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bides his face from thee, thou art afraid thon dost not belong to him; thou seest not thy former tokens , nor feel'st those gracious influences, which formerly water'd and enriched all thy faculties; but hast thou such low conceits of the everlasting kindness of thy God, O my Soul! why should's thou believe he hath for. saken thee, when he doch give thee daily testimonies of his love? What greater assurance canst thou have of God's love to thee, and of Christ's kind-thoughts towards thee , than thy weariness of lin? Hast not thou heard thy Saviour call, Come to me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give ye rest? Art not thou weary of iniquity ? Hadít not thou ra- • ther be rid of that burthen, than keep it if thou art not heartily refolv'd to part with it, Why dost thou complain? What makes thee cry our, O wretched creature that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death? What makes thee wish, that what thou hast done against God, were undone? What makes thee afraid of offending God? Why dost thou weep? Why dost thou watch against thy corruptions ? What makes thee angry with thy Self for displeasing God? What makes thee breathe and pant after Christ, as the wounded Hart: pants after the Water-brooks What makes Christ so sweet, and Gin so bitter to thee? What makes thee asham'd of looking up to Heaven? Whence is it, that all the preferment and riches of this world cannot tempt thee to

fin wilfully? whence is it that thou delightest not in the company of linners, but thy delight is chiefly in them that fear the Lord? If there be not signs of Grace , what character of mercy would'st thou have 2. Hath not thy God sáid, that He'll love those that do love him? if thou lov'lt him not', why art thou restless till thou enjoyelt him ? if thou lovest him not, : why doit thou desire hin? why art thou 'willing to follow him through misery , and the greatest troubles, to be for ever with him? "Thou hast infirmities to wrestle withal, but hath not thy God promisd thee, that he'll bruise Satan under thy feet shortly? thou canst not - totally master such a corruption, but dost not thou fight against it? "thou meeteft with temptations, but dost not thou grapple with them? Satan follows thee, but doft not thou resist

him? thy Conscience terrifies thee, but hast '- not thou the Cross of Christ to flie to? If . God had a mind' to kill the would he have Chewn thee all these things? If God were gone from thee, would not his Spirit' lie goné too? if thou hast not the Spirit of God, what mean thy longings afrer God?. what means thy love to a Spiritual life? why dost thou pray lo earnestly for the fruit of the Spirit why art thou altogether for a clean heart, and for reDewing of a right Spirit within thee? are not these ligns that God's Spirit warms thy affections, and makes intercessions for thee with groanings which cannot be uttered? God seems to go away, that thou may'st cry more earnestly after him, and clouds his comforts, that thou may'st sue for them with greater importunity; he lets thee fink a little , that thou may'st cry with a louder voice , Lord, save me, or else I perisha ; and falls asleep in the Ship, that thou may'st take the greater pains to wake him. He sees thou grow'st weary of his favour , he therefore darkens it, that thou may'st be at some trouble to recover it, and having recover'd it, set a greater price upon't ; he withdraws himfelf for a while, that at his return thy joy may be fuller ; and bids his gracious influences stopa while , that when they flow in upon thee again, they may fill all thy faculties with greater gladness; thou canst not perform thy Duties with that alacrity and chearfulness thou desirest, but haft not thou reason to bless God, that thou do'stin good earnest desire to do better? was Heaven purchas'd in á moment, or sin conquer'd in an hour ? is not the way to life a race, where men must run on till they reach the mark? Go on, O my Soul, go on; the farther thou proceedest in God's ways, the sweeter thou wilt find them; the more thou Itrivelt, the more thou'lt conquer ; and the oftner thou dost address thy self to God, the more thy dulness and weariness will vanilh ; and the more thou lookelt upon the everlasting recompence, the greater mind thou wilt have to go on from Itrength to strength. O my Soul, hope in God, for I shall yet praise him,


who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

". IV. It disposes a man to be a worthy receiver of the Lord's Supper. Indeed I do not see how, without it, a man can receive any benefit by that bleffed Sacrament: for iç being an Ordinance defigned chiefly to impregnate the Soul with very Itrong longings and breathings after a crucified Saviour, with a deep sense of the incomprehen. fible love of God in Christ Jesus, and with ear. nest resolutions to love and obey him, before all the dictates of Aesh and blood, and of our carnal interest, it is not to be conceiv'd, which way the Soul should arrive to all this, without considering the end, nature, and advantages of this Sacrament; and it's probable , a man may then be affected with this sublime mystery,when he rouzes his Soul some such way as this, Doft thou rightly understand, O my Soul, what this great and tremendous Ordinance means ? Behold, thou are going to feast with chat God, who stretches out the heavens like a curtain , and lays the beams of his chambers in the waters, and makes the clouds his chariots, and rideth upon the wings of the wind. What , feast with fo glorious a God, and come without a Wedding garment? Sup with him, who dwelleth in the Heavens, and nor purifie thy self even as be is pure? Can two walk together except they be agreed? what fellowship hath righteoufness with unrighteoufness?and what communion bath light with dark


ness? what concord hath Christ with Belial ? what agreement bath the Temple of God with Idols? This is the great Ordinance, O my Soul, which muft either promote thy everlasting happiness, or aggravate thy everlasting condemna. tion; how happy may'st thou be, if this Sacra. ment charms thee into a fervent love to thy dear Redeemer ? but how wilt thou escape, if thou negled so great salvation? Here are the greatest engagements, the greatest motives to a life, as becomes the Gospel of Christ; here God adjures thee (to use the words of the Church ) by Christ's agony and bloody fweat, by his cross and passion, by his death and burial, to bury thy unclean desires, and inordinate affections, and to dedicate thy self, and all thou hast, to his service. Here is represented the greatest love that ever was vouchlafed to men; here the Son of God appears all bloody to fright thee from thy sins; here Christ is, as it were , crucified before thine eyes, that remembring what it was that brought him to bis Cross, thou may'st mourn, as one that mourns for his only fon. Here Christ appears laden with all the blessings of Heaven; here the everlasting Trinity seems to use its utmost endeavours to perswade thee into a heavenly conversation : here the desert of sm is difcoverd in the wounds and torments of an infinite God; and hither thou comeft, O my Soul, to renew thy Baptismal vow ; hither thou comest to enter into a solemn Covenant with God, and faithfully to promise him to resign ihy self


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