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Just published, in one handsome volume, cloth, price 4s. The British Mothers' Journal for 1859. Edited by Mrs. J. BAKEWELL, Author of “The Mothers' Practical Guide," “ Friendly Hints to Female Servants,” “Conversation Cards," &c. The design of "The British Mothers' Journal” is to afford suitable Munsel and assistance to mothers in the management and training of their children. It is published monthly, price Threepence, and may be had by order of all booksellers.

“Such is my conviction of the good service this periodical is calculated to render, that I Lope all the mothers in my congregation who can afford Threepence a month will take it in and read it." - Rev. J. A. James,

London : John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row, Handsomely bound in cloth, and lettered, price Is. 6d., Vol, XIV., for 1859, of The Christian's Penny Magazine, and Friend of the People.

London: John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row.

Vol. XVI., for 1859, bound in cloth, and lettered, price 4s.,
The Christian Witness, and Church Members' Magazine.

Subscribers to the above Magazines may obtain Cloth Cases for binding the Numbers for the Year—for the “ Penny Magazine,” 4d. each; for the “ Witness,” 8d.

London : John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row.

In 18mo., cloth lettered, uniform with the previous volumes, price ls. The Juvenile Missionary Magazine. Vol. XVI. Published Monthly. With Engravings and Tunes. Price One Halfpenny.

London: John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row.

Third Thousand, greatly enlarged, in 18mo., cloth, gilt edges, price ls. 6d., The Brother Born for Adversity; or, the Similarity of the Saviour's Sorrows and Sufferings to those of His Followers. By the Author of

“ God is Love,” &c., &c.

“Forcible, experimental, and rich in Christian experience.”- Record.

" A beautiful little book, peculiarly fitted to comfort, edify, and strengthen the people of God.”-- British Messenger. A precious little book."-Scottish Press.

London : John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row.

This day is published, in post 8vo., cloth lettered, price 8s. Thoughts for the Deyout. Being Scriptural Exercises for Every Day in the Year, arranged and adapted from the Writings of the Rev. JOHN HOWE, M.A. By Rev. T.C. HINE.

London: John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row.


Twenty-second Thousand, crown 8vo., with Portrait, cloth, 4s. The Christian Philosopher Triumphing over Death. Being a Narrative of the Closing Scenes of the Life of the late William Gordon, M.D., F.L.S. By Rev. NEWMAN HALL, LL.B.

London: John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row.

Second Edition, in 1 Vol., post 8vo., cloth lettered, price 9s. Female Scripture Biography. Preceded by an Essay on " What Christianity has done for Woman. By the Rev. F. A. Cox, D.D., LL.D.

London: John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row.

This day is published, in 1 Vol. handsomely bound, cloth lettered, with Portrait, price 6s.,

or in morocco, elegant, 10s. 60. The Christian Merchant. A Practical Way to make " the Best of Both Worlds;" Exhibited in the Life and Writings of Joseph Williams, of Kidderminster. By BENJAMIN HANBURY. Third Edition.



NEW YEAR. Just published, in neat boxes, price 1s. 6d. each, or free by post, ls. 10d., the following

NEW GAMES OF QUARTETTS, Compiled expressly for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth :

1. Common Things : Embracing the Constituents and Varieties of the Principal Articles designed for the Sustenance, Comfort, and Pleasure of Mankind.

2. The World and its Products : Embracing the Productions of the Principal Countries in the World.

3. Authors: Their Birth-place and Fame. Embracing the Birth-place of the Principal Standard Authors, and the Names of the Works which have obtained for them the admiration of the World.

4. English Poets and their Works. Second Edition.

5. Historical Quartetts; Third Edition. Embracing the Monarchs of England and their contemporaries, to the Present Time.

The above form highly interesting and instructive pastimes for Youth. Each Box contains 72 Cards, and a Card of Instruction for playing the Game. These Games, in a pleasing manner, impart information, strengthen the memory, and are invested with all the exciting interest of the ordinary Games of Cards, without their injurious tendency. The large sale of the former editions of the two last-named Games, have proved the popularity of this Series of Quartett Games.

" THE BIBLE IN THE FAMILY.” Now ready, enclosed in neat boxes, price 1s. 60. each box; free by post, ls. 10d., New and

Revised Editions, with Key to each, of SUNDAY QUERIES, First Series. SUNDAY QUERIES, Second Series. SUNDAY QUERIES, Third Series.

Compiled by Mrs. BIRRELL. The above have passed through several editions, and upwards of 25,000 boxes have been sold.

The “Sunday Queries” have found their way to thousands of homes and Sunday schools in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and to many in other lands. They are not merely ingenious in their form, but, by placing various interesting facts in peculiar lights, have been found to impart considerable pleasure to the investigation of the Scriptures, and will lead those who use them to a great many retired spots and unfrequented pathways of the Divine Book, which they may be glad to visit.

London: Houlston & Wright, Paternoster-row. Liverpool : H. Greenwood, Castlestreet. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, Tweedale-court. Dublin : J. Robertson, Grafton-street. May be had through all Booksellers.


