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31. At 11, Montague Street, Mrs Anne Burlin, 19. At Edinburgh, George Rose, Esq. surgeon, wife of Mr William Braidwood, merchant, Edin- some time of the Honourable East India Com. burgh.

pany's service. - At Corbienan, Betsy Douglas, and on the 2d - At London, Mrs Stirling, wife of William inst. Archibald Haddow Douglas, son and daugh. Stirling of Content, Esq. ter of James Doug'as, farmer, Lanarkshire.

- Ai Eskside, Musselburgh, James Thomson, April 1. At Langholm Manse, William Elliot Esq. Lockhart, youngest son of the Rev. William B. 52. At George Square, Mrs Gracie, senior. Shaw, aged nearly four years.

At St Andrews, Charles Kinloch, youngest 2. At Rome, the Most Noble the Marchioness son of Thomas Mylne, Esq. of MyIncfield. of Northampton.

At 139, George Street, Elizabeth, daughter - At Inverary, Miss Elizabeth Campbell, daugh- of the late Rev. James Brown, minister of New. ter of the late Mrs Campbell.

battle. - At Musselburgh, Thomas Farquharson, Esq. 23. At Duke Street, Leith, Mary, eldest daugh3. At Dublin, the Right Hon. Anne, Countess ter of the late Mr Anthony Laird, cooper and of Ormonde, relict of John, late Earl of Ormonde. fish-curer there.

4. At Southfud, John Stenhouse, Esq. of South- - At London, Lord Gray, only son of the Earl fod, in his 81st year.

and Countess of Wilton. - At 14, Henderson Row, Mr Adam Steele. 24. At 71, Clerk Street, Mr John Wilson, sur

- At Portobello, Mrs Catherine M'Lean, relict geon and druggist. of the late Mr Alexander Shaw, Union Street, 25. At Wellfield, in his 20th year, Alexander, Edinburgh.

son of the late John Rait, Esq. of Anniston. - At Edinburgh, John Macdonald, Esq. of 28. At St John's Hill, the Rev. William Mar. Glenaladale, in his 78th year.

shall of Mannor, Peebles-shire, 12 years minister 5. Marianne, the infant daughter of Lord Mon- of that parish. crieft.

May 1. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Young, - At Glasgow College, aged 28, Duncan Mac- daughter of the late Rev. John Young, Kincarfarlan, jun. Esq. advocate, eldest son of the Rey. dine, Principal Macfarlan.

Lately, At Gibraltar, Alexander Farquhar, Esq. 7. Ai London, George, Earl of Pomfret, aged 63. the oldest resident British merchant there.

- At 8, Hart Streel, Miss Agnes Veitch, daugh. - At Runfurley House, Rosstreevor, Ireland, ter of Mr John Veitch, surgeon.

in his 80th year, James, Lord Viscount Lifford. 8. At Edinburgh, Matilda Stabilini, daughter - At Cincinnati, Father Hill, of the Catholie of the late Mr Stabilini, professor of music, and Church, brother to Lord Hill. wife of William Lamond, writer.

At London, General Sir Hew Whiteford - At Stenhouse, Jane, only daughter of the Dalrymple, Bart. late Thomas Peacock, Esq. of Stenhouse.

- At Paris, Richard Chenevix, Esq. Mr Che- At the Manse of Kinnaird, the Rev. David nevix was a fellow of the Royal Society, and a Spence, minister of that parish, in the 80th year member of most of the scientific and literary inof his age, and 46th of his ministry.

stitutions of Europe. - At Paisley, Andrew, youngest son of the -Al Calverton, General Sir John Coape Sher. Rev. Professor Symington.

broke, G.C.B. - At Culross, Christian Gedces, Esq. in his 83d At 33, Regent Terrace, Colonel Udny Yule, year.

C.B. Hon. East India Company's service. 9. At Balgreggan, Eglantine Amabe', third - At Creteuil, near Paris, aged 77. Juhn Wildaughter of Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, liam Ker, Esq: brother of the late James Ker, Bart.

Esq. Blackshiells. - At Brussels, the Right Hon. Alexander Mur. - At Aberystwith, in his sixth year, James ray, Lord Elibank. He is succeeded in his titles Ilerbert Wemyss, second son of Licut.-Colonel and estates by his son Alexander, at present on Wemyss, late of the 58th regiinent. military service in the East Indies.

