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stick, which was the first day. It was those who deny the obligatory chanot the extinction of the light, but the racter of the Decalogue ; but that it transference of it from one day to the gives no support to their argument, a other.” The principal difference now very brief notice of the design and scope lies in the object of commemoration. of the epistle to the Romans will suffice “The Christian Sabbath, not overlooking to show. Paul is insisting on salvation man as a creature, regards him specially by grace through faith ; and is most as a sinner; and while it still bids him solicitous in warning the parties ad. adore God the Creator, it summons dressed against depending on the works him particularly to confide in God the of the law for eternal life; that is, apart Redeemer, and sets before him the from satisfaction for past transgression. Saviour's triumph in His resurrection But that salvation by grace in no way from the dead. Our Sabbath combines dispenses with the law as a rule of both man's relations as a creature and works, is another chief point illustrated a sinner, but assigns to the latter à in the epistle. Thus he demands, in peculiar and just pre-eminence in its chapter iii. 31, “Do we then make void change of day, and in the eclipsing the law through faith? God forbidglory of the event which it commemo- yea, we establish the law.” The grand rates.” Such, then, is in brief the object of the work and sufferings of scriptural argument for the observance Christ was, as we have already seen, to of the Lord's day. Add, to the special render satisfaction for man's guilt. But reasons here adduced, the more general this, so far from setting us free from the considerations already enumerated in duty of obedience, brings home most support of the Decalogue as a whole, and, forcibly to our minds that very obligawe submit, few Bible institutions are tion; for by the atoning work of Jesus established by more satisfactory evi- we are placed on a vantage ground dence.

hitherto unknown; and have free access Resuming our argument in support to stores of power which God will freely of the obligatory character of the entire dispense for the specific object of enmoral law, we observe that it was rati- couraging conformity to His precepts. fied and fulfilled by the mission and Doubtless we are to guard against work of Christ. He magnified the law trusting to works of our own for acceptand made it honourable by obeying all ance with heaven. Unquestionably we its precepts and perfectly complying are to beware of regarding our obedience with ali its requirements. The object to Divine law as the procuring cause of of this was to teach us what we ought salvation. But at the same time obeto do. Embodying as He did in His dience is essential as giving evidence of life all the virtues inculcated in the faith, and as being the fruit of the Decalogue, those virtues come to us Spirit. To live in sin, and encourage for cultivation stamped with His ap- ourselves with the belief that in the proval, and enforced by that holy ex- present dispensation we are free from ample which it is our duty to imitate. moral obligation, is the most guilty And unless this law be obligatory, how presumption. Those acting thus are can we be interested in His sufferings they “who sin wilfully, after having and sacrifice ? Foreseeing that we received the knowledge of the truth; should incur the curse of destruction by and for such there remaineth no more our violations of the Divine require- sacrifice for sin, but a certain fearful ments, He gave His life a ransom for looking for of judgment." It is unGod can now be merciful to us.

necessary to enter more fully into an How is this? Because THE LAW was examination of the New Testament covered with glory when its fearful writings. Had we no other testimony sanction was owned and vindicated and than that contained in the epistle to endured by the Mediator Jesus Christ. the Romans, it would be sufficient. We might dwell on this topic at great Paul commends the moral law to us as length ; but what has been said will

' holy, just, and good.” Rom. vii. 12. suffice to establish beyond doubt the We are therefore bound to accept it as point in question.

perpetually binding upon us and all In conclusion, what testimony do we men. derive from the writings of the apostles,

J. W. LM. one of whom asserts, "We are not under Ireland, May 12, 1859. the law, hut under grace ?" Rom. vi. 15. Great stress is laid on this passage by


TEMPTATION. By the late Rev. John Davies, of Daventry. The means necessary to be used, in order that temptation may not prevail against us.

1. If you would not be overcome by temptation, study sobriety, according to the admonition of St. Peter : “Be sober, because your adversary walketh about.” Sober-mindedness consists in the moderate use of earthly things.

