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tenant-colonel Browne, Major of the 23th foot, Captain Godwin, and Lieutenant Se.. foot, Brevet Lieutenant-colonel Noicott, ward.- 1st battalion 28th foot, Hon. Captain Major of the 95th, Major Duncan, Royal Mullins, Lieutenants Wilkinson, Muore, and Artillery, Major Gough, of the 87th, Major Jolin Anderson.--1st battalion 82d foor, the Honourable E. Acheson, of the 67th, and Lieutenant M'Koy -30 battalion 2jch foot, Captain Birch, of the Royal Engineers, all Lieutenant.colonei Barnard, Lieut. W. Camp. in the command of corps or detachments on beli.--2d battalion 67th foot, Captain Pa. this memorable service; and I confidently trickson, Ensigu Sutierland.2d battalion trust that the bearer of this dispatch, Captain 37th foot, Major Maclaine, Captain SomerHope, (to whom I refer your lordship for fur. sall, Li-utenants J. G. Fennell and J. C. Barther details) will be promoted, on being per- ton.-ld battalion 95th foot--Lieutenant micred to lay the eagle at his Majesty's feet. Cochrane and Hope. I have the honour to be, &c.

Dangerously Il’ounded. --Royal Artillery, THOMAS GRAHAM. Lieutenant Woolcombe, (since dead). - 1st P.S. I beg leave to add, that two Spanish battalion 9!h foot, Li utenant Taylor.--ist officers, Captains Miranda and Naughton, at- battalion 28th foot, Lieutenant Light and tached to my staff, behaved with the utmost Benoet (since dead).-!0th Portuguese, intrepidity.

T.G. Lieutenant-colonel Buele. Isle de Leon, March 10, 1811. Slightly Wounded.--!d hussars, King's Ger. My LORD, I have the honour to transmit man legion, Lieutenant Bock.- Royal Artil. to your lordship, the return of the killed and lery, Captains Hughes and Cator, Lieutenants wounded in the action of the 5th instant, and E. Mitchell, Brereton, and C. Nlanners. I have the satisfaction to add, that the 1st guards, Captain Adair, Ensign Fielde. wounded in general are doing well.

Coldstream guards, Ensign Bentinck and TalBy the best account that can be collected bot.-guards, Ensign and Adjutant Wate from the wounded French officers, the enemy son. 1st battalion 9th fout, Lieutenant Ram had about 8000 men engaged. Their loss by binson.-- Ist battalion 28th foot, Capt, Bradreports froin Chiclana, in killed, wounded, bey, Lieutenant Blakeney.-21 battalion 82d ani prisoners, is supposed to amount to 3000; foul, Captain Stewart.-3d battalion 95cha I have no doubt of its being very great. fcot,' Lieut. Hovenden.--2d battalion 47ch

I transmit too a return of the ordnance in foot, Capt. Fethiersioned battalion 67th our possession, and also the most accurate foor, Lieut-col. Prevost, Lieut. W. Ronald. note that can be obtained of prisoners, most of --20th Portuguese, Capt. Barrieras, Lieute. whom are wounded. They are su dispersed nants Dom, Esteval, Pantalchuo de Oliviero, indifferent hospitals, that an exact return has Ensign Felix Antonio Miranda.–Staff'; Capa not been obtained.

tain D. Mercer, 3d regiment of guards, aid. I have the honour to be, &c.

de-camp to Brigadier general Dilkes. THOMAS GRAHAM, Lieut.-Col. N.B. Captain Mercur is returned in the P.S. Detachments of cavalry and infantry wounded of the 3d regiment of guards. have been daily employed in carrying off the (Signed) JOHN CIACDONALD. wounded, and burying the dead, sill the Lieut..col. Deputy Adjutant General. evening of the 8th instant, by which time all

GREAT BRITAIN. the enemy's wouniled that could be found The following letter of the Prince of among the brushwood and heath were vrought Wales to his father's ministers, on his

entering on the functions of Regent, does LIST OF THE KILLID AND WOUNDED.

justice to the sentiments of bis Royal ROM THE LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAOR

Higlwess, and proves hin worthy of the DINARY. Rank and names of Officers killed and wounded confidence of the intelligent and indee in the action of Barrosi.

pendent part of the nation, although the Killed. --Staff; Ensign Eyre, Ist guards, juncture of affairs prevents his Royal acting aid-de-camp to Colonel Wheatley.

