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the English. Swarız proceeds to Tanjore. His introduction to the Rajah. His character. Conversation at this interview. Swartz returns to Trichinopoly. His second visit to the Rajah with Colonel Wood. Preaches to the natives on the glacis, and in the Fort. The Rajah wishes to converse with him, but is prevented by his Ministers. Swartz's message to the King, and his reply. He returns to Trichinopoly. Mr. Chambers leaves that city. First letters of Swartz to that gentleman. Conversations with the natives, and with the Nabob's son. Attendance on sick Europeans. Visit from two Mohammedans, and conversation respecting Mohammed. Letter from Mr. Chambers to his brother on a translation of the New Testament into Persian. Conversation with a sick soldier, and with natives, heathen and Mohammedan. Reflections of Swartz at the close of the year 1769..

Missionary. His death. Mr. Pohle sent from Tranquebar to supply his place. Frequent visits of Swarız to Tanjore. Letter to Professor Freylinghausen. Rajah of Tanjore. At his request Swartz learns the Mahraita language. Translates his Tamul Dialogue for the Rajah's use. Account of that tract. State of the Mission at the close of the year 1777....

A. D. 1778 TO A. D. 1779.


Tanjore, the future residence of Mr. Swartz. His Report of the Mission for the year 1778. Letters to friends. History of a young Hindoo convert. Major Stevens Foundation of a Church at Tanjore. Mr. Swarız called by the Governor to Madras. His mission to Hyder Ali. Account of his journey to Seringapatan. Reception by Hyder. His Palace and Governinent. Swartz's occupations during his stay. His last interview with Hyder. His return to Madras. His disinterestedness as to remuneration. He obtains a salary for Mr. Pohle, and assistance towards building his Church at Tanjore. Reflections on his Einbassy to Hyder..

CHAPTER VII. A. D. 1770 TO A. D. 1771.


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Mr. Swartz's general occupations during the year 1770. - Conversion of a Pandaram. Journey to Madras and Cuddalore. Letters to Mr. Chambers. Devotional service with English soldiers at Trichinopoly. Further Letiers to Mr. Chambers. Visit to Tanjore. Extracts from his journal of conversations with natives. Return to Trichinopoly. Swartz visiis the great mosque, and addresses the Mohammedans. Letter to Dr. Knapp, with a sketch of the proceedings of the year. Exciteinent nf the Roman Catholics in Tanjore. His enxiely for a colleague....


A. D. 1771 TO A. D. 1772. Letter to Mr. Chambers at the commencement of the year 1771. The convert Nyanapracasam, Progress of the mission. Death or iwo pious English soldiers. Residence at Trichinopoly. Letters to Mr. Chambers. Attack by the Nabob and the English on Tanjore. Peace restored. Swartz allusion to these

Violence of the Roman Catholics against Nyanapracasam. The conduct of Mr. Swartz upon this occasion. His preservation from an explosion of the powder magazine in the fort. His reflections on the event. Conversion of Satrianaden, and of a very aged man. Visit to Tanjore. Interview with the Rajah. Performs the marriage ceremony in the palace. Account of this, and of the Rajah. Letters to Mr. Chambers respecting one of his former servants, a convert to Christianity. Swartz declines an invitation from the Rajab for a political object....

CHAPTER XII. A. D. 1783 TO A. D. 1784.


for peace.

Death of Hyder Ali. Continuation of the war by Tippoo Sultan. Return to Madras, and death of Sir Eyre Coote. Successes of Colonel Fullarion in Southern India. Negotiation

Lord Macartney requests. Mr. Swarız to join the Commissioners at Seringapatam. He consents, and sets out on the journey. Letters to Mr. Sullivan. Meets Colonel Fullarton and his ariny. He is stopped by Tippoo's officers, al Sattimungalum. Returns to Tanjore. Declines attempting a second journey. Peace concluded with Tippoo. Letters to several friends on the preceding events. Journey with Mr. Sullivan to Ramanad. Plan

of the provincial schools. Journey, on account 52 of his health, to the coast, Letter to Mr. Sulli

van, and Mr. Duffin .....