2. Be always upon your watch-tower; watch against Satan's wiles and subtleties. “Be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about."

3. Make use of the word. This the apostle calls the “sword of the Spirit.” Three times Christ wounds the serpent with this sword. There is no temptation but what we have a fit Scripture to answer it.

If Satan tempts to Sabbath-breaking, answer bim, “ It is written, “ Remember to keep the Sabbath-day holy.'”

If he tempts to uncleanness, answer him, “ It is written, Whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.'

If he tempts to carnal fear, say, “ It is written, Fear not them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.""

If he tempts to despondency, say, “ It is written, * Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.'

If he tempts to unbelief, say, “ It is written, 'He that believeth not is condemned.'”

4. Let us be careful of our own hearts, that they do not decoy us into sin. The apostle saith a man is drawn away of his own heart and enticed. Every man hath a tempter in his own bosom. A traitor in the castle is dangerous. Our principal enemies are those of our own housebold.

5. If you would overcome temptation, make use of faith. “ Above all things, take the shield of faith.” Faith wards off Satan's fiery darts: “Whom resist, steadfast in the faith.” Faith brings Christ to the help of the soul; and with Christ in the vessel, the soul smiles at the storm. It is this that makes faith an all-conquering grace; it takes hold of Christ's meri' value, and virtue. Faith lays hold of Omnipotence itself. The tempter trembles and flees away.

6. If you would overcome temptation, be fervent in continual prayer. It is the best antidote against temptation. A Christian fetcbeth down strength from

heaven by prayer.

Samson cried to heaven for help: “O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, that I may be avenged of the Philistines. And the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people.".

7. Exercise the grace of humility. It is to the humble in spirit that God gives the more grace. The tempter fears not the pride of a man, but humility renders the soul invulnerable. The garment of humility is so impenetrable, that the poignant arrows of the tempter cannot inake their way through. "Be clothed with humility." The humble soul only is fit for the heavenly protection.

8. If ye would not be foiled by temptation, don't dispute with it. When Eve began to argue the case with the ser. pent, the serpent was too hard for her, and by his logic disputed her out of Paradise. Satan is too subtle a sophist to hold an argument with him; dispute not, but fight; to arms immediately, or you will lose the victory.

9. If we would not be overcome by temptation, let us put on Christian fortitude. An enemy we must expect, let us be armed with courage. “ Deal courageously, and the Lord shall be with the good.” And to animate us in our combat with our enemy, let us remember

We have a good Captain that marches before us. Christ is called the “Captain of our salvation."

We have good armour. Grace is armour of God's making, Eph. vi. 11.

Satan is beaten in part already: Christ hath given bim his death-wound upon the cross, Col. iii. 15.

He is already manacled; his power is limited; he cannot force the will.

He is a cursed enemy, and God's curse always blasts; therefore put on holy gallantry of spirit and magna. nimity. Fear not, greater is He that is with you than he that is against you.

10. If we would not be overcome by temptation, let us seek the communion of saints. The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much. There is a tendency in this communion to enlighten, to strengthen, and to fortify the soul against temptation. It is no wisdom in fighting with an enemy to give him the advantage of the ground: we give the tempter the advantage of the ground when we are alone. Eve was foiled in the absence of her husband. It is a Scripture expression, "Two are better than one." Get into the com.

munion of saints, and you will find it a remedy against temptation. 4 11. If we would not be overcome by temptation, let us make use of all the encouragements we can.

If Satan be a roaring lion, yet he is under the absolute control of Christ, who is "the Lion of the tribe of Judah."

If Satan tempts, Christ prays.

If Satan be a serpent to sting, Christ is like the brazen serpent to heal.

If the conflict be hard, look to the crown. Whilst we are fighting, Christ will succour us; and when we overcome He will crown us. What makes the soldier endure a bloody fight, but hope of a golden harvest? Think that shortly God will call us out of the field where the ballets of temptation fly so fast, and He will set a diadem of glory upon our head. How will the case be altered ! Instead of fighting, singing; instead of a helmet, a diadem ; instead of a sword, a palm-branch of victory; instead of armour, white robes; instead of Satan's skirmishes, the kisses and embraces of a Saviour.