Highness from carrying his public-spirited 1st regiment of guards, Ensign Cummerell.

wishes into execution. Coldstream guards, Ensign Watts.-3d

Carlton House, Feb. 4, 1811, guards, Captain Swam.--47th, 2d battalion,

The Prince of Wales consioers the moment Ensign Delacherois.- 37th, 2d battalion, to be arrived, which calls for his decision with Ensign F. E. Rough. 95th, 2d battalion, respect to the persons to be employed by him, Captain Knipe.

in the administration of the executive goN.B. Ensign Eyre is returned in the killed vernment of the country, according to the of the 1st regiment of guards.

puwers vested in him by the Bill passed by Severely Wounded.2d hussars King's Ger- the two houses of parliament, and now on man legion, Cape. Voss, (since dead.) -Royal the point of receiving the sanction of the Artillery, Lieutenants Mailland and Pester.

-1st guards, Lieut..colonel Sebright, Capt. The Prince feels it incumbent upon him, Stables and Colquitt, Ensigns Sir H. Lambert, at this precise juncture, to communicate to Cameron, and Vigors.--d guards, Lieute- Mr. Perceval his intention not to remove nant-colonel Hepburn.- 1st battalion 9th from their stations chose whom he finds



great seal.

there, as his Majesty's official servants. At the temporary suspension of the exercise of the same time, the Prince owes it to the those branches of the royal prerogative, truth and sincerity of character, which, he which has been introduced by Parliament, in trusts, will appear in every action of his life, conformity to what was intended on a fornier in whatever situation placed, explicitly to de- similar occasion; and that, whatever minis. clare, that the irresistible impulse of filial ters your Royal Highness right think pro. duty and affection to his beloved and afficted per to employ, would find in that full sup, father, leads him to dread, that any act of port and countenance which, as long as they the Regent might, in the smallest degree, were honoured with your Royal Highness's have the effect of interfering with the pro. commards, they would feel confident they gress of his Sovereign's recovery.

would continue to enjoy ample and sufficient This consideration a one dicra es the deci. means, to enable your Royal Highness etiecsion now communicated to Mr. Perceval. tually to maintain the great and important

Having thus performed an act of indispen- interest of the United Kingdom. sable duty, from a just sense of what is due And Mr. Perceval humbly truses, chat, to his own consis ency and honour, the whatever doubts your Royal Highness may Prince has only to add, that, among the entertain with respect to the constitutional many blessings to be derived from his Ma propriety of the measures whieh have been jesty's restoration to health, and to the per. adopted, your Royal Highness will feel assonal exercise of his royal functions, it will sured, that they could not have been recomsiot, in the Prince's estimation, be the least, mended by his Majesty's servants, nor sancthat that most fortunatc event will at once tioned by Parliament, but upon the siacere, sescue him from a situation of unexampled though possibly erroneous, conviction, that embarrassment, and put an end to a state of they in no degree trenched upon the true affairs, ill calculated, he fears, to sustain principles and spirit of the constitution. the interests of the United Kingdom, in this Mr. Perceval teels it his duty to add, thas awful and perilous crisis, and most diflicult he holds himself in readiness, at any mo. to be reconciled to the genuine principles of ment, to wait upon your Royal Highness, the British constitution."

and to receive any commands, with which Mr, Perceval's answer.

your Royal Highness may be gracivusly Downing-street, Feb. 5, 1811. pleased to honour him. Mr. Perceval presents his humble duty Many interesting debates have passed to your Royal Highness, and has the honour

in Parliament, within the month, the to acknowledge the receipt of your Royal lead in the Upper Ilouse being taken by Highness's letter of last night, which reach- Lords Moira, Holland, Lansdown, Grenie ed him this morning.

ville, Erskine, Stanhope, &c.; and in Mr. Perceval feels it his duty to express

the Commons by Messrs. Whitbread, his humble thanks to your Royal Highness, for the frankness with which your Royal

