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5. At No. 18, Northumberland Street, Mrs 10. At Shawfield, the lady of Major Middleton, Dalziel, of a daughter.

12d, or Royal Highlanders, of a son. - At No. 28, South Castle Street, Mrs Thom. 11. At Regent's Terrace, Mrs Francis Grant, of son of Bonside, Linlithgowshire, of a son.

a son. - At Melville Street, the lady of James E. 12. At 4, St Vincent Street, the lady of FredeLeslie, Esq. of a son.

rick L. Roy, Esq. W.S. of a daughter. 6. At No. 4, Fyffe Place, Leith Walk, Mrs 13. At 12, Coates Crescent, the lady of Thomas Greig, of a son.

Murray Allan, Esq. of Hav'ring, of a daughter. 8. At No. 50, Northumberland Street, the lady 14. Ảt 22, Fludyer Street, Westminster, ihe lady of Dr Fife, of a son.

of Henry Hyndman, Esq. of a son. 10. At No. 4, Charlotte Street, Mrs Gillon of 16. Mrs Mercer of Gorthy, of a daughter. Wallhouse, of a daughter.

- At 9, Newington Place, Mrs H. Pillans, of a - At Auchter House, Forfarshire, the Right daughter. Hon. Lady Helen Wedderburn, of a daughter.

At 2, Forres Street, the lady of Alexander E. 11. At 14, Brighton Place, Portobello, the lady Menteath, Esq. advocate, of a daughter. of Major Hugh M'Gregor, of a son.

- At 51, Frederick Street, Mrs Keith, of a son. - At Almond Hill, Mrs J. Dudgeon, of a son. 17. At 28, Queen Street, Mrs Borthwick, of a

12. At Greenlaw Manse, Berwickshire, Mrs daughter, Home, of a daughter.

- At Balgarvie, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel - At Clapham Common, the lady of Mark Webster, of a son. Sprott, Esq. of Riddell, Roxburgh, of a son.

18. At Oxford, Lady Carmichael Anstruther, of 13. At Littlewood Park, the Hon. Mrs Forbes of a daughter. Brux, of a son.

19. At Douglas, Isle of Man, Mrs Henchy, of a - At Possil, Mrs Colin Campbell, of a sou. son.

16. At White House, the Lady Lucy Grant, of 20. At Minto Street, Mrs M'Candlish, of a a daughter. .

daughter. 17. At 26, Abercromby Place, the lady of Alex 21. At 2, Glenfinlas Street, Mrs Bruce of Langander Duncan, Esq. of Canandaigua, state of New York, of a son.

- At Vuefield, near Selkirk, Mrs Robert Hen18. At Durrisdeer Manse, Mrs Wallace, of a son. derson, of a son.

- At Caen, France, Mrs Somerville MacAlester, 22. The lady of R. Duke, Esq. of a son. junior, of a son.

23. At 21, Fludyer Street, Mrs Richardson, of - In Atholl Crescent, the Hon. Mrs Ramsay of a son. Barnton, of a still-born child.

25. At James' Square, Mrs Renton, of a daugh19. At 30, Great King Street, Mrs Heriot of ter. Ramornie, of a daughter.

- The lady of Captain Archibald Trotter, Esq. - At 38, Albany Street, Mrs W. Ferrier, of a younger of Dreghorn, of a daughter. daughter.

26. At 3, Glenfinlas Street, the lady of Charles - At Glasgow, Mrs Steuart of Steuarthall, of Fergusson, Esq. younger of Kilkerran, advocate, a son.

of a daughter. 20. At 25, Heriot Row, the lady of Erskine 27. At Frederick Street, Mrs Rymer, of a daugh. Douglas Sandford, Esq. of a daughter.

ter. - At Kirkcudbright, the lady of Bryce John - At 36, Gilmour Place, Mrs William Reid, of stone, Esq. of a son.

a son. 23. At 23, Walker Street, Mrs Davidson, of a - At Dalswinton, the lady of James Macalpine daughter, still born.

Leny, Esq. of Dalswinton, of a daughter. 24. At Rosemount, Leith, Mrs John Wood, of 28. At Heathbank, Cheshire, Mrs Aytoun, of a a daughter.

son. - Āt Jessfield, North Leith, Mrs Dall, of a son. May 3. At 3, Roxburgh Terrace, Mrs Whyte,

26. At Kentish Town, the lady of Captain Bry of a daughter. an Broughton, of a daughter.

- At 77, Rose Street, Mrs Menzies Bayne, of a - Mrs Eddington, West Maitland Street, of a daughter, being her one-and-twentieth child. daughter.

Lately, At Charlottenburgh, county of Glen, 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Burn Murdoch of Gar. garry, Upper Canada, the wife of William Stewart, tincaber, of a son.

Esq.surgeon, of a daughter. 30, At Thankerton, the lady of Captain Colin - At Dalchosnie, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel Campbell of Ardpatrick, R. N. of a daughter. M'Donald, 92d Highlanders, of a son and heir.

