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Becker, Professor, works of, illustrative of the
Adair, A. S., Esq.—The Winter of 1846-7' in An- private life of the Greeks and Romans, 190; and
trim, 243. See Poor Law.

see Greeks.
Adams, Mr., how far entitled to the merit of the Behistan, inscriptions at. See Rawlinson.

discovery of Le Verrier's planet, 52 note. Botta, M., his discoveries at Khorsabad, 222, 235.
Agriculture in France, 108; interest of the subject, Boussingault, M., experiments of, on the feeding of
ib.; free-trade notions respecting, 108, 109; de- cattle, 125 n.
terioration of, 109; the broad system recom- Brenton, Sir Jahleel, Memoirs of, by the Rev. H.
mended, ib. ; M. Mounier's work on, ib. ; laws Raikes, 147; pedigree, 148; cause of Sir Jah.
respecting the descent of property, 110, 111; leel's father leaving America, ib.; Sir Jahleel's
practical application of, 111; number of proprie- opinions on courage, ib. ; early life of, 148, 149;
tors, 112; annual revenue, ib. ; estimate of the receives his lieutenancy, 149; passage in a Spa-
several classes of income, 112, 113; progress of nish man-of-war, 149, 150 ; conduct in saving the
the dispersion of property over accumulation, * Gibraltar,'150; promotion, 151; love passages,
113; M Villèle's opinion on, 113, 114; its influ- 151, 152; marriage, 152; Brenton in the. Cæsar,'
ence on industry, 115; poverty of French pro- 153; battle of Algesiras, 154; peace of Amiens,
priétaires, 116 ; the law in force for their indul. ib.; Brenton in the Minerve,' ib. ; capture of,
gence, ib. ; incumbrances, 117; effect of the 155; Verdun, 156 ; Brenton's conduct towards

morcellement' on produce, 120 ; the half-profit the junior oflicers, ib.; appreciated by the au-
system, ib.; the English, ib. ; comparison of thorities, 157; his account of his religious feel-
French and English produce, 121; general ave- ings, 157, 158; state of the prisoners in Givet,
rage produce of France, 121, 122; export duties, 158; conduct of Napoleon to English prisoners,
ib.; northern and southern departments com- 160; edicts of 1805, ib ; the exchange of Bren-
pared, 123; consumption of animal food, ib.; ton for Jurieu refused by Napoleon, ib. ; kind-
decrease of corn cultivation, ib.; domestic ani- ness of Decrès, 161; arrival of Mrs. Brenton,
mals, 124; principle of dealing with land as a ib. ; Mr. Raikes's dissertation thereon, ib. ; Bren-
mere chattel in England, 127, 128.

ton in London, ib.; appointment to the “Spartan,'
Amiens, the peace of, 278.

ib. ; adventure with an American, 162; French
Arms in Ireland, increased demand for, 138, 142 n. prisoners at Malta, ib. ; attack of a polacre, ib. ;
Argyle, Marquis of, 14. See Montrose.

Collingwood's reception of Brenton, 163; demo-
Army, the, the discipline and organization of, 240 ; lition of the Neapolitan squadron, ib.; his feel-

the Duke of Wellington's opinions on, 241, 242; ings on going into action, 163, 164 n.; is severely
reasons why privates do not make good officers, wounded, and returns to England, 164; receives
2-12; Government scheme for the better educa- a pension, ib. ; proceedings in the Court of Ad-
tion of soldiers, 243; the position and employ- miralty, 165; appointment to the Stirling Cas-
ment of the schoolmaster, 244; suggestions for tle,' ib.; resigns the ship, receives his baronetcy,
carrying out the new system, 244, 245; school- and is made Commissioner in the Balearic Is-
rooms, 245 ; canteen system, ib. ; arrangement for lands, ib.; sent to the Cape, ib.; death of his
a garrison library, 245, 246; the dormitory, 246 ; wife, ib. ; Sir Jahleel's representations to the
marriage of soldiers, ib. ; Mr. Maule's proposal Bishop of London on the religious state of the
for changing the term of enlistment, 247; proba- colony at the Cape, 166 ; return to England and
ble results of, considered, ib. ; effect of such a second marriage, ib. ; appointment of, to Green-

system on the Government colonial policy, ib. wich Hospital, ib.; his retirement, promotion,
Arrow-headed writing. See Rawlinson.

and death, 166, 167.
Astronomy, commencement of era in, 52; progress Brougham, Lord, his sketch of the discharge of
of, 56.

official duties by George III., 276.
Athenians, mercurial character of the, 194. Buonaparte. See Brenton.
Austria, situation of, with respect to Spain, 220 ; Burial Clubs,' 199.

marriages between the families of the two coun- Burke, Mr., 262.

tries, ib.
Authors, dramatic, appearance of in different na-

tions, 195.

Cambrensis, Giraldus, his description of the Irish,
Ayres, H. See Malt-Tax.


Canning, Mr., the pleasantries of, 274, 275 n., 273

See Sidmouth.
Barrister, Tales by a, 33; • The Receipt,'36 ; 'The Catholic Emancipation, 267.

Power of Attorney,' ib.; outline of the tale, ib. ; Cattle. See Agriculture.
and see a practical illustration of, 165 ; · The Chancery, the Court of, delays in, 48; expenses of,
Purchase,'36 ; *The Trustee,' 37; College life ib.; the Masters' offices, ib.; state of the cause.
described, 37-40; College debt, 40-42; delays in papers in August, 1846, 49.
Chancery, 48, 49.

Charles I. See Montrose.
Beccaria, effect of his book on punishment by tor. Charles II., negotiations of, with the Covenanters,
ture, 185, and note.



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