Ponsonby, Romilly, Folkstone, Burdett,

W. imith, and others. Six millions of Highness has condescended, explicitly, to communicate the motives which have in-exchequer bills are to be lent on security, duced your Royal Highness to honour his col.

for the relief of merchants, aid, we leagues and him with your commands for the rather fear, of speculators, who need continuance of their services, in the stations capital to keep up the price of their entrusted to them by the King. And Mr. stocks as the discounts of the Bank Perceval beys leave to assure your Royal prove inadequate to the purpose. Highness, that, in the expression of your

A practical commentary on much that Royal Highness's sentiments of filial and

has been published in this Magazine, has loyal attachment to the King, and of anxiety for the speedy restoration of his Majesty's the nominal value of the 4s. 3d. dollar,

been furnished, by a sudden advance in health, Mr. Perceval can see nothing but

from 55. its late price, to 55. 6d.; so that additional motives for their most anxious ex.

eleven one-pound notes may now he had ertions to give satisfaction to your Royal Highness, in the only manner in which it for 40 dollars, instead of ten, as heres

tofore ! can be given, by endeavouring to promote

Permanent and Annual Taxes, 1809-10. your Royal Highness's views, for the secu: rity and happiness of the country.

Net Product. Mr. Perceval has never failed to regret Customs


Excise the impression of your Royal Highness, with

17,184,931 regard to the provisions of the Regency Bill, Stamps..


Land and assessed taxes which his Majesty's servants felt it to be


Post office their duty to recommend to Parliament. But,

1,370,069 he ventures to submit to your Royal High- Pensions and salaries, 1s. duty, pess, that, whatever ditficulties the present

and 6d. duty

84,743 awful crisis of the country and the world may Hackney coaches.

25,995 create, in the administration of the execu. Hawkers and pedlars

12,995 tive government, your Royal Highness will mot find them, in any degree, increased, by

Carried forward 41,299,021 Brought forward 41,299,021

Brought forward

65,104,597 Hereditary Crown reveries 118,750 Surplus revenue of the Isle of Man 9,717

Extraordinary Resources -War Taxes. An account of interest of loan to Customs. 3,072,761 Portugal

28,585 Excise

5,638,216 Impust money repaid by sundry ac: Property tax.... 12,131,118 countants

83,968 Arrears of income, duty, &c 26,6:43 Of the monies paid to the public

Lottery (net profit), one third for

Total income, independent of loans 63,227,266 Ireland

435,818 Loans paid into the Exchequer, Interest of loans for Ireland.. .9,260,436 including three millions for Eschequer bills at Grenada.

15,000 Ireland, and 600,0001, for PorSurplus fees of regulated public offices 104,304 tugal...

. 14,675,668 Carried forward 65,104,527

Eighty millions ! £79,902,934



l'ith Biographical Mlemoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased. A PROJECT has been formed for the es- phans (out of twenty petitioners) were

tablishment of two great fishing societies. elected into the Society's schouis. The com. The Imperial Association, with a loan of a mittee appointed to carry into effect the million, propose to give encouragement, by resolution of the general court in November the loan of money, to the establishment of 1809, as to fixing upon a spot for new schools stores, of casks, salt, and ocher materials, and promoting subscriptions for building the fer curing all round the island, both to the same, made their report: from which it apDeep Sea Fishery and the Coast Fishery; and pears, that the place they have chosen is a to make a grand depât in London, as an ar- part of St John's Ilood Farms, a very healthy çicle both of internal consumption and foreign situation about half a mile north of Baker. trade. The Royal Western Fishery, with a street; that one of the schools has for some capital of 300,0001. is for the purpose of time been covered in, and the internal work is establishing a fishery on an extent of coast, now in a state or forwardness; that the sube reaching over the Nymph Bank to the scriptions to che undertaking have been very Scilly Islands, and from Cornwall to South liberal, amounting to upwards of 90001.; Wales.