31. At 18, Hart Street, Mrs Alexander M%. - At London, the Marchioness of LondonNeill, of a daughter.

derry, of a daughter. April 1. At Woolwich Common, the lady of Michael Tweedie, Esq. Royal Artillery, of a daughter,

MARRIAGES. At 131, Prince's Street, Mrs Lee, of a son. - At 17, Walker's Street, the lady of William

Sept. 25, 1829. At Keitah, Lieut. John Halkett Clark, Esq. of Langhaugh, Lieut. R. N. of a son. Craigie, 20th native infantry, Bengal, to Caroline,

- At Geneva, the Marchioness of Tweeddale, fourth daughter of Colonel Maxwell, C. B. comof a daughter.

manding in Bundlekunde - At 65, Laurieston Place, Mrs James Ritchie, Nor. 5. At Grenada, West Indies, Thomas of a son.

Spence, Esq. surgeon, to Harriet, daughter of the 2. At 25, York Place, Mrs J. F. Macfarlan, of a late Robert Nicholson, Esq. daughter.

12. At Aisthorpe, D. c. Rait, Esq. Glasgow, to 3. At 23, Union Place, Mrs Alexander Douglas, Fanny, youngest daughter of John Milnes, Ésq. of a daughter,

of Aisthorpe, Lincolnshire. 1. At Eskhill, Roslin, Mrs Merricks, of a son,

18. At Bombay, Archibald Spens, Esq. of the still-born.

Honourable East India Company's civil service, - At Baberton House, the lady of Archibald eldest son of Colonel Spens, Inveresk, to HenriChristie, Esq. of Baberton, of a son.

etta Ochterlony Valiant, eldest daughter of Colo--- At 3, Lynedoch Place, the lady of Dr H. G.

nel Valiant, 40th regiment of foot. Strachan, of a daughter.

Dec. 9. At Pictou, Nova Scotia, Mr James Prim. 5. At Vellore, Mrs Pearson of Myrecairnie, of a rose, merchant, fifth son of the Rev. John Primdaughter.

rose, Grange, N. B. to Ann, daughter of Mr John 7. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Ogilvie,

Gordon, merchant, Pictou. Esq. younger of Chesters, of a daughter.

25. At Devon, the Hon. Frederick John Shore, - At 124, George Street, Mrs Begbie, of a son. second son of Lord Teignmouth, to Charlotte

- At Edinburgh, the lady of William Marshall, Mary, second daughter of the late George Cor. Esq. proprietor of the Panorama, of twin sons.

nish, Esq. of Salcombe Hill, Devon. 8. At Stoneridge, Mrs Hood, of a daughter.

- At Gimmers Mills, Mr William Monro, He- At Milfield Hill, the lady of John Grey, Esq.

riot Bank, to Mary, eldest surviving daughter of of a daughter.

the late Alexander Maitland, Esq. of Gimmers 9. At Charleton, the lady of George Fullerton Mills. Carnegie, Esq. of Pittarrow, of a daughter.

Feb. 2, 1850. At London, Russell Elliot. Esq. 10. At Edinburgh, the Hon, Mrs Ferrier Hamil. commander, R. N. son of the late Sir Wm. Elliot ton, of a son.

of Stobs Castle, Roxburghshire, Bart, to Bethia,

eldest daughter of Dr William Ru ssell, l'ortman 15. A t Gluscoli, the Rev. David Fleming, of Square.

Carriden, to Jane, only daughter of the late Wil 3. At Elgin, the Rev. Charles Fyvie, M. A. In liam Carlile, Esq. Paisley. verness, to Miss Duff Macfarlane, youngest daugh 16. At Edinburgh, William Forbes Mackenzie, ter of the late Right Rev. Bishop Macfarlane. Esq. younger of Portmore, to Helen Anne, eldest

-- At Glasgowego, James Brand, Esq. merchant, daughter of Sir James Montgomery of Stanhope, London, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Bart. M.P. Adam Wilson, Esq. of Glasgowego, Aberdcen

- At Edinburgh, Mr John Mill, to Mary, sce shire.

cond daughter of the late Mr Fraiter of Newstead. 5. At East Loch, Mr George Watson, Edin - At 23, Castle Street, Capt. James Aitchison, burgh, to Elizabeth, third daughter of the late of the Hon. East India Company's 28th regiment, Mr John Purdie, farmer, East Loch.

to Miss Mary Turner. - At Greenfoot, Mr John Steven, Edinburgh, - At Edinburgh, William Bowie Campbell, to Susan, youngest daughter of Mr John Graham, Esq. W.S. to Sarah Priscilla, only daughter of the farmer, Greenfoot.

late J. Feranside, Esq. London. 11. At St John's Church, Newcastle, G. L. Sin. - At Edinburgh, William Prittie Bayly, Esq. clair, Esq. second son of the late James Sinclair, Capt. 92d Highlanders, son of the late Rev. Henry Esq. of Forss, to Francis Ann, second daughter of Bayly, Rector of Nenah, to Amelia Elizabeth, onthe late John Boazman, Esq. of Acornbank, West ly daughter of Tho. Dallas, Esq. Royal Terrace. moreland.

18. At Leith, Thomas Oliver, Esq. Lochend, - At No. 7. Ainslie Place, William Pitt Dun to Susan, daughter of Adam White, Esq. das, Esq. advocate, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter 19. At Sinailholm, Roxburghshire, Mr Gcorge of James Strange, Esq.

