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Conditional Sentences.
Second Clause wanting.

Motions flow
To one another, even as tho
They were modulated so

To an unheard melody. p. 80.
As tho' a star
Should slowly round his orb. p. 82.

First Clause wanting.

would languish evermore. p. 83. I hear what I would bear from thee. I would be dying evermore. p. 84.



[blocks in formation]

I would be the jewel.
I'd touch her neck so warm and white.
I would be the girdle.
Her heart would beat against me.
I'd clasp it round so close and tight.
I would lie so light.
I scarce should be unclasp'd at night. p. 92.

Dependent Sentences.
That we may die the selfsame day. p. 86.

The fear
That I should die an early death. p. 89.
O that I were beside her now.

p. 90.
Too fearful that you should not please. p.91.


that I may seem. p. 92. Untouched with any shade of years, May those kind eyes for ever dwell. p. 94.

Sing the




Conditional Sentences.

First Clause wanting. This fruit, whose gleaming rind ..

would seem to award it thine. p. 101. Such power should come most welcome.

Power of herself
Would come uncall'd for. p. 103.
Sequel of guerdon could not alter me. p. 104.

Condition implied.

To follow right Were wisdom in the scorn of consequence. p. 104.

Relative Sentences.

Question, unto whom were due.
Lovelier than whatever Oread haunt
The knolls of Ida. p. 101.
What this may be I know not. p. 108.

Time Sentences.
Hearken ere I die. p. 99.

Till thy hand
Fail. p. 103.

Until endurance grow,

and the full-grown will Commeasure perfect freedom. p. 104.

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Dependent Sentences.

It may be That, while I speak of it My heart may wander from its deeper woe. p. 99. That my arms were wound about thee. I wish that

I could meet with her,

that I might speak my mind. p. 106. I pray thee, pass before my light of life, And shadow all my soul, that I may die. p. 107 Never child be born of me.

I will not die alone, Lest their shrill happy laughter come to me.

p. 108.


Conditional Sentences.

First Clause wanting.
The deepset windows
Would seem

fires. p. 114.

All force

that might endure. p. 119. When she would think. p. 122.

Dependent Sentences.
Lest she should fail and perish utterly. p. 122.


save me, lest I die. p. 125.



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Relative Sentences.
I marvel, if my still delight
Be flatter'd to the height. p. 120.
I care not what the sects may brawl. p. 121.
(He) knows not if it be thunder. p. 124.


Conditional Sentences.

No. 1.
Were you queen of all that is,
I could not stoop to such a mind. p. 127.

No. 3.
If time be heavy on your hands,
Are there no beggars at your gate? p. 129.

First Clause wanting.
Nor would I break for your sweet sake
A heart that doats on truer charms. p. 126.
There was that across his throat
Which you had hardly cared to see. p. 127.

Relative Sentence.
You sought to prove how I could love. p. 127.


Dependent Sentence. Whom, think ye, should I see? p. 131.


Conditional Sentence.

First Clause wanting.
I would see the sun rise. p. 137.

Dependent Sentence.
I wish the snow would melt. p. 135.

Time Sentence. Don't let Effie come to see me till my grave be growing green.

p. 137.


Conditional Sentences.

No. 1. Nor would I now be well, mother, again, if that could be. p. 139.

No. 2 a.

If I had lived

I might have been his wife. p. 139.


First Clause wanting. There's many worthier than I would make him happy yet.

p. 140. There his light may shine. The voice that now is speaking may be beyond the sun. p. 141.

Time Sentence. Blessings on his whole life long, until he meet me there. p. 139.

Dependent Sentence. What is life, that we should moan ? p. 141.


Conditional Sentences.

First Clause wanting.
We should come like ghosts. p. 147.

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