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nadapuram and Palamcotta. Letter to a friend dination of Satrianaden. His Sermon on that
of Mr. Chambers. Provincial Schools. Tes-

He is sanctioned by the Society.
timony to the usefulness and disinterestedness His grateful acknowledgmenis. Letters to
of Swartz. Communication 10 the Society for Mr. and Mrs. Dutin. Visit from the Rev. Mr.
promoting Christian Knowledge. Letters to Cammerer. His character of Mr. Swarız.
Mrs. Duffin and Mrs. Chambers; a second 10 Extracts from his Journal for 1791. Leiters to
Mr. Chambers's friend. Retrospect of the year friends. Eulogy of Swartz and Gericke by Dr.
1786. Wretched state of the Rajah and king Glasse, in addressing the Rev. Mr. Pæzold, a
dom of Tanjore. Committee of Inspection for new missionary of the Society..

the affairs of that country appointed by Sir
Archibald Campbell, of which Swarız is re-

quested to be a member. Their proceedings.
Beneficial influence of Swartz with the people

A. D. 1792 TO A. D. 1793,
of Tanjore. The Madras Government ex-
presses its high sense of the value of his ser Harsh treatment of Serfojee and the Wi-
vices. Female Orphan School, established by dows of Tuljajee, by Ameer Sing. Letter
Lady Campbell. Swartz requests the Society from Serfojee lo Mr. Swarız. He transmits
to receive his young friend Mr. J. Kohlhoff as their Complaints to the Governor of Madras.
one of iheir missionaries....

91 The Widows and Sersojee, accompanied by

Mr. Swarız, are removed to that Presidency.

Proceedings commenced for a renewed inves-

tigation of Seriojee's adoption. Administra-
A. D. 1787 TO A. D. 1789.

tion of Tanjore revenue restored 10 Ameer
Ordination of Mr. J. KohlhoffAdoption of

Sing. Swarız visits Mr. Gericke at Vepery.
a son by the Rajah of Tanjore. He requests

Their mutual testimony. Account of lhe Col-

laries. Mr. Janicke and Satrianaden at Pa-
Mr. Swartz to become his guardian, and ma-

lamcotta. Letters to friends. Character of
nager of the country during his minority. He

Sersojee. Swariz and Gericke's endeavors to
declines, and recommends another plan. The

instruct him. Mr. Pæzold's account of Swarız.
Rajah accedes to it. His death. Reference of

Mr. Rotuler's. Swarız at Negapatam. Leiter
the succession to Tanjore, to the Governor Ge.

to Serfojee. Death and Character of Mr.
neral. Lord Cornwallis's directions, Sir Archi-

Chambers. Letter of Swartz to his widow.
bald Campbell sets aside the adopted son, and

Return of Mr. Swartz to Tanjore. Letter 10
places Ameer Sing on the throne. Advice of

Dr. Schuiiz..

ihe Governor 10 the new Rajah. Commit-
tee of Inspection dissolved. Arrival of the
Rev. Mr. Brown at Calcutta. Donation of

Ameer Sing to the Tanjore mission. Liberal

A. D. 1793 TO A. D. 1796.
support of provincial schools, by the Court of
Directors. Consequent proceedings of ihe Go Debate in Parliament on the renewal of the
vernor and Council of Fort St. George, and East India Company's Charter in 1793. Let-
Mr. Swarız. Question respecting Castes. His ter of Mr. Swartz in reply to some reflections
conduct with reference to this subject. Con of Mr. M. Campbell on missionaries, in the
gregation at Palamcoita. Leiters to Mr. Duf course of that debate. Letters to Serfojee, and
fin. Arrival of Mr. Jænicke as a missiona to Mr. and Mis Duffin. Additional testimony
ry at Tanjore. Swartz's character of him.

of Mr. Pæzold. Report to the Society for the
Journey 10 Madras. Provincial schools.

year 1795. Letter to a friend....