Richardson, Galashiels, to Elizabeth, only daugh- At Strathmartin, William Rowley Wynyard, ter of Mr James Cranston, Esq. lieutenant, R. N. to William Elizabeth, only 23. At Springfield, William Forrest, Esq. of daughter of the late William Butler Laird, Esq. of Trusbanks, to Jessy Craig Clark, only daughter Strathmartin.

of the late John Clark, Esq. of Auchenwrath. 15. At Kilmarnock, the Rev. James Fleming, - At Edinburgh, James Miller, Esq. advocate, Troon, to Janet, youngest daughter of the Rev. to Isabella, daughter of Richard Prentice, Esq. Andrew Hamilton, minister of the High Church, Princes Street. Glasgow.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Gowan, ac. 19. At the Manse of Trinity Gask, Patrick countant, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr Smeaton, Esq. younger of Coul, to Janet, daugh- Robert Neil, of the Stamp Othice, Edinburgh. ter of the late Ralph Taylor, minister of Monzic. 25. At St Paul's Chapel, Jas. Gillespie Graham,

- At Jedburgh, Mr Walter Gray, merchant, to Esq. of Orchill, to Elizabeth Marjory, eldest Miss Christian Turnbull, youngest daughter of daughter of the late Major John Campbell, of the the late Mr Thomas Turnbull, writer there.

70th regiment of Foot. 22. At 104, George Street, Mr Thomas Ireland, - At Fairlight Church, near Hastings, Sussex, junior, bookseller, Edinburgh, to Mary, daughter Thomas Johnston Barton, Esq. of Batlel Abbey, of the lite Wm. Wotherspoon, Esq. Edinburgh. Sussex. to Frances, second daughter of the laie

- At Edinburgh, John George Mactavish, Esq. Edward Morris, Esq, one of the Masters in the of the Honourable Hudson's Bay Company, to High Court of Chancery, and grand-daughter of Miss Catherine Aitken Turner, daughter of the the late Lord Erskine. late Keith Turner of Turnerhall, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, Mr James Gray, of the North 23. At Old Aberdeen, John Leslie of Powis, British Advertiser, to Susanna Sophia, fourth Esq. to Mary, eldest daughter of George Macin daughter of George Mordaunt, Esq. Lawn, South nes, Esq.

Lambeth, Surrey; and on the same day, in Lon- Ai London, Captain the Hon. Frederick don, the Rev. George Robert Kensit, Rode, SoSpencer, C. B. third son of Earl Spencer, to Miss mersetshire, to Georgiana Mary, third daughter Poyntz, second daughter of W.S. Poyntz, Esq. of of George Mordaunt, Esq. of the same place. Cowdray Park, Sussex.

- At Aberdeen, Mr William Littlejohn, Town - At Dunoon, Mr D. Jackson, surgeon, to and County Bank, Aberdeen, to Janet, eldest Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Donald daughter of Professor James Bentley, of King's Fletcher, Esq. of Bernice.

College. 25. At Kirkwall, William Traill, Esq. of Fro. - Åt Amport, Sidney llenry Widdrington, Esq toft, to Robina, daughter of Patrick Fothering of Hausby Hall, Northumberland, Capain in the hame, Esq. Kirkwall.

55d regiment, eldest son of Lieut.-General Wid. - At Wyseby House, William Graham, Esq. drington, to Fanny Caroline, daughter of the late junior, of Mossknow, Major, 12th Royal Lancers, Thomas Strickland, Esq. of Kendal. to Ann, only daughter of the late Hugh Mair, Esq. 30. At 101, George Street, James Gray, Esq. of Redhall and Wiseby, Dumfries-shire.

Cupar-Fife, to Anne Christian, daughter of the 26. At Newburgh, Andrew Rassell, Esq. of late William Woderspoon, Esq. Edinburgh. Grange, to Agnes, third daughter of the late Rev. 31. At Musselburgh, Mr James Lawrie, mer. David Hepburn, Newburgh.

chant, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, only daughter of March i. At Twickenham, George Edward Po Mr Hugh Peacock, merchant, Musselburgb. cock, Esq. eldest son of Sir George Pocock, Bart. - At Paisley, Mr Charles Lorimer Sawers, to Augusta Elinor, eldest daughter of the late Hon. merchant, Dunbar, to Fanny Brown, second Thomas William Coventry, of North Cray Place, daughter of Mr Francis Orr, manufacturer there. Kent.

April 2. At London, Peter F. Aiken. Esq. a vcAt Charlotte Square, James Whitshed Haw. cate, to Constance Elizabeth, only daughter of the kins, Esq. of Dunnichen, county of Forfar, to late Captain John Chet wood, of the 75d foot. Charlotte, third daughter of W. S. Dempster, - At Edinburgh, Langford Lovell Hodge, Esq. Esq. of Skibo, county of Sutherland.

of the Island of Antigua, to Anne Elizabeth Hart, À Mr David Whitelaw, baker, Musselburgh, to only daughter of Wm. Hart, Esq. Madras. Janet, second daughter of the late Mr Andrew

Mr Hamilton Watson, carthenware-manuAlison, shipowner, Leith.