HENRY WARD BEECHER on SLAVERY.-Just published, price Twopence, No. VIII. of a Series of Sermons (issued weekly) by HENRY WARD BEECHER. Subject:-" The Right and the Wrong Way about Slavery.”

Already published. No. I. “The Chief Corner-Stone, Elect, Precious.”—II. “Man's True Dignity."III. “Ye Did Run Well.”—IV. “Waiting for the Lord."-V. “A Sceptic's Letter.”VI. “The Gentleness of Christ.”—VII.“ Bearing One Another's Burdens."

London: J. Heaton & Son, 21, Warwick-lane, Paternoster-row, E.C. 35

Just published, Second Edition, crown 8vo., cloth, price 5s., The Rationale of Justification by Faith. Considerably enlarged; with criticisms on Rogers, Rigg, Maurice, Campbell, National Review, &c. By A LAYMAN.

“We are often presented with treatises on this most important doctrine, but we have never yet met with one so clear and philosophical as the present.”Church of England Quarterly Review.

London : Hamilton, Adams, and Co.

Fortieth Thousand.—Just published, for General Circulation, price One Penny, On the Revival of Religion. Address of the Rev. John Angell James to the Congregational Union.

" It will now be the fault of the Christian public if this invaluable Address, from the pen of one of the greatest, wisest, most useful, and most honoured men amongst us, be not sown broadcast over all the land, and none can tell the happy results that may follow from the universal diffusion of these leaves of the tree that is for the healing of the nations. There is not a congregation in the land so poor or small that may not, at least, circulate fifty copies; a total of a million would be but a very reasonable circulation.”British Standard,

London: John Snow, Paternoster Row.

Just published, price 6d., Revival of Religion; its Principles, Necessity, Effects. A Series of Papers. By Rev. JOHN ANGELL JAMES.

“ It is greatly to be wished that the pamphlet should be circulated to the utmost extent in all denominations."-Christian Witness.

London: John Snow, Paternoster Row.

This day is published, price 6d., Revivals in Wales: Facts and Correspondence supplied by Pastors of the Welsh Churches. By the Rev. EVAN DAVIES.

London: John Snow, Paternoster Row.

This day is published, Parts 2 and 3, price 1s., A Visit to the Scenes of Revival in Ireland. The Origin, Progress, and Characteristics of the Work of 1859. By JAMES WILLIAM MASSIE, D.D., LLD.

Incomparably the most interesting and important thing of the kind that has appeared in the present century.”British Standard.

London: John Snow, Paternoster Row.

Cheap Edition, for general circulation, price 2s. only, Finney's Lectures on Revivals of Religion. Carefully, Revised, with Notes, by the Rev. Dr. PATTON ; and Introductory Prefaces by the Rev. J. A. JAMES, of Birmingham, and the Rev. Dr. PAYNE, of Exeter.

“Such a course of Twenty-two Lectures were never before published in our own or any other language.” Revivalist.

London: John Snow, Paternoster Row.



Annual income, £58,388. Accumulated fund, £151,807 12s.

The profits declared have amounted to £63,418, yielding a Bonus of 273 per cent. on the premiums, returnable in cash to the members.

Since the commencement of the Company the amount paid to the widows and other representatives of deceased members is £79,142 3s. 9d. Persons insuring this year will share in the Bonus to be declared up to December, 1863.

JAMES INGLIS, Secretary.


REEDHAM, NEAR CROYDON. Under the Patronage of Her Majesty the QUEEN. Instituted 1844. Designed to receive and educate Fatherless Children, from the earliest infancy throughout the whole period of childhood, without distinction of age, sex, or religious connexion.

The CHRISTMAS ELECTION of this Charity will be held on the Third Friday in January next. All applications should be made forthwith to the Office, where blank forms for Candidates, and every other information may be obtained, any day, from 10 till 4 o'clock.


Hon Secretaries. NOVEMBER, 1859.

THOMAS W. AVELING, N.B.-All Communications and Subscriptions to be addressed to Mr. GEO. STANCLIFF, Secretary; and Post-office Orders made payable to him at the Office, 10, Poultry. 19




With frontispiece, in small 8vo., cloth, price 5s. The Golden Balance; or the False and the Real. By FANNY ELIZABETH BUNNETT, Author of “The Hidden Power, “ Nature's School,” &c.

[Ready. In crown 8vo. Life and its Lessons; or, the Past and the Present: a Tale. By the Rev. F. W. B. BOUVERIE, Incumbent of St. Paul's Church of England Chapel, Aberdeen.

[Shortly. With frontispiece, in small 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d. The Land of Promise; an Account of the Chosen People and the Holy Land. Designed for the Young. By Mrs. R. BARKER.

[Ready. In small 8vo., cloth, price ls. 6d. Rest and Resurrection; or, the Sabbath and the Sunday. By JANE ANNE WINSCOM, Author of “ Vineyard Labourers,” &c.

In small 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d. The Errors of Romanism Plainly Stated. By a CONVERT from the Church of Rome.

