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whose good or bad fortune should depend on their piety, and whose temporal state should bear testimony to the wisdom and justice of Him who governed them : such a people were the Jews. But after God has established by so many sensible proofs the immutable truth, that he alone conducts as he pleases all the events of the present life, it was time to raise man to higher thoughts, and to send down his Son upon earth, to whom it was reserved to discover to a new people, gathered together from all the nations of the world, the secrets of the future state.

The Mosaic account declares, and reason might establish the same truth, that “ God

saw every thing that he had made, and,

behold, it was very good.” But is such the present state of man ? You have only to cast your eyes around for an answer to the question. It is clear, therefore, that some tremendous mischief has been introduced, and at a period so remote that no record exists of the fact, but one most miraculously preserved. It is clear also that the evil was derivative, descending interminably from father to son. It would be incumbent on those who deny their assent to the Scripture narrative, adapted to these circumstances, to present another in its place. But none such exists. The Scripture also, which points out the evil and its source, prescribes the remedy. Let us seize this, my brethren, and grace shall more than repair the ravages which disobedience communicated to our nature. That living soul which was first introduced into the corporeal frame of man by the breath of his Creator shall return to him who gave it ; not, indeed, as some philosophers have idly dreamed, to be reunited to God as a portion of his substance, but to be judged by him; to be judged by him for the things done in the body; for the conduct observed during a short period of trial here upon earth.

To innocence the best of us cannot pretend: but O may every stain be washed out by the tears of penitence and the blood of the Lamb; and may we be wholly sanctified by the blessed and eternal Spirit of God! The body, then, also, on the original

formation of which such pains appear to have been bestowed by its all-knowing artist, will be raised again to join its associate, and to reap with it the promises which God hath made to them who love him, in regions into which sin and sorrow cannot enter.

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[Preached after repairing and beautifying the Church.]

Exod. iii. 5.

Put off thy shoes from off thy feet; for the place whereon

thou standest is holy ground.

Man being placed upon this earth to serve, to love, and by imitation, however imperfect, to obtain the favour of his Maker, it cannot be but that the whole scene of his existence, and the objects by which he is surrounded, should be adapted to that his state of being. The world itself in its most enlarged sense is his temple, and the world with the furniture which it contains, not the work of mortal hands, is calculated to elevate the thoughts of the worshipper to the eternal Artificer. For if this goodly

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