facturer, Prestoppans, to Mary, daughter of John - At London, Edward Binns, Esq. M.D. of the Wilson, Esq. merchant, Dalkeith. Island of Jamaica, to Charlotte, youngest daugh 3. At London, Horace Twiss, Esq. M.P. and ter of Michael Smith, Esq. of Gloucester Place, one of his Majesty's Under-Secretaries of State, to New Road, London,

Mrs Grecrwood, widow of Mr Greenwood, an 5. At Edinburgh, James Petrie, Esq. writer, to eminent Russian merchant. Jane Margaret, daughter of the late William Arm 6. At London, Henry Rutherford, Esq. mer. strong, Esq. of the royal artillery, Woolwich. chant, of Rotterdam, to Marian, eldest daughter

8. At Tadcaster, John Davy, Esq. MD. physi. of the late John Wilson, Esq. of Transy, Fifeshire. cian to the forsee, to Margaret, third daughter of 10. The llon Major Taylor, nephew of the Earl the late Archibald Fletcher, Esq. ad vocale.

of Chatham, to the Lady Sarah O'Brien, daughter 9. At George's Place, Leith Walk, John Shirley, of the most noble the Marquis of Thomond. M.D. Lanark, to Agnes, second daughter of the 12. At Leith, Mr Daniel Robertson, accountant, late Mr William Thomson, dyer in Edinburgh. of the Commercial Bank, Kirkaldy, to Ellen, se

11. At 18, Atholl Crescent, Richard Dennistoun, cond daughter of Mr Thomas M.Lachlan, KirkEsq. W.s. to Hannah, only daughter of the late aldy. John Meiklam, Esq. of Cainbroe, Lanarkshire, - At Lobcrsleben, in Saxe Prussia, James

do Hentliche EinstumehCaracturer, Banhe latemia

Rocheid, Esq. of Inverleith, to the Baroness Ma She had the power of her bodily strength, as we rianne Danckelman, only daughter of the deceased as her faculties, until within a few years. She re. Baron Adolph Danckelman.

membered the dreadful earthquake of 1692. 12. At Cassillis, Ayrshire, the Rev. Robert Wal. 28. At Kingston, Jamaica, aged 88, Anthony lace, minister of Dalrymple, to Elizabeth M.Car Gutzmer, Esq. ty, daughter of the late Mr M.C'arty, Loudon.

Dec. 18. At St Lucia, after an illness of ten - Ai Edinburgh, Allan Eliott Lockhart, Esq. days, Major-general Stewart of Garth. In the younger of Borthwick Brae and Cleghorn, lo month of June last he had a severe attack of fever; Miss Charlotte Dundas, daughter of Sir Robert and, deaf to the advice of doctors, he took such Dundas of Beechwood, Bart.

powerful doses of medicine as overcame the fever 13. At 19, Gayfield Square, Captain Monilaus, in twenty-seven hours. He removed to the salu. R. N. to Miss Nivison, only daughter of the late brious spot “ Pigeon Island," recovered rapidly, Rev. Mr Nivison, of Middlebie.

and was admitted by every one to look as well as - At Edinburgh, Andrew Dick, Esq. account. he ever did : but as this was a short distance from ant, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr the seat of Government, he got tired of it, and Alexander Paterson, manufacturer, Bannockburn returned in November to Government House.

15. At Edinburgh, Captain G. D. Roebuck, Dissensions between some authorities in the island Honourable East India Company's Bengal service, and the inhabitants, in which he had been urged to Henrietta, second daughier of the late 1. An. much to interfere, it is feared aftected his too drew, Esq.

sensitive mind, and brought on another attack of - At Perth, Francis Henry Ramsbotham, of fever, which proved fatal. New Broad Street, London, to Mary, eldest daugh 20. In Jamaica, Lieut-Colonel Durnford, comter of Henry Lindsay, Esq.

manding the Artillery there. 19. At Charlotte Square, Charles M. Christie, 21.[At Bombay, the Hon. Sir William Seymour, Esq. of Durie, to Elizabeth Pringle, daughter of one of the Judges of the Supreme Court. the late Alexander Pringle, Esq. of Whytbank

27. At New York, the Rev. John M. Mason, - At London, Lord Henry Thynne, second D.D. of New York. son of the Marquis of Bath, to Harriet, daughter Jan. 1830. At Demerara, Alexander Briggs. of Alexander Baring, Esq. M. P. of the Grange, merchant, Bridgetown, Barbadocs, eldest son of in the county of Hants.

Alexander Briggs, late of Dalkeith. - At Glasgow, the Rev. Robert Ferguson, pas 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Copeland, No. 1, Lothian tor of the Independent congregation, Haddington, Road. to Jane, youngest daughter of Mr James Imray. 12. At Naples, aged 92, General Acton, brother

21. At Wesibarns, Mr William Bertram, Cran. to the late Sir John Acton. shaws, to Anne, youngest daughter of Andrew -- At St Domingo, Captain Daniel Monro, Taylor, Esq.

of the Mary of Leich. 23. Stephen Slight, Esq. Captain Bombay en. 15. Near Montego Bay, Jamaica, John, seventh gineers, to Charlotte Knox, youngest daughter of son of the late Andrew Gray, Esq. of Craigs, DumYoung Trotter, Esq. of Cruicksfield, Berwick fries-shire. shire.