and the committee enterta'n a confident hope, Proposals for a new theatre, to be called from what they have already experienced, the Alfred Theatre, are in circulation. that a benevolent public will enable them to The theatre is to be built and supported by complete their whole design without breaksubscription; 52,0001. to be raised for the ing into their permanent funds. building, and 21,0001. yearly. The theatre On Monday, March 11, a very numerous is to be either in the parish of Marybone, meeting of noblemen and gentlemen was er that of St. George, Hannover-square. held at the Freemasons' Tavern, for the None but subscribers, their families, and purpose of founding a permanent institution friends, are to be admitted to the perforin. to carry into effect his Majesty's views withi ances, which are to consist entirely of moral respect to the introduceion of Merino sheep, plays, two in a week; and a committee is to it being fully ascertained that this valuable expunge from old plays they may adopt, race of animals are admirably adapted to the every immoral passage. The chief proprio soil and climate of the British empire. A ecors and subscribers will amount to 600, complete unanimity prevailed through the from whom the direciprs are to be chosen, assembly, and every individual seemed anxious and who may introduce their families and to aid this great national object. friends; other persons are to be admitted by blistiment was formes under the title of the ballot. It is suggested that they may casily Merino Society, rules and regulations were collece an audience of 1000 unexceptionable adopted, resolutions passed, and officers appersons, but thac they will not be able to pointed; after which nearly 300 noviemen procure performers sufficiently virtuous to and gentlemen became members. The Right exhibit before such an audience.

hon. Sir Joseph Banks, who has so long and On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the Society for zealously supported the Merino cause, premaintaining and educacing Poor Orphans of sided as airman. Ciergymen till of age, to be put Apprentice,

MARRIED. held their anniversary meeting at the Freea At Buckingham-house, Pall Mall, the Dihsons' Tavern, Great Queen-street, Liri• Hon. Everard Arundel, eldest son of Lord coln's-inn-fields, which was numerously and Arundel, to Lady Mary Grenville, daughter very respectably attended. Twelve poor ore of the Marquis of Buckingham.


An esta

At St. Luke's, Thomas Perronet Thomp.

DIED. son, late governor of Sierra Leone, to Ann At the age of 70, his grace the Duke of Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Graftou, chancellor of Cambridge, recorder Barker, of: York-William Mann, esq. to of Coventry and Thetford, &c. &c.-of ibis Miss Matilda Milne, of Finsbury-place. nobleman a full account is given in anorber part

Al Tottenham, the Rev. Guy Bryan, to of this Numler, Selina, third daughter of John Wilmot, esq. At his house in Duval's-lane, near Horn. of Bruce Castle.

sey, after a short illness, in the 65th year of At Shoreditch, Mr. George Tatlock, of his age, Mr. John Leecb, formerly an emiMilk-street, Cheapside, to Ann, daughter of nent leather seiler on Snow.bill. He was a Charles Lilly, esq. of Coventry.

man much and deservedly respected in all At Aldgate, s. S. Hall, esq. of the Circus, the relative situations of life, and he has left Minories, to Miss De Bie, of the Grove, a widow and seven children to lament the Stratford, Essex.

loss of the best of husbands, and most tender At Lambeth, Robert Lloyd, esq. to Ann, of parents. As a man, he possessed from second daughter of the Rev. Edward Ri. nature first-rate talents; read much ; his chards, of Llangwm, Denbighshire --Samuel judgment in most cases was correct, which Gower Poole, esg. of Chelsea, to Helen, induced him to select the most valuable and daughter of C. C. Hall, esq. of Raleigh important parts of what came under his conHouse, Brixton.

sideration and perusal; and a considerable At Edmonton, Joseph Wright, esq. of Al. originality of thought, and a great indedermanbury, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of pendance of mind, which taught him to William Hodgson, esq.

despise where conviction was insufficient, Mr. Rowland Rouse, of Market Harlo- though this doubtless made him enemies sough, Leicestershire, to Miss M. B. Sturges, amongst men who implicitly received other's daughter of the Rev. Joseph S. senior, of opinions without examination in matters of Wappenham, Northamptonshire.

religion and civil policy, but it is a conduct, At Hackney, Mr. Gell, of Eastbourne, which, as lovers of truth, we must admire. Sussex, solicitor, to Miss Gill.

