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been engaged, it would scarcely seem that facts can be too numerously collected. To The Country at large it may honestly be stated, that these REPORTS have been received with the most cordial acquiescence and confidence,-a circumstance the more gratifying, as it is justly due to the personal good Qualities of THE COMMISSIONERS, and the Candour with which their Investigations have been conducted. Leaving Pecuniary Remuneration in this case a bare act of Justice,

But in what terms shall we express our Gratitude to those HONORARY COMMISSIONERS, who have had nothing but responsibility for their reward,—and who, ever anxious for the success of the Inquiry, have devoted their inestimable Time and great Talents unceasingly in it's pro

gress ?

It would be the highest degree of Presumption in me, to attempt to expatiate upon the Merits of an INQUIRY, which has so largely experienced the approbation of the Public. Nor could I, with

prudence, have assumed the right of conducting the reader to more copious Notices, - which, as I tuy could derive no lustre from my humble reference, neither can they suffer injury by any silence of mine.



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