Let:ers to Mr. Chambers and Mr. and Mrs.



A. D. 1796 TO A. D. 1797.
A. D. 1789 TO A. D. 1790.

Revival of the discussion respecting the va-

lidity of Serfojee's adoption, and his title to
Misgovernment of Ameer Sing. Mr. Petre the musnud. Proceedings at the two Presi-
seni to Tanjore. Complaint as to the Rajah's dencies of Madras and Bengal. Important
treatment of Serfojee. Measures consequent services of Mr. Swartz upon this occasion. High
upon it. Result of ihein. Lelier of Swartz to testimony to his characier by Sir John Shore.
the Governor of Madras, and his plan for the Complete establishment of Serfojee's claims.
better administration of justice in Tanjore. Sir A. Johnstone. Letter 10 Professor Schultz.
His advice respecting the management of the Appointment of two new missionaries. De-
revenue. His letter to Government in vindica clining health of Mr. Swartz. His devout and
tion of his conduct, in relation to Serfojee. He interesting reflections on this subject......... 139
is consulted as to the adjustment of the revenue
accounts. His letters io Sir Charles Oakley,

respecting the general management of the
country. Confidence of the governor and coun-

A. D. 1797 TO A. D. 1798.
cil of Madras in Mr. Swarız...


Closing period of Mr. Swartz's life. Letters

to Mrs. Chambers, and to the Society for pro-
moting Christian Knowledge.

His prefer-
A, D. 1790 TO A. D. 1792.

ence of Celibacy for a Missionary. Reflections

on his opinion. Testimony of Mr. John of
Letters to the Society for promoting Chris. Tranquebar to Mr. Gericke and Swartz. Let-
tian Knowledge, and to several friends. Pro ters to Dr. Schultz. Last Report of Mr. Swartz
gress of Mr. Jenicke. School at Cumbago to the Society. Mr. Gericke communicates the

Renewal of the war with Tippoo. Or intelligence of his dangerous illness. Details




of his last days, and of his death, by the Tran-

quebar Missionaries, and by Messrs. Gericke,
Jænicke, Holtzberg, and Kohlhcff.


State of the missions for some years after the

death of Swartz. Labors and success of Messrs.

Jenicke and Gericke in the South of the Pe-

ninsula. Death and Character of those Mis-
Reflections on the death of Mr. Swartz.

sionaries. The Rev. Mr. Horst. Ordination
Testimonies of respect and veneration for his

of four Catechists. Exertions and writings of
memory; from his brethren at Tanjore and

Dr. Buchanan for the promotion of Christiani.
Tranquebar; and from Serfojee Rajah. In-

ty in India. Ecclesiastical Establishment for
teresting anecdote of the latter. He erects a

British India. Beneficial effects of it. Bill for
Monument to Swartz at Tanjore. Epitaph by

the addition of two Suffragan Bishops, and for
the Rajah. Other proofs of his regard. His

rendering Christian converts eligible to all situ-
conversations with Dr. Buchanan, and Bishops

ations and employments. Progress of the gos-
Middleton and Heber. Reflections on the con-

pel in Tinnevelly. Testimonies of Bishops

Middleton and Heber, and of the Rev. Mr.
tinued Superstitions of the two Rajahs. Monu-

Hough. Reflections on the numbers of the
ment to Swartz at Madras, by the Court of Di-
rectors. Honors paid to his memory by the Go-

converts to Christianity, and on the duty and
vernment of Fort St. George. Eulogy by Dr.

the means of promoting their increase. The
Kerr. His last Will....


importance, in this view, of Swartz's example,


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"Holy women of old."-St. Peter. "There stood by the cross of Jesus, his mother, and Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary of Magdala."-St. John.




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