Church Reform

Earl Albert Henry George Grey Grey, William Henry Fremantle
S. Sonnenschein & Company, 1888 - 224 páginas

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Página 47 - I AB do solemnly make the following Declaration: "I assent to the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, and to the book of Common Prayer and of the ordering of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. I believe the Doctrine of the United Church of England and Ireland, as therein set forth, to be agreeable to the Word of God...
Página 134 - Meeting shall be determined by a Majority of Votes of the Members present, and voting on that Question ; and in case of an equal Division of Votes the Chairman shall have a Second or Casting Vote.
Página 171 - So great a position has not been won by any work on Economic Science since the appearance of The Wealth of Nations. . . .All these circumstances invest, therefore, the teachings of this particularly acute thinker with an interest such as cannot be claimed by any other thinker of the present day.— The Athenaum.
Página 47 - I believe the doctrine of the united Church of England and Ireland, as therein set forth, to be agreeable to the Word of God; and in public prayer and administration of the sacraments, I will use the form in the said book prescribed, and none other, except so far as shall be ordered by lawful authority."— 28 & 29 Viet.
Página 169 - In point of style Prescott ranks with the ablest English historians, and paragraphs may be found in his volumes in which the grace and elegance of Addison are combined with Robertson's majestic cadence and Gibbon's brilliancy.
Página 172 - Glasgow Herald. 44. A Short History of Parliament. BC SKOTTOWE, MA (Oxon.). " Deals very carefully and completely with this side of constitutional history.
Página 147 - That they have carefully considered the various proposals for Church Reform that have been recently put forward, and especially those addressed to the Archbishops and Bishops of the Provinces of Canterbury and York...
Página 159 - Studies from the Morphological Laboratory in the University of Cambridge. Edited by ADAM SEDGWICK, MA, Fellow and Lecturer of Trinity College, Cambridge. Vol. II. Part I. Royal 8vo.
Página 171 - Ought to be in the hands of every student of the Nineteenth Century spirit."— Echo. " No one can complain of not being able to understand what Mr. Bosanquet means."— Pall Mall Gazette.
Página 144 - As examples may be given, abuses connected with the sale of patronage, excessive inequalities or anomalies in the distribution of revenues, and difficulties in the way of the removal of criminous and incompetent clerks. But the reform which we believe to be most urgently needed is a more complete development of the constitution and government of the Church, central, diocesan, and parochial ; and especially the admission of laymen of all classes, who are bona fide Churchmen, to a substantial share...

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