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standing on the chair, sometimes a dog, and of what He said. Matthew, Mark, and mother, when she comes, has always some- Luke, give us each an account of the sermon thing nice.' I asked him if he could read ? which Jesus preached in the little ship, that

No; not very well, but one of the men in afternoon. It was a sermon which even the the ward, came over to him twice a day and little boys and girls who heard it could regave him a lesson, and he was getting better member, because it was full of stories. every day, and would soon be able to read There was one story of a sower, and the about Jesus for himself.' I had got my different kinds of ground on which he cast lesson from the lips of the little one. Some the seed: another, of a man who sowed good Thing had gone wrong with me the day seed, and an enemy who sowed tares: then previously, and I recollected how I had mur- there were stories of how the seed grows; mured and fretted, and made myself and I first the blade, then the ear, afterwards the others unhappy, when, in reality I had | full corn in the ear;- of how a small seed benothing to fret about, but everything to be comes a great tree, &c. It was a missionary thankful for. And here was a little six-year sermon. In a chain of beautiful parables, old child who was saying with the great Jesus shewed how the good seed of the apostle of the Gentiles, I have learned in Word would yet be sown over all the earth, whatsoever state I am therewith to be and how notwithstanding all the efforts of content.'

the enemy to hinder its growth, the whole

field, which is the world, would yet bring THE STORY OF THE FIRST MISSIONARY forth fruit to God SHIP.

The same evening Jesus embarked in the II.

little ship for Gadara. Wearied with the CAN our young readers find a map of fatiguing labours of the day, He fell asleep

u Palestine ? If so, to look at it for all on the pillow in the hinder part of the ship. little will help them to understand the voyages While Jesus lay asleep, a storm of wind of the little ship which waited upon Jesus. came whirling down the ravines upon

On the north-western shore of the lake of the lake, and the foaming waves dashed Galilee, we find Capernaum. On this spot over the little ship, filling it with water. most travellers believe that that city once These fishermen were well accustomed stood, for there is no city of Capernaum now. to the gales which frequently spring up A few ruins are all that remain of that once on the lake of Galilee, and they must highly favoured city. Peter's house was have been in very great danger when there, and Jesus often abode with him after they were so alarmed. Though they made be left Nazareth. Capernaum was the every effort to steer their little bark safely centre, from which Jesus made so many through the storm, still the water gained journeys through Galilee.

upon them, and they saw that the vessel On the eastern shore of the lake, we find was fast sinking, and felt that they could do the district of country which belonged to the no more. Then they remembered Jesus. tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the half tribe of Where had he been while his disciples were Manasseh. In the time of our Saviour, vainly striving with the winds and the it was inhabited by a very ignorant, ungodly waves ? He still lay asleep on the pillow, people, many of whom were Gentiles. undisturbed by the raging tempest. Awaked Jesus had an errand of mercy to Gadara, | by the distressed cry of his terrified disciples, which lay in that dark, benighted region; | Jesus arose, rebuked the wind, and said but before going thither, He must preach to into the sea, •Peace, be still.' And there the multitudes who had gathered around was a great calm. What a wonderful him by the sea shore. As the little ship manifestation of Himself did Jesus give to was lying by the water-side, Jesus again His disciples that night, in the little ship! entered into it, sat down and taught the | One moment they saw Him a weary man people, and on this occasion we know much asleep, and the next moment



*The storm is changed into a calm,

to bestow upon them, and they besought At His command and will;

him to depart out of their coasts. What a So that the waves which raged before Now quiet are and still.'

terrible prayer that was; and it was

answered, for we never again read of Jesus No wonder that as they rowed along the

visiting that district. The Gadarenes put now peaceful waters they could only say to

| away from them the only opportunity they one another What manner of man is this,

ever had, of welcoming Jesus to their shores. that even the wind and the sea obey Him?'

