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[Asia Minor is a large peninsular country, situated between the Black and the Mediterranean Seas, and extending about 1000 miles in length, and 400 in breadth. By the sacred writers it is called Asia, a name which they apply to designate sometimes the Lesser Asia,* sometimes the Roman province which comprehended Phrygia, Mysia, and a few of the adjoining countries; and at other times the extensive district of Lydia, embracing, in the widest sense, Ionia and Æolis; the whole region, in short, within which lay the seven churches of Asia ; Ephesus, the capital of Ionia ; Smyrna, a seaport in the same province ; Pergamos, the ancient capital of Mysia ; Thyatira, said by some to have belonged to Lydia, and by others to Mysia, in consequence of its situation on the borders of these provinces ; Sardis and Philadelphia, in Lydia ; Laodicea, the capital of Phrygia. This country was divided into the following provinces :-1. Cilicia, the capital of which was Tarsus, the birth-place of Paul;-a very ancient city, which, when the country was reduced to a province of the Roman empire, received the privileges of a free town, and rose in consequence to great wealth and importance, both in point of grandeur and science; 2. Cappadocia and Pontus, lying on the north of the former; 3. Bithynia and Galatia ; 4. Lycaonia, in which lay the towns of Derbe, Lystra, and Iconium ; 5. Lycia, the chief towns of which were Patara and Myra ; 6. Pamphylia, containing the towns of Attalia and Perga, on the sea-coast; Pisidia, in which was Antioch ; 7. Phrygia, in which stood Colosse, Hierapolis, and Laodicea ; 8. Mysia, in which were Troas, Assos and Adramyttium, now Adramyti, situated on the coast, and in a gulf of the same

* Acts xxvii. 2.

name; Cnidus, a town as well as a headland in Caria, Cape Krio.

[Macedonia, a country in Europe, bounded on the north by Servia and Upper Bosnia, on the south by the Grecian Archipelago and Thessaly, on the east by Thrace and Bulgaria, and on the west by Albania. Its chief towns were Amphipolis, now Emboli, on the river Strymon, which flowed round the city, a circumstance which gave rise to the name; Apollonia ; Berea ; Neapolis, now Napoli ; Nicopolis ; Philippi; Thessa. lonica, now Saloniki, at the head of the gulf of that


[Achaia was the name of that western portion of the Peloponnesus or Morea, which was bounded on the north by the Gulf of Corinth, on the south by Elis and Arcadia, on the east by Sicyonia, and on the west by the Ionian Sea. In the apostolic age, it was a Roman province, and Gallio was the deputy or proconsul when Paul travelled through it. Its chief towns were Athens, famous for its Areopagus or Mars' Hill, an eminence on which its senate-house stood ; Cenchrea, now Kenkri, the emporium of the district ; Corinth, the capital, celebrated for its luxury. The northern part of this province is exclusively called Greece by the sacred historian,*

[Islands in the Archipelago :-Chios and Samos; Lesbos, the chief town of which was Mitylene ; Patmos; Rhodes and Coos; Samothracia, now Samandrachi.

[Illyricum comprehended the modern countries of Sclavonia and Albania, together with part of Bosnia and Croatia. It early received the gospel. It was divided into two provinces, of which only Dalmatia, lying on the western coast of the Gulf of Venice, is mentioned in the New Testament.

[Italy had the well-known Adria, or the Hadriatic Sea, now the Gulf of Venice, in which Paul was ship

* Acts xx. 2.

wrecked, on the south and east, about 200 miles in length, and fifty in breadth. Its principal towns were Appii Forum, now Borgo Longo; and the Three Taverns, about thirty miles from the capital; Puteoli, now Pozzuoli, situated on an eminence opposite Baiæ ; Rhegium, now Reggio; and Rome.

[Islands in the Mediterranean :-Cyprus, one of its largest islands, being about 200 miles long from east to west, and sixty broad. It is about 100 miles distant from Syria, and in ancient times was as celebrated for its beauty and productiveness, as it was infamous for the worship of Venus, and the consequent profligacy of its inhabitants. Its chief towns were Paphos and Salamis; Crete, now Candy, 180 miles in length, and about fiftyfive in breadth, in which were the maritime towns of Lasea, Fairhavens, Phenice, on the western coast of the island, where the rocky and intricate shore formed a semicircular harbour, very commodious and safe for wintering in, and Salmone, now Salamoni, which was also a cape on the east of the island ; Clauda, now Gozo, a small island south-west of Crete ; Melita, generally supposed to be Malta, towards the coast of Africa, about fifty miles south of Sicily, consisting of one-continued mass of white and soft free-stone, about twenty miles long, and twelve broad, -by Bryant and others Melita is thought to be a small island off the coast of Illyricum; Sicily, the chief town of which was Syracuse.