The viewing these eternal recompences would keep us from yielding to temptation. In the heavenly regions, the place prepared for all that fight under Immanuel's banner, there shall be no fears to harass the mind, po dangers to overcome, no enemies to subdue; and all tears shall for ever be wiped away from their eyes; they shall drink of the living streams that flow from under the throne of God and the Lamb.

a few moments to certain solemn and tender inquiries?

1. Are you an enemy of a revival ? You shudder at the thought ! yetenemies there are; an arcb-enemy, a liar, a murderer, the old serpent, is still the foe of Cbrist and all His works. His aids and emissaries seek to hinder the arousing of saints, and the conversion of sinners. Perhaps you have heard them sheer and rail at the work of grace; which they deride as a disease or an infatuation. “These people are insane.'" “ These men are full of new wine," Acts ii. 13. Perbaps you have joined in the laughter of the sons of Belial; or have been afraid or ashamed to break silence. Consider with which party you then ranked yourself. “ Who is on the Lord's side ?" (Exod. xxxii. 26) is still the question. To mock at the opera tions of the Holy Spirit, ascribing them to lower causes, is not unlike the sin of the Pharisees, who dishonoured the miracles of Christ, Mark ii, 22; Lake xi. 15.

Men may fight against God (Aetsv. 39), and oppose His work of grace, by denying or disparaging it; by dwelling on every person or incident which has a ludicrous side; by repressing the feelings of awakened souls; or by encouraging frivolous and distracting conversation, reading, or amusements, when the Spirit of God is clearly and mightily moving the community to solemn consideration, bitter grief for sin, and earnest turning from the world to Christ.

2. Do you rejoice in a revival ? The church cries to God: Wilt thou not revive us again, that thy people may rejoice in thee?"

The church has no greater joy on earth; yea, the church in heaven rejoices over one siuner that repenteth (Luke xv. 7); God and Christ rejoice over multitudes renewed and forgiven. Is this your joy, 0 reader ? When the mighty awakening took place in the region of Samaria, “ there was great joy in that city,” Acts viii, 8. One converted famıly is cause of joy; when a whole church, when a whole neighbourhood, when multitudes in a city, turn unto the Lord, how exceedingly great should be the gladness of all who love Christ and love souls! Are you conscious of such joy? Can it be a matter of indifference to a truly renewed soul, even to hear a report of hundreds brought to confess the Lord Jesus? Feel as Christ and holy angels feel, and you will possess a joy in the salvation


WHEN many souls are coming to Christ at one time, we call it a “ Revival of Religion." There is no impropriety in this, even though the obvious effects are in converting sinners. This is always preceded by the refreshing of the church, and just: as God reneweth the face of the earth (Psalm civ. 30), in the spring, by calling forth grass and flowers, so He revives the wintry places of His church by bringing to light thousands of hitherto darkened souls. From Pentecost onwards, the Holy Spirit has been frequently sent in effusion so copious as to add multitudes simultaneously to the church of such as shall be saved. O reader! a time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord is also a time for great “ searchings of heart," Judges v. 16. Will you give

Have you

of your fellow-creatures and the glory of the Sunday school, in the family, in the your Lord. But possibly you know closet, pray, pray, pray ! nothing of all this.