19. At Lochgair House, Colin Campbell. Esq. 27. At Mrs Colonel Murray's, Minto Street, writer, Inveraray, and Provost of that burgh. Newington, Ewen Alexander Cameron, eldest son 21. At Versailles, General Moncrieff, of Allan Cameron, Esq. Morinish Castle, Island - At Dublin, the Rev. John Jones, rector of of Mull, to Sybella, only daughter of the late Co Temple Hay, aged 80. lonel M. Murray, of the Honourable East India 24. At Aberdeen, John Forbes, Esq. Comptroller Company's service, and of Haregills, in the coun. of the Customs, aged 96. ty of Dumfries,

At Freeman Cottage, Edinburgh, Agnes, - At Edinburgh, Mr Hood, surgeon, Ayton, daughter of Mr James Carmichael, Tax Office. to Janet, daughter of John Chernside, Esq. West 25. At Pittormie, Mrs Jean Swan, widow of Newington Place.

Robert Meldrum, Esq. of Pittormie, in her 87th 28. At Jamaica Street, North Leith, James So. year. mervail, merchant, Glasgow, to Jane, eldest - At Boulogne, the Right Honourable Lord daughter of the late Mr Thomas Thomson, of the Sempill. Edinburgh and Leith glassworks.

26. At Jessfield, Mrs Mackenzie of Forret. 29. Al 6, Hope Park, Mr Thomas Crawford, - At Greenhill Lodge, Burrowmuirhead, aged merchant in Edinburgh, to Jane, youngest daugh. 6, John Swinton Simpson, Esq. King's Assay. ter of the Rev. James Smith

Master for Scotland. Latela, At the Manse of Auchterderran, Fife 99. At Springkell, Lieut.-General Sir John shire, William Lang, Esq. W. S. to Isabella, eld Heron Maxwell, Bart. aged 57 years. est daughter of the Rev. Dr Murray.

- At Willowbank, Perth, Elizabeth Campbell - At Paris, Viscount Stuart, eldest son of wife of John Conning, Esq. the Earl of Castle Stuart, to Emmeline, sole sur - At Alloa, in her 84th year, Mrs Mary Thom. viving child of the late Benjamin Bathurst, Esq. son, relict of the late Mr William M.Gowan, and grand daughter of the Bishop of Norwich.

At Worthing, the Hon. Arthur Dudley Law,

only child of Lord Ellenborough. DEATHS.

- At Greenlaw, Mr Alexander Lyal, student July 3, 1829. At Sea, on board the Hon. East of divinity, in connexion with the United Seces. India Company's ship Lady Melville, on her pas. sion Church. sage from Calcutta to Penang, aged 21, Mr Robert 30. At Ladyrig, Mr Andrew Roberton, tenant Gladstone, or Calcutta, third son of Mr Thomas there, in his 720 year. Gladstone, of Liverpool.

- At Lochnaw Castle, Elizabeth, third daughAug, 29. At Cannanore, Captain T. R. Man- ter of Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart, aged one year and ners, 25th regiment, assistant coinmissary-general, eight months. Madras army, aged 30.

31. At No. 59, Frederick Street, Mrs Dr Stene Sept. 14. At Calcutta, in the 25th year of his house. age, 'Mr Robert Shirra Thomson, cldest son of - At Edinburgh, aged 13, Mr John Donaldson, Provost Thomson, Stirling.

last-naker and wood-merchant. 26. On the passage from Madras, Lieut. - At Limerick, Captain John Campbell, late Col. Andrew Macqueen, of 36th regiment native of the 12th foot. infantry, son of the late Rev. Daniel Macqueen, Feb. 2. At Bath, the Hon. Vesey Knox, brother Prestonkirk.

to Viscount Northland. Oct. 11. At Meerut, aged 22, Lieut. Thomas - At Combe, near Bath, Mr Charles Brown. Carstairs, 29th regiment Bengal native infantry, - At No. 17, Hanover Street, Mr Wallace, late eldest son of the Rev. A. G. Carstairs of Kings. dentist. barns, minister of Wester Anstruther.

- At Leith, Mr David Duncan, of the Leith Nov. 9. At St Vincent's, Mr Peter Hill, junior, Bank. son of Mr Peter Hill, collector of Cess, Edinburgh. 3. At Queensferry, John Low, Esq. surgeon

11. At Chipa, Mr David Mitchell Wishart, there. second oflicer of the ship Cambria, son of Captain 4. At Claremont Street, John Shanks, formerly John Wishart, Dundee.

of South Baltilly, Fifeshire, aged 85. 21. In Spanish Town, Jamaici, at the extraor - At Newbyth, aged five years, Mary, daughdipary age of 151 years, Mrs Judith Crawford. ter of Şir David and Lady Anne Baird,

wife of Mr Fergur Andrew Cornfulers Lockhart,

4. At Guernsey, Mrs Marion Macdonald of 17. John, second son of Andrew Colville, Esq. Roisdale.

of Ochiltree, aged 19. - At 56, Northumberland Street, Henry John. - At Ormiston, David Wight, Esq. son Wylie, Esq.

