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The nations and civilizations of antiq- not emotional; it is a servant to either uity fell in cousequence of the unre- force. These forces are the magazines strained action of the propensities. of human power. Modern civilizations are taking the same Fourth, what are the products of the

It is righteousness alone that action of the objective force? exalteth and giveth permanency to pa- The product of the action of these tions.

atoms is the Adamic community, conThe mission of Jesus was to begin on sisting of father, mother, and their earth the I)ivine order in human society, children. When the offshoots have ma

was manifested in the Pentecostal tured, they fly off to fulfill their destiny, Church, and now in that of the Shakers. as their parents have done.

Here we The Divine faculties were and are called find, first, a force to form a community ; into action, and the propensities exclud- second, a force to disintegrate the same. ed. The results were, and are, a vir- And again, a third force, repelling any gin life and a community of all good coalescence with every other such comthings.

munity. Hence family distinctiveness. If communities, having goods in com- Having arrived at a knowledge of the mon, based on the total exclusion of the forces which create the family relationaction of the propensities, exists in our ship, limit its extent and maintain its day, the cause must be referred to the distinctiveness, we become possessed of divine element in man being quickened. a base of operations, to weigh and meas

Having classified society according to sure what they are able to do, and what the organic law of each, and defined the they are not able to effect. phases thereof, I will now proceed to The forces of the physical world are, analyze society, and again inquire, to some extent, controlled and modified

First, what are the primary atoms of 'y man, but he cannot change them eshuman society ? Man and woman are sentially ; whatever form they may asthe primary atoms of human society. sume under his hand, they continue to

Second, what are the forces of these bear a strict relation to their primary atoms as regards the formation of socie- forces. So

woman, on the ty?

Adamic planc or sphere, can be trained, Their most potent inherent force is au till a great change in the common acaffinity to unite and form matrimonial ceptation of the term has taken place. relationships. This force may be called But, on examination, they are essenthe animal force, for all animals in com tially the same, and bear a strict and true mon with man are its subjects. They relation to the above forces, avd to the all marry as does man.

sphere thereof. And any attempts of Third, the above force is the object-the subjects of said sphere, to raise ive, but what are the inhering forces of themselves out of, and beyond the power each atom? The inheriug forces in of the forces thereof, by the aid of said each are dual, one is represented by ani- forces, must prove a nullity. Hence the mal emotions, the other by divine emo-brmation of communities, embracing a tions—benevolence, goodness. There is number of families, recognizing the also a neutral force, the intellect, it is forces alluded to, have all died out, or




merely linger along. And so loag as the Jesus on this point, gave a practical exprimal forces remain intact, the same re- ample (see New Testament) and said, sults will attend any attempt to establish Those who do the will of my Father communities having goods in common. who is in Ileaven, the same (all humanFirst, because families do not coalesce. ity in that state) is my mother, sister, Second, communities having goods in and brother.” Here is a new relationcommon, do not admit of a plurality of ship. His Father is in Heaven-in a centers of affection. And third, utterly heavenly sphere; and those who do the reject the distinctive element. There will of his Father—whose every word fore, Adamic families are incapable of and act are in harmony with the Father, forming communities having goods in are also of that sphere, whether they common, being under the power of the be in a mortal body or noi.

Here we forces of auimal emotional life, repre- find that love to God is the vitalizing sented by the propensities. Said forces element, or creative force of Christ's and propensities being incapable of man- kingdom. And love to those brought

. ifesting divive emotional life-incapable forth by that force, brings forth a uniof forming a universal brotherhood, versal brotherhood—the Divine order of having one center of affection—God. human society. Such a kingdom will

Seeing that there is not a kingdom uot be of the world, neither will its gorrecognized on earth, where the Divine ernment stand in physical power, nor emotional force predominates, and has operate by force after the manner of the taken the mental force and subdued the kingdoms of the animal man. animal in man and brought forth an or- The germ of the Adamic family is der of society, with law, order, and a very limited in its unfoldings. The civilizatiou corresponding thereto, p?r- germ—love to God, in its unfoldings emhaps we may find a single individual who braces all humanity. And the voice of may have focalized in himself such a that unfolding, is ever, 66 Whosoever will kingdom.