5. Are you helping forward a revivat: 3. Are you a subject of a revival ? There is much work to be done among The kingdom of God has come nigh saints and sinners. Almighty God is unto you; but are you of it? You the only effectual power. Paul and hear, perhaps you speak, of a great re- Apollos are nothing, till God give the vival; but have you been yourself re- increase. Yet men are co-workers with vived? Has your cold heart, dead in God; humble instruments to convey trespasses and sins, been made alive by His truth and promote His glory. Say the Spirit of the living God? “Dost not you are weak; He hath chosen the thou believe on the Son of God?" weak things of this world to confound John xix. 35. Have old things passed the mighty. Say not you have no inaway, and have all things become new? fluence : you have already exerted too 2 Cor. v. 17. Have you that love to much, on the wrong side. Go forward the Lord Jesus Christ, without which in the name of the Lord, with light and your sentence is ANATHEMA MARA- love, and you shall behold the fruit of NATHA? 1 Cor. xvi. 22.

your labour,

You have a relative, a crucified the flesh, with the affections partner, a friend, a dependant, a neigh and lusts?

bour, whose soul you have neglected. These are very serious questions, to You have an hour in the week, or five which you have long since given a deli- minutes in the day, which you have berate answer, if you have been faithful failed to devote to saving an immortal to your own soul. Believe me, dear being. You may conduct one to a rereader, it is not enough to be a com- ligious meeting; you may bless another municant in the church. Thousands by rebuke. You may lend a book, give have been such, who are now in bell. a tract, write an affectionate letter. A revived church possesses revived mem- Especially you may plead with some bers. Are you such a one? Lay the fellow creature, that he would be reconhand on the breast and say, has the ciled to God. Peradventure your workpervading influence of the blessed Spirit ing-time is short. kindled your soul to new faith, hope, 6. Dops your heart care for the fruits love, devotion, and duty? If not, you of a revival? There is a duty to the are still outside of this shower of golden sheaves after the ears have fallen grace.

before the sickle. Folded sheep must 4. Do you pray for a revival ?. Many be watched and fed. New converts are thousands are so praying. It began in endangered creatures, lambs amidst prayer. This fresh gift of the loving wolves. Christ cares for them, and Saviour was born amidst the cries and wills that His servants should care for tears of His people. While they were them. It is not tbe will of the Father speaking, God was near, to bless. Thus that one of these little ones should He came upon the gathered eleven, and perish, Matt. xviii. 14. Beware how thus upon the pentecostal meeting for you offend, that is, betray inio sin, one prayer,

John xx. 19, 26; Acts i. 14, ii. 1. of these little ones. Seek to prevent The precept is still in foree, “ Pray for their straying. Seek to imbue them the peace of Jerusalem;" the promise with sound doctrine. This ductile constill holds good, “ They shall prosper dition is the very one in which to rethat love thee,” Ps. cxxii. 6. As revi- ceive the mould of truth, Rom. vi. 17. vals begin in prayer, so are they main- Earnestly endeavour to bring them to tained by prayer. The minister of the an intelligent and sincere profession of word is but a fainting Moses, if Aaron faith, and then to useful labours. Half and Hur cease to uphold his hands, the benefit of rerivals is lost from negExod. xvii. JO, 12. If we would see lect of those who have been converted. many thousands converted to God, we Might not classes of instruction for such must pray:

For thus saith the Lord persons, after the primitive model, be God, I will yet for this be inquired of found valuable ? Dear Christian reader, by the house of Israel to do it for them; if your heart has ever felt true peniI will increase them with men like a tence and love to Jesus, feed His sheep, flock; as the holy fock, as the flock of feed His lambs! Jerusalem in her solemn feasts,” Ezek. 7. Have you sought to honour God in Xxxvi. 37, 38. In the house of God, a revival ? The glory of God the Saviour in the converted meeting of brethren, in is the chief end to be regarded in the


salvation of the perishing. Every true conversion adds splendour to Messiah's crown. By every true revival of religion, glory redounds to the Lord God Almighty. But this declarative glory is lessened by everything in the work which overclouds Divine grace, or exalts poor, sinful man, and his doings and deserving Oh, how careful should we be, in every meeting, in every devotion, in every word, to maintain a reverence and godly fear for that Holy One whom we profess to believe present!. “ For our God is a consuming fire,” Heb. xii. 29. The young Levite, who unwarily touched the ark, was zealous but not reverent. When dealing with or for souls, we cannot be too gentle and tender, even as a nurse cherisheth her [own] children; we cannot be too humble