- At the North Muir of Forsar, Peter Smith, 10. At Leith Fort, Lieutenant Francis Dawson, aged 103 years. royal artillery, aged 37 years.

THE LATE Johy BoKTHWICK, Esq. OF CROOK- At London, Mr John Rose, late of Shak- STON.-We deeply regret to announce the death speare Square, Edinburgh, in his 69th year. of this gentleman, which took place at his resi

11. At Johnston's Place, Stockbridge, Alexan- dence at Lauriston on Saturday, 24th April, in his der Legget, Esq. deacon of the incorporation of 78th year. Any tribute to the memory of this exskinners, in his 41st year. .

cellent and respected individual, may, in adherivg 13. At his house, Salisbury Road, Patrick San. to truth, appear to adopt the language of pane derson, Esq. banker.

gyric. But those only who had the benefit of be- At Hastings, Helen Maria, only daughter of ing intimately acquainted with Mr Borthwiek, the late Alexander Fraser Tytler, Esq. of the could duly appreciate his unimpeachable integri. Honourable East India Company's civil service. ty, his warmth of affectiou, his unwearied labour

- At Northumberland Street, William Bett. to serve his friends whenever they required his aged three years, third son of ED, Alison, Esq. assistance, his modest yet sincere piety, his admi.

14. Anne Loch Irvine, daughter of Patrick Ir. ration of what was good in others, his peculiar vine, Esq. of Inveramsay, W.S.

aversion to censure, or even to speak of their 15. At 32, Royal Circus, Mrs Dunlop.

foibles and faults, whilst he abhorred (but prefer16 At Perth, George Condie, Esq. writer. red rather to despise than to resent) whatever was - At the Royal Terrace, Neil Ryrie, Esq. mean and dishonourable. Though fond of retire.

- At George's Place, Leith Walk, Mrs Mar- ment, and unassuming in his manners, his persongaret L. Hardy, wife of Mr Robert Wight, Swe- al appearance and demeanour always indicated dish and Norwegian Consul at Leith.

the high-bred gentleman, and never failed to com17. At Edinburgh, Miss Williamina Fleming, mand respect. Men of far inferior mental endowdaughter of the deceased William Fleming, Esq. ments, who, either from taste or aecident, hare of Barrochan.

been led to become partisaus in the noisy, but - At Alva House, James Raymond Johnstone, often frivolous occurrences of the world, may, in Esq. of Alva.

their fleeting day, have been more seen or spoken 18. At Cousland, Gcorge Dickson Wilson, of by their contemporaries; but as one who, with youngest son of Mr Alexander Wilson, merchant, out the smallest display or pretension, underDalkeith.

stood and promoted the welfare of his country- At Grangemouth, Mr James Dow, many as a husband, a father, a relation, a friend, a years of the customs, and collector of light duties landlord, a master, there is no person whose loss at that port, aged 74.

will be more deeply felt and lamented, or whose - Ai Glasgow, Susan, daughter of the Rev. memory will be longer remeinbered and reveral, Archibald Lawson, late minister of Kirkmahoe. than that of the late Mr Borthwick of Crookston.




Age, the, a Poem, review of, 114

Death, remarks on the punishment of, 865
Agricola on the colonial question, 455 Deaths, lists of, 134, 549, 965
Agricultural classes, remarks on the con- Decay of the picturesque, complaint on

dition and present prospects of, 137 the, 254
Ambrosianæ, Noctes, No. XLVIII. 659 Desultory reminiscences of Miss O'Neill,
- No. XLIX. 802.--No. L. 917

America, British, letter on, 604

Domestic policy, No. III. Condition of
Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns, re- the lower orders, 90
view of, 508

Doom, a tale of, 190
Appointments, Promotions, &c. Military, Dressing the human body, on the art of,
129, 543, 957

Art of dressing the human body, on the, Dwarf, the exhibited; by T. H. Bayly,

Assembling of Parliament, remarks on Education of the people, remarks on the, 1
the, 376

England, the church of, on its influence
Astrolab, or the Soothsayer of Bagdad, on society, 695

Essays on political economy, No. IV. 22
Atherstone's poem of the Fall of Nine- Fall of Nineveh, the, review of, 137
veh, review of, 137

