Parliamentary Papers, Volumen26


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Página 19 - Year, and it is hereby expressed and declared, and it is the true intent and meaning of these Presents, and of the...
Página 14 - He taught them to love even their enemies, to bless those that cursed them, and to pray for those who persecuted them. He Himself prayed for His murderers. Many men hold erroneous doctrines, but we ought not to hate or persecute them. We ought to hold fast what we are convinced is the truth ; but not to treat harshly those who are in error.
Página 5 - ... be explicitly avowed and clearly understood, as its leading principle, that no attempt shall be made to influence or disturb the peculiar religious tenets of any sect or description of Christians.
Página 14 - If any persons treat us unkindly, we must not do the same to them ; for Christ and his Apostles have taught us not to return evil for evil. If we would obey Christ, we must do to others, not as they do to us, but as we would wish them to do to us.
Página 15 - ... local managers, as will facilitate the attendance of the parents of the children, and other persons interested in the welfare of the schools. 7. He is to report to the commissioners the result of each visit, and to use every means to obtain accurate information as to the discipline, management, , and methods of instruction pursued in the school. 8. He is to examine all the classes in succession, in their different branches of study, so as to enable him to ascertain the degree and efficiency of...
Página 10 - ... to subjects of polemical controversy. But it seems to have been overlooked, that the principles of the Roman Catholic Church (to which, in any system intended for general diffusion throughout Ireland, the bulk of the pupils must necessarily belong), were totally at variance with this principle...
Página 11 - They will invariably require, as a condition not to be departed from, that local funds shall be raised, upon which any aid from the public will be dependent. They will refuse all applications in which the following objects are not locally provided for : — 1st. A fund sufficient for the annual repairs of the school-house and furniture. 2nd. A permanent salary for the Master, not less than pounds.
Página 11 - Although it is not designed to exclude from the list of Books for the combined instruction, such portions of Sacred History, or of religious or moral teaching, as may be approved of by the Board...
Página 18 - ... Commissioners must be satisfied that the case is deserving of assistance ; that there is reason to expect that the School will be efficiently and permanently supported ; that some local provision will be made in aid of the Teacher's Salary...
Página 13 - Commissioners in their corporate capacity, such pastors or other persons as shall be approved of by the parents or guardians of the children respectively, shall have access to them in the School-room, for the purpose of giving them religious instruction there, at convenient times to be appointed for that purpose.

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