- Anna Elizabeth, only daughter of John Jen. - Ai Gayfield Square, Miss Jean Wood, daugh- kynes, Esq. of Red Lion Square, London. ter of the late Mr Hugh Wood, merchant, Leith.

At No. 13, North-West Circus Place, Mr John - At Iron Mill, Mrs Helen Shirreff, relict of the B. Laidlaw, writer. late Mr David Hutcheson.

- At Comely Bank, Mary, wife of Lieutenant 5. At Portobello, in her 820 year, Lady Mac. Joseph Fowler. Gregor Murray, relict of Sir John MacGregor - At Portobello, Mrs Fell, wife of the Rer. Murray of MacGregor, Bart. and sister to Sir Richmond Fell, Rector of Aikton. William M.Leod Bannatyne of Bannatyne.

18. At the Manse of Kinloss, Jemima, third At Edinburgh, aged 73, Mrs Janet Lothian, daughter of the Rev. William Robertson, miniswife of H. Anderson, Bristo Street.

ter of Kinloss. - At Strawfrank, in the parish of Carstairs, in 19. At No. 22, Nicolson Street, aged 100 years, his 23d year, Mr George Sommervill, student in Mrs Henrietta Farquharson, daughter of the dedivinity, son of Mr Thomas Sommervill, farmer ceased Alexander Farquharson, W. S. relict of there.

Walter Gilchrist, late merchant in Edinburgh, and - At Newington, West, Elphinston Balfour, mother of John Borthwick Gilchrist, LL.D. a lEsq. in his 76th year.

neal descendant of the Borthwick family. - At Norris Castle, near Cowes, Isle of Wight, - At his brother's house, laverkeithiaz. Mr in his 81th year, the Right Hon. Lord Henry Sey George Peddie, Aberdour. mour. He was second brother to the late, and 20. John Mackenzie, Esq. of Toril, Kent, payuncle to the present, Marquis of Hertford.

master to the 3d royal veteran battalion. 7. At No. 7. James's Court, Mr James Pillans, - At the Manse of Leslie, the Rev. David Dunprinter, in his 86th year.

bar, minister of Leslie. - On board the Honourable Company's ship At Edinburgh, Robert Anderson, M.D., well Minerva, Charles Oswald, only son of Captain known to the public as the editor and biographer Sanderson, 9th regiment Bengal light caralry. of the British Poets,

8. At No. 1, Rankeillor Street, John Leishman, - At Bowden Dowps, Cheshire, Mrs Margaret baker, aged 47.

Whigham, widow of Henry Hardie, Esq. M. D. - At Thomson's Place. Leith, Mr Thomas

Manchester. Hutchinson, timber-merchant there.

21. At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes Benpet, wife of - At Longsormacus Manse, the Rev. George Mr James Fraser, Red Lion Tavern, Shakspeare Bell, minister of that parish,

Square. 9. At Hereford, John Guise Rogers, Esq. for 22. At No. 11, Scotland Street, Mrs Jean Gifford, merly a commander in the Hon. East India Com wife of Mr Fergus Ferguson. pany's Service.

At Bourdeaux, in France, Alexander Wal - At Marine Villa, Portobello, Mrs Lockhart, ker, Esq. formerly barrackmaster at Gibraltar senior of Castlehill.

10. At 15, George Street, Mr Duncan MacGre - At Stitchell House, Lady Pringle. gor.

At No. 10, Blenheim Place, Mr Thomas Ja- At Dysart, Mrs Margaret Thomson, wife of meson, merchant, Leith. Mr James Bain, factor to the Earl of Rosslyn.

23. In the Mall, Clifton, on a visit to his son, - At Carnwath, Mr William Walker, mer in his 83d year, William St Clair, Esq. of Sketchant.

away, Fifeshire, and of Edinburgh, late Lieute- At Edinburgh, Miss Jane Taylor, second nant-Colonel of the 23rd regiment, or Royal Bor. daughter of the late John Taylor, Esq. of Kirk derers, in which regiment he served for 35 years tonhill.

24. At No. 7, Rankeillor Street, Mrs Archibald - At West Linton, Mr Joseph Macnava), mer Bathgate. chant there.

26. At Mackie Place, Simson Ogilvie, Esq. ad. 11. At Leith Walk, Mrs Francis Lyon, wife of vocate, youngest son of the late Rev. John Ogu. Robert Somerville, Esq.

rie, D.D. of Midmar. - At Aberdeen, Major Alexander Dunbar, - Mr Wm. Hill, merchant, Frederick Street. aged 59.

At Rolls Park, Essex, in his 720 year, Ad. - At Inverarity Manse, the Rev. William Ran miral Sir Eliab Harvey, G.C. B. member of parkine, minister of that parish, in the 67th year of liament for the county of Essex. his age, and 22d of his ministry.

27. At Aberdeen, Patrick Blackie, M. D. surAt his house, Archibald Place, in the 31st geon in the royal navy, and physician to the Luyear of his age, Mr David Hume, merchant.

natic Asylura. - At George Square, Miss Scott of Thiristaine. - At No. 7, St John's Place, Leith Links, Mrs . - At Oban, Daiid Campbell, Esq. younger of Cecilia Martin, wife of John Dudgeon, Esq. Comby.

