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39 b.

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ñyse, otherwise called the Jewe of Venyse.
Provided that it be not prynted by the said
James Roberts or any other whatsoever,
without leave first had from the ryght ho-
nourable the Lord Chamberlen.

Jan. 9, 1598.
Mr. Woolff.] A booke called the Firste Parte of the

Life and Reign of King Henry the Fourthe,
extending to the End of the first Year of
his Reign.

Aug. 4, 1600.
Tho. Pavyer.) First Part of the History of the Life

of Sir John Oldcastle Lord Cobham.

Item, The Second Part of the History
of Sir John Oldcastle Lord Cobham, with
his Martyrdom.

Aug. 14, 1600.
Tho. Pavyer.) The Historye of Henry the Fifth,
with the Battel of Agincourt, &c.

Aug. 23, 1600.
And. Wise, and Wm. Aspley.) Much Ado about No-

63 b.
Second Part of the History of King Hen-
ry the Fourth, with the Humors of Sir John
Falstaff, written by Mr. SHAKESPERE. ibid.

Oct. 8, 1600.
Tho. Fisher.) A booke called a Midsomer Nyghte

Oct. 28, 1600.
Tho. Heyes.) A booke called the Book of the Mer
chaunt of Venyce.

Jan. 18, 1601.
John Busby.) An excellent and pleafaunt conceited

comedie of Sir John Faulstoff and the Merry

Wyves of Windsore.
Arth. Johnston.] The preceding entered as assigned
to him from John Bulby.

April 19, 1602.
Tho. Pavyer.) A booke called Titus Andronicus. 80 b.


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65 b.

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91 b.

Henry 4. ift. Part.

July 26, 1602.
James Roberts.) A booke called the Revenge of Ham-

lett Prince of Denmarke, as it was lately
acted by the Lord Chamberlain his fer-

84 b. Aug. 11, 1602. W'm. Cotton.] A booke called the Lyfe and Death

of the Lord Cromwell, as yt was lately act-
ed by the Lord Chamberleyn his servantes. 85 b.

Feb. 7, 1602.
Mr. Roberts.] The booke of Troilus and Cressida, as
it is acted by my Lo. Chamberlen's men.

June 25, 1603.
Matt. Law.] Richard 3.
Richard 2.

all kings.

Feb. 12, 1604.
Nath. Butter.] That he get good allowance for the

Enterlude of Henry 8, before he begin to
print it; and then procure the warden's
hand to it for the entrance of yt, he is to
have the fame for his copy *.

120 May 8, 1605. Simon Stafford.] A booke called the tragicall Histo

rie of King Leir and his three Daughters,
as it was lately acted.

123 John Wright.) By assignment from Simon Stafford

and content of Mr. Leake, the tragical His-
tory of King Lear, &c. provided that Si-


Though it be uncertain whether this Enterlude was Shakefpeare's King Henry VIII. or not, yet we have never heard of any other play professedly written on the same subject; and have reason to think that our author's performance was produced during the reign of queen Elizabeth, on account of the compliment paid to her at the conclusion of it.

Nathaniel Butter was the publisher of Shakespeare's King Lear. The particular cautions shown concerning the licence to print the prefent dramatic piece, might lead us to suspect it to have been Shakespeare's, and that the fagacious Company of Stationers were of opinion that this compliment to the memory of the queen, might not. prove very pleasing to her inglorious successor.




157 b.

mon Stafford shall have the printing of this
book *.

July 3, 1605.
Tho. Pavyer.] A ballad of a lamentable Murder done

in Yorkshire, by a Gent. upon two of his
owne Children, fore wounding his Wife
and Nurse, &ct.

Jan. 22. 1606.
Nich. Ling:] Romeo and Juliett.

Love's Labour Loft.
Taming of a Shrewe.

Aug. 6, 1607.
Geo. Elde.] A booke called the Comedie of the Pu-
ritan Wydowe.

Aug. 6, 1607.
Tho. Thorpe.] A comedy called What you Will . ibid.

Oct. 22, 1607.
Arth. Johnson.] The Merry Devil of Edmonton g. 159 b.

