out; by which means I am, to

liam Watson, Lewis Way, Efqis. Thoe my mortification, confined to my tent.

marked with fars were rot in the last joih.

council. This letter was begun, and should have

SATURDAY, 8. been dispatched ; but we had His majeny removed from Kensington two alarms, and neither time nor piu. to St. James's for the winter, as did the deace would permit ii. I hope, gentie prirce of Wales, princess dowager and men, you will place the incorrectness her family frem Kłw to Leice Re-hovie. hereor, to the account of our situation. The Right Hon. Slirgsby Dernell, E1q; I am, gentlemen, moit respeelfully, was (wrin at Guildhall into the bigla Your mon obedient servant,

office of lord mayor of this city.


Being the armuesluit of the king's bird-käy, wlio tlould chithavirto sl.c73d




year of his age, it was observed with the urual ceremonies and rejoicings at court, and all over the kingdom.

The lord mayor, with the late lord mayor, attended in the usual manner, went by water to Westininkier, with the customary folemnities, and through the usual ceremonies, and landing from thence at Black Fryars, proceeded to Guildhall, where an elegant entertainment was provided, at which were present the great officers of state, divers of the nobility, &c, &c.

WEDNESDAY, 12. Four malefactors, viz. Benson, Dibble, Wigmore, and Hanson, (lee p. 497.) were executed at Tyburn. James Billion is to be transported for life, and John Carrol for 14 years.

THURSDAY, 13. His majesty went to the house of peers with the usual state, and made a most gracious speech from the throne. (See p. 511.)

A proclamation was issued for recalling seamen from foreign service, and to prohibit them from entering into it ; for taking up all Atragaling seamen, and offer. ing a bounty of zi. to every able seaman, and one of 30s. to every ordinary seaman that thall voluntarily enter : Allo oftering a reward of 405. and another of 305. for discovering able and ordinary seamen, The proclamation to be in force till the last day of this year.

FRIDAY, 14. The Right Hon. the house of peers waited on his majefty at St. James's, with their address, and received a most gracious answer. (See p. 511.)

The admirals Bufcuwen, Mofyn, and Holborne, arrived at Spichead with 16 men of war from Nova Scotia, as also the Lys man of war taken from the French. Four men of war under commodore Spry are left at Hallifax, and the Alcide the other French prize.

SATURDAY, 15. A court of aidermen was held at Guild. hail, when an order from the fecretary of war, íor the inilitia of this city to hold themselves in readiness to march, was read ; on which a court of lieutenancy was inmediately fummoned to pui the order in execution.

The Right Hon. the speaker, with the house of commons, waited on his me. je:ły with their address, and received a mont gracious answer. (See p. 512.)

SUNDAY, 16. A house, will three children, was cone fumed by fire in Newton-Falate. The fine day, at a fire in Finib:iry, two hors were burnt, and one man and eight builts perihed in the fames.

THURSDAY, 20. Orders were given by the court of lieutenancy of this city, for the fix regiments of militia to be exercised in the Artillery-Ground, by four companies each day.

SATURDAY, 22. Vice admiral Byng, with part of his squadron, arrived at Spithead from a Cruze.

TUESDAY, 25, A motion being made in a court of common council, to petition the parliament for a national militia ; upon a dia vition, it was carried in the negative.

WIDNISDAY, 26. An house in St. Giles's fell down, but no person was hurt.

At a general court of the Ean-India company, it was agreed to reduce the die vidend from 8 to 6 per cent. on the capital Rock of the said company, to commence from Christmas next.

This month has been as usual very inclement and tempestuous ; storms have donc great damages in various parts of the world ; the great quantities of rain have occalioned foods and inundations, and many vetlels have been unfortunately lost at sea, and upon our coafts. The Esperance, a French man of war

70 guns, iş taken by the Orford, Capt. Sievens, after an engagement of three hours. She had but 300 men on board, and was going from Rochfort to Brest to be compleatly mann'd.

An augmentation of one Terjeant, one corporal, and 17 private men, is ordered to each company, in every regiment of foot in Greai-Britain, and eight men to each troop of the blues commanded by Sir John Ligonier. Artillery tras been draughted cti to the several regiments in country quarters, and the officers of the ordnance have promised a reward for the discovery of concealed fie arms.

Packet boats are established at Falmouth, by the postmaiter general, for carrying on a regular monthly correspondence to the Wett-Indies and North America.

Porumouth, Nov. 3. Saturday his majesty's fhip Gosport was carried into the dock to be cleaned ; about half an hour past ten in the morning, which was very soon after she was had in, lhe was ob. ferved to pitch forward with her head deep in the water, and immediately to recover it, and pitch as deep in wi' li her Nero ; the water about her w33 treatiy agiiarch, and the dock.gales forced upen about lix inches.