March 1. At No. 22, Charlotte Square, Mrs - At No. 66, Grassmarket, Mrs Isabella Da Anne Smith Cunninghame of Caprington, daughvidson, relict of Mr William Thomson, corn ter of the late Sir William Dick, Bart. of Prestonmerchant there.

field, and wife of John Cunningham Smith, Esq. 19. At No. 30, Rose Street, Mr John Bookless, W.S. late builder in Edinburgh.

- At London, after a few days' illness, Corne- Drowned, off the coast of Jamaica, John lia, wife of the Honourable Archibald Stuart, and Macintyre, M. D. assistant surgeon on board his youngest daughter of the late Edmund Morton Majesty's ship Magnificent.

Pleydell, of Milborn St Andrew, Dorset, Esq. 13. At Union Place, Portobello, Mrs Katherine

At Buckholmside, Galashiels, Mrs Mary Ogilvie, relict of George Clarke Ogilvie, Esq. Paterson, wife of Mr Richard Lees, manufacturer. Montrose.

- At No. 38, North Castle Street, Robert Max14. At Gilmour Place, Mrs Jane Trotter, widow well, second son of William Mercer, Esq. W. S. of James Trotter, Em merchant in Edinburgh. 2. At Linlithgow, at an advanced age, Mr Ro

15. At Huntly, John Ramsay, Esq. lately staff bert Fife, late teacher there. surgeon, aged 77.

- At Edinburgh, Mr John Dumbreek, couch- At East Cowes, Isle of Wight, Lieutenant maker, aged 62 years. General John Burton, late of the royal artillery, 3. At 47, Cumberland Street, Catren Maxwell, aged 73.

only daughter of Robert Maxwell, builder. - At Leopold Place, Alexander Dick, Esq. late

At Dumbrydon, in the parish of Collington, Collector of Excise at Leith.

Eliza Haliburton, wife of Mr James Tait. 16. At No. 8, Adam Street, aged 57 years, Mrs - At 7, Arniston Place, Newington, Mrs Rhind. Catherine Renton, wise of Mr William Christie. - At 38, George Square, in the 85th year of

- At Montrose, aged 76 years, Mr John Greig, his age, Mr Thomas Chalmers, late smith in Edin. writer in Montrose.

burgh. - At Aberdeen, the Rev. William Robb,

- At 19, Charlotte Street, Leith, John, seventh Episcopal clergymnan in St Andrews.

son of George Gibson, Esq. - At No. 1, Rankeillor Street, Mr Alexander - At 15, Herinitage Place, Walter Cowan, Esq. Kyle, youngest son of the late Mr David Kyle, merchant, Leith. brewer, &s, Melrose,

4. A¢ Stratford Green, Essex, Mrs HenryCheape,


4. At 15. Keir Street, Lieut. John Smith, half. 14. At Raecleugh, near Moffat, in the 91st year pay of the 45th regiment.

of his age, Mr William Tod, late farmer of Cha. - At Archibald Place, James Wardrop, Esq. pel, much respected. late of Torbanehill.

- At East Mousley, aged 73, Admiral Sir Ed. 5. David, third son of the late Mr George Stu mund Nagle, K.C.B. one of the Grooms of his art, Old Bridge End, Musselburgh.

Majesty's Bedchamber. - At Lerwick, Zetland, Mr A. C. Irvine, mer - At London, Colonel William Duncan, late chant, deeply lamented by his friends.

of the Bengal military service. - At Naples, the Hon. Reginald Ashburnham. 15. At Edinburgh, Margaret, youngest daugh

- At St Andrews, Fifeshire, Mr Thomas Mil. ter of Mr Alexander Abernethy, printer. lar, half-p-y, R.N.

16. At London, Sir Robert Townsend ParAt London, Lady Augusta de Ameland. quhar, Bart. M.P. many years Governor of the Her ladyship, it will be recollected, was married in Mauritius and its dependencies. 1793, at Rome, and again at St George's, Hano - At London, Thomas Beck with, Esq. ver Square, in the December following, to his - At 14, St Andrew Street, Mrs Cockburn, Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, by whom aged 75 years, relict of the late William Cockshe has left issue, Augustus, a son, and a daughterburn, Esq. named Augusta. To dissolve this second mar 17. At Rothsay, Islefof Bute, Christian, second riage, a suit was instituted in the Prerogative daughter of Major Shairy, younger of Houston, Court, by which the marriage was declared null in her 19th year. and void in August, 1794. The family name of 19. At laddington, aged 62 years, Mrs Margaret her ladyship was Murray, she being the fourth Kay, relict of the late Mr Adam Scoular. daughter of John Murray, fourth Earl of Dun - At Belhaven, near Dunbar, Mrs Stie'l of more, which she exchanged for that of De Ame Belhaven. land, in October, 1806, by royal license, out of 20. At 31, Clerk Street, Andrew Mutter, third respect to her descent from that ancient family. son of the late Mr Andrew Mutter, farmer, ArLondon Paper.

niston Mains. 6. At 3, Charlotte Square, Mrs Watson, wife of - At Dall, in Perthshire, in the 86th year of Walter Watson, Esq. of Southfield.

his age, Alexander Robertson, Esq. of Strowan. - At London, Elizabeth, third daughter of 21. At Allan Park, Stirling, Archibald Sawers, William Irving, Esq.

