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the propitious smiles of that gracious Providence, which has hitherto directed our destiny. Happy indeed shall we be, if our heavenly Parent may say of us as of Israel of old ; “ They seek me daily, and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God; they ask of me the ordinances of justice ; they take delight in approaching unto God.” “Happy is that people that is in fuch a case, yea happy is that people whose Goó is the LORD."

The pleasures of this interesting anniversary, which collects together so many of our civil and religious Fathers, are greatly heightened by the presence of the Chief Magistrate of our Commonwealth.

Whilst decency forbids adulation, it is presumed that every good man esteems the approbation of his friends, next to that of his own conscience. And although he does not seek their applause, yet it must afford him pleasure to know, that his endeavours to ferve their interests have not been unacceptable.

The increasing marks of esteem and confidence, manifested in the late election, are the best eulogy upon his Excellency's past administration. He will please to accept our sincere congratulations on his re-election to the important office he suftains. Eva ery class of citizens look up to him with an emboldened confidence, that he will cherish their interests, and consider himself with his people, as a father with his children. They have the fullest satisface tion, that his authority and example will be united in supporting good order, in encouraging and protecting virtue and religion; and in promoting every measure which shall tend to the general interest of


the people.

It must be pleasing to his Excellency to reflect, that by their own choice he presides over a free people ; and he may be afsured that he cannot enjoy greater pleasure in serving them, than they do in honoring him. That his Excellency's life and health may be preserved, and that he may be enabled to discharge the difficult duties of his exalted station to acceptance, our fervent prayer shall be offered up continually to Almighty God on his behalf; that when his term of service on earth shall be completed, he may be received to the immortal felicities and rewards of the heavenly state.

His Honor the Lieutenant Governor elect, will indulge us to express the satisfaction we feel, in his election to the second office in the gift of the people of this Commonwealth. From his long acquaintance with our public affairs, as well as from his talents and patriotism, we have full confidence in his affistance and co-operation with the Executive, in all the important concerns of the government. He will remember that he is to fill a place which has lately been rendered vacant by the death of one of the most amiable and best of men. Aman in whom “ political wisdom, patriotic virtue," and undiffembled piety all united and shone.

While the life of the deceased may ferve as an example to his successor, his death will admonish him of the end of all human greatness. With such an example before him, may his public career be equally honorable to himself, and acceptable to the multitude of his brethren. The Honorable Council

, share in our respectful attention, as an assistant branch in the executive department of our government.


The elevated station they fill, as well as their own personal qualities, entitle them to our esteem and veneration. We repole great confidence in their candor and integrity in those cases where their ad. vice and consent may be required; especially in the appointment of persons to office. That they will feel themselves above the reach of party influence, and will recommend the claims of merit, arising from fitness of character, rather than those of interest and ambition.

We have only to add our best wishes, that, whilst they essentially aid the interests of government, they may also by their example give encouragement to the cause of religion; and like that honorable Counsellor of Arimathea, may they be willing, not only to lend their tombs to Jesus if needed, but may they consecrate their hearts for his throne.

The Honorable Gentlemen composing the two Branches of the Legislature, will permit us to ex. press the lively interest we feel in the repeated marks of respect with which their friends have hon. ored them; but especially in their present appointment. By accepting this confidential trust, they pledge themselves to the faithful discharge of it.

The duty of legislation is at all times difficult, and often perplexing. It is rendered peculiarly fo at this time, by the divided state of public opinion. It would favor of an intolerant fpirit to suppose, that good men may not be aiming to promote the same object, while they differ in the means best calculated to attain it. Mutual candor and forbearance, therefore, will be necessary, in order to preserve peace, and promote the public welfare. E


It is reasonably expected that our honored Rulers, in the whole of their conduct as legislators, will be governed by the great principles of justice and benevolence; and that every other interest will be subordinated to the public good. That they will enforce by example, what they inculcate by precept.

In all their attempts to aid the interests of morality and religion, great care will be taken not to infringe the rights of conscience. These ought to be held facred as the prohibited tree in the garden of Eden, and the flaming sword should be employed only to guard the way.

What Pindar said of Ma. gistrates, may be applied on the present occafion, “Be just, said he, in all your actions, faithful in all your words, and remember that thousands of wit, nesses have their eyes upon you.”

Many are the motives to fidelity, but none more weighty than the confideration of future accountability. Under these folemn impressions, our hon. ored Rulers will attend to the important duties of this day, and during their continuance in office. In their most zealous deliberations they will not forget, that “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty, and judgeth among the gods.” May all their public transactions tend to promote the various interests of the Commonwealth ; and to strengthen the bonds of our National Union. And after hav, ing served their generation according to the will of GOD, when they shall fall asleep, may they be gathered to their fathers in peace. Ye venerable Ministers of the Sanctuary; ye

ser. vants of the most High God; who fhow unto men the way of salvation. While our civil rulers, who


have invited us this day to the house of God, con. tinue to reverence the institutions of religion, and to respect and honor its ministers; you will not cease daily to offer up intercessions and prayers for all that are in authority. Nor will you cease to

put the people in mind to be subject to principale ities and powers, to obey magistrates, and to be rea. dy to every good work.” And may God Almighty bless


unwearied labors of love. Fellow citizens of this respectable audience. How great, and how precious the privileges we enjoy! While so many of our fellow beings inhabit the dark regions of flavery and despotisin ; and bow with degrading reverence before some lordly tyrant, who sits upon a throne of ebony, fwaying an iron fceptre; we have the peculiar felicity to live under a free government. Our rulers are of ourselves, and our governors proceed from the inidst of us.

When thus cloathed with power, we are bound to honor them as the ministers of God, who exercise their authority not for their own emolument, but for the public good. Let us therefore endeavour to strengthen their hands, by a cordial acquiescence in every measure promotive of our common interest. If we do not protect our laws, our laws will not proiect us. By our civil and religious habits let as thew to the world that Americans are worthy of freedom.

Be careful how you entertain unreasonable jealoufies and suspicions of your old and long tried friends. But when you hear a man, whose integrity and talents never introduced him to public notice, saying, Oh that I were made judge in the land;" although his face may be as fair as Abfalom's, you


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