Fate of the Caliph Montasser, the, 363
Babe, to my, 863

Ferns, the Bishop of, and Lord Mount-
Bankrupts, British, alphabetical lists of, cashel, on the controversy between, 173
130, 546, 960

First day of the session, the, 609
Baron St Gio, some remarkable passages First sermon, the, 879
in the remarkable life of, 891

Forsaken, the, to the false one, 577
Bass Rock, verses on, by Delta, 340 Forty-second regiment at Corunria, letter
Births, lists of, 132, 547, 962

regarding the conduct of, 704
Book, review of, the Young Lady's, 267 France and Germany, review of Dibdin's
British Colonies, letters on the, from tour in, 306

James M‘Queen, Esq., to the Duke of Free trade, on its influence upon the con.
Wellington 223

dition of the labouring classes, 553
British America, letter on, to Sir George Genius, the reign of, 501
Murray, 604

Genlis, Madame de, notice of a work by,
Byron, review of Moore's Letters and 481
Journals of, 389_Part ii. 422

Gio, Baron St, remarkable passages in the
Caledonia, ancient, mourn ! 634

life of, 891
Church of England, on its influence on Grey hair, the first, 112
society, 695

Greek pastoral, a, 766
Christian year, review of the Poem of Headsman, the, a tale of doom, 190
the, 833

Heat and thirst; a scene in Jamaica, 861
Cloudesley ; a Tale, review of, 711 Henry the Lion, a tragedy, review of,
Colonial question, remarks on the, 455 316
Commons, on the reform of the House Hints to the two Houses of Parliament,
of, 640

Complaint on the decay of the Pictu- House of Commons, on the reform of the,
resque, 254

Condition and prospects of the agricultu. Human body, on the art of dressing the,

ral classes, 343 ; remarks on the influ. 185
ence of free trade upon the, 553

Improvements of London, remarks on the
Controversy between the Bishop of Ferns recent, 17
and Lord Mountcashel, 173

Influence of free trade on the condition of
Country, on the state of the, 596

the labouring classes, 553
Courts of law in Scotland, on the altera. Influence of the Church of England on
tion of, 742

Society, 645
Cradle song of the elves, 769

Ireland, on the poor laws in, 748
Currency, on the effects of variations in Jamaica, a scene in, 861
the, 59

Jury, on trial by, in civil cases, 736
Currency question, remarks on the, 792 Klingeman, review of luis tragedy of Henry
Days Departed ; or Banwell Hill, review the Lion, 316
of the poem of, 279

Lady of Provence, the, 372

Laird of Lonne, the, a ballad, by the Et. 929_Credit and commerce, 934—The
trick Shepherd, 571

Shepherd on his native country, 939–
Lamb, C. Esq. his farce of the Pawn. Angling, 949
broker's daughter, 97

Notice by the Editor, 539
Last Stork, the, a poem, 217

Observations on the taxes, 487
Law, on the alteration of the Courts of, in Ode to poverty, 579
Scotland, 742

Once upon a time, 361
Lawn Sleeves, a poem, 372

One-pound note circulation, on the, 792
Laws, the poor, in Ireland, remarks on, O'Neill, Miss, desultory reminiscences

of, 47
Letter on the controversy between the Parliament, on the assembling of the, 376

Bishop of Ferns and Lord Mountcashel, -The meeting of the, 596_The silent

member, 608, 717, 849—The first day
on British America, 604

of the Session, 609–Hints to the two
- from Major-General Stirling, 704 Houses of, 772
de Arte Poetica, 706

Parties, on the state of, in Parliament, 596
from a Half-caste to a Pharsee, 786 Pawnbroker's Daughter, the, a farce, 97
Letters to the Duke of Wellington, on the Peninsular Campaigns, review of Annals
British Colonies, 223

of, 508
and journals of Lord Byron, re. Picturesque, on the decay of the, 254
view of Moore's, 389_Part ii. 422 Poetica, letter de arte, 706
Lines on reading Arthur's Round Table, Poetical portraits, 632

Poetry :-To M. W. 109_On the portrait
Literature, musical remarks on, 471

of Wickliffe, 110_The first gray hair,
London, remarks on the recent improve- 112_Love and death, 113-The last
ments in, 17

stork, 217—The Bass rock, 340_Lawn
Love and death; by Mrs Hemans, 113 sleeves, 356_Once upon a time, 361-
M'Queen, James, Esq. letters from, to the The Lady of Provence, 372–The re.