Esq. of Shirgarton. - At 50, Queen Street, James Scott, Esq. ac - At Berne, M. I. R. Wyss, Professor of Phicountant.

losophy. 7. At Pathhead, Fifeshire, Mr Henry Rait, reed 22. At 7, India Street, Mrs Margaret Wood, manufacturer,

wife of Mr John Luke, merchant, Edinburgh. - At 22, Broughton Place, John Balfour, Esq. - At Balboughty, John Clark, only son of Mr in his 74th year.

John Clark, factor to the Earl of Mansfield, 8. At Dysart, Mrs Watson.

Scone. - At Edinburgh, the Rev. James Watson, 21. At Brighton, the Lady Mary Anne Sotheby, minister of the Associate Burgher Congregation, wise of Admiral Sotheby. and clerk to the Associate Synod, having just - At Edinburgh, Mr Andrew Craig, spirit-mercompleted the 48th year of his age and 25th of chant, 198, Canongate. his ministry.

- At Rose Bank, Broughton Road, Mr Robert - At Oxwellmains, near Dunbar, William Ren Alexander, late watch and compass maker, Leith, nie, Esq.

aged 81 years. 9. At Gibraltar, in his 38th year, Capl. John 25. At Rose Park, Barbara A. Hamilton, wife Macdonald of Arisaig, Inverness-shire, paymaster

of Professor Dunbar. in his Majesty's regimentof Royal Welsh Fusileers.

At Roschill, near Aberdeen, Alexander Dute 9. (O. S.) At St Petersburg, Mr John Glen, thie, Esq. of Ruthrieston. senior, aged 68.

26. At Edinburgh, William Soper Dempster, 11. On board his Majesty's ship blonde, port of Esq. of Skibo. Constantinople, Mathew Caponi, Esq. surgcon of 27. At London, aged 20, Augusta Maria Selina, that ship.

daughter of the late Charles Ilead Greaves, Esq. - At London, William Hay, Esq. in his 88th - At Jersey, Robert Fraser, Esq. of Struy, in year.

the 35th year of his age. - At 58, Northumberland Street, David Pear - At East Wemyss, Mr George Edington, son, Esq.

fourth son of the deceased Mr Edington. 12. At his house in Pall-Mall East, London, - At Dunfermline, Andrew Peebles, Esq.merthe Hon. Dougla i Kinnaird. Mr Kinnaird was chant. brother of the late, and uncle of the present, Lord

28. At London, Mr James Small, late grocer Kinpaird, was a gentleman of considerable taste and spirit-merchant, East Richmond Street, Edin. and attainments, and had the peculiar quality of burgh. blending with the lighter and more agreeable

At Marine Terrace, Isle of Man, in the 51st pursuits of society, an indefatigable zeal and atten. year of his age, Dugald Campbell, Esq. late of the tion to his professional avocations. He was in 91st regiment, and member of the flouse of keys his 430 year, and had been, for a considerable in that Island. time, confined by severe indisposition. He was a - At 29, Northumberland Street, Marion, partner in the long-established banking firm of daughter of Mr John Hannay. Ramsay and Co.

29. At London, Major Rennel, in the 8th year - At Fountainbridge Street, John Stewart, of his age, after severe suffering for twelve weeks, Esq. formerly merchant in the island of Jamaica. in consequence of a distressing accident that be

- At 53, Albany Street, John Veitch, Esq. sell hiin by the fracture of the neck of the thighW.S. third son of Henry Veitch, Esq. of Elliock. bone.

- At 12, Raeburn Place, Lilias, second daugh - At 7, Saxe Cobourg Place, George Muir, son ter of Mr James Grahame, writer.

of William Campbell, Esq. 13. At Rose Villa, near Hamilton, of inflamma. - At 46, Melville Street, Susanna Moncreiff, tion, arising from a wound received at the battle youngest daughter of William Paul, Esq. of Waterloo, Capt. Donald Macintosh, late of the - At South Lodge, near Stirling, James M. 42d regiment, or Royal Highlanders,

Gibbon, Esq. of Easter Green yards. At Mount-Annai, Francis, fifth son of Lieu. 30. At Carlsruhe, at the age of 67, the Grand tenant-General Dirom of Mount-Annan, in his Duke of Baden. 18th year.

- At Edinburgh, Mr James Fraser, late of the - At 79, Potterrow, aged 80 years, Mr Cot Bank of Scotland. ton, senior, formerly tobacco-manufacturer, Edin - At Edinburgh, Richard L. Massiah, Esq. burgh.

late of Barbadoes. At Dawlish, Heriot Isabella Octavia, daugb 31. At Greenwich Hospital, Lieutenant Robert ter of Archibald Speirs, Esq. of Elderslie.

Aitchison, R. N. in the soth year of his age. 14. At 59, North Frederick Street, Mr Joseph - At Kirkwall, William Sinclair, Esq.ot Breck, Grandeau, late of Lyong, aged 69.

sheriff-clerk of Orkney. - At Haddington, Mrs Margaret Blake, wife - At Drimdrissaig, Argyllshir“, Hector Mac. of Mr Robert Roughead, Haddington.

Neill of Drimdrissaig, Esq.

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