It is a terrible thing to pray to Jesus to Thus did Jesus gently train His disciples to

depart from us. Perhaps our young readers put their trust in Him, and to seek His help

think no one would do such a thing now. in every time of need. Long afterwards

If Jesus were in their town they are sure they Peter wrote in his epistle ‘Casting all your

would welcome Him, and invite Him to stay care upon Him; for He careth for you.'

with them in their own homes. Are you He would not then have said “Master, carest

suro of this, dear young friends ? If so, thou not that we perish?' for he had learned

Jesus is here now, knocking at the door of to know Jesus better and to trust Him more.

your hearts, and waiting for you to invite Ever since that night, the storm-tossed little

Him to come in and abide with you for ever. bark on the lake of Galilee has been looked

But many still shut their hearts against Him, upon as an emblem of the sin-troubled soul,

and like the Gadarenes, pray Him to depart and many a weary one has been comforted

out of their coasts. by the sweet story. How often has the

What then did the poor healed demoniac prayer ascended

do when he saw Jesus enter into the little O Lord, the pilot's part perform,

ship to depart from him? Did he, like his And guide, and guard me through the storm ; countrymen, wish to be separated from Defend me from each threatening ill,

Jesus? That poor demoniac had already Control the waves, say, “ Peace, be still.”.

received such blessings from Jesus, that he But what was the errand of Jesus to clung to Him and implored that he might Gadara ? It is not long before we find this be with Him in the ship; he did not wish out, for immediately on landing, two men ever to be separated from Jesus again. who were possessed with evil spirits met His prayer was a far better one than that Jesus. One of them is especially mentioned of his countrymen, and yet his request was as being so very strong and fierce, that denied, while theirs was granted. And he was the terror of the neighbourhood. what became of the poor man after the little To deliver these poor demoniacs from the ship sailed away and Jesus was no longer power of Satan, and to restore them to their with him? He became a zealous home right mind, was the errand of Jesus to that missionary. He went about publishing in desert shore. He who but a few hours all that district how great things Jesus had previous had rebuked the wind, now rebuked done for him, and perhaps even those the demons and set the poor man free from ungodly ones who would not listen to Jesus their power. Soon the inhabitants of the Himself, listened to the words of their own city gathered around Jesus, and saw the countryman. Jesus knew that this poor, man who had so long been a terror to them. man could serve Him best by remaining sitting at the feet of the Healer, clothed and among his own friends, to whom by the new , in his right mind. Surely they must have life he led he would ever be a monument rejoiced at the wonderful change wrought of His power and of His love. The visit of upon their poor afflicted countryman. Surely the little ship to the shores of Gadara, acthey would entreat Jesus to remain among complished a great missionary work, and them, and become their teacher and their ever since the case of the poor demoniac friend. But, no! These ungodly Gadarenes of Gadara has encouraged both home and cared more for the few swine they had lost, foreign missionaries to prosecute their than for the great blessings Jesus had come arduous fabours, and many times have they


been rewarded by seeing those who had A blazing fire gives the room a cheerful and been as fast bound by Satan as the poor comfortable appearance. The monitors are Gadarene, become meek and lowly followers all in their places, roll book in hand, welof Jesus.

coming with a pleasant smile the young Whole islands, once peopled by fierce and worshippers as they take their seats. cruel savages, have by the power of the It is now time for worship: the door is gospel, been so changed, that nearly all closed, and the services begin by one of the their inhabitants are now found sitting at office-bearers giving out the 100th psalm. the feet of Jesus, clothed and in their right The young people stand, and all heartily mind. Such wonders does Jesus still work sing that grand old psalm and tune. All among us.

then unite in prayer, and from the stillness Travellers have discovered the very spot and solemnity which prevail, one cannot where this miracle was wrought. On the help thinking that at least some of the eastern shore of the lake, there is one steep assembly feel that they are in the audience place where the beach runs right down into chamber of the Great King. After the the deep waters, and this marks the scene of prayer a portion of God's word is read; this the miracle, for only there could the swine morning it was the first chapter of Genesis. run headlong into the sea, and perish in the A very few words of explanation accompanwaters.

ied the reading. A part of the thirty-third Leaving the shores of Gadara, the little psalm was then given out, and it was ship soon returned with Jesus and His pleasing to hear how the youthful congredisciples to Capernaum. Ere long we again

apernaum. Ere long we again I gation joined in singing find them setting sail on another errand of “The heavens by the word of God mercy. But we must leave the next voyage

Did their beginning take; of the little ship which waited on Jesus,

And by the breathing of his mouth

He all their hosts did make.' for another time.