Duke of Wellington, on the British Co- quiem of genius, 501_The exhibited
lonies, 223

dwarf, 502_The tea-table, 503_The
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veteran tar, 568.– The laird of Lonne,
Mariner's return, the, 907

571_The forsaken to the false one,
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677— Triumphant music, 578_Ode to
Meeting of Parliament, remarks on the, poverty, 579–To a human tooth, 581

-The reigning vice, book v. 620_
Military promotions, appointments, &c. Book vi. 881–Poetical portraits, 632
129, 543, 957

-On reading Arthur's round table,
Moore's Life of Byron, review of, 389— 705-A Greek pastoral, 765_Cradle
Part II. 422

song of the elves, 769—To my babe,
Monthly lists of new publications, 126, 863_The first sermon, 879—Cato, 905
541, 953

-The mariner's return, 90
Mourn, ancient Caledonia, 634

Policy, domestic, No. III. 90
Mountcashel, Lord, and the Bishop of Political economy, essays on, No. IV. 22

Ferns, on the controversy between, 173 Promotions, appointments, &c. Military,
Music, triumphant, 578

129, 543, 949
Musical literature, remarks on, 471 Port of Venasque, the, 583
Nineveh, the Fall of, review of, 137 Publications, monthly lists of new ones,
Noctes Ambrosianæ, No. XLVIII., 659 126, 541, 953

-Scottish Academy exhibition, 663– Punishment of death, remarks on the, 865
An adventure of the Shepherd, 669— Pyrenees, a scene in the, 583
Distress of the country, 675The Edin. Reform of the House of Commons, on the,
burgh Review, 678_Sotheby's and other 640
new publications, 685_Scotch and

Eng. Reigning vice, the, 620, 881
lish feeding, 691_Sculpture; Thom Remarkable passages in the life of Baron
and Greenshields, 693--Galt's Lawrie St Gio, 891
Tod, 694. No. XLIX.,802—The Shep. Remarks on the education of the people, 1
herd's description of a country church- -On the recent improvements in Lon.
yard, 804—Transplanted trees, 805– don, 17—On the effects of variation in
River fishing, ib.--The theatre, 808– the currency, 59-On the art of dressing
The Shepherd's receipt for rheumatism, the human body, 185–On the condition
809_ The power o education, 811- and prospects of the agricultural classes,
Metaphysics, 812_Shepherd's descrip- 343_On the assembling of Parliament,
tion of the suffering of thirst, 817– 376-On the colonial question, 455_On
Campbell, Moore, and Byron, 823 musical literature, 471_On the taxes,
No. L. 917_Birds' nests, 918_Chris- 487_On the influence of free trade up-
tian and Jewish laws, 921_Religion, on the condition of the labouring classes,
921_Bronte and O'Bronte, 925_Up- 553—On the meeting of Parliament, 596
setting a bee-hive and assault of bees, -On the reform of the House of Com.
mons, 640_On the influence of the Southey's Vindíciæ Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ,
Church of England on society, 695-On review of, 465
trial by jury in civil causes, 736_On Spectre ship of Salem, the, 462
the alteration of the courts of law in State of the country and of parties, on the,
Scotland, 742_On the poor laws in Ire- 596
land, 748_On the currency question, Standard of value, on the adjustment of

792–On the punishment of death, 865 the, 792
Reminiscences, desultory, of Miss O'Neil, Stork, the last, by the Ettrick Shepherd,

Requiem of genius, 501

Tale of Doom, a, 190
Review of the Age, a poem, 114_Of the Taxes, observations on the, 487

Fall of Nineveh, a poem, 137_Of the Tea-table, the, 503
Young Lady's Book, 267_Of Days Tour in France and Germany, review of
Departed, or Banwell Hill, 279_Of Dibdin's, 306
Dibdin's Tour in France and Germany, Trial by Jury in civil causes, remarks on,
306_Of Henry the Lion, an historical 736
tragedy, 316_Of Moore's Byron, 389, Triumphant music, 578
422_Of Southey's Vindiciæ, 465_Of Variations of the currency, on the effects
Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns,

of, 59
508_Of Cloudesley, 711_Of the poem Venasque, the port of, 583
of the Christian Year, 833

