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in the scriptures for practical sanctifica-' tion and holiness, are built. Hence John speaks thus, “He that saith he abideth "in him ought himself also to walk even " as he walked.” Peter saith, “ As he “ who hath called you is holy, so be ye “ holy in all manner of conversation. “ Because it is written, be ye holy, for I “ am holy.” Paul says, “Follow peace “ with all men, and holiness, without 6 which no man shall see the Lord.” And in his Epistle to the Colofsians he most sweetly excites believers to the exercise of their graces in an outward manifestative way towards each other, saying, “ Put on therefore, as the elect of “God, holy and beloved, bowels of “ mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, “ meekness, long-suffering; forbearing “ one another, and forgiving one an“other, if any man have a quarrel “against any, even as Christ forgave ci you, so also do ye. And above all " these things put on charity, which is “the bond of perfectness. And let the

peace of God rule in your hearts, to " the which also ye are called in one “ body; and be ye thankful. Let the “ word of Christ dwell in you richly in « all wisdom; teaching and admonish“ing one another, in psalms and hymns “ and spiritual songs, singing with grace “ in your hearts to the Lord. And

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on of the influence their will

" whatsoever ye do, in word or deed, do “all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God, and the Fa“ther by him.” The Holy Ghost puts life into these exhortations, which are perfectly spiritual and evangelical; and applies and makes them effectual to the sanctified in Christ Jesus. He draws their minds off all other considerations, and fixes them on Christ and spiritual things. He sweetly inclines their wills, and most powerfully intluences them to the putting on of the new man, as their proper garment, in the exercise of every grace in their walk before God and man. • O my soul! meditate on this subject, Seek for a growing acquaintance with it, that thou mayest live, think, speak, and act under the influence of it, and turn the whole of it for thyself into prayer. O God the Spirit! thou art essential in thy personality and co-equality with the Father and the Son, the one living and incomprehensible Jehovah. Thou art, in thy covenant-office and work, God the sanctifier, the spirit of life, of holiness, of Christ, and glory. Thou hast .conveyed life to my soul from Christ the fountain of it; in whom all the springs of it are contained. Thou hast separated me by thy holy and effectual calling to the Lord. Thou hast made me a

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new creature in ChrIST JESUS. Thou
hast wrought in it all spiritual graces,
and implanted therein all the seeds and
principles of holiness and life everlast-
ing. Shine, Holy Ghost! on thy own
work in my soul. Draw forth thy graces
implanted in me into constant act and
exercise. Give me a clear view and ap-
prehension of my union with Christ,
and of my state in him; and lead me
into fellowship with him in the blefs.
ings, benefits, and glories of his resur-
rection. As Christ is the life of all my
grace and spirituality, teach me how to
live continually on him, that I may in all
thing's live to him.
: Do thou, O Holy Ghost! strengthen
what thou hast wrought in me, Quicken,
lead, guide, and continually influence
me; that God in Christ may in me and
by me be glorified in all things. Sanc-
tify my will by the belief of the truth.
Enable me to exercise every grace, that
I may so walk in thy good ways, that
sinners may have no evil thing justly to
say against me, that saints may be edi.
fied, and Christ magnified. O Holy Fa-
ther! I believe thou dost, as the God
of peace, (who art at peace with all thou
seest in the beloved through the blood
of his cross) sanctify thy church by
the blood of thy Son and the grace of
thy Spirit, I beseech thee to sanctify

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me wholly in body, soul, and spirit. Keep me blameless in life, temper, and conversation unto the coming of Christ to receive me at death to his everlasting embraces. In health, in sickness, in life, and in death, let me be wholly devoted to thee. In life let me be kept living on Christ; and at death let me be found looking unto him. And the praise shall be given to thee, O thou Holy and Eternal Three! Amen.

CHAP. IX. On Growth in Grace. What it consists in, and

how it is manifested;the way in which it is increased, and carried on in fellowship with God: with the knowledge which the Believer

hath of it by comparing his experience with · the word, which treats on that subject.

W E have taken a view of and

V treated on the office and work of the Holy Ghost in the regenerate and called people of God; in which he has been considered as the great and divine agent of their regeneration, effectual calling, conversion, sanctification, and personal holiness; who hath wrought alt their works in and for them, and whose continued influence is the cause of their final perseverance, till grace is swallowed up in glory. Regeneration produces conversion. The former is the act of God within us and upon us: the latter is our act towards God. We being turned by the Lord return to him. In conformity with this acknowledged truth the prophet prays, “Turn thou us “ O Lord! and we shall be turned.” Personal, internal, practical sanctification, godliness, and gospel holiness are the fruits and effects of spiritual regene

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