In 8vo., large type, limp cloth, price eighteenpence. A Hand-book for the Sick. A Selection of Scripture Texts and Hymns. With an Address to the Sick and Afflicted. By the Rev. W. B. MACKENZIE, M.A., Minister of St. James's, Holloway.

The fifty-third thousand, with frontispiece, in small 8vo., cloth, price 5s. Ministering Children. By Maria Louisa CHARLESWORTH. The twenty-second thousand, with steel frontispiece, and vignette title, small 8vo., cloth,

price 5s. The Ministry of Life. By Maria Louisa CHARLESWORTH. A new and cheaper edition, in one volume, the fourth edition, in crown 8vo., cloth, price 9s.

An Exposition of the Book of Proverbs. By the Rev. CHARLES BRIDGES, M.A., Rector of Hinton Martel, Dorset.

The twenty-third edition, small 8vo., price 5s. cloth. An Exposition of Psalm CXIX., as Illustrative of the Character and Exercises of Christian Experience. By the Rev. CHARLES BRIDGES, M.A., Rector of Hinton Martel, Dorset.



Now ready, price 4d. Pulpit Orations.-THREE POPULAR DISCOURSES on Important Subjects (accurately reported by the eminent Shorthand Writers, Messrs, Reed and Robeson), by the Rev. W. MORLEY PUNSHON. With splendid Portrait (Engraved on Steel, from a Photograph), and a Memoir.

London ; B. Lowe & Co., 31, Paternoster-row.


Threepence, sewed; or in superior binding, Sixpence. Communings with Jesus. A Morning Portion for Every Day in the Year. Selected from " Lyra Germanica,” “Hymns of Faith and Hope,” by Dr. BONAR, &c., &c. By the Author of " Pietas Privata.” London : J. F. Shaw, 48, Paternoster-row, and 27, Southampton-row, Russell-square.

Now ready, in one handsome volume, cloth, 2s. 6d. Thirteen Sermons on Important Subjects. By the Rev. HENRY GRATTAN GUINNESS. With a Life-like Portrait, and Memoir of his Life and Ministry.

* Upwards of thirty thousand copies of these Sermons have been sold. London: J. F. Shaw, 48, Paternoster-row, and 27, Southampton-row, Russell-square.


Just published, demy 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d. Food for the Flock; or, Scraps of Consolation for the Spiritual Israel : with an Account of the Rise and Progress of Independency at Wingerworth. By JOSEPH FLETWith Preface, and Life of the Author, by EDWARD NICHOLLS.

London : E. Marlborough & Co. Bath : Binns & Goodwin.





Now ready, in post 8vo., cloth elegant, price 6s.

COVENANTERS, Founded on Fact. By the Rev. A. MORTON Brown, LL.D. Parents could not do better than make a present of this work to their children, the rich to their pastors. In every Sunday school it ought to be read ; and in every private and public, congregational, town and country circulating library in the land, it ought to have a place.

London : John Snow, Paternoster Row. Shortly will be published, in one handsome volume, crown 8vo., with beautiful Portrait

and Vignette,



Author of “ Maritime Discovery and Christian Missions,” The Martyr of Erromanga,"

“ Jethro,” &c.
London: John Snow, Paternoster Row.

Just published, in crown 8vo., cloth elegant, price 7s. Sermons Preached at Clapton Chapel. By the Rev. H. J. GAMBLE. “The style is remarkably felicitous. We heartily commend the sermons to young ministers, as fair specimens of pulpit thought and artistic execution, and to private Christians as means of spiritual improvement.”-Homilist.

London : John Snow, Paternoster Row.

This day is published, price Fourpence. The Wreck of the Royal Charter. A Narrative of the Disaster, together with its Practical Lessons, and a List of the Passengers. By the Rev. J. W. RICHARDSON.

London: John Snow, Paternoster Row.

Third Edition, in 1 Vol., 12mo., cloth lettered, 5s. 6d. The Christian's Daily Treasury. Containing a Religious Exercise for every Day in the Year. By the Rev. EBENEZER TEMPLE..

London: John Snow, 35, Paternoster-row.

This day is published, price ls. The Chariot of Israel and the Horsemen Thereof. A Sermon. By the Rev. ALEXANDER RALEIGH. Preached in Canonbury Chapel, on Sunday Evening, October 9th, on account of the death of the Rev. JOHN ANGELL JAMES. Published by request.

London : John Snow, Paternoster Row..

In 8vo., price 6d., A Tribute of Affectionate Respect to the Memory of the Fathers and Founders of the London Missionary Society, delivered at Surrey Chapel. By the Rev. JOHN ANGELL JAMES.

London : John Snow, Paternoster Row.

Seventh Thousand, this day is published, in 8vo., price 6d. Revivals in Ireland : Facts, Documents, and Correspondence. By JAMES WILLIAM MASSIE, D.D., LL.D., Secretary of the Irish Evangelical Society.

“We most earnestly commend it to ministers and officers of every section of the church of God, and all who are interested in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Would that one million of it might forthwith be scattered over the nation.”British Standard.

London: John Snow, Paternoster Row.

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