These qualifications in Mr. Leech, made him Ac Si. Andrew's, Holborn, Colonel Cowell, a rationally agreeable original, and instructive tö Mrs. Whitehorne, widow of Counsellor W. and eloquent in conversation. of Jamaica.

In a coach, on his return from the house Ac St. George's, Bloomsbury, Fortunatus of a friend, (supposed by the rupture of a Dwarris, esq. of the Middle Temple, to Miss blood vessel) Richard Dalton, esq. of Camber. Brereton, of Bernard-street, Russel-square. well, in the 53d year of his age, a native of

At St. James's, Lieut. Col. Watts, barrack. Wigton, in Cumberland, and late a partner master at Chatham, to Miss Chapman, of in the stationary business of Messrs. Wright, Sloane-street.

and Gill, Abchurch-lane, London, and At Mary-le-bone, Major-general Rey- latterly assosiated with the Messrs. Kays. nolds, to Mary, eldest daughter of John His disposition was $0 modest and re. Hunter, esq. his Majesty's consul-general in tiring, that no one knew the worth of his Spain. -The Rev. Henry Townsend, son of character, who was not intimately ac. Gore T. esq. of Honington Hall, Warwick- quainted with him. He has been repeatshire, to Catharine Anne, second daughter of edly solicited by the inhabitants of the Augustus Pechell, esq. o: Portman-square. ward in which his house of business stood - Augustus Bayson, esq. of Nelson-square, to be their alderman, which he as constantly to Miss Elizabeth Chanibers, of Charlotte- declined, from a love of books and retirement, Etreet, Portland-place.-Colonel Jones, of and a contempt of civic honours; for, having the 18th liglit jragoons, .to Antonia, young. been the partner of two gentlemen who had est daughter of the late Henry Swinburne, served the office of Lord Mayor of London, esg, of Hamsterly, Durbam.

he had seen too much of the office to induce At St. Pancras, Colonel Bosce, of the him to covet it. His manners were modest Bombay establishment, to Miss Ann Aldous, and unassuming; no one ever saw him pay of Fitzroy-street-Daniel Lambert, jun. esq. court to a rich or powerful man; no one ever of Marcin's-lane, Cannon-street, to Chris- heard him converse with one in humble life, tiana, daughter of William Taylor, esq. of but with respectful attention. His mind the Terrace, Tottenham-court-road.

was stored with various reading, and he united, At St. George's, Hanover-square, Wil. in a degree almost unexampled, the most liam Peere Williams, esq. only son of Ad. correct and measured understanding, with the miral w. to Miss Blencowe, eldest daughter kindest and most benevolent heart. of R. W. B. esq. of Darlington, Northamp- In Great Ormond-strett, Mrs. Tharn101, tonshire.-Robert Chester Cooper, esq. of relict of Godfrey T. esq. of Moggerhanger Lewes, Sussex, to Caroline, third daughter House, Bedfordshire. of the late George Shum, esq.

- In Duke-street, Portland-place, Joba Tare Ac St. Bride's, Fleet-street, Mr. Thomas rant, esq. late of Chancery-lane. Derry, of Dorset-strect, to Mary, youngest In Lower Grosvenor-street, Mrs. Malyneux, daughter of Josbua Hobbs, esqi of Cheshunt, sister of sir Francis M. Hésts,

As bis father's, near Upper George-street,


Portman-square, Sampson Scber, esq. of che In Upper Grosvenor-street, ybr Henry Polygon, Southampton.

Barrow, esq. of Hill Park, Kent. At the house of her brother, the Ho- In Grosvenor-street, aged 86, James Brue nourable A. Cochrane Johnstone, Lady denell, earl of Cardigan, baron Brudenell of Elizabeth Heroni, widow of Patrick H. of Dean, in the county of Northampton. His Heron, esa.

lordship held the places of privy purse to his At Woolwich, Mrs. Yeo, relict of Captain Majesty, and governor of Windsor Castle. Y. late governor of the royal naval hospital He first married Lady Ann Legge, sister to at Haslar.

the second word of Dartmouth; and secondly, At Whetstone, Mrs. Stoddart, relict of Lady Elizabeth Waldegrave, sister to the Lieut. S. of the royal navy.