At a very confiderable distance is a large baron, wlich has not tlic iesi come munication with this dock, adw is it are

Z 2 2 2

548 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. Nov. the Berwick, Dover, and a large ship, pictures, plate, &c. to the amount of which lately discharged a cargo of tar; 50,000l. consumed by the flames. It was there, and the Naffar, which lay along owing to come burning coals falling on fide the Jerry, at the same inftant felt the the foor of a room which was airing. Mock, with this difference, that instead The Right Hon. Henry Boyle, Efq; of pitching they rolled very violently. speaker of the house of commons, is apThis is attested by the officers, and a pointed chancellor of the Exchequer, great number of people of reputation, Nathaniel Clements, Efq; deputy rewhore business called then to attend the ceiver, and paymaster general, in the docking the Gorport, and others who room of the Right Hon. Luke Gardiner, were on board ihe ihips in the baron ; Erq; deceased ; Sir Henry Cavendish, bari. and what is very extraordinary, not one teller of the Exchequer; John Gore, F1q; of those who were on the land could per prime ferjeant"; Edmond Malone, Erq; ceive himselí affected by it, or that the council to the commissioners ; Right Hon. earth under, or about them, did move. Thomas Carter, Esq; fecretary of fare,

The same agitation was perceived in in the room of Edward Southwell, Esqi the punds in Surry and Kent ; in the deceased ; and Anthony Malone, Eq; to rivers and on the rea Mores of Waler, take place at the bar. Colonel O'Brien Cornwall, Huntingdon Mire, Bedfordshire, Dilkes is promoted to the rank of a ma. and Scotland : At Kinsale in Ireland, jor. general, and will, we hear, be ele&ed the rea (welled upon them and rolled in, governor of the Royal Hospital, in the in a surprifing manner; and at Cork a

room of the late governor colonel Hall. very confiderable mock of an earthquake A lady in this kingdom hath made a was felt at the same time, as also in Trton

curious piece of linen, equal to the finest parih, in Cumberland, and at Amster callico, of the skin of nettles : And, if dam, and many other parts of Holland,

trial were made, it is not doubted but The Elbe, Weser, and many rivers in coarse linen or package might be made of Germany, weic also extraordinarily agi

briars, by stripping off the outhide skin, and Gated.

drying, beetling, and scutching the ir fide, Aiter advices informed us, that at the

The assembly of Virginia baving lately Same time, there was a violent earth laid on a kind of poll-tax, a list of those quake at Madrid, which held fix or reven liable has been made out, by which it apminutes, and obliged the royal family to

pears, that there are 40,443 whites, and leave the escurial ; several houses fell, 60,755 blacks, liable to this tax. No and some persons were killed thereby. white women pay, and the men only At Oporto they had also several viclent

from fixteen to fixty ; but the black wo. Thocks for near eight minutes, which did men all pay. The troops in the pay of rome mischief. Cadiz and Seville were that colony are ordered to be augmented in like manner affected, at the former of to loco men, under the command of co. which places the water rose 2: feet per lonel George Walingion; the officers pendicular, overflowed the city, and de, have received their beating instructions, Nioyed many lives : But the most me and are immediately to set out to raise lancholy advices a: e frim Lisbon, where their leveral companies. the earth opened and failoved up greit There is advice from Hallifax, in Nova, numbers of houses, and the fames that

Scoria, that captain Roure, in a 20 gun iflived from the clefts, fet fi'e to clicíc mip, had brought to St. John's three that itcod, so that a'love two thirds of Ierch veftc! laden with finh, which lie that opuient city were deftroyed, and took on the coait of Newfoundland; af, 100,000 lives loit; tut we must wait for

ter which he returned to that inland, more exact and authentick accounts of

'Janded his men, deftros. the huts of this very rad calamity.

the French Shers on the coast, drove the Edinburg'i, Nov. 8. We hear from Fat.

people up the country, and brought away Tink, ihat on Wednesday last the tide

two thip loads of cureri nih. rostro high in the river Carron, that it Ovei fowed its banks, laid many acies of

MARRIAĆIS and Births. one arable land onder water, and broke O&. 2. MR Tomlinson Buroy, of Red. down a very nrong dam- head, which had never before been down, either wih married to Miss Henrierta Hopkins, of any lweling of the water or ride, in slie Hayes, in the county of Middletex. memory of men, The damage done to 23. John Paterfun, Esg; to lady Anne the fields, and the navigation of the river, Ilume, eldest daughter to the carl of very great.

Marchmont. Dublin, Nov. 11. Lan Wednesday the 28. Jemmit Raymond, Esq; to the re. bne caille of Sir John Bingiram was hurat liet of the late Hon. Charles Craven, Erdi in the ground, and all the forniture,

, ,


1755. MARRIAGES and BIRTHS, DEATHS, &c. 549

John Burney, of Norwich, Erq; to Miss the late Mr. Brewer, an eminent ftationer Dillins.

in Ludgate-ftreet, 30. Thomas Place, jun. Esq; to Miss • Thomas Marshal, a drummer, at Plye Bosville, of Gunthwate, in Yorkshire. mouth, aged 106.