let him come” and inherit the Divine On looking over the past, we find one life and the true and good flowing thereindividua! who states “ That his king- from. dom is not of this world, and that his Where the life and love of God is shed subjects will not fight.” Here are en- abroad in human spirits, there is no couraging indications. But what are need to manufacture a community havthe forces by which this Nazarene pur- ing goods in common; it springs up o1 poseth to create and vital.ze his king. itself, and is the result of the internal dom? He says, “ Call no man on earth forces of divine relationships. father.” Here he abrogates the order Here we find focalized in Christ, first, of the earthly father—the husband, and a force to create a universal brotherof course the wife—the mother. Indeed, hood; second, a force to destroy the oras far as his kingdom is concerned, the ganizing affinities of the Adamic relawhole procreative order. And the rea- tiorships. Whererer two or three son is, “For one is your father, even are gathered together in the power of He who is in Heaven -one center of these superior forces, there will be law affection—God. And in his own life, and government, and an ultimate civili




zation that eye hath not seen

The saying that “ a sect looks back to heard, neither hath it entered the heart its founders, while a church looks forof the Adamic man to conceive of. ward,” is an example of this kind. For

In conclusion, the Divine-the Shak-while this is true as matter of fact, the er Order of human society, and the implied inference, that one is the excluAdamic, will run parallel through the sive mark of a sect, and the other of a ages. The latter is the boyhood, the church, is untrue. In the ordinary apformer the true manhood of the race. plication of these terms among people Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.

professing Christianity, cach sect is a

church, and a church may be a sect. TRUE TO TRUTH,

Even if it were not so, sects adopting True be to Truth, though you serve it alone.

the Christian name, though chiefly staThust to Truth always with faith never shaken; tiovary, do look forward, and a true Serving it, shr not to suffer and dare;

church, if it remain true, must look to Preach it and fight for it; though it be taken For Falschood, for its sake all contumely eare;

its founders, and bear them often in God seems to will that the furnac should prove it, Tested with fire, that its worth may be shown;

mind, for no one can be a member, who Put your firm faith in it, let nothing move it;

is not actuated by the spirit of its foundTrue be to Truth, though you serve it alone.

Hence the aforesaid saying has no In it God speaks; as lis awful voice hear it;

value as a test of truth. Take it, as Moses the tablets received, Trusted to you still to love it and fear it,

We read in “ Tests of Divine InspiTold evermore till by all men believed;

ration" p. 21. Every dispensation of Be it flis fiery pillar to guide you, You to whose blest cyes its radiance is shown;

the work of God, commenced in divine Ted through the desert, whatever betide you,

revelation, by wbich its foundations were Truc be to Truth, though it guide you alone.

laid. To support and perfect the work Ever its prophets the world has derided,

Stoned first the Saints it has learned to adore; of each dispensation, a continued reveGirdled in fire, true to Truth they abided,

lation was also indispensable. And Firm in the flames till they suffered no more. Heroes and Saints and new Mariyrs. we need them,

whenever the gifts of the Divine Spirit Wrong to make right and God's will to make

eased, a “ falling away, ” from foundaknown, Till tyrants are smitten and bondsmen have free. tion principles, among the professors of dom,

that order, was the inevitable result. And Truth rules the glad world, supreme and

66 Where there is no vision, the people alone.- . C. Bennett.

perish." Pror. CHRIST NOT DIVIDED.

But although a continued revelation was always necessary, by which to know

the present will of God (to the living,) HALF truths told in the form of prop- yet an all important principle has ever ositions, to sustain a theory, are some- been paramount to all others, in every times more deceptive and misleading to age of the world. And ibat is, an unthe critical mind, than absolute false- erring rule, by which to judge, distinhood. Because the moiety of truth they guish and know divinely inspired revelacontain, like the stamp on counterfeit tions from those which are spurious, and coin, enables them to pass unchallenged false. Page, 23. “The rudimental laws where unmixed falsehood would be re- of each dispensation, were the rules or jected.

tests by which to judge all spiritual com



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munications” given in their respective ed. Increase, on a true foundation, will

pot conflict with, but confirm and An unerring test being an acknowl- strengthen the foundation. , edged necessity in a church which is Sect, from Latin seco, to cut off, to continually advancing into the ever in- separate, means a party, or division, creasing light of truth, where can we wliether in philosophy or religion. It find it more surely than in the lives and therefore implies a plurality of bodies testimony of its founders and perpetua- or parties in religion, etc., separated tors?

from each other by conflicting opinions A pure stream never came from a cor- and usages, but classified under one rupt fountain, neither a pure stock from name. Hence the so called Christian hybrid seed. The first, universally rec-sects, Jewish sects, Mohammedan sects, ognized criterion of truth, is its perfect are so many independent heads or paroneness, from whence arises harmony, ties, professedly Christian, Jewish, or consistency and agreement. This fact Mohammedan, divided in particulars, lies at the basis of all true reason, and but agreeing in some generalities. sound understanding. The gospel itself The church or congregation of Christ, must agree

with certain concepts is his visible body, which, as it is raised of truth in the mind to which it is ad- up and sustained by Divine Power and dressed, or it will not be received. It Wisdom, can never have but one head, was the work of Moses and the proph- and is therefore indivisible.

