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the tyranny of the King, &c. *::::: gives him nothing but absurd and blasphemous sentiments: such as tend only to inspire the audience with horror at the aëtion. This conduct is exceeding nice. Where, in his plays, a circumstance of rebellion is founded on history, or the agents of it infamous in their charaćters, there was no danger in the representation: but as here, where the circumstance is ficti" tious, and the agent honourable, he could not be too cautious. For the jealousy of the two reigns, he wrote in, would not dispense with Aless exactness. Mr, Warburton. Dear

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Oph. They bore him bare-foc'd on the Pier,
And on his grave reigns many a tear;
Fare ye well, my dove!

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Oph. And will he not come again *
And will he not come again P
Ne, no, he is dead, go to thy death-bed,
He never will come again.
His beard was as white as show,
All flaxen was his pole:
He is gone, he is gene, and we cast away mone,
Gramercy on his soul /

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Hor. What are they, that would speak with me !

Serv. Sailors, Sir ; they say, they have letters for you;

Hor. Let them come in.
I do not know from what part of the world
I should be greeted, if not from Lord Hamlet.

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