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rich Village near Cape Town, that I should certainly either with a handsome Church. My sell or kill him. However, he mind was greatly perplexed, for could not resist his internal monI knew not whether I ought to itor. He came and heard. Havconsider this as a temptation to ing sat a few days under the divert me from my attention to sound of the gospel, he began to the Heathen, or as a call from cry aloud under the painful sense the Lord to a more usefal station. of his sins, which he compared In this state of my mind, that for number to the sands of the word was deeply impressed— desert. Indeed he had been an * Call upon me in the day of atrocious offender. After he had “ trouble, and I will deliver thee, for some time mourned bitterly 6 and thou shalt glorify me.” on account of his transgressions, Accordingly I committed my he began to speak of the love of self most earnestly to the Lord, Christ to sinners in general, and entreating him to give me clear to himself in particular. This ness in this affair, and manage was now his darling topic all the it for me. My mind soon recov- day long, while his eyes overered its composure, and I re- flowed with tears of love and ceived a strong providential inti- gratitude. His heart was now mation that it was not the Lord's so entirely taken up with the will to send me to the Pearl as a things of God, that he could stated Minister, some difficulty scarcely bear to speak of any being started on the subject, thing else ; when spoken to on which I was not anxious to re some worldly business he would move; and from that very time say—“ Oh, I have spoken too the Lord vouchsafed to bless my “ much about the world, let me labors in a remarkable manner, now speak of Christ.*Indeed, so that many persons whose he did speak of him, in a way hearts had been harder than the that greatly surprised me; I rocks among which they lived, am persuaded he never heard began to cry out “ What must any person speak the we do to be saved ?" Frequently things. He was most evidently in a literal sense, the very hills and eminently taught of God. In resounded with their loud com- the mean time his walk and conplaints.

versation were such as became One of the first converts, at his profession. In his heathenthis time, was the old Bastard ish ignorance he had formerly Hottentot John.* For some time four wives, and two at the time past he had felt a strong inclina- of his coming to hear the gostion to come and hear the word pel. He came to me one day of God. Frora this design, some and said, He must put away his of the neighboring Farmers, be- two wives. I asked him why? ing carnal men, had endeavored He answered, “ Because when I to dissuade himr ; insinuating go

to God in prayer, my heart « tell me it is bad ; and Christ

near to me than ten * A Bastard Hottentot does not

“ thousand wives. I will sup-mean a person of illegitimate birth, but one whose parents are not both

port them ; I will work for pure Hottentots, one of them being

" them; and will stay till God of another nation.

“ change their hearts; then !


66 more

66 will take the first whose heart yet for the sake of the gospel he # be changed.” After a short would give him leave to come. but lively course of grace, which Cornelius joined us, and the continued five or six months, the Lord was pleased to bless the Lord laid him on a sick bed, word of reconciliation to his soul from which he never recovered. also. At first he cried mightily He now insisted upon being car to the Lord forgive his sin ried to our place of worship, say- and thought to move him by the ing that as long as he could hear, earnestness of his intreaties, yet he would endeavor to catch some he found no peace within, till at of the words of life. Two days length he learned that he could before his death I went to see be justified only by the blood of him. I asked him how he felt. Christ ; he then obtained sol I “ A little low-spirited,” was his peace in the contemplation of answer ; “ for though I am the person of our Redeemer.

sure that I have surrendered His heart was filled with admievery

inch of my own self to ration, love and gratitude, and * Christ, from the moment I he felt a strong desire to pro« first saw his loveliness, yet I claim our Saviour to those who

am not so certain, at present, knew him not. Indeed he tho't " whether he has accepted of my himself called upon to forsake 66 surrender.” I endeavored to his wife and children, and go to satisfy him on this subject; but distant tribes to preach Jesus to he found no clearness till the them. For half a year he strug. day of his departure, when call- gled against this impulse ; his ing on him again, he said to me, body wasted in this secret con“ Sir, I now see that the Lord flict, for he concealed from every “ Jesus love me with an ever- mortal what passed in his bo« lasting love ; that he has ac- At length, unable any « cepted of me, and that he will longer to sustain this burden, he “ be my portion for ever ; and suddenly flung his knapsack over now,

though the vilest sinner his shoulders, and marched off on earth, relying on his blood into the wilderness. Here he « and righteousness, I will die, fell on his knees to pray ; when " and go Christ, and there I those words came powerfully & will wait for you.”