As it emets, and of Christ in his first appearing, braces all the interests of man in his ro to form a foundation in the human mind deemed and complete state, including all for a class of concepts that do not spring truth necessary to raise, endow, and perup spontaneously, nor originate in natu- fect mankind in that state, it is not, and ral causes, but in revelation, and are nerer can be a sect. For as the Aposcommunicated from mind to miud by tle declares, Eph. i., 10. It is the Dispirit intelligence, or the holy spirit of vine purpose in the fullness of times, to Divine wisdom, whether by the agency gather all things into one Christ, both of spirits in the body or spirits out of the things in heaven and the things on the body.

It is the work of Christ's earth, it must draw all that is salvable second appearing to build upon and in- from every sect, being as superior to ah crease those concepts.

sects, as the heavens are superior to Hence we cannot ignore the past alto- earth. gether, without severing the trunk from Some twelve years ago, E. Amos the roots which nourish and keep it alive. Parkhurst, queried in himself. What is without ignoring the wisdom, strength, the body of Christ? There opened to and growth of the past, so far as that his view, a great multitude of Shakers, was growth in light and right, it forms disciples, perhaps a million of them tothe basis of present attainments. gether, and all were actuated and moved

May those who view the past, as a by the one spirit of Christ. limit to all increase, or as sanctioning the body of Christ. Well, how do they acknowledged error, reject with discrim-get this one spirit?

How does it operination lest their light become extinguish- ate? It seemed to operate through the

That was

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nerve fuid, or nerve spirit, so that what but the serious, and almost ominous one-knows, they all know.

question comes up, what social relations Again, electricity was presented as are best to supersede the present objecanother medium of operation, for the in- tionable ones? That is one of the hardfluènce proceeding from the fountain est questions of today, and it calls loudhead, which must be an individual intel- er and louder for reply. bigence of course. This spirit began to Suppose all were Shakers. Depopulabe manifested in Jesus Christ, and can tion would be the result. Suppose all never come only through him. The were Mormous. The tangled relations work has been increasing since, and and resultant misery would be greatly when it is perfected, such will be the increased. Mopasticcelibacy is but 'body of Christ. “For though it is one outward show, accompanied by crime body, it bath many members.” This and degradation such as few would beview was not to represent what is now, lieve who have not investigated. Our but what is to be when the church is present system most in vogue is full of perfected.

unhappy marriages, frequent divorce, Mt. Lebanon, N 1

over population, poverty, crime, lunacy.

My own opinions here would not

weigh as a feather's weight, and thereOsceola, Iowa. Oct. 4, 1884. fore need not even b? glanced at. DEAR MADAM ;-I received your pa. Be assured of my kind regards, how per the “ Manifesto”—There are people much soever our opinions may differ. who are better than their systems of re

Yours truly, Ligion--the Shakers, the Quakers, and

F. J. Emory. some others. I respect those people more than their opinions. We live in a free country (at least we flatter ourselves Datavya Bhara:a Karyalaya, Calcutta, so) and none should be ostracised or

The 13, April 1884. persecuted on account of their religious DEAR BROTHER ;-A. G. Ilollister, opinions. As a general rule the most I have read your letter as also the numerous and dominant sect in religion several publications you have kindly sent try to convert the others, and if unsuc- me with great interest. I knew somecessful, they persecute. I think the thing of your brotherhood before, and I Shakers and the Quakers are both free have already esteemed it highly. The from that intolerant spirit and so I re-end you have proposed to yourselves is a spect them. The late D. M. Bennett and noble one. May the common fatlier of his wife once belonged to the Shakers; the Hindoo and Christian prosper it, and they were both very good people, and bring it nearer to accomplishment. great credit is due to those who raised The publications you have kindly sent them.

me, I will place in the Library” where I do not concur in Shakerism, nor its they may be seen by thousands of linopposite Mormonism, nor in monastic doos and Moslems and Christians, and celibacy, nor even in the present reckless where they are sure to attract attention. marriage system and its frequent divorce, I inclose a few copies of a printed

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