The Constitution, Temas1-13


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Página 137 - People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.
Página 101 - Common Good : or, the Improvement of Commons, Forrests, and Chases by Inclosure. Wherein the Advantage of the Poor, the Common Plenty of all, and the Increase and Preservation of Timber, with other things of Common Concernment, are considered. By ST...
Página 61 - The lords as Christianity spread itself began to build churches upon their own demesnes or wastes to accommodate their tenants in one or two adjoining lordships, and in order to have divine service regularly performed therein obliged all their tenants to appropriate their tithes to the maintenance of the one officiating minister instead of leaving them at liberty to distribute them among the clergy of the diocese iu general, and this tract of land the tithes whereof were so appropriated formed a...
Página 126 - Surveyor shall have Power to make, scour, cleanse, and keep open all Ditches, Gutters, Drains, or Watercourses, and also to make and lay such Trunks, Tunnels, Plats, or Bridges, as he shall deem necessary, in and through any Lands or Grounds adjoining or lying near to any Highway...
Página 54 - In a land of liberty, it is extremely dangerous to make a distinct order of the profession of arms...
Página 138 - On the other hand, if you will make a man of the working creature, you cannot make a tool. Let him but begin to imagine, to think, to try to do anything worth doing ; and the engine-turned precision is lost at once.
Página 91 - By the general law, and of common right, all the pews in the parish church are the common property of the parish ; they are for the use, in common, of the parishioners, who are all entitled to be seated orderly and conveniently, so as best to provide for the accommodation of all.
Página 17 - Alas ! alas ! Why, all the souls that were, were forfeit once; And He that might the vantage best have took, Found out the remedy: how would you be, If He, which is the top of judgment, should But judge you as you are ? O, think on that ; And mercy then will breathe within your lips, Like man new made.
Página 94 - There is scarce a poor man in England of forty years of age, I will venture to say, who has not in some part of his life felt himself most cruelly oppressed by this illcontrived law of settlements.
Página 126 - Health shall drain, cleanse, cover, or fill up, or cause to be drained, cleansed, covered, or filled up, all Ponds, Pools, open Ditches, Sewers, Drains, and Places containing or used for the Collection of any Drainage, Filth, Water, Matter, or Thing of an offensive Nature, or likely to be prejudicial to Health...

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