'Hand and heart' Christmas box of firside tales and sketches by A. Giberne [and others].

"Hand and Heart" Publishing Offices, 1879 - 160 páginas

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Página 152 - who maketh his sun to rise upon the evil and the good, and sendeth rain upon the just and the unjust...
Página 107 - Thou shalt not see thy brother's ox or his sheep go astray, and hide thyself from them; thou shalt in any case bring them again unto thy brother.
Página 155 - And I say unto you, make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness ; that when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.
Página 107 - And if thy brother be not nigh unto thee, or if thou know him not, then thou shalt bring it unto thine own house, and it shall be with thee until thy brother seek after it, and thou shalt restore it to him again.
Página 159 - was an unbeliever. In the pride of my intellect, I thought I could demonstrate the absurdity of Christianity. I thought I could answer the argument from miracles and prophecy ; but your patient, self-denying life was an argument I never could answer. When I saw you spending all your time and all your money in efforts for your fellow-men, undiscouraged by ingratitude and careless of praise, then I thought, ' There is something divine in that man's life/ and that thought brought me here.
Página 157 - he thought ; and in that hour, strange to tell, not one of all his good deeds seemed good enough to lean on — all bore some taint or tinge, to his purified eye, of mortal selfishness, and seemed unholy before the All Pure. "I am going...
Página 80 - So I learned that crumbs are able Lowly hearts to fill with song — Crumbs from off that festal table Lowly hearts will join ere long. He who wintry hours hath given, With the snows gives snow-drops birth : And while angels sing in heaven, God hears robins sing on earth. Only keep thee on the wing, Music dieth in the dust, Nothing that but creeps can sing, Soaring we can sing and trust.

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