Verses to M. W., 109
Round Table, lines written on reading the Veteran tar, the, 568
romance of Arthur's, 705

Vice, the reigning, 620, 881
Scene in the Pyrenees, a, 583

Vindiciæ Ecclesiæ Anglicana, review of
Scene in Jamaica, a, 861

Southey's, 465
Scotland, on the alteration of the Courts of War, the Peninsular, review of Annals of,
law in, 762

Sermon, the first, 879

Wickliffe, on the portrait of, 110
Session, the first day of the, 609

W’ishing-gate, the, 72
Silent member, the, 608_No. II. 717- Works preparing for publication, 125
No. III. 849

Year, the Christian, review of the poem
Society, on the influence of the church of

of, 833
England on, 695

Young Lady's Book, review of the, 267



Broughton, 963 Douglas, 133, 963 Greig, 132, 133,
Aberdeen, 133 Bruce, 963

Dudgeon, 548, 963 963
Allan, 963
Bryce, 962
Duke, 963

Haldane, 547
Andrew, 962 Brydon, 962 Duncan, 132, 548, Hamilton, 133,
Anderson, 132 Buchanan,548,962 963

547, 963
Anstruther, 548, Campbell, 132, ib. Easton, 548

Hannay, 548

ib. ib. 963, ib. Eddington, 963 Hardy, 962
Arbuthnot, 547 Cannan, 548 Erskine, 963 Hariot, 963
Aytoun, 963
Cay, 133

Espinasse, 962 Harper, 962
Baillie, 132
Carnegie, 132, 547, Fairholme, 548

Hay, 132
Bain, 963


Farquhar, 962 Henchy, 963
Balfour, 548

Chetwynd, 132 Ferguson, 132, 963 Henderson, 963
Bayley, 133
Christie, 963 Ferrier, 963

Hill, 518
Begbie, 963
Clark, 963
Fife, 963

Hohenlohe - Lang-
Berry, 133
Craig, 548
Findlay, 962

enburgh, 132
Bertram, 132 Crawford, 132 Fisher, 133

Honeyman, 962
Blackie, 132, 962 Cook, 962

Forbes, 133, 548, Howden, 962
Blair, 132, 962 Cowan, 548

ib. 963

Home, 963
Bonar, 133

Crichton, 548 Forman, 547 Hood, 963
Bontine, 962 Cumming, 132, ib. Fraser, 962, ib.

Hope, 548
Borthwick, 963 Cuthbert, 547 Gill, 543

Horsburgh, 548
Boyle, 132
Dall, 963
Gilion, 963

Hunter, 547, 548,
Bradford, 133 Dalzel, 133, 963 Glassford, 132

Bremner, 547 Darling, 548 Goodlet, 548 Hyndman, 963
Bridges, 548 Davidson, 963 Gordon, 132, ib. Innes, 962
Brodie, 133
Deans, 548

Grahame, 132 Jerdan, 132
Brown, 132, 133, Denham, 132, 547 Grant, 962, 963, ib. Johnston, 962, 963
ib. 548
Dewar, 962 Gray, 963

Keith, 963

Kemp, 548 Ross, 132

Beresford, 549 Leslie, 962
Kennedy, 132
Roy, 963

Bertram, 965 Liddell, 133
Keyden, 132
Rymer, 963

Beveridge, 549 Linton, 134
Kingscote, 962 Sandford, 548, 963 Binns, 964

Limont, 549
Kinloch, 548 Scott, 132, ib. ib. Bisset, 549

Liston, 548
Kinnear, 962
548, 962, ib. ib. Boyd, 549

Littlejohn, 964
Laine, 133
Shaw, 132
Brand, 964

Lloyd, 548
Lee, 963
Sibbald, 133 Bucher, 549

Lockhart, 965
Lenny, 963
Sillar, 962
Burt, 549

Logan, 133
Leslie, 548, 963 Sinclair, 132

Cadell, 134

Macalister, 518
Leven & Melville, Skeldon, 548 Cameron, 965 M.Derment, 133

Skene, 547, 548 Campbell, 133, ib. Macdonald, 133
Livingstone, 133 Small, 548

ib. 964

Macdougall, 134
Loft, 548

Smith, 132, 547, Chambers, 548 Mack, 133
Londonderry, 963

548, ib.