and meek. Pray for the “love of the Spirit,” Rom. xv. 30. Shun all that is censorious, or savouring of spiritual pride. All religious experiences are doubtful, which leave the soul arrogant, unteachable, harsh, and denunciatory. Let the awe of God's presence affect us, as it did the seraphim; and when our exultation is highest, let us most deeply cry-HOLY, HOLY, HOLY! Isa. vi, 1-6. How tenderly we should fear lest any uncrucified tempers of ours should “eat as doth a canker,” and spread contagion through the blessed work, 2 Tim. ii. 17. So live, beloved brother in the Lord, that you may be able to say of all around you, as did Paul,

“ And they glorified God in me," Gal. i. 24.


Biblical Illustration.

SEA OF GALILEE. “Now it came to pass on a certain day, that He upon the lake to remind us of its former use."

went into a ship with His disciples; and He said - Researches in Syria. unto them, Let us go over unto the other side

Mr. Bonar, of the Church of Scotland's deof the lake. And they launched forth. But as they sailed He fell asleep, and there came down

putation to Palestine, gives the following dea storm of wind on the lake, and they were scription in a letter of 15th of July, 1839. filled with water, and were in jeopardy.”— “We are now in our tents by the side of this LUKE viii, 22—24.

memorable lake, close by the town of Tiberias.

We washed in its waters, and got into the only THE Sea of Galiiee is a fresh-water lake, the boat upon it, and now we have just seen the Hebrews calling any large sheet of water a last of the setting sun fade from the hills of sea. It has four names in Scripture, taken Bashan, which are full in our view, and there from different localities connected with it. It is a deep stillness and serenity on the surface is called the Sea of Chinneroth, Numb. xxxiv. of the lake. We sat in quiet and thoughtful 11, from an ancient city of that name, situated meditation till near midnight, remembering on its western border; the Sea of Galilee, as how Jesus twice came to deliver His disciples lying in that district of country, Matt. iv. 18; at the darkest hour ; how He walked on the the Lake of Gennesaret, Luke v. 1, from a waves, and spoke peace. We could fancy it small plain or strip of land lying along the was on such a night as this that Peter and the shore; and the Sea of Tiberias, John xxi. 1, others went out to fish, and caught nothing till from a city of that name, built by Herod An- next morning. We got some of the fish of tipas, in honour of the Emperor Tiberius, on the lake broiled, to our evening meal. The its south-west coast. Mr. Carne thus describes lake is clear, and the channel is not muddy, it:-. The length of the Lake of Tiberias is but pebbly; the water is sweet and soft. The about fourteen miles, and the breadth five. edge is either bare, or fringed with reeds, but The fish it contains have a most delicious occasionally rhododendrons in full bloom, and flavour, and are much the size and colour a species of convolvulus, form a beautiful of a mullet. The boats used on it are in some border. The hills on the opposite side are seasons of the year much exposed, from the very steep, just such as the swine might run sudden squalls of wind which issue from be- down. While conversing, with a very retween the mountains. The water is perfectly spectable and intelligent Jew respecting the sweet and clear. The Jordan is seen to enter Sea, we asked him about the squalls that sweep it at its northern extremity, and its course is over it, and he said that in winter time it was distinctly visible through the whole extent of often far more stormy than the Great Sea. the lake. The range of mountains forming The deputation estimate the lake at fifteen its eastern shore is very lofty; their steep and miles in length, by nine in breadth. They add. rocky sides are barren, with a sprinkling of "The eastern side is bounded by bare and trees on a few of the summits."

lofty mountains; along the north-west margin Mr. Jowett observes :-". The Sea of Ga- is a plain, about three or four miles long, and lilee, in its dimensions, resembles exactly the a mile, or a mile-and-a-half broad, supposed size of the Isle of Malta_about twenty miles to be the land of Gennesareth, where Caperin length, twelve in breadth, and sixty in naum and other fishing towns were situated." circumference. There is not a single boat now -Narrative of Mission to the Jews.

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