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dead thou art, thou hadst need come frequently to the Cross to have thy affections suppled and foftned with this precious Bloud : how frail is thy memory, and is it not fit, thou shouldst refresh it often with the sight of Christ's incomprehenlible love? Art thou afraid of renewing thy Repentance, thy Faith, thy Hope, thy Charity, too often? The oftner thou doft refort to this blessed Communion, the greater will be thy acquaintance with thy best of Friends; the greater sense thou wilt get of the need and want of him, the greater encouragement thou wilt find to imitate him in bis Holiness, Meekness, Patience, and Humility; and the greater assurance thou wilt get of his Love, and Favour, and Pardon, and everlasting mercy:and are these blessings to be scorn'd and undervalu'd ? thou pretendest want of preparation, but whose fault is it that thou art not prepar'd? what can hin. der thee from preparation, but love to fin? and shall love to a sensual careless life, hinder thee from laying hold of the greatest Treasure? will this plea hold, when thou shalt appear before the great Tribunal? O my Soul, this is to excuse sin by sin, and to despise God's Ordinance, because thou despisest his commands; and how will this aggravate thy folly one day, and fill thee with shame and horrour! O play not with ever. lafting Mercy, let not business hinder thee from advancing thy Spiritual and Eternal Interest; remember what became of the men, that pretended they had Farms to see, and Oxen to try,


and Wives to marry , when they were invited. to the Supper of the Lamb ; canst thou think of the Protestation of the Master of the Feast, a. gainst these stubborn Wretches, and not conclude thy Fate, by their being excluded from God's favour for ever? If it be a sense of thy own vileness and unworthiness that keeps thee away, thou mistakest, and misrepresentest the goodness of thy Lord and Master. No persons more welcome at this Table, than the humble and broken-heartednone meet with a more favourable reception than the poor in spirit, thefe the crucified Jefus prays for on his Cross, Father, forgive them; and the everlasting Father hears, and faith to them, Be of good chear, your fins are forgiven you * V. It prepares a man for a.. Angelical life bere on Earth ; for he that frequently considers and contemplates the Joys, the Triumphs, the Scepters, the Crowns, the Diademy of yonder Kingdom, the everlasting love, and peace and fatis. faction, which Angels and glorified Saints enjoy, cannot but think himself, during that consideration, in Heaven , and participating of that content and happiness, which is poflefled by the general assembly of the First-born which are written in Heaven. Indeed this is to make Earth

a Heaven, and to change this Wilderness into · a Paradise, a Closet into the seat of Ģlory, and

a Delart into those Regions of Bliss and Hap. pinefs. How like an Angel may that man live, that is often engaged in such Considerations as Cc 2


these. Heaven! what do I hear? Heaven! the harbour of all laden and wearied Souls ! Heaven! the end of all my sorrow and miseries! Heaven ! ihe Port I have been sailing to these many years! Heaven! the inheritance of those that keep themselves unspotted from the world! Heaven! the rest of God's Servants, and the habi. , tation of the Mourners in Sion! Heaven! the great mark of my Desires, the Anchor of my Hope, the Foundation of my Confidence! Heaven! the University, where we shall know even as we are known! How undisturb'd, how quiet do all the inhabitants of those blessed Manfions live! there rest those Saints, who were made as the filth of the World, and as the off. scouring of all things ; how different are the thoughts of God from those of the World? These men the World regarded not ; behold God remembers them, and when he makes up, his Jewels, spares them, as a man would spare his own Son that serves him! There rests that Mary Magdalen, that stood behind Christ at his feet, weeping, and washing his feet with her tears, and did wipe them with the hair of her head, and kiss'd them, and anointed his head with ointment. There rests that Lazarus, who deGred to be fed with the crumbs that fell from the rich man's Table. There rests that David, that made his bed to swim, and waterd bis couch with his tears. There rest all the Prophets of old, who through Faith fubdued Kingdoms, wrought righteousnes, obtained promises,


stopped the months of Lions, quenched the violence of the fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to fight the Armies of the Ali. ens. There rest all those Souls that look'd for the blessed hope, and the glorious appearance of their Saviour Jesus Chrilt. There rest all those Martyrs and Confessors that were ready, not only to suffer, but to dye also, for the Name of the Lord Jesus. There they rest encircled with an eternal calm. There they rest incompass'd with an innumerable company of Angels. There they rest surrounded with the Gracious Presence of a merciful God. There they rest from all the calumnies and slanders of this poor envious World. There they rest from all Darkness, in Eternal Light, and in the beams of the Sun of Righteousness for ever.

Awake, O my Soul, awake, advance into yonder regions of Glory, retire into yonder Paradise, leave this world, and go higher; let thy thoughts transcend the Sun, and Moon, and Stars ; get before the Throne of God; take a view of the still waters, whereof the vast Armies of Glorified Spirits drink, where they are, there are no Wolves, no Tygers, no Bears, no Lions, as in this barren wilderness; in those happy shades is no noise, but that of Halelujahs ; no discontent, no War, no dissentions inhabit there ; there all agree, there Ephraim is no more against Manasje, nor Manasse against Ephraim,

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nor they both against Juda, but all are delighted with the everlalting Glory and Love of God; there they hunger and thirst no more. Wonderful change ! Here, O my Soul , thou art ever tbirsting after God, as the dry Land thirsteth after water ; there thou shalt be satisfied with him to all Eternity; here thou longest after the hidden Manna, there it will never be taken from thee; here, like Solomons Bride, by night on thy Bed thou seekest him, who is altogether lovely; there his Beauty and Presence will ravish thee for ever. Here, though thy desires after the Bles. sings of Gods left hand be subordinate to thy defires after spiritual Mercies, and thy esteem of God, preponderates, and is higher than thy esteem of any outward felicities; yet, while so nearly allied to Sense, thou canst not fo abandon Nature, as to have no longings at all after external comforts, and conveniencies; but in Heaven, all perishing, sublunary objects are forgotten, there those Friends and Relations, those Children, those Honours, those Riches, which too often made too great an encroachment on thy Love, will be no attractives; there thou wilt be contented without Bread, satisfied without Drink ; the want of Cloaths will not trouble thee, thou wilt have nobler Friends, than Father, and Mother, and Brethren, and Sisters, to converse withal, nobler Food, than the Delicacies of this World ; nobler Attire , than Silk, or the softest Down can make ; there will be no need of contriying how to get a livelihood : Pálaces will not


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