Charles Radcliffe, of Wakefield, in Humphry Adams, of Thorpe, in Surry, York Mire, Esq; to Miss Towne, of York. Ely; in Maryland.

Nov. 1. Mr. Samuel Gwinnitt, to Miss 18. Right Hon. the countess of PeterEmilia Button, of Cotterell, in Glamor borough, ganshire, with a fortune of ioool, per 19. Mrs. Newnbam, wife of Natha. annum.

niel Newnham, of Streatham, Esq; 6. William Clayton, Erq; mayor of 20. Hon. Charles Compton, only bro. Newcastle, to Miss Bates.

ther to the earl of Northampton, and 7. William Davis, of Rolls-Court, in member for that town. Gloucestershire, Esq; to Miss Veel. · 21. Mrs. Heywood, aged 100, relict

13. Sir John Elwill, Bart. member for of Thomas Heywood, Esq; who was a Guildford, to the dowager lady Ranelagh. domestick of K. James II. followed him Arthur Holdsworth, Erq; governor of

into exile and clofed the eyes of that un. Dartmouth-castle, to Miss Taylor.

fortunate prince. She was grand niece 20. Mr. William Wells, shipbuilder at to archbishop Juxon. Deptford, to Miss Neave.

Mr. Tyfoe, banker, in Lombard-street, 26. Charles Boyton, Esq; to Miss 24. Mr. Samuel Birt, an eminent book. Ward, of Kensington,

feller, in Ave-Mary-Lane, upper warden, Oct. 31. Lady of Sir John Ramsden, and one of the court of assistants of the of Biron, in Yorkshire, Bart, of a son Stationers company, a gentleman of great and heir.

integrity and humanity, a lover of, and Nov. 21. Lady of George Onnow, Erg; beloved by every one that knew him. son to the speaker, of a fon. 22. Lady of William Drake, Efq; mein

ECCLESIASTICAL PRETERMINTS. ber for Ameríham, of a son.

EV. Mr. Savery was presented to the DEATHS.

Francis Drewe; Esq; Dr. Lowth to a

prebend of Durham, and the living of in OxfordshireBart.

Sedgefield, in that county.- Mr. Dodi21. Miss Musgrave, daughter to lady worth, to the prebend of Dunnington, in Musgrave, of Northumberland.

Yorkshire.---Mr. Taylor, to the rectory The relict of the late gallant lord A1 of Upland, in Nottinghamshire. - Mr. brey Beauclerk, who died for his country George Richards, to the vicarage of Tar. at the siege of Carthagena.

more, in Somersetihire.-Charles Parker, 28. Hon. Mrs. Herbert, governess to M. A. to the rectory of Trinay, in Glou. the young princesses.

cestershire, worth 1401. per ann.-Mr. 31. William Jones, of Plass-Gwynne, Ulicke, to the vicarage of Breage, in in the inand of Anglesca, Esq; 47 years

Cornwall. --Richard Soan, B. A. to the recorder of Beaumaris.

vicarage of Thorndon, in Huntingdon. Nov. 1. Richard Shelley, Era; a com

Mire. -Mr. Goodwin, to the rectory of millioner of the Itamp duries, &c. nephew Gilling, in Yorkshire, worth 2 gol. per to the duke of Newcastle,

ann.- Mr. Innes, to the rectory of Felt. 4. Widow Evans, tallow.chandler, in well St. Mary, in Norfolk.- Mr. JereLitile - Queen - street, Holborn, worth miah Griffith, to the rectory of Kentilber, 10,0ool, and a freehold eftate.

in Devonihire, worth 2201. per ann. by Sir Reginald Graham, Bart, at his seat the earl of Egremont. - Mr. Chalmers, of Norton-Conyers, in Yorkshire, suc to the vicarage of Earl's-Colne, in Effex, ceeded by his eldest son, now Sir Belling. --Mr. Adamson, to the rectory of Barham Graham, Bart.

ton, in Norfolk.--Mr. Buonington, to 7. Sir William Alburnham, of Broom. the regry of Haunchfort, in Lincoln. ham park, in Sussex, Bart. fucceeded in Mire.- Villiam Rowley, M. A. to the ellate by Sir John Miller, Bars, and in vicarages of Aldborough and Finiston, in title by the bishop of Chichester.

Surroik, worth 200l. per ann.- Dr. BearThomas Richardson, Erq; at his seat at cruft, manier of the Charter-house, to Brandisburton, in Yorkshire.

the canonry of Dellingcott, in the cathe. 12. George Fox, o Northaw, in Hert. dral church of Wells. - Mr. Henry Belt, fordihire, Esq;

to the vicarage of Edinton, in Lincoln. 14. John Parker, Esq; depury to the Thire, - Richard Morgan, B. A. to the earl of Macclesfield, as one of the teilers vicarsge oi Abhoi's-Noon, Bucks.- Mr. of the Exchequer.

Builougli, to the living of Mucb-Wal!5. Riley Biewer Rilięy, Elg; foa of


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