[Spain, on the south-west of Europe. [Æthiopia, now Abyssinia. [Parthia, a country of Asia, on the west of Media.

[Scythia, the name given by the ancients to the whole northern regions of Europe and Asia, which were then unexplored and unknown.]



Adramyti, 526

Adria, 527
Abana, 505

Adullam, 329, 470
Abarim, 260

Emathia, 118
Abdon, 456

Æneas, 461
Abel (town), 457

Æolians, 109
Abel (stone), 471

Æthiopia, 528
Abel-beth-maachah, 347, 454 | Agrida or Agri-Dagh, 73, 77
Abel-meholah, 459

Ahasuerus, 185
Abel-mizraim, 466

Ahava, 169
Abel-shittim, 475

Ahaziah, 459
Abilene, 332, 500

Aijalon (in Zebulon), 457
Abimelech, 459

Aijalon (in Dan), 463
Aboukir, 213

Ailah, 259
Abradates, 176

Ain Gidy or Jiddy, 330, 353
Abyssinia, 528

Ain Shems, 203, 207
Abzal, 178

Ajalon, valley of, 337
Acaba or Akaba, 242, 258, 451

Ajrud, 222
Accad, 80, 147

Akka, 333, 370
Accho, 456

Akkar, 272
Achaia, 527

Akkerkoof, 166
Achor, valley of, 341

Akra, 318, 326
Achsaph, 456

Akrabbim, 442, 451
Achzib, 456

Albani, 112
Acmetha, 188

Albania, 527
Acre, 266, 304, 433, 456 Aleppo, 70,270,277,400,509
Adam, 476

Alexandria, 63, 205
Adam's skull, 322

Alexandretta, 265, 272
Aden, Adena, 47

Algezira, 172, 173
Adiabene, 121

Al Himar, 166
Adiavas, 122

Al Kasr, 138
Admah, 349, 440

Al Katif, 51
Adrammelech, 64

Alush, 251
Adramyttium, 526

Alybe, 112

Amalekites, 244, 253, 446 Ararat, Kingdom of, 103
Amana, 286

Araxes, 59
Amantes, 131

Arcadia, 527
Amârah, 247

Arba, 473
Amaris, 217

Arbâin, 255
Amaziah, 460

Archevites, 147
Amenoph, 200

Archipelago, 523, 527
Ammon, 199, 515

Areopagus, 527
Amorite, 313, 440, 441 Aretas, 508
Amphipolis, 527

Argob, 302
Anah, 470

Aria, 123
Anakims, 470

Arimathea, 460, 493
Anamim, 130

Arkite, 440, 444
Anathoth, 466

Armenia, 63, 291, 395
Ansarian Mountains, 271 Armenian Mountains, 44
Antakia, 508

Armah, 460
Antaradous, 332

Arnon, 296, 381
Antigonus, 177

Aroer, 296, 476, 478
Antilibanus, 271

Arpad, 503
Antioch (in Syria), 266, 507

Arphas, 503
Antioch (in Pisidia), 508, 526 Arphaxad, 83, 122, 189
Antipatris, 492

Arraphachitis, 122, 154
Anubis, 214

Artabanes, 185
Anuchtha, 61

Artaxerxes, 182
Apamea, 63, 143

Arvadite, 440, 444
Aphek, 458, 470

Asa, 460
Aphik, 456

Ascania, 103
Apis, 201, 214

Ashchenaz, 103
Apollonia, 527

Ashdod, 493, 511
Appii Forum, 528

Asher, 304, 429, 455
A pries, 217

Ashtaroth, 480
Aptuchus or Aphtucus, 131 Ashtaroth-carnaim, 480
Ar, 518

Asia Minor, 526
Araba or Arabah, 258, 367, Askelon or Ascalon, 446,510
451, 574

Asphaltites, 271, 348, 373,
Arabia, 240, 411

Arabia Deserta, 262

Asshur, 49, 121
Arabia Petræa, 242

Assos, 526
Arabia Felix, 47, 242, 262 Assyria, 159
Aracca, 80, 147

Astarte, 480
Arad, 468

Astyages, 189
Aradus, 444, 522

Athaliah, 484
Aram, 120

Athens, 527
Aram Naharaim, 120, 173 Athiras, 119
Ararat, Mount, 59, 63

Athor, 214
Ararat, Little, 73

Attâ kah, 224, 230

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