fourth earl of Waldegrave. Having died In Wigmore-street, at the Bishop of Chi- without male issue, he is succeeded in his chester's, Admiral Buckner.

title and estates by his nephew, Mr. Brudenell, In Russell-square, John Harrison, esq. only one of the equeries to the queen. son of Robert H. esq. banker, of Mansion- Baron John Henry Neuman, aged 67, fora House-street.

merly an officer in the Austrian service, au. At Chelsea, Mrs Delancy, widow of Bri- thor of the Marine Dictionary, &c. and lately gadier-general Oliver D. 88.

an eminent translator of languages. His In Manchester-square, Licuto-general Gerrit attainments as a linguist, have rarely been Fisber.

equalled. In Saville-row, Mrs. Lyell, relict of Henry On Tuesday, Feb. 19th, at Great StanL. esq. of Bourn House, Cambridgeshire, and more, in the 65th year of his age, Mr. Wil. grandmother to Earl Delawar, 81.

liam Parker, many years the faithful servant In Portman-square, Mrs. Moffatt, widow and confidential agent of the late Thomas of John M. esq.

Clutterbuck, esq. and his family, of that At Hampton Court Palace, Louisa Mary, place. Devoted from his intancy to the in. youngest daughter of Lieut. Col, Braddyl, of terests of a family from whom he had reche Coldstream guards.

ceived his early education, he served them, In Lincoln's-inn Fields, W. H. Monday, during the long period of fifty-three years, esq. partners with Messrs. Wilson and Chis- with an attachment and fidelity so remarka holme, eminent solicitors.

able, as seldom to be equalled, and perhaps At Somer's Town, George Countess, esq. never exceeded, by any one placed in a si. rear-admiral of the white.

milar situation. From a knowledge of his In Red Lion-street, London Docks, Mrs. long tried and faithful services, and from a Hullab, wife of Mr. Thomas H.

conviction of his warm and affectionate disIn Whitechapel, William Watson, esq. position, he had long been considered as a brewer, 40.

friend; and with such ardent gratitude did In Harley-street, Henry Septimus, infant he repay the confidence seposed in bim, that son of Charles Pole, esq.

the interests of his master's family became In Upper George-street, Portman-square, his own, and his honest heart was elevated Mrs. Tolson, wife of Major-general T. of the with joy, or depressed with grief, in propora East India Company's service,

tion to the vicissitudes of success or disap. In Berkeley-square, Mrs. Jobnson, relict pointment, affliction or happiness, incidens of Mr. James J.

to the concerns of a numerous family during In John-street, Bedford-row, Mary, daugh- their progress through life; but gratitude to ter of R. Litchfield, esq. of Torrington, bis master's family, and undeviating rec. Devon.

titude in all his transactions with mankind, Io Durham. place, Mr. Jobn Blake, 71. were not his only virtues. Deeply inpressed

At Camberwell, Henricita, wife of Captain with the genuine truths of the Christian re. W. Parker, late of the Bengal artillery. ligion, he never failed to put them in prace

In Finsbury-place, Mary, wife of W. Ban. tice whenever visited by domestic affliction, bury, esq. 34.

or bodily infirmity; and during his last illness In Craig's-court, Charing Cross, Mrs. Wym he displayed the same piety and resignation bourn, wite of Mr. W. solicitor.

to the divine will, which had marked every In East India Buildings, Mrs. Gear, wife action of his well-spent life. He retained of Robert G. esq. 30.

his faculties to the last, took a solemn and In Gower-street, the only son of James affectionate leave of his friends and relations, Kelly, esq.

gave his dying admonition to his children, In New Bond-street, Mrs. Lockwood, relict and transacted his worldly concerny with a of Captain L. of the second West York fortitude and composure truly exemplary. militia.

Some time before his death he received the At Stockwell Common, Mr. John Barclay, sacrament, and, without a single instance of 34.

complaint or murmur, resigned himself to In Lower Grosvenor-street, Mary Ann, the will of bis Maker without a sigh or groan. wife of the Rev. J. C. Morphew, of Walpole, He was followed to the grave by all the sure Norfolk.

viving sons of his deceased master, who MoxTHLY Mac. No. 211,



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