into his mind, “ Thou didst well His eldest son, Cornelius, who that it was in thine heart ;" was a servant to a Farmer at a but it seemed added-Go back distance, came to visit his father “ to thy house and family, and just at this moment. He burst“ first try to bring them near into tears, and said, “ Ah, my “ the Lord ; after this I will let “ father die so happy in Jesus,“ thee know what thou shouldest s6 and I have no opportunity to do.” Accordingly he return“ hear his gospel.” Moved by ed home, where he conducted his sorrow, I wrote to his master, himself in a pious manner, and requesting he would permit him I have reason to hope that at to come and live with us. some future period he may beceived a very Christian-like let- come very useful to his countryter from him, saying, that altho' men. he would not, on any other ac- If my time permitted, I could comt, part with his best servant, relate many more instances of


I re

the Lord'sgracious dealings with of Government. He, perceiving
our people ; some of them per- our intention, determined to be
haps, may appear hereafter, in revenged, and while we were at
detached accounts. I must not worship in the church, contrived
omit, however, the case of Est-to poison our well. Our lives
her. Her original name was would certainly have been de-
Tray,a Coranna by birth. When stroyed, had not a little girl pro-
she made her first appearance videntially watched him, when
among us, I could scarcely per- committing this atrocious act.
suade myself she was of the hu- She gave us timely notice; the
man' species. Her whole car- slave was examined, and we
riage denoted brutality in the found in his clothes the remain-
extreme. Her Kaross, or sheep der of the poison, which was a
skin garment, was the most fil- sort of moss, resembling human
thy I ever saw or smelt. Many hair; this powerful vegetable
a time have I thought, Surely it has the property of contracting
is absolutely impossible that the bowels in a convulsive man-
such a being should ever be ner. The culprit was sent to
converted ! But, where sin and Cape Town, and we returned
wretchedness abounded, grace thanks to the Lord for this great
was still more to abound. Soon deliverance.
did her penitential tears begin Another singular escape from
to flow under the hearing of the death deserves to be recorded.
word of peace, and when asked, In the evening of a day which
Why she wept ? the reasons she was uncommonly sultry, I was
assigned were always so perti- sitting near an open window,
nent and proper, that I was con- when a concealed party of Bose
vinced her understanding waschemen were just about to dis.
far superior to what I had sup- charge a volley of poisoned ar-
posed. After some time, she rows at me ; but, by the same
found herself obliged to leave girl who saved the life of Broth-
her husband, who had three oth- er Kramer from the dagger of
er wives, and followed us in all Vigilant, they were detected,
our future journies. For more and made off in haste.
than a year she continued to be During our continuance here,
uneasy under a sense of her sins; a man whose name was Peter
but, at length, the Lord com- Goeiman, repeatedly visited us
forted her soul; she was bap- from the Great River, in order
tized, and is become one of the to hear the word. He long with-
most active, industrious, and, stood the humbling truths of the
useful members of my congre- gospel, refusing to be stript of
gation. Her conduct is unexcep- his own fancied righteousness,

and submit to the righteousness About this time, several Far- of God our Saviour. At length, mers having assembled at our however, he yielded ; and while house, to partake of the Holy at work with Mr. Scholtz, (being Communion, a run-away slave employed in making a dam for made his appearance. We soon the water) confessed that he had discovered who he was, and formerly hardened his heart a. thought of sending him back to gainst the representations of the his master, agreeable to an order / gospel, that he was in a misera


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ble state, being unable to do any of Stephanos, a Greek by birth, thing good, as he now clearly and who, for making base coin understood. He acknowledged at Cape Town, had been sententhat till lately he had been full ced to death, but effected his esof prejudices against our doc- cape from justice, a few days trine; having flattered himself previous to that which was fixed that though he had done much for his execution. The rumor evil, he had nevertheless done of this affair had indeed reached much good also. But now, since my ears, and when he came to God had revealed this great truth my house, in the absence of the to his mind, namely, that he had Brethren Kramer and Scholtz, given his only begotten Son to who were gone six days journey be a sacrifice for him on the from us with presents of tobacCross, he had been gradually co, to invite more Boschemen to freed from his former prejudices, come and hear the gospel, I especially under a discourse from thought I perceived tokens of Mr. Scholtz, in which the only guilt in his countenance. But source of all good works, the hisconversation wasso religious; love of God, had been explained, and his pretence that he came together with the utter inability to assist us in building a chapel, of a natural man to perform so plausible, that I blamed mygood works. “ From that time," self for harboring any suspicion, said he, “I sought pardon for and therefore permitted him to so all my sins alone from Christ, sleep in the room next to my