Nov. 19, 1607.
John Smythwick.) A booke called Hamlett.

The Taminge of a Shrewe.
Romeo and Julett.
Love's Labour Loft.

Nov. 26, 1607.
Nath. Butter and John Busby.) Mr. William Shake-

speare, his Hystorie of King Lear, as it was
played before the King's Majestie at White-
hall, upon St. Stephen's night at Christmas
last, by his Majesties servants playing usu-
ally at the Globe on the Bank-side. 161b:

April 5, 1608.
Joseph Hunt and Tho. Archer.] A book called the

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* This is the King Lear before that of Shakespeare.
+ Query, if the play.

1 Perhaps this is Marston's comedy of What you will. I have a copy of it dated 1607. What you in, however, is the second title to Shakespeare's Tafil Night.

$ The Merry Devil of Edmonton is mentioned in the Blacke Booke by T. M. 1604. * Give him Icave to see the Merry Di. vel of Edmunton, or A Woman kill'd evith Kindneje.[R2]



178 b.

Life and Death of the Merry Devil of Ed.
monton, with the pleasant Pranks of Smugg
the Smith, Sir John, and mine Hofte of
the George, about their stealing of Veni-
fon. By 1.B

May 2, 1608.
Mr. Pavyer.) A booke called a Yorkshire Tragedy,
written by Wylliam Shakespeare.

167 May 2, 1608. Edw. Blount.] The book of Pericles Prince of Tyre. 167 b. A book called Anthony and Cleopatra.

ibid. Jan. 28, 1608. Rich. Bonian and Hen. Whalley.) A booke called the History of Troylus and Cressida.

May 20, 1609. Tho. Thorpe.) A booke called Shakespeare's Sonnets. 183 b.

Oct. 16, 1609. Mr Weiby.] Edward the Third.

189 Dec. 16, 1611. John Browne.) A booke called the Lyfe and Death of the Lo. Cromwell, by W. S.

Nov. 29, 1614.
John Beale.) A booke called the Hystorie of Lord

Faulconbridge, bastard Son to Richard Cor-
delion t.

Feb. 16, 1616.
Mr. Barrett.] Life and Death of Lord Cromwell. 279

March 20, 1617
Mr. Snodham.] Edward the Third, the play.

Sept. 17, 1618.
John Wright.] The comedy called Mucedorus 1.

293 b. * Bound up in a volume of plays attributed to Shakespeare, and once belonging to King Charles I. but now in Mr. Garrick's collection. The initial letters at the end of this entry, sufficientky free Shakespeare from the charge of having been its author:

† Query, if this was Shakespeare's K. John, or some old romance like that of Richard Coeur de Lion.

Bound up in a volume of plays attributed to Shakespeare, and once belonging to King Charles the First. See Mr. Garrick's Collection.

214 b.

256 b.


July 8, 1619.
Nich. Okes.) A play called the Merchaunt of Venice. 303

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Vol. D.
Oct. 6, 1621.
Tho. Walkely.) The tragedie of Othello the Moore
of Venice.

Nov. 8, 1623.
Mr. Blount and Ifaak Jaggard.) Mr. William Shake-

speare's Comedyes and Tragedyes, soe many
of the said Copies as are not formerly en-
tered to other men.

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The Tempest.
Two Gentlemen of Verona.
Measure for Measure,

The Comedy of Errors.

As You Like it.
Alls Well that Ends Well.
Twelfe Night.

The Winter's Tale.

S The Third Part of Henry the Sixt.

Henry the Eight.
Timon of Athens.

Julius Cæfar.

Anthonie and Cleopatra.

Dec. 14, 1624.
Mr. Pavyer.) Titus Andronicus.

Widow of Watling Street.

Feb. 23, 1625.
Mr. Stansby.] Edward the 1 hird, the play.

April 3, 1626.
Mr. Parker.] Life and Death of Lord Cromwella

Aug. 4, 1626.
Fdw. Brewster. Mr. Pavyer's right in Shakefpeare's
Rob. Birde.

plays, .

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