Christie, 133, 965 Mackenzie, 964
Lockhart, 132
Southampton, 962 Clark, 548

Macniven, 134
Lumsdaine, 548 Souter, 962

Colville, 134 Mactavish, 964
Macinnes, 962 Spence, 548

Cowell, 134 Maitland, 133
Macfarlan, 963 Sprott, 963

Craigie, 549, 963 Mentque, 549
Macallan, 962 Strachan, 962, 963 Crawford, 549, 965 Merson, 549
Macgregor, 963 Stewart, 132, ib. Crompton, 133 Melville, 134, 548
Macallester, 963 548, 962, ib. Davy, 964

Mill, 964
M.Candlish, 963

963, ib.

Dennistoun, 964 Milroy, 133
M.Donald, 548, ib. Sutherland, 962 Dick, 965

Miller, 134, 964
962, 963
Tait, 132
Dow, 134

Middleton, 549
Mackintosh, 133 Thackeray, 548 Dundas, 964 Monro, 963
M'Neill, 963 Thomson, 962,963 Dunlop, 134 Morris, 133
Maitland, 132, ib. Tod, 132

Drury, 133

Monilaus, 965
Manners, 548 Trail, 133

Elliot, 963

Murray, 133, ib.
Marshall, 548 Trotter, 963 Elphinstone, 133 Neilson, 519
Mason, 962, 963 Tulloch, 132 Fairfax, 549 Noble, 133
Maxwell, 133, 547 Turner, 548 Ferguson, 134, 965 Northey, 549
Meiklejohn, 548 Tweedie, 963 Fernie, 134

Oliver, 548, 964
Melville, 548 Tweeduale, 903 Findlay, 133

O'Neil, 549
Merricks, 963 Veitch, 962

Fleming, 964, ib. Oswald, 133
Middleton, 963 Walker, 547, 962 Forrest, 964 Park, 549
Mercer, 968
Wallace, 132, 963 Fraser, 549

Petrie, 964
Menteath, 569 Wardlaw, 133 Fox, 133

Pocock, 964
Miller, 132
Warden, 962 Fyvie, 964

Primrose, 548,963
Mitchell, 123

Wauchope, 132, Galloway, 548 Pringle, 549
Moinet, 548


Gascoigne, 549 Proven, 134
Moon, 132
Webster, 963 Gillies, 134

Raitt, 963
Mowbray, 224 Welsh, 132

Gordon, 134 Ramsbotham, 965
Munro, 969
Weymss, 548 Gomm, 549

Reid, 548
Murray, 132 Wedderburn, 963 Gowan, 964

Rennie, 549
Muir, 548
Williamson, 547 Graham, 964, ib.

Renny, 133
Murdoch, 963 White, 962, 963 Gray, 964, ib. ib. Richardson, 548,
Nicolson, 962 Wood, 963

Hamilton, 133

Ogilvie, 548, 963 Wyld, 548

Hanzell, 548 Robertson, 133,964
Parker, 132
Wylie, 548

Hawkins, 964 Rocheid, 965
Parson, 962, 963 Young, 962

Hepburn, 549 Roebuck, 965
Paterson, 547 Yule, 548

Hodge, 964

Ross, 549
Patison, 132
MARRIAGES. Hoile, 134

Russell, 964
Pender, 548 Allan, 133, 548, ib. Hood, 965

Rutherford, 964
Prendergast, 962 Allison, 549, ib. Ireland, 964

Sawers, 964
Pillans, 963

Anderson, 133, Jackson, 964 Scott, 134, 549
Pitcairn, 548 Aiken, 964

Jones, 549

Serle, 133
Ramsay, 962 963 Aitchison, 964 Keir, 133

Shirley, 964
Reld, 548, 963 Arnoldi, 133 Kerr, 549

Shore, 963
Richardson, 963 Auriol, 133

King, 548

Sinclair, 964
Richmond, 132 Baillie, 133 Kingston, 548 Slight, 965
Renton, 963 Barnes, 133 Lamond, 549 Smeaton, 964
Ritchie, 963 Barton, 549, 964 Lang, 965

Smith, 133
Robertson, 548, ib. Bayly, 964

Lawrie, 964 Somervail, 965
962, ib,
Beith, 134

Leighton, 549 Spence, 963

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