and in him. I have found it. I own. It should seem that he had " Now, I believe in Jesus, and contrived a scheme to murder “ wish to be his eternal property, me, that he might seize on my

am assured that I shall waggon and goods, and then deone day be completely deliv- part to a distant horde. In the k ered from all my sin, and en- night, he actually approached “joy eternal happiness with my bed; but the Keeper of Is“ Christ.” Asking him, whether | rael, who never slumbers nor he did not wish to commend the sleeps, was pleased suddenly to truth to others ? he replied that rouse me in a fit of terror, in he did so every day; and that which I cried out to him, as if his wife already afforded him privy to his bloody design. He some hope that she would yield was disconcerted; stammered to convictions, and this an apology of a pain in his bowcouraged him, he added, to els ; and then went away out of speak to others, declaring to my house. In the morning I them the name of that blessed found he was gone off, having Jesus, who had done such great stolen my gun, and having taken things for him.

with him many of the BoscheBefore I conclude the narra- men, whom he had seduced, by tive of my first stay at Zak Ri- pretending that the white men ver, it is proper to mention were coming to be revenged on another remarkable deliverance, them ; Boschemen, having alwhich the good Providence of ways an accusing conscience, God afforded me, from the hands are ever ready to take such a of a person who came to our hint. My Hottentots pursuing house under the fictitious name them, overtook them in the de



sert ; a truce was concluded, the natives who seem to be conboth parties piling up their arms siderably impressed with the suat some distance, when Stepha- periority of the gospel dispensamos was compelled to restore my tion, both to Hindooism and Mafowling-piece, and dismiss our hommedanism ; and who shew Boschemen. Thus, retiring from an evident desire of becoming the country by himself, he was more acquainted with its nature. met by Brethren Kramer and The ties of the cast, indeed, apScholtz, who obliged him to re- pear to have been gradually loosturn to Zak River with them. ening for some time past; and This involved me in a fresh dif- this effect has, without doubt, ficulty, and occasioned me much been accelerated by the transla. sorrow; for I was now certain tion of the New Testament into that he was the identical male- the Bengalee language, and the factor who had broken prison at dispersion of Bengalee tracts, rethe Cape. I begged my two commendatory of Christianity, brethren to keep the wretch con- and containing a comparison of cealed at a distance from our its claim to belief with that of premises, with a view to enable the reigning superstitions. A him to make his escape.

In the few extracts from the diary of night I met him, gave him my the Missionaries, we doubt not, advice, some provision, and a bi- will prove acceptable to our ble, and suffered him

to go away

readers. towards the Great River, little Aug. 14, 1803. “ We stopped thinking what mischief he would at a small village, called Neesthere do to our cause, of which cheendopoor, two miles from hereafter.

Chandoreea, to purchase fish. (To be continued.) About twenty people were as

sembled on the bank of the river, to whom we began speaking the

word of life. Perceiving no brahReligious Intelligence. man amongst them, I did not be

gin with the Hindoo system; but told them that they were sinners,

and that for such Jesus Christ Mission in Bengal. died : they heard with unusual AN account of the Baptist willingness, and one old man Mission in Bengal has recently whom I was addressing seemed been published, from which it to shed tears. After laboring appears that between the begin- much to make them understand ning of July, 1802, and the the gospel, I appealed to Bharut, month of July last, eleven Hin- Petumber, and Moorad for conrloos and one Mussulman had em- firmation : they each came forbraced Christianity and been bap- ward ; and, in a different way, tized, and that some of these were addressed them upon the subject. likely to be useful in instruct- Petumber invalidated, in a very ing their countrymen. But be- striking manner, the Hindoo sides those who have renounced shasters and worship. Bharut their former faith and assumed told them what he had been, and the open profession of Christian- how he had embraced the gosily, there are great numbers of pel; called their attention to

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