After this song of praise another of the

office-bearers read an interesting story VISIT TO A SABBATH FORENOON SERVICE.

which had been selected for this moruiny. THE Sabbath school readers of The The boys and girls seemed deeply impressed,

1 Dayspring' who have never attended and could not but leave the meeting with a a 'Forenoon Service for the Young,' will | better understanding of the 24th verse of perhaps feel interested in a short account of | the 17th chapter of John's gospel, “Father one of these very important meetings, which I will that they also whom thou hast given are designed only for children whose parents me be with me where I am, &c.' The do not attend any place of worship.

appropriate hymn • Around the throne of It was on a beautiful though cold morning God in heaven,' was then sung, after which in January, that we found ourselves on the a part of the 10th chapter of Mark's gospel way to the children's church. The bells' was read and a short address given, the subhad ceased to ring out their welcome tones, stance of which is as follows: for the worship in our Forenoon service

ONE THING THOU LACKEST.' does not begin till the congregations have all assembled. As we neared the comfort "Is it not hard that for the want of ONE able looking hall in which the service is thing, all besides should go for nothing ? conducted, we saw a number of working | | You have repeated your bible text, or your boys and girls tidily dressed in their every psalm, and although one word may be want. day clothes, with bibles or hymn books in ing, we do not on that account tell you that their hands, making their way to the the lesson is so badly said that it cannot be meeting. We enter the ball with the little taken off your hand. Is it not, then, a little ones. The seats are partly filled, the boys hard that for want of some one thing-just on the one side and the girls on the other. I one thing, mark—a child should be kept out

[blocks in formation]

of the kingdom of heaven? That depends wound or injury had been sustained by the very much on what the one thing is. I heart, he must have died, but that one thing, recollect a good number of years ago getting more important than the leg or arm being a present of a silver watch. It was my first unhurt, life still continued. watch, and like every boy, I was immensely 'I have not taken these words of Christ, proud of it. It had to be pulled out at least simply to tell you one or two stories in every ten minutes to learn what the hour reference to them. I have taken them that was, and to be admired afresh. Winding I might get you to ask yourselves, have we it up one night, a sudden, whirring noise this one thing, or is it wanting ? LOVE TO which I had never heard in a watch before, CHRIST--FAITH IN CHRIST, that is the one told me that something had gone wrong. I thing, without which all other things are in had broken the mainspring, and though it vain. You may be very nice children every was but one thing that was wrong, that one one: you may be able to say we have thing was quite enough to make my watch never broken the eighth commandment, or completely useless.

the third commandment, or the fourth comLet us try it again. Two boys of my mandment. Very true, perhaps; but it is acquaintance, received from their father a Love or Faith that is the mainspring, and plot of ground, sufficient for the raising of a | without it your life cannot go, so as to please few flowers. Spring came, and saw them the loving Jesus; and, on the other hand, if busy with their little garden. One of them you have this love to Christ, though there seemed to have a strong taste for making be some things about you that I should wish

walks,' for his plot was cut up into squares, to see improved, still it is the main thing, and triangles and circles, some of them not and it will soon conquer and destroy the very round. When summer came, the other things that are not what they should garden was bright with convolvulus, and be. For LOVE and FAITH are LIFE; and other annuals, and bees would come from the absence of these is DEATH.' miles away to have their dinner off the

No congregation could have been more mignonette, and to play at hide and seek

attentive. After the address all engaged in (for I have seen evenbusy bees' playing)

prayer. The sweet hymn I lay my sins on among the bells of the snap-dragon. But

Jesus' was sweetly sung, and the Forenoon there was one little patch in the garden,

Service' was concluded with the Lord's in which it seemed as if nothing would grow.

prayer. The boys and girls were invited to It had been dug like the rest, and carefully

come to church in the afternoon, and several prepared, and yet, there lay the black, rich

accepted the invitation. For their encourmould with nothing to be seen except a

agement the worthy minister addressed to dandelion or two, and a few spikes of grass.

the young some suitable and interesting There was just one thing wanting, and that

remarks, which we may perhaps give in a being so, all the hard work of the spring.

future number of The Dayspring.' time went for nothing. The boy had forgotten to put SEED in it. Now, to show that a great deal depends

PALM TREES. upon the importance of the thing that is O NE can have little difficulty in discoverwanting, I shall tell you what I saw at a v ing that the Bible was, for the most part, railway station the other day. A poor written in a country where palm trees abound. fellow who had met with some terrible But few children in our Sabbath schools accident, was dragging himself along by ever saw a palm tree except in such a means of his arms, and two hand crutches. picture as that on the opposite page. How Both of his legs were cut off close to the beautiful, how tall, how straight they look, body, and the wonder to me was that he rising up like arrows from the ground, and should have lived at all. I began to think 1: pointing right up to the throne of the Great